Wednesday, July 14, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 7/14/10

rip Bennie
6/26/10 oakland, michigan an ugly frankenmauler broke down a 6 ft privacy fence and killed Bennie.

7/8/10 UK Tyson's spine was broken and his lung punctured in a savage attack by a leashed staffy bull who broke away from his owner. the nutters fled with ugly dog.

7/8/10 durant, oklahoma 2 pit bulls belonging to DESIREE ELLISON attacked her miniature pony. the next day it attacked a man walking down the street. (but, but, animal aggression and human are two different issues!) one dog was shot by police and the other is dirt napping. certified pit nutter MICHELE CROUSE made an appearance to defend wiggle butts.

7/9/10 UK a senior couple and their dog were attacked by a pit bull during a walk in the park.

7/9/10 niagara falls, new york a cop beat a pit bull with his baton that was attacking another dog. he then shot it when it charged him.

7/9/10 martha's vineyard a pit bull being walked by its nutter's mother broke away from her and killed a cat. the dog ran home with bits of it in its mouth. the dog has a previous history of attacking ANIMALS. the ugly dog received a dirt nap despite the protests of the nutter's mother and selectman ISRAEL, who wanted to give the nutters 5 days to consult the catholic church on the proper way to shuttle it off of the island and into someone else's backyard.

7/9/20 new zealand a pit bull cross shredded a goat.

7/9/10 UK Ziggy was out with his owner when a pit bull cross approached. the frankenmauler was friendly at first, licking Ziggy's owner's hand even. (i think he was thanking her for bringing him a snack) Ziggy's spinal column and jugular were torn and is unlikely to make a full recovery. but hey, that's a small price to pay to be able to own the dog of your choice.

rip Princess
7/9/10 houston, texas Princess was killed by 2 ugly pit bulls while sunning in her yard. Princess' owner pursued the 2 pit bulls as they charged into yard after yard before finally finding and killing a second cat. Princess' owner called 911 three times, the cops only responded after he told them that he would shoot the dogs himself.

7/9/10 auburn, california home invasion I am a caregiver for a 91 yr old lady who had a cat which was her companion and never left her side, a wonderful and perfect and meek tempered Calico. She was the most beautiful Calico we have ever seen. Wednesday night 7-7-10 about 5:00 pm she had her back sliding door open a bit for the cat to come in and out, and they were both resting in her house, and a pitbull came in through the back sliding door and seen the cat and ran after her through out the house and caught her in the other side of the house and literally tore the cat up shaking her and biting her and the lady was so scared and alone she thought she had to do something to save her loyal companion, so got her cane and tried hitting the pitbull and screaming and no one came. How this lady did not have a heart attack is beyond me. She thought her cat was dead so after resting 30 minutes and getting up the strength to walk down to these peoples house , she told them what had happened but by then they had washed their dog off and called me the caregiver and this was by then 6:30 that the owner called me to come and take the cat to the Vet. which was just down the street. Well she didn't make it as both Vets told me that her injuries were to extensive for save her and it would cost several thousand dollars and she may not still make it. This lady has been devastated and grieving so bad over what she witnessed and to see the mess of the house after the attack was terribly upsetting, as I am so mad that nothing has been done, other then Animal Control came out and gave her a report to make. This is such a shame she has no protection in her own home. The man asked her, if she left her door open, what a slap in the face that he would ask her that, instead she should have asked him why the dog was loose and not contained, but she was to in shock to come back at him. He is a Bully asking her that. I am a shamed at the people who don't take extra precautions owning a dog who is recognized for their behavior and attacks on people and other animals and their locked jaws that you can not unlock. This was an unnecessary accident that could have been prevented.

7/10/10 wisconsin rapids a loose pit bull tried to attack a woman and her dog.

7/11/10 somewhere in texas 2 ugly pit bulls were left unattended in their yard while their owners went to the "store". one or both of the pits escaped and tried to attack a man walking his dog. he very successfully fought off the dog(s) with a box cutter. marley the frankenmauler is taking a dirt nap.

Mr Bing
7/12/10 red bank, tennessee Mr Bing was in his own yard surrounded by an electric fence when Mr Ugly came a knockin. Mr Bing suffered torn muscles, multiple bites and a broken rib. the pit nutter was not cited.

7/12/10 tracy, california a pit bull was picked up for attacking other dogs.

rip Chance
rip Stella
7/12/10 chandler, arizona a white pit mix and a black lab mix have been running loose. they attacked and killed these two dogs, Chance and Stella and possibly others. it is interesting to note that the witnesses report that ONLY the white pit mix is attacking, not the black lab. they are still on the loose.

7/13/10 troutdale, oregon a craiglist frankenmauler killed a cat within minutes of acquiring the "awesome" dog.

7/13/10 UK 57 yr old Mike Barnett rescued a horse from a vicious attack launched by a "psychopathic" apbt/staffy cross.

7/14/10 steamboat springs, colorado a male and a female pit bull SOMEHOW escaped a house and attacked a 12 yr old lab being walked by its owner. several people responded and beat the pit bulls until they finally ran off. the lab was later euthanized due to its injuries. the pit nutter was issued a citation and happily signed over his frankenmaulers for dirt naps. steamboat springs shelter manager Molly Waters said these 2 pits were the 5th and 6th dogs to be euthanized this year because of aggression. the other four dogs: pit, heeler, aussie and boxer. she then said that "she finds pit bulls are no more likely to be aggressive than other breeds" despite the fact that 50% of the aggressive dogs she has euthanized for aggression were pit bulls.

7/14/10 UK a bull mastiff/staffy bull cross savaged a small terrier in the shopping area. the victim rushed her dog to the vet and the punk fled with his ugly dog.

7/14/10 riverdale, maryland 3 yr old cocker spaniel named Peluche was attacked by a pit bull. firefighters and medics were called to the scene to help with the "uncontrollable bleeding".
the update on Peluche with the photo and video found here.


7/9/10 huron county, michigan the prosecutor is seeking damages in the amount of $16,700 from 25 yr old MATTHEW LEESE. his 2 ugly pit bulls reached maturity and celebrated by killing FIFTY ONE SHEEP! LEESE is charged with an unlicensed dog and a stray dog with a possible sentence of 90 days in jail.

7/14/10 livingston county, michigan JACOB RUSSELL HARRIMAN pled guilty in may for allowing his pit bull to roam. HARRIMAN failed to show for sentencing this week. a warrant has been issued for his arrest. the pit bull attacked 2 german shepherds april 15 resulting in the death of one of the dogs. btw, the frankenmauler was euthanized. see april 23rd frankenmauler roundup

and the attacks the media NEVER reports

7/14/10 livermore falls, maine HOOCH, a bull mastiff/mastiff/rott mix previously declared dangerous after it attacked a letter carrier in 2007, SOMEHOW got loose to attack again. this time HOOCH killed a jack russell terrier, a service dog named Jack who was leashed and walking with a 14, 16 and a 19 yr old. 41 yr old MARTIN VINING of 46 Park St. MARTIN has ben charged with dangerous dog, an unlicensed dog and dog at large.


Anonymous said...

and for the attacks that are never, ever reported:

a bull mastiff-mastiff-Rottweiler mix, called Hooch, killed a smaller Jack Russell terrier named Jack on Sunday afternoon.

Trigger said...

My God, I knew it was going to be bad this week.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks for the bull mastiff link. i will add it.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this week made up for the previous week. Another home invasion, an updated body count, broken spines, broken fences, shredded goats and ugly dogs. And here's Crouse passing out CGC's to wiggle butts.

51 sheep, that has to be a record. Lubbock, TX must pass the torch to Port Hope, MI.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this one made the news or not, but I'm wondering what the real story is.....

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you, i will add it here and hoka hey since the ugly frankenmauler was killed :)

WolfPrincess said...

Can’t you do something productive in your life instead of rant, rave and make spelling errors? There are many Pit Bull breeders who breed out the aggressive traits in their dogs and any dog that shows aggressions is either sterilized, sold or all of the above. Pit Bulls can be trained to be clam and easy going. If they were so evil then why are some of them rescue dogs, therapy dogs and K9 Police Officers? It’s how you raise and treat your dogs that define who and how they will act in the long run. After all a Newfound and a Poodle can be dangerous to the point of facing the threat of euthanasia as you’ll see in these two links.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you are kind of stupid aren't you?

you lack even the most basic understanding of genetics.

you come on here complaining about my spelling and then you misspell newfoundland.

there are no K9 pit bulls. there are a few pit bulls used by the police as sniffer dogs but no where in the world are the police using pits to help track and apprehend suspects. you send me links to them and i will blog about them.

you supply links to attacks by other breeds on HUMANS in a blog that is about animal attacks.

your links are ancient history. the poodle attack occurred in july 2009 and the newfie attack was in november 2007. there were 3 serious pit bulls attacks just TODAY. so your point is?

i am not aware of any pit bull breeders that are selecting for docility towards other dogs. do you belong to pitbull-chat or pitbullforum by any chance? you might want to check out some of their forum polls about breeding away from animal aggression. there are many and they overwhelmingly want to keep pit bull animal aggressive.

WolfPrincess said...

That’s why those people are idiots. Most of those people are back yard breeders who just want to make quick money. Great Danes and Bull Dogs(Not Pit Bulls) used to be breed for the same thing but now people love them, some might freak out over the sheer size of a Great Dane but none the less Great Danes aren’t really considered deadly. Unless one falls on you to hard or gets too excited and bites off more than it can chew(no pun intended).

Besides most people who breed Pit Bulls for aggression are dog fighters who like to screw things up for everyone. Which is why they should start euthanizing dog fighters, less dog fighters means less aggressive dogs equals less dog attacks by the fighting breeds of choice. Maybe then someone who doesn’t think watching a dog convulse because it’s skull was crushed in a fight can do something about improving the temperament of the Put type dogs. I someone can pull it off with horses they can pull it off with dogs.