Monday, August 23, 2010

looks like a pittie to me

49 yr old SHERYL SELLERS of Mountain Ranch, CA with one of her nanny dogs that will only lick you to death.
SHERYL SELLERS' two frankenmaulers killed 69 yr old Jerry Yates. and the pit nutters are already circling the that's not a real pit bull wagons. the media bias wagons will kick in tomorrow. meanwhile SELLERS has been charged for allowing vicious dogs to roam.

what do you think KAREN? does this look like one of those chained, neglected RESIDENT dogs?

UPDATE: both of the dogs are dirt napping. i've seen them and this white with brown spots puppy isn't one of them. and by the way, pit bulls are not so ugly when wrapped in black plastic.


Anonymous said...

Donna Reynolds is going to stroke.

Anonymous said...

Look! He has a spot on his eye...just like Petey!

Doug said...

Funny how conditioned the nutters have become; if there's no picture in the article, their knee jerk reaction is to deny that it's a pit bull. Or they'll try the other tact... "There's actually no such thing as a pit bull!" Which does a poor job of explaining all the “pit bull” advocacy sites, the registries and every other pit bull - pit bull - pit bull thing. Desperate measures from desperate imbeciles I guess.

Anonymous said...

Another single, aging spinster replacing a human partner in her life with fighting dogs!

Female owning pit bulls has to be a key sign of mental illness these days, especially as these women know what these dogs are doing and the killing they are doing. How could a woman ignore the fact that pit bulls are the ones killing most of the children, and disfiguring and disabling most of the rest that are attacked by a dog?

Anonymous said...

3736 City Terrace Drive, Los Angeles CA

owned by Sheryl Sellers. Same one? Did she and her dogs get run out of LA? Wonder what ac there has to say?

Was she keeping the dogs at this trailer in Mountain Ranch that she was renting because she couldn't have them at her home due to situations?

Anonymous said...

Updated CA Piticide Map..CA Pit Breeders are really pumping out the mankillers!

Anonymous said...

More detail here, including blood on the pit bulls. Sheryl Sellers had recently moved onto the property, or at least recently rented it.

Lots of aliases for Sheryl Sellers

Sharon Sellers Sharon L Sellers
Sheryl Sellers
Sheryl L Pittman
Sheryl S Oneil
Sheryl S Oniel
Gualala, CA
Mtn Ranch, CA
San Rafael, CA
Sausalito, CA

Check this out for Sheryl S Sellers, Mountain Ranch CA

She's connected in some way to a Debra S Holtzman

Anonymous said...

Pit bull nuts defending a vicious pit bull recently in that area

This Riccio is a real scumbag. He can't even handle his pit bulls, and this thing was attacking, but he's blaming the victims

Check out the Rhonda Ratkowski letter at bottom

Or how about Carol Roth?

These women like dead people, I swear. Have you read anything more insane?

Anonymous said...

This was the 5th Piticide in California since last October...Time to change the name of the state to "Mauli-fornia".

Way to go Pit Breeders!

Stop Making Excuses said...

Looks like a Pit to me without a doubt!
Just waiting on the comments to roll in about how the dogs were aggressive because they were kept in cages, and they surely had to be abused to do something like this because Pits were never bred to be human aggressive.
Makes me want to vomit actually.

Stop Making Excuses said...

The Petey comment rocks! LOL

Anonymous said...

How tragic. 3 tours of Vietnam. Malaria, the Viet Cong, and agent orange couldn't bring him down. But a stupid twat pitnutter and two pit bulls took his life in a heartbeat.

I had to stop reading the "readers comments" at the bottom of the article. Seriously are people that f-ing stupid???? Can we spay and neuter those people??

Anonymous said...

Henry Piotrowski, and Raymond Torco are both combat veterans that were picked off by foul bred Pits over the last few years.

H Walker said...

What is a pit bull? can you identify one? are all these dogs pit bulls?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

pit bulls:
group 1 dog # 1, 3
group 2 dog # 1, 2, 3
group 3 dog # 3
group 4 dog #1, 2, 5
group 5 dog #2, 5

but what you are really asking is which dog is the american pit bull terrier:
group 4 dog #1

what is a pit bull? pit bull is slang for the breed known as american pit bull terrier. pit bull is the name used to describe dogs bred for fighting/baiting.

Human aggressive dogs were undesirable but they absolutely were tolerated.


the ATTS is a scam, please check back for this blog post. why are you lumping rotts in the ATTS scores? trying to help create more breed confusion?

jami said...

I am the daughter of Jerry Yates, the man killed by the pit bulls. sheryl left those dogs alone on the hill above my dads workshop on a sat. a.m & didnt return til after 10p.m. on the sunday (around 3pm)they killed him. There was no evidence of water or food. we will never know what set those dogs off to do what they did.My brother was lucky he was wearing jeans & steel toed boots& was able to jump onto a workbench & he kept kicking them in the head til they gave up. dad was wearing sweats& a tank. those dogs didnt just kill him. they kept going back. use your imagination. we had to have my father cremated.That she has the nerve to call my dad her best friend & then pleads not guilty? outrageous!!