Tuesday, August 3, 2010

another death-jab for ugly

Halo before meeting the ugly frankenmauler
Halo after meeting the ugly frankenmauler

wyandotte, michigan on july 27th, a pit dog got a hold of another shelter resident, an 8 month old gsd/lab mix named Halo, with devastating results. aco marty bertera and a volunteer were unable to break off the ugly pit. with its teeth locked onto Halo, the staff gave the frankenmauler a lethal injection. it died in 10 seconds.

aco bertera said the pit bull had not shown any signs of aggression prior to this vicious attack. what a surprise! this attack has left the aco leery about pit bulls and regards this incident as cause enough to treat the breed differently. looks like bertera found a koolaid antidote.
it is liberating to be free of the pit nutter credo!

Halo's petfinder profile, her vet bills are $1700 and sure to climb.

Anyone who would like to help with its medical expenses can make a donation to: WAG Animal Rescue, P.O. Box 222, Wyandotte, MI 48192.

the australian version of death-jab for ugly



Anonymous said...

A pit bull attacks a critically endangered monk seal....these animals are actually a danger to wildlife, also!


Anonymous said...

That dogs leg looks shattered....thats a really bad break.

Stop Making Excuses said...

What other breed out there locks it's death grip jaws onto it's prey/victim with such enormous strength and tenacity, that a person must use a lethal injection to get it to stop?
Well, now that I think about it, There are no other breeds out there like that!

Anonymous said...

But, but, but, I thought the ASPCA's shelter guidelines -- on how to house pit bulls -- was supposed to prevent this? Bertera needs to pick up a copy.


Anonymous said...

I wrote a check. My dog was attacked by a friendly-seeming pit that was leashed. I felt so incredibly guilty for putting him in that position. Halo has had too many tough breaks, but she looks like she'll prevail.

As annoying as it is that shelters won't believe the truth about pit bulls, I'm hoping this aco will really see the light.

Anonymous said...

"Pit bulls are different."

And our research indicates the people that own them are different as well.

Our marketing firm recently picked up a new client, a newly formed consortium of surgeons whose services include surgical intervention for a condition known as micro penis. We brain stormed for days about how we might locate a target market for this condition and our research has paid off. We’re now certain we’re going to recommend banner ads on web sites frequented by pit bull owners.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:52, thanks for a much needed laugh in the face of such a sad article. It's called micro penis? And here I always thought they just had two innies.

I'm glad Halo survived her attack and the mauler didn't. I can't believe anyone in animal control was actually that ignorant of pits' reputation for dog aggression. Too bad a dog had to pay for them to learn.

anonymouse said...

I don't quite understand. This is a listing of the dogs that WAG Animal Rescue has for adoption on PetFinder.


This is the listing for the bull terrier listed directly beneath Halo.


I just don't know if I feel comfortable donating to the rescue group who is still trying to make a quick buck off of the same breed of pig dog that nearly destroyed another animal.

Or maybe I've misread something & completely misunderstood the situation. Could someone please explain things fuller? Mucho gracias.

anonymouse said...

Actually if you browse through their "Happy Tails", WAG Animal Rescue has quite the history of flipping a wide variety of wiggle butts for $$$. There's also been a handful of rottweilers thrown in for good measure.


I dunno. I may have completely misread the situation, but I just don't feel good about this rescue group.

I do feel terrible about the poor dog that had been brutalized, however, and I hope it's able to fully recover from both its injuries and the trauma of surviving such an attack.

Anonymous said...

The is NO WAY to prevent pit bull attacks in the shelter if pit bulls are in the shelter.

Pit bulls will do anything it takes to kill.

ASPCA's "guidelines" are empty, worthless crap.

Anonymous said...

I was pretty insulted by the donation request as well. Shouldn't THEY be footing the cost due to their irresponsibility? They placed the photographs online for a reason, but I doubt the number 1 reason being for the sake of the dog.

On the contrary, I do not believe the ASPCA's guidelines are crap. They clearly spell out the danger of housing pit bulls in the shelter environment and even suggest that a PANIC BUTTON be placed in the "pit bull only" zone.

Pam said...


Do most shelters have a lethal injection lying around?

Why in the world? or should I guess?

Not complaining, since it saved Halo's life, but I wouldn't assume that a needle is lying around with a lethal dosage in a shelter.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

there really is no such thing as a no kill shelter. there are low kill shelters that either euthanize because of serious health issues or temperament.

Friends Administrator said...

All the shelters I know won't walk a pit out of the kennel if other dogs are around. Most shelters have small walk areas between kennels. They won't put a pit in with another dog. HOWEVER, the "No Kill" shelters stay true to their philosophy that pits get a "bad rap", that pits are like any other dog, so therefore all the policies and recommendations concerning pits are tossed. This dog paid the price of their philosophy.

Anonymous said...

"even suggest that a PANIC BUTTON be placed in the "pit bull only" zone"

But of course this is crap.

Dangerous dogs should not be getting housed ANYWHERE.

No panic button in the world will do anything quickly enough.

If they are dangerous, they need to be euthanized immediately. Every second they are kept around, even in "restricted" areas, increases the likelihood of death to a person or pet.

Pam said...

Craven, I understand that they would have the fluid to inject a sick animal, but would they already have a needle ready good to go?

Just weird I thought.

Anonymous said...

Another State Law named after a Pit victim:


Friends Administrator said...

Keep in mind that dogs that have been attacked this badly will often become aggressive toward other dog, either aggressive or scared. So the wounds on this dog are more than you see outside and that could affect it getting that forever home.

Anonymous said...

This is another one of those attacks committed by pit bulls only. Who in right mind would want to walk or feed the frankenmaulers?

Anonymous said...

"there are low kill shelters that either euthanize because of serious health issues or temperament."

And they limit admission, so if a needy pet comes to the door, and the place is full (which is always with No Kill) the needy pet gets turned away and dies elsewhere, often by getting abandoned on the streets. Often even worse,.

So No Kill is, all in all, higher kill than most shelters that honestly euthanize, and the No Kill kill is inhumane