Friday, August 20, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 8/20/10

lots of maulings this week. i think the heat wave is making pitty grouchy.

8.13.10 oak harbor washington Jim and Sandi Murdy flew into attack mode when an ugly mutant came onto their property and attacked Ringo, their corgi. Jim grabbed a hedge trimmer and Sandi beat it with a broom. typically one whack with a broom is all that it takes to end a lab attack. Jim cut the ugly mutant with the hedge trimmer, he said the pit barely flinched. he then grabbed the pit by the collar and the pit bull delivered a serious bite to the hand. he grabbed the pit by the neck and held it on the porch until ac and the le arrived. according to the owner, she will euthanize the 13 yr old dog that she got from a SEATTLE PIT BULL RESCUE GROUP. hmmmmm......

SHADOW, hopefully dirt napping soon
8.14.10 hampton, iowa AMY TIETJENS' pit bull got loose from the idiots who were walking it and mauled a small dog. AMY'S myspage page says she likes to "show pit bulls" ?????

8.14.10 UK 2 loose staffy bulls attacked a 74 yr old man's dog. when he went to pick up his dog, he lost his balance and the mutants attacked him. several people came to his aid but couldn't get the dogs off.
"The noise was frightening, it really was. It went on for about 10 minutes. They were just mauling him."
Eventually the two dogs, one male and one female, called off their attack and sat peacefully next to their victim "as if nothing had happened" until the police arrived.

everyday.any town.any state.any country probably multiple of times hourly, pit bulls are attacking other dogs and it is not being reported. like this one.

8.15.10 oktibbeha, mississippi in three weeks, a pack of 3 dogs killed 5 calves and injured 6 more, killed one goat and injured 2 more. one dog is described as a pit bull and one as a beagle.

8.16.10 warren, michigan a woman shot a neighbor's pit bull when it grabbed her dog. she will not be charged. save some ammo for the pit nutters tif, i think your'e going to need it.
meet the pit nutters!
LISA & TIM BAUSWELL, you can contact MARIA MCKENNA for tips on how to turn victims into villains! i think she has a downloadable PDF.

pit nutter
8.17.10 bloomfield, pennsylvania Molly and her owner were both bitten by BARB and HENRY BUTCH'S ugly pit when it SOMEHOW got loose and attacked. the pit nutters claim to be in shock about the attack. they don't know why their sweet little 10 month old frankenmauler "freaked like this". BARB, it's called D-N-A!

8.17.10 kalispell, montana a loose pit bull ran into a yard and attacked a dog.

rip Biggie
8.17.10 mount vernon, new york a pack of 6 dogs killed Biggie while out for a legal leashed walk. the owner of the ugly killers BRENTON BURELL received 18 citations. the dogs were described as a rottweiller and rott/pit mixes in one source, a pack of rotts in another (i think we rule out that one, since rotts only come in one color) and rott/wheaten terrier mixes in another- yeah. since these to appear junk yard dogs, what's your best guess?

8.18.10 rock hill, south carolina an unnamed 27 yr old pit nutter was charged when his mutants somehow got loose and killed a small brown dog.

8.18.10 bainbridge, georgia 3 pit dogs broke their chains and killed a fourth pit dog. several people, including the owner of the dead dog, could be cited for violating the chaining ordinance as well as the owners of the loose killers.

8.18.10 franklin county, missouri pit bull attacks left 1 miniature horse dead and a mule and an arabian injured. two dogs have been caught and a third is still on the loose. second link

rip Sissy

8.18.01 columbus, ohio Lori Garland was walking her 2 small dogs Sassy, jack russell and Sissy, pomeranian when 2 roaming dogs, one pit and one non-pit attacked. it sounds as though only the pit bull was involved in the actual biting. Sissy didn't survive and Sassy was injured. a good samaritan stopped to help her and her dogs. Garland reported it but was told by animal control that they lack investigative powers. so, Garland tracked down the ugly dogs herself. she handed the evidence she collected to the city attorney's office.

Carla's thankful for the buzzards.
8.19.10 yoncalla, oregon on friday the 13th, neighbors' pit bulls got loose and killed 28 of Carla Botner's sheep. she grabbed a rifle and took a shot at them but missed. the dogs took off.
“It was hideous,” Carla Botner said. “They mutilated and tortured these animals.”
“They're not sweet little pets, they're killing machines,” Botner said. “That's what they are bred for.”
Of the 36 sheep, only three ewes were unharmed. Besides the 28 sheep that suffered fatal injuries to their necks and heads, five were injured. “They ate the faces of these animals,” she said.
simple country folk GET IT, too bad the gifted and educated city nutters don't.

Sally and Martie & Chuck Rambaldo
8.19.10 garden city, michigan Chuck Rambaldo was walking Sally when an ugly frankenmauler "popped a window" out of a stopped black mini van and attacked her. Chuck was carrying a golf club for protection and began beating the pit bull with it but it had no effect (that's the difference between labs and pits) the driver, a black male, between 30-40 yrs old, 6'2" and 200 lbs got out and punched his dog in the face. he finally got it off of Sally and apologized and offered to pay the vet bill but at the moment Chuck only cared about tending to his bleeding dog. gentle 6 yr old Sally loves to have tea parties with their grand daughter, a true nanny dog.

this is the ugly frnkenmauler
8.19.10 new zealand a pit nutter was cycling with his ugly mutant when it decided that the black lab looked tasty. the lab's owner received bites to her hand as she tried to save her dog. a witness stopped to help. he used a crowbar. the nutter was apologetic at first but became threatening when other witnesses confronted him about violating the MUZZLE law.
it appears mr nutter returned with a friend and stole his illegal dog from the pound.

8.20.10 sanford, florida pit bulls belonging to 40 yr old TONY MARING got loose and attacked a cat. the police were called and as the cat owner was standing next to the squad car, one of the pits charged him twice. on third lunge, he shot and killed it with his 9 mm. MARING showed up and seized his other mutant and said he didn't know how they got out. they never do!
second link with video. this is the second home owner defending himself against marauding pit bulls on the block. i guess we know where some of those 350,000,000 guns are now in the U.S.

8.20.10 UK a 27 yr old woman was walking her 2 dogs when a white staffy bull ran up to them. she got her dogs into a nearby garden and stood in front of the ugly little dog which was apparently not happy that she was depriving him of his evening snack. he attacked her. she was bitten on the arms legs hips and back. so much for "just because they are dog aggressive doesn't mean they are human aggressive!" this is the second nanny dog attack this week for the area!

8.20.10 pocono summit, pennsylvania an ugly frankenmauler rampage ended with one dead yorkie, an injured german shepherd and three injured adult men. the ugly dog is in quarantine and charges are pending against 47 yr old PATRICIA BRIGGS of 2321 Nadine Blvd, Pocono Summit. i think to be on the safe side, we should call in a slew of experts to evaluate the poor misunderstood wiggle butt and take bite impressions and DNA samples. i have a feeling this could be another case of mistaken identity. maybe the no kill freaks can get the ball rolling by ponying up $500?
why aren't the no kill nutters up in arms over the carnage pit bulls leave behind?

YUNG JOC "shhhh... don't tell anyone but i've got an itty bitty weenie."
8.20.10 fayette county, georgia this idiot's 2 pit bulls attacked a neighbor's dog. the victim is expected to survive. the rapper claims the e-collars malfunctioned. he's sorry and even offered to pay the vet bill! the boombox reports that "yung joc has found himself at the center of yet another dog attack controversy." ANOTHER???? when were the others? i thought every time a pit bull farted the media pounced on it and a jillion media outlets ran with it?
the rapper nutter's real name: Jasiel Robinson

NIKKI CAVANAUGH, even she can't believe the bullshit that comes out of her mouth.
8.20.10 palatka, florida 70 yr old Donna Stewart and her pomeranian Junior were sitting on their porch when along comes the mutant. Donna grabbed her little buddy but the pit grabbed him out of her arms and killed Junior. Donna tried but couldn't save her 10 yr old companion. she is bruised and bitten and afraid. the ugly mutant is being quarantined at home.
of course the local pidiots weigh in on the tragic mauling:
"Animals get grouchy because of the heat." Putnam County Sheriff's Office Animal Services Supervisor Nikki Cavanaugh karen delise's doppleganger.
"The breed wasn't the issue" and "Pit bulls by nature are prey dogs." Mike Vermette, owner of mike's dog house rescue. is it my imagination or is this fucktard contradicting himself? and doesn't he mean prey driven? i think the pom qualifies as the prey dog. why are pit nutters so stupid?

the dog attacks the media NEVER reports

8.11.10 houston, texas two loose akitas (FIGHTING BREED) attacked Leslie Cantrell and her 2 dogs while out for their daily walk. Leslie has had 2 surgeries on her hand, as for her dogs...
The Border Collie has undergone two surgeries and a blood transfusion after last Thursday's attack. "They severed one of her kidneys. They sliced open the abdomen wall. They did damage to her intestines. She's still fighting for her life. We have to decide whether or not she can survive another surgery or if we have to make the decision to euthanize her" says Cantrell.

Ian and Scooby
8.11.10 UK a MUZZLED french mastiff, a rottweiler and a third dog of unspecified breed were being walked on leash by their owners when they came across Ian Turner and his 9 month old puppy Scooby. the mastiff slipped out of its muzzle and along with the rott launch an attack on Scooby. when Scooby was finally freed of the monsters, he bolted and Ian took off after him.
Anyone with information about this attack is asked to contact Herts police on 0845 3300 222, quoting reference 172/10/August.

8.14.10 york county, a german shepherd killed and ate a pit bull puppy that wandered within the reach of its chain spot. the gsd is reported to be starving. the owner is being investigated for cruelty and neglect.

8.19.20 canada a "lab mix" savaged a 5 yr old maltese.

GREAT NEWS for all of you people in marin county, california! the dog friendly off leash DILLION BEACH has banned pit bulls!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEE

somewhat off topic but another happy ending..
8.18.10 wisconsin a 7 yr old springer spaniel saved a 5 yr old girl from the jaws of a nanny dog.


Anonymous said...

Pulitzer Prize quality this week!

A big finger goes out to Pit Breeders everywhere...

Anonymous said...

Did you see this yet? Did you? Did you?

Yesiree, that is a pit bull in the background, just off to the left of the permanently-disfigured child.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you forgot the link.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it was late and I'm an idiot!

Trigger said...

I saw it this morning and flipped my lid!

CKing said...

This was a tremendous amount of work this week!

Luckily there were some good stories about people fighting back, beating these maulers down, tracking down their attackers and also shooting the damn dogs!

RIP to all the cute puppies who lost their lives.

I love the Memorial Poster

And thanks for putting the image of a jillion reporters scrambling to cover the pit bull fart in my head. It made me laugh.

anonymouse said...

Here we go again. :(

Autopsy: Woman discovered at vacant home died of dog mauling

A woman whose body was discovered in the backyard of a vacant south Macon home Thursday afternoon died after being mauled by a pack of pit bulls, according to an autopsy conducted Friday.

CKing said...

Craven said: i thought every time a pit bull farted the media pounced on it and a jillion media outlets ran with it?

Its funny.

when I search for the "Bush Il pit bull attack" without quotes, which was a life altering, flight for life, put the boy in a medically induced coma kind of attack - I can't find this story AT ALL

The results that come up for "illinois pit bull attack" without quotes comes up with older stories on this attack, but only a couple from a couple local outlets.

Also, there is one other attack in Illinois on a 73 year old man that is only covered by one outlet.

There is no media hype in Illinos. No pit bull farts there.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

ledy is like beano

Anonymous said...

"she will euthanize the 13 yr old dog that she got from a SEATTLE PIT BULL RESCUE GROUP"

13 years old, and a pit bull is STILL trying to kill!

I hope that rescue group was sued.

They are going to murder someone.

Anonymous said...

hey dick why don't you comment on other dog attacks and realize that pits are capable of damage when they bite and that is what makes them more effective than an alarm system. Police shoot people because they can. Make a site about people (especially during katrina) that were shot by police. Present them in a bad light. You have no concept of reality and only want to be in the lime light. That is why you use a subject that the media preys on for good ratings.