Saturday, September 18, 2010

can you find the mastiff?






TRICK QUESTION! they are ALL mastiffs. well, at least according to the pit nutters at DRAW, dog rescue around washington. DRAW has decided that dog number three is a mastiff because she weighs 75 lbs. (or it could have something to do with the fact that no one wants to adopt pit dogs) but 75 lbs is not completely unheard of in the pit bull world. take grand champion mayday rom for example. his weight is listed as 75 lbs and fighting pit dogs are notoriously under weight.

potential dog adopters in washington and oregon beware.


FormerOhioGirl said...

That's disgusting. I cannot believe these people get away with these lies.

Anonymous said...

craven, I found this piece of ugliness about one of these "rescues" and a big thing here is that it appears that one of the Micheal Vick "rescue" dogs was studded out.

Rember all those pit bull breeders that Best Friends signed that amicus brief with to get their hands on Vick's seized dogs? Looks like some of them were indeed trying to get their hands on Vick dogs to breed.

ALSO animal control is giving out unaltered pit bulls to breeders that are breeding and selling them. No Kill strikes again!

I may have to break this up into two posts

"My letter to animal control below explains it all. Please write to them yourself if you get a moment: ANIMAL_CONTROL@CO.ONSLOW.NC.US

Dear Onslow County Animal Control,

I am a North Carolina resident that is very active in the pit bull rescue community. Recently, I was talking to someone regarding re-homing their pit bull due to the Camp Lejuene pit bull ban. They were out of options and drove to Symbulls "rescue" facility. The conditions of the rescue caused them to turn around and head home. I can not tell you from first hand experience how the rescue appeared to this particular family, but what I found on their MySpace page was appalling:

For one, they are letting WAY TOO MANY pit bulls run loose together ... that is a deadly dog fight waiting to happen. Any reputable pit bull rescue will tell you that this breed is dog-aggressive, and they safely separate each dog in their care. If they are running together, it might just be a few at a time and ones they know get along. The pictures indicate that the caregivers have left them unattended and then came back to a yard full of loose pit bulls! "

Anonymous said...


"Second, and worst of all, they are a backyard breeding operation, and although they claim to be socializing the dogs, screening adopters, and feeding "high-quality" food, they are advertising their dogs on and claiming the sire is a former rescued Vick dog:

They also are ASKING people for pit bulls on Craigslist:

That would be like the animal shelter asking people to please bring their unwanted pets to them - why do you need or would you want to ask? I have a suspicion that they are breeding people's unaltered relinquished dogs.

A responsible breeder would NEVER advertise their puppies on a classified website like this, and the likelyhood of their being any truth to the breeding dog being from the Vick bust is slim to none (even well-established groups had to jump through hoops to get Vick dogs to them - ALREADY ALTERED). Lastly, most people in rescue would not even THINK about breeding if they had any clue of the kind of dire straits this breed is in.

They also have a dog on their website that was adopted from your animal control/shelter facility on July of 2006, which they are selling. Please DO NOT let these people have any more of your dogs!

I have no idea what sort of "charge" you can get these people with ... but what they are doing is irresponsible, morally wrong, and DISHONEST. They are falsely advertising and taking in dogs through false pretenses. They are putting multiple dogs in danger. They are giving a bad name to all rescues in the community and undoing all the hard work we are doing.

If you are not the person to talk to, please point me in th direction of who I should turn to next. Myself and many, many concerned citizens are making it our PRIORITY to see that this operation is shut down. We are most concerned for the dogs that have already been given to them under the pretense that this is a reputable rescue."

Anonymous said...


"Paul There is no room for error with these dogs .We have people working hand and foot to give these dogs good homes.And this barnessym pit bull has a flaw in the my space. The dam dog house is a ladder for the dogs escape. Smells like a classic case of what i like to call pit bull syndrome.They only like to show and make doe. SCUM is a correct term for these people.

Samantha This "Rescue" is no longer claiming themselves to be a rescue, nor a breeding facility. Though they still do both. They breed their dogs, and when the puppies at 4 weeks old, they sell the mothers. And then buy another female. I've seen it happen personally.
This family is disgusting and should be in jail. They killed many dogs, and many of their dogs died because they were not housed separately. I watched one die in my arms, and three die in others arms.
One of my dogs came because they bought out a mans litter of puppies, and that day they lost a dog to parvo, and one not long later. I saved the Pit Bull I have from their home.
They now live in Holly Ridge, and advertise puppies for sale, and wanting to buy them on Lejeune Yard Sales, and Please do not do business, and be careful about your pit bull.
Thanks so much, keep this up please!

Samantha Also, in response. The Barnes family was awarded a dog from the Michael Vick situation. This dog is now dead. They did not properly feed him, nor maintain his conditions. He had a tumor on his throat , he was never neutered. He was used for Stud Services, and he began being starved to death, and is now dead from bad health, and heartworm. And many other reasons.

Anonymous said...

continued. These people are originally from California, where there are animal controls laws and enforcement, and they couldn't get away with this. Sound familiar?

"Thomas Thank you for your response Samantha. NC sounds like a scary place for a dog. Sounds like your local animal control is part of the problem.Maybe their understaffed or just don't care,I don't know. The rat bastards are lucky they're not here though. In San Diego, animal control has the same power as police officers. Some cary guns and can arrest you on the spot. California also has 34 prisons. Plenty of room for Symbulls personel

Samantha Thats where they're originally from. :P

Anonymous said...

The current Symbull myspace. Still in operation!

The Barnes the poster referred to as being awarded a Vick dog by the court were this Eric and Gabriela Barnes

Anonymous said...

How about this pit bull mix?]4qcv?T;vhH]bMPe0qb

Only $125 each.

St Bernard x pit bulls

And who says we don't need breeder regulation?

Anonymous said...

The sheer size and loose neck skin and floppy jowls would indicate that this dog is indeed a mastiff mix of some type.

But the button ears, coloration and white-chest/paw pattern is so classic red-nose APBT there's no way they could possibly think it's not at least half pit (probably more). The head and paw shape are dead-on, as well.

And if it inherited the size and loose skin from it's mastiff side, there's no telling how much of the guard-guard instinct came with it. Potentially a very dangerous animal...

This is probably someone's backyard breeding attempt at a 32" head pit bull they thought they could sell online for 2000 bucks each.

DepthCharge said...

CD - what's the "story" they speak of in Pit Bull Freddie's bio?

CKing said...

There's no reason whatsoever to have to resort to calling that dog a mix. It looks like a pit bull. There is variability in pit bulls just like with any working dog.

And mastiffs have been mixed with the bull terriers from the very beginning:

"There is little or no doubt that the original bull terrier was a cross between an ordinary kind of terrier and the bull dog, and some of the largest specimens had a touch of the mastiff thrown in."
Rawdon Lee
A history and description of the modern dogs of Great Britain and Ireland (1894)

So no wonder the pedigreed old fighters have some that look more bulldoggy, some look more terrier, and some favor their mastiff ancestors.

The real crazy thing is the whole american Bulldog lunacy. They're saying - we bred pit bulls to bulldogs so they're bulldogs. BS. If you look up a Scott bulldog, it says looks like a large rough pit bull. Cause that's what it is.

I think we've been snookered by this 4 breed thing. An APBT is a Amstaff is a an Ambull is a Staffy Bull is ALL pit bull.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i only know what is in the bio which has changed since i blogged about freddie the "mastiff". i think i feel another blog coming on.

Anonymous said...

This connected to carina of DRAW

Here's Julia of Petpits describing how she is using this service dog scam to allow her pit bull to get around pit bull restrictions and endanger everyone with "freedoms"

Flat out admitting that's why they are doing the service dog thing as a scam.


The service dog thing, sure enough as someone posted elsewhere here I think, is getting used as law avoidance by the fighting breed crowd to force their violent dogs on people and other animals

Well, the first attack, this scam is OVER.

Anonymous said...

Julia Jones of is really angry that some driver nearly kills her mother with a truck

But someone has their pet killed and nearly dies thanks to a PIT BULL ATTACK while the victim is in their own bed and in their own home, and Julia Jones is making excuses for pit bulls and doesn't give a crap about how many people and pets die thanks to her "chosen breed" of fighting dogs.

These people are the lowest of the low worthless pieces of crap.

DRAW is no dog rescue. It's a fighting breed hell hole.

Anonymous said...

Well CK, since "pit bull" isn't a breed you can compare to an actual standard, I'm assuming you mean it's an un-mixed American Pit Bull Terrier (the only pit bull-type breed that can reasonably reach 75lbs).

The breed standards are pretty explicit on the jowls and neck:

From UCK standard:
Muzzle - "Lips close and even, no looseness." ... Neck - "The skin on the neck is tight and without dewlap."

From ACK standard:
Muzzle - "Lips close and even, no looseness." ... Neck - "No looseness of skin."

It's pretty clear there's some non-pit bull-type breeds mixed in there. Larger, with looser skin. Mastiff is a good bet, and a common type used to increase the size of the dogs, for whatever asinine reason motivates people to breed those monsters. They could be right though; it may have some Shar Pei blood in there - mixed with the 75+% pit bull.

But obviously, "it looks like a pitbull" in the sense of media reporting, common speech, and BSL. It already showing terrier dog aggression. Im sure it will be refered to as a "pit bull" in the inevitable news article when it mauls someone.

CKing said...

You're assuming wrong, son. Its a pit bull. Did you look at the jowls and neck of that dog? no more looseness than say...
gr ch machobuck - look at that loose skin! This is a pedigreed fighting pit bull, son.
no reason to suggest a mastiff. Thanks for your help, son.

CKing said...

Hey son, I gotcher gr ch fighting pit bull right 'chere

Take a look at that pedigreed gr ch barracuda - a fighting pit bull, son. Take a look!
9 time killer! look at those scars and look at that loose skin on that mastiff type head!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

LOL. good job cking. both of the dogs you selected are descendants of mayday, the 75 pounder that i held up as an example of big pit dogs.

the overwhelming majority of these naive pit nutters riding on berkey's good ship lollipop don't know anything about real pit bulls. stop listening to donna reynolds and read hahaha

Anonymous said...

"the overwhelming majority of these naive pit nutters riding on berkey's good ship lollipop don't know anything about real pit bulls"

I think in this case they do. They know damn well, and they are knowingly lying and deceiving.

This Carina/Violet of DRAW is mouthing on about ADBA and UKC champions, she's hooked up with these jackasses. Her own dog came from one of them.

She was whining aome years ago about the problems finding pit bulls homes because of insurance, landlord restrictions and all the rest.

She knows sure enough what a pit bull is, and hiding it is not going stop her ass and the ass of her three co-conspirators from taking the responsibility for what these mislabled pit bulls do.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense. The people at are certifiably insane. Most of them criminally insane (literally, since dog fighting is a federal offense). To them, an APBT is a fighting dog that can look like or be anything, as long as it wins fights. Might want to spend a little less time over there...

You can go into their "pedigrees" and find dogs that look like just about anything - the sites down atm but you can find hundreds of 90+ lbs hippo mixes with 4 gen lineages claiming to be "all pit". Try looking for legit agility or weight pull champ pedigrees.

The DRAW mutt looks more like the typical button-eared show dog pit (minus the obvious mixed characteristics) than the working breed type - like barracuda, who's got a classic Sorrell look. I don't see much loose floppy skin there; I don't see where you got mastiff out of that. Gonna have to try harder - shouldn't be hard, there's pleny of monstrosities to choose from in the database. I-say-I-say-I-say-uh-sooOoon, you's gonna hafta do betters than that!

CKing said...

Why? I already found a 9x champion pit bull. It excels at what pit bulls have been bred for, for 150 years. You can't deny those are pit bulls just because you don't like it. The working pit bulls are the foundation dogs for your wiggle butt, son.

I love how nutters first try to distance themselves and their dogs from the blue hippos and now from the actual, genuine, historic working pit dog.

Just cause you don't like reality, son, don't make it less real.

Yup, Freddie looks a lot more like a typical show pit than some of her relations. Glad you got that! that's why its ridiculous to suggest she's even a mix. You done good son!

Anonymous said...

I went to the pitpet site. What a crazy woman! She's "rescueing" dogs, yet all of her dogs are so called champions from breeders. Is she some sort of hoarder?

And check out the twiztidpitz person on the game dog site. Go to their website. Again, these dogs are all some sort of mix yet they are claiming "purebred champion lines". WTF??? Their dogs look more like some sort of hound/hunting dog mixed with a pit. And the pics of all of the "champions" in the line, all of poor dogs CHAINED. Again, WTF, no true animal lover with well socialized loving dogs keeps them chained. And look how thin those twiztidpitz dogs are. I actually feel sorry for them. What a horrible life.

And WHY is it that whenever you see pics of these "responsible" pit bull weight pull "breeders" you see run down trailers in the back ground, old beat up vehicles and trash everywhere. And if there was sound, you would hear banjos and the theme to Deliverance being played! I don't know who is more inbred, the dogs or the people.

Anonymous said...

Asswipe weight pull idiot, and yes you are one, this weight pull and "agility" crap WAS A FRONT FOR THE FIGHTING DOG INDUSTRY SO THEY COULD TRY TO GET AWAY WITH CALLING THEMSELVES "SHOW DOG BREEDERS" and try to make a public feint at distancing themselves from the fighting dog trade they breed for and are a part of

It's a fake out.

These are qame bred fighting dogs, and I know several of these fighting dog bastards that do the weight pull shit to maintain the con and they are very honest when they think they have a sympathetic audience and admit it's a front.


The morons may swallow your crap, but you better not try it with people who have infiltrated your happy little clubs

and yeah, there are notes being taken.

Anonymous said...

"She's "rescueing" dogs, yet all of her dogs are so called champions from breeders. Is she some sort of hoarder?"

They are dealers.

They use the "rescue" thing to try to sell game dogs to housewives in Peoria.

Many of them are also running tax frauds.

Report em to the IRS.

They claim they are a charity getting donations, they have to register and file paperwork for every single year. They have to account for every penny.

They are dealers, they have to register as businesses, get a kennel license in many states, and file with IRS.

they can be reported anonymously. feds and state.

These kinds of dealers are also the places that that game dog groomer and her type unload their garbage while she tries to say with a poker face that pit bulls don't belong as pets. She's laundering through places like this.

They're funnelling them through these fake rescues, and that Carina/Violet is connected to this world.

No one with a brain or without an agenda believes that "UKC or ADBA or AKC champion" means a damn, because it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

"And WHY is it that whenever you see pics of these "responsible" pit bull weight pull "breeders" you see run down trailers in the back ground, old beat up vehicles and trash everywhere'

Because the weight pull shit is a front for dummy John Q Public, or so they hope. It's a fake.

They are game dog fighters and breeders.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i don't believe that all of these weight pull/agility club are fronts for dog fighters.