Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fabian's Law

the state of arizona has no law that holds vicious dog owners accountable when their dog attacks pets. Richard and Sally Andrade are working to change that after their dog was savagely killed by a neighbor's pit bull. please visit Fabian's Law and add your voice to help hold owners responsible for vicious dog attacks.


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Anonymous said...

The pit bull breeding and dog fighting lobby fight HARD against a dangerous dog designation for attacking other pets, because they are intentionally breeding dogs to kill other pets, and they don't want to lose that income.

But other people also fight against this designation, and support animal cruelty by pit bull.

Ledy VanKavage specifically opposed a dangerous dog designation for dogs that viciously and unprovoked attack other pets when she was in New York!

And other "humane" advocates that work with pit bull breeders are doing the same, including organizations like Best Friends that tell their donors that they oppose animal cruelty, but sing a different tune when it comes to helping pit bulls and pit bull owners hurt and cruelly abuse and kill other pets. Best Friends says this is ok, because Best Friends is working with pit bull breeders with FINANCIAL interests at heart, not animals.

These pit bull lobbyists believe that pit bulls should be ALLOWED to attack your pet.

Breeders are knowingly selling dogs that are dangerous to other animals, and irresponsible rescues & shelters are "selling" or adopting out dogs that are dangerous to other animals.

And they know that people get hurt too in these attacks, and they know that pit bulls that attack other pets usually go on to kill or attack peeople.

Nearly every dog that has killed or mauled a child has a HISTORY OF AGGRESSION TO OTHER PETS. This is a major marker in identifying dogs that are deadly to people too.

Anonymous said...

very much needed.

anonymouse said...

Long overdue.

Anonymous said...

Every state should have a law like this. It's ridiculous that livestock is valued above family pets in the eyes of the law.