Thursday, September 23, 2010

remembering parrot again and again

the pit nutters just can't let this one go. every time i turn around there is another website, petition, memorial, candle light vigil, protest or moronic blogger venting and speculating about this shooting. most of the focus is on PARROT and how he was only killed over this "scuffle" because of the way he looked. there is no shortage of idiots on this front. and most of them either want to blame the poodle mix or place equal blame on both dogs. the nutters describe it as "a scuffle broke out" and minimize the damage to the victim. but some of the complaints center around the police shooting a gun in a crowded street fair. this is a complaint that surfaces from time to time. whether it is law enforcement or a private citizen, pit nutters seem very concerned about the danger of firearms. their fear seems to border on, dare i say it, hysteria. i think for the most part, they are attempting to deflect the focus and blame away from their dangerous frankenamulers but sometimes, i think it is just good old fashioned naiveté about what their wiggle butts are capable of.

BRENT TOELLNER tossed his little hat into the commentary ring with the following:
consider this. PARROT'S victim had 2 broken bones. broken bones are now classified as the unfortunate consequence of "minor problems".

MARJI BEACH is no stranger to criticizing the police use of force against dogs. the B12 starved bimbo is convinced "the story would be different if the dog in question wasn't a muscular, short-haired, blocky-headed dog". and she could be right, but not because of racial profiling. because NORMAL dogs are easier to disengage from the red zone, NORMAL dogs don't come with breaking stick operating instructions. even PARROT'S petfinder profile states he gets excited like a bull in china shop and likes to head butt while emphasizing his strength. imagine a dog with those attributes in the red zone. BEACH begins her PARROT eulogy with:
photos never lie but they do mislead. photos actually capture split seconds. my canon EOS 10D which is 5 years old, considered ancient in our rapidly evolving high tech world, takes 3 photos per second. the photo that has elicited such outrage, only shows a split second. you don't see what happened a second before this sliver in time or a second after. you don't hear the pit growling or the poodle crying. you don't hear the crowd. you don't hear anything other than the sound of a thousand idiots who are happy to fill in these blanks. my gut tells me that if this photographer had a video camera instead, the news, blogs, protests would take on a different tone.
consider this, Colleen Lynn's attack lasted 5 seconds. the dog grabbed her arm, pulled her down and drug her, breaking bones in her forearm. FIVE SECONDS. one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, four one thousand, five one thousand. a lot can happen in 5 seconds. i could shoot 15 photos and freeze 15 raw gritty moments in the time it took you to count 5 seconds.

SHIRLEY THISTLETHWAITE has two issues with the cop. first she claims he unnecessarily endangered the public by firing his weapon at a crowded street fair, despite the fact that the officer had the presence of mind to throw the dog down a stairwell before shooting it, and she claims that Officer Fisk knocked down the mutant and "then put a knee in the dog’s back and pulled his forelegs behind him as one would do with an armed criminal. i believe that if this had actually occurred there would be a photo of it, there would be outrage from me as well, and there would be a different story altogether. i believe that twisting a dog's leg behind its back would render it inoperable. the dog would not have been able to walk away. if you want to see what this looks like, go here. what really bothers me about this particular blog is the notion that guns are somehow more dangerous than dogs. i would argue that dogs are more dangerous as they can be unpredictable, difficult to physically control and impossible to reason with.
consider the story of a 6 yr old girl who stepped outside of her home to go to school and was attacked by her family's 2 pit bulls in the yard. the mother attempted to pull the dogs off. called for help from the father. when the police arrived, they shot the dogs and accidentally hit the girl. compare the raw grittiness of these photos:
meanwhile i think i should begin plans for a candle light vigil of my own. it is time to say good-bye to our collective intelligence and critical thinking skills. they are gone and will soon be forgotten. the politically correct, the pit nutters, the no kill freaks and the teabaggers... have taken over. i'll end with a quote from MARJI BEACH.


Anonymous said...

Not a single one of these armchair judges has a fucking clue what it's like to put your life on the line day after day for shit wages and no respect. They wouldn't know gun safety if it shot them in the ass. They keep whining about what could have happened, all the while ignoring what DID happen, an aggressive animal viciously attacked and injured a smaller dog, endangered a crowd, bit several people, and got a richly deserved dirt nap in the process. Yeah, I'll light a candle, too, to celebrate the fact that the poodle lived and no humans lost their lives that day.

Anonymous said...

This hate, lie, and stalking campaign is the product of Mirah Horowitz who owns Lucky Dog Animal Rescue that owns Parrot, who does not care that her fighting dog attacked another pet and was a danger to everyone at that fair.

Mirah has political and media connections, and like any backwards peasant, she is very willing to abuse them to spread lies to protect herself from the bad and dangerous thing that she did.

But it is very telling when a pawn for the fighting breed industry like Brent Toellner gets involved with a peasant like Mirah.

This just shows the interrelationship between the breeder and dog fighter crowd and some of these rescue groups.

They don't care that their fighting breeds are killing people, and they don't care that that their fighting breeds are killing other dogs.

They are bloodthirsty. Blame the victim is always the answer.

Of course their lies and hysteria will result in one thing. Pit bulls will be banned from street fairs, which they should be any way.

End of story.

Tollener, Horowitz, and crowd are just ensuring that by excusing these attacks and blaming victims, there will be more and more bans and more and more litigation on pit bull rescues, breeders, and their mouthpieces.

Except that this Mirah Horowitz is still working At Senator Menendez's office, forming public policy.

Do you think a person willing to not only do something this dangerous and thoughtless to others, but then lie to cover it up, and persecute victims to save her skin, is emotionally or intellectually capable to be making decisions for other people?

i'm not sure about the teabagger allusion. Mirah is an ardent Marxist, as are many of the "rescue angels" who place dangerous dogs.

Toellner is more the radical right winger.

I hate extremists from either side. They result in things like this attack and hysteria.

anonymouse said...

Dear Jesus God there are no words.

Hers was a man's courage.


Anonymous said...


i have attempted to appeal to their "wisdom" by discussing the analogy of weapons.

they don't get it.

yet we have this: "unnecessarily endangered the public by firing his weapon at a crowded street fair."

bringing parrot to the crowded street fair was unnecessarily endangering the public!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anon 12:54, i completely agree with you. these are the same people who wave the "i'm a pit bull expert, dog aggression expert flag" and insist that we must defer to them because we have never experienced the love of a wiggle butt. the people who are screaming about what could have happened are the same demographic as those who criticize people for saying "it could have been a child". it is these same people who throw tantrums over the due process of a DOG that are trampling all over this officer's rights. it is hypocritical much like the teabaggers who carry signs that say obama is a socialist, no single payer health care, and keep your hands off of my medicare.

mrs.Poodle said...

Any news on that poor poodle?

Anonymous said...


mutant-lovers complained about the "how to kill a pit bull" hubpage, which you have linked from your site, so it is temporarily unavailable. i say "temporarily" under the assumption that it will be back up after Hubpages reviews it again. (this is not the first time it has been pulled down.)

then again, if Hubpages caves in to the increasing political correct movement for the cause of lovable back-stabbing sweethearts, they may continue to find excuses to block it until it is reduced to something like, "be careful around rottweilers, but staffies are good mommies unless your stupid baby aggressively rolls over."

in the meantime, it is available here.

thanks again for your helpful resources and your ability to provide us with some daily comedy muted only by the devastation of this societal problem which would be so very easy to fix by simply banning the pit adoption and rescue agents, if not with the additional help of humanely putting the rest to sleep to save them from the bullets of a police officer or horse owner.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

paul, i saw that it was removed. would it be okay if i cross posted here?

feel free to email me.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the last i heard about the poodle, it had 2 broken bones, some puncture wounds and might need surgery. i haven't anything new.

Anonymous said...

Hello cravendesires, for sure you may cross-post the article.

Anonymous said...

The Officer involved in this Pit slaying was a Police dog handler and he was bitten before dispatching the beast.

This Canine IED should have never been Trafficked out on the street.

The Tax payer got bitten in the azz here...Pit Rescue needs to be illegal NOW!

Friends Administrator said...

I think it is great that people like Toellner and the others are actually doing our jobs for us with their rhetoric. I've said it before and I will say it again, these pit nutters are their own worse enemies.

anonymouse said...

It's been a week and I still can't look at that photo. No child should ever have to lie cold on the slab, especially after having her face ripped off in agony during the last few moments of her life.

Don't know what else to say. RIP, little one.

Anonymous said...

Humans are the beasts and the ones that need to be put down you crazy broad pits are beautiful animals and when raised the right way by HUMANS are some of the best companions to be had go do the world a favor and die yyou vermin and may you be struck by karma and be reincarnated as a pit and further more you nazi pig way to ensure that your view is heard by censoring any that disagree with you

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you must be confusing me with one of the pro pit bull blogs. they are the ones who are afraid of the truth. i don't censor people who disagree with me, especially when done so venomously. i love it when you show your pit colors. bravo!