Saturday, September 11, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup (x2) 9/11/10

this edition of the frankenmauler roundup is dedicated to the no kill terrorists. where is your fucking outrage when it comes to the atrocities committed by pit bulls?

8.10.10 grass valley, california i almost missed this awesome attack last month. ENJOY!
a woman was airlifted to a hospital after 2 pit bulls turned on her at a low cost vaccine event. as three pit bulls waited in the car to get vaccinated at Best Friends Animal Clinic, another vehicle pulled into the parking lot beside the sedan. the dog in the vehicle started barking at the three pit bulls. the dog owner's friend was waiting with the pit bulls while their owner signed them in to the clinic. she tried to calm them down. and for her trouble, two of the mutants attacked. whew! another close call. it could have been an innocent dog or cat but it was just a pit nutter.

8.22.10 chicago a pit bull attacked a poodle bichon mix.

8.25.10 california a chihuahua was killed in its front yard by the neighbor's pit bull.

8.30.10 brookneal, virginia K9 Ice was attacked by a pit bull while trying to control a crowd. the ugly mutant was shot and killed.

8.31.10 bakersfield a pit bull attacked another dog. the owner of the dog under attack was videotaped defending his dog.

8.31.10 UK Lucky was attacked by a staffy bull.

8.31.10 california 8 lbs, 100 stitches, $10,000 vet bill. Benny was attacked by LENA CALLERY'S ugly mutant while out on a routine walk. CALLERY claims that she she gave the ugly dog to her roommate who opened the door and the mutant bolted for Benny. the trailer park management told her the pit can not come back. CALLERY will have to euthanize the mutant if no one adopts her. the pit nutter said that the she would rather "put herself down". yeah right, she would rather kill herself than a dog that she GAVE AWAY. CALLERY "donated" $700 towards Benny's $10,000 vet bill. that's all she could qualify for. i feel a homicidal rage starting to bubble to the surface. Benny suffered tears in his colon as well as punctures to his intestine during the attack. Areas of his bowel also had to be resected, and his abdominal wall was torn in six spots.

rip little chihuahua
8.31.10 jonesboro, arkansas pit nutters DARRELL and LINDSAY BAKER's ugly frankenmauler got loose and killed the neighbor's chihuahua. DARRELL BAKKER describes his fucking ugly mutant as "family" and a "very mild, calm pit bull, but he has his boundaries." WTF?!
this sounds like a case of defeated nutter syndrome.

rip Pebbles
9.1.10 rochester hills, michigan 5 month old Pebbles was savagely killed by 2 ugly pit fighters while being walked by his 16 yr old owner. even though the ugly psychopathic canines are dirt napping, i still want the names of these pit nutters, very badly.

rip Chloe
9.1.10 collier county, florida Chloe was killed by an american bulldog/boxer mix named TIGGER owned by 38 yr old pit nutters PATRICK and LETICIA MADIGAN. TIGGER entered the yard and chased Chloe under a car. while the frankenmauler tried to get the Chloe, her owner was beating the ugly dog. TIGGER finally got a hold of the chihuahua and ran home with Chloe in his mouth. she was dead by the time her 61 yr old owner caught up with them.

9.1.10 UK 65 yr old Marie Emery was traumatized when she and her dog Bonnie encountered a loose pit fighter. Bonnie was injured during the attack. the psychopathic pit nutter ran off with his dog.

PAUL WILLIS with a different frankenmauler
9.1.10 arvada, colorado BENNY the pit bull got loose and made a bee line for the neighbor's english pointer, Orville. Orville's owner failed to get the mutant off of his dog so he used a hammer on BENNY. GOOD JOB!! this was BENNY'S second attack on the Orville, although WILLIS described the first attack as a "tuffle". WTF? the pit nutter PAUL WILLIS said, "I don't fault them for protecting their property and I'm not denying any blame, but I think that the measures were extreme." that's only cuz the pointer posed no danger to your ugly pit fighter. this dufus is also quick to point out that BENNY was "great with people". link number two and this link has video news clip of the neighbors description of BENNY'S TUFFLE.

9.2.10 scotland a pit nutter allowed his ugly staffy bull to attack a swan which was later euthanized.
tips should be called into Scottish SPCA helpline on 03000 999 999

9.2.10 stockton, california city manager Bob Deis moved to stockton in july. he was out walking his golden retriever puppy when they were attacked by 2 extremely ugly dogs. neighbors came to their aid. the vet said that the puppy is lucky to be alive and is traumatized. welcome to the hood bob!

9.2.10 lompoc, california Dennis and Mary Kozlowski's 4 mini pins were attacked by the neighbor's pit bulls when they ripped a hole in the fence to get access. CeCe has a broken leg, Peanut has a broken paw, Tuffy has deep puncture wounds and Bingo died. the 2 mutants are dirt napping.

9.2.10 burr oak, michigan a pit bull boxer mix owned by CRAIG YESH, attacked a cat.

9.2.10 madison, wisconsin 57 yr old WILLIAM KLOUSIE'S ugly frankenmauler was euthanized after it attacked a small dog and injured its owner. the mutant went berserk upon seeing the small dog through a patio door. KLOUSIE tried to calm mutato down but mutato bolted the second he got a chance. what a shame mutato didn't release some of the "stress" onto KLOUSIE'S face. the pit nutter was cited. what a surprise, it looks like KLOUSIE is a felon.

9.3.10 candia, new hampshire a newly adopted shelter pit tried to go after the family cat. when the pit nutter intervened, he was attacked. whew! another close call. that would have been tragic if the cat was harmed.

rip Esme
9.5.10 UK a pit bull savaged a cat.

9.5.10 des moines, iowa a shih tzu was killed in its own front yard by a pit bull. the dog was returned to its owner. the pit nutter will not be cited because the ugly dog was being watched by someone else when it got loose and attacked. the city will allow the dog TWO more attacks before it will step in.

9.6.10 UK Archie was attacked by an ugly staffy bull while on a morning walk. his 59 yr old owner was injured as she tried in vain to save her dog. Terry reported the incident but the police don't care if pit bulls attack dogs.

rip Dave
9.7.10 UK british home invasion - 2 pit bulls ran inside a home and killed this grey cat. they also killed at least one cat outside. the ugly mutants have been confiscated and the pit nutters are fighting the dirt naps.

9.7.10 la pine, oregon Izzy, a 2 yr old lab was attacked by 2 loose pit dogs while practicing for the 4-H county fair dog show with their young owners. a stranger stopped and got one dog off and help it down while a 4-H advisor pepper sprayed the other frankenmauler. the owner has been cited.

9.7.10 akron, ohio Boss was attacked by a loose pit bull. Cliafous Jenkins has been charged with failure to vaccinate, failure to register, failure to insure, failure to control, failure to confine and keeping a vicious dog. JENKINS claims the ugly mutant belongs to a "cousin" and claims that he was not at home when yet another NON owner of the dog allowed it to escape. JENKINS sent the pit fighter back to the "cousin". oh, by the way. this is the SECOND dog that has been attacked by JENKINS' "cousin's" dog. this is the first dog. he was attacked INSIDE his home.
36 yr old felon Cliafous Jenkins said "It doesn't like animals, but it won't do anything to humans." well, that's a relief.

9.7.10 UK a pit nutter let his ugly mutant off the leash where it promptly attacked a police horse. the judge sentenced 26 yr old SARRAJ AHMED to 10 months in prison.

9.7.10 UK a pit bull savaged a taxi cab. i am at a loss as to why people are not running over these dogs when they attack cars.

9.8.10 UK a small fox terrier was attacked by a staffy bull. the ugly mutant has been seized.

cat killers
9/8/10 UK these two ugly frankenmaulers killed a woman's cat. she feared for other cats, dogs and kids in the neighborhood so she caught them and locked them in her apartment and called the police, the RSPCA and the dog warden. no one would come and get the dogs. next time reach for the STRYCHNINE solution.

rip Sasha
9.8.10 memphis, tennessee Sasha was killed by an ugly pit fighter in her own backyard.

9.8.10 cumberland county, north carolina a beagle was killed by the neighbor's pit bulls.

9.9.10 houma, louisiana a pit bull with a history of complaints for chasing livestock, was shot and killed as it chased a goat.

rip Ed
9.9.10 UK 63 yr old Patricia McAndrews was walking her 13 yr old yorkie, Ed, when she encountered an ugly staffy bull. the ugly pit fighter mutilated Ed and chased McAndrews back to her home. the 16 yr old pit nutter verbally abused McAndrews. another woman said the same ugly mutant attacked her greyhound 3 weeks ago.
reporter David Bale wants to hear about your pet attacks. call 01603 772427 or email

9.9.10 akron, ohio Russett Lane residents were charged with failure to restrain a dog Sept. 6 after their Lab/pit mix attacked a neighbor’s Shih Tzu, causing injury and bleeding. The Shih Tzu was killed when it ran into the street and got hit by a car as it tried to escape the attacking dog.

rip Simon
9.9.10 foley, alabama Simon was killed by the neighbor's pit bull. his owner is working hard at legislating these ugly mutants.

9.9.10 fort lauderdale, florida a pit bull got loose, attacked another pit bull (which was tasered) then charged a group of people before being shot by police.

9.9.10 UK a 74 yr old man and his jack russell were attacked by two staffy bulls. the jack russell died.

9.11.10 largo, florida a 9 yr old girl was bitten trying to protect her chihuahua from a pit bull. the loose pit was accompanied by a lab which ran off when the pit bull attacked her. the 9 yr old girl's injuries are described as severe.

9.11.10 johns island, south carolina a pit bull and a rottweiler killed a chihuahua. the pit nutter, 35 yr old Adela De Los Santos Ruiz of Island Estates Drive was issued two citations; one for dog at large and aggressive dog.

9.11.10 leavenworth, washington some redneck heard a noise and let his 2 dogs outside to chase off what he thought was raccoons. turns out, it was a mother bear and 2 cubs. one of the dogs, a pit bull attacked the mother bear. the home owner grabbed his rifle and shot and killed the bear. now the 2 orphaned cubs are facing dirt naps for lack of space at the wild life rescue center.


9.3.10 shelby county, indiana another happy ending for a pit nutter. this ugly frankenmauler was returned after it attacked a horse and a mule.

9.3.10 bad axe, michigan 25 yr old pit nutter MATTHEW LEESE was orderd to pay $21,000 in restitution to the owner of the herd of sheep that his mutants slaughtered. Leese was also ordered to perform 30 hours of community service.

9.6.10 elgin, illinois the owner of the 2 mutants that tried to attack the elgin, illinois mayor and his dog, Silvia Lugo was fined $2,200. LUGO must also license the dogs with the city, have them neutered and micro-chipped, carry $100,000 in liability insurance, muzzle them on walks and keep them behind a locked 6-foot-tall fence at home. GOOD LUCK SYLVIA!

the attacks the media NEVER reports

8.30.10 california the bulldog belonging to SAMANTHA RONSON, a celebrity DJ and former lesbian lover to lindsay lohan killed a neighbor's dog. ronson apparently feels horrible but not horrible enough to euthanize her ugly descendant of the original bull baiter.

9.7.10 UK the akita that attacked a 10 yr old girl had previously attacked a springer spaniel.


mrs.Poodle said...

The guy with the poodle bichon mix is a loony. First he trains his poodle to attack pit bulls, pretty stupid if you ask me. Than when things go wrong and his dog is injured in an attack he doesn't go to the vet, he just rubs peroxide into the wounds. WTF???

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i know what you mean. i found it very hard to write about that attack. i hoped people would just watch the video.

Anonymous said...

The UK is literally going to the dogs. People are literally packing up their lives and leaving Britain to escape the vicious dogs - I know of 2 families in our city that left (one from Sheffield, one from Liverpool area) because these teens and these dogs have literally taken over their previous towns (I asked adults from both families if they had ever heard Staffies referred to as "Nanny Dogs" and they both thought I was insane, btw). That situation has got to give, and soon.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Something has got to give in the UK. They strip people of their right to arm themselves and then won't even take a report when a dog attacks another dog. That is a fucked up situation.

CKing said...

Nutters and No Kill Institutional Hoarders don't see what they are doing to animals.

They see THEMSELVES walking a pit bull, feeling smug and superior and basking in the attention they get good or ill.

They see THEMSELVES in a shelter crying maudlin tears over a sick pit and passing judgment on a surrender even while their hoarding is causing disease and suffering in their back room.

Anonymous said...

The photo of that poor woman cradling her dead chihuahua in a blanket is heartbreaking. She was going into her own home, and the loose pit bull followed her in and killed her chihuahua.

These pit bull advocates all want our pets to die.

Anonymous said...

All of these stories are heartbreaking, but I agree that the photo with the woman holding her chihuahua in the blanket really got to me.
The other story that got to me was the one about the bears. He let his dogs out without knowing what it was that made the noise?! Would he have still let his dogs loose if he had known a bear and her cubs were out there? (I think so, just to have the excuse to shoot the bear) What a jerk. RIP momma bear and probably baby bears.

Anonymous said...

Was someone keeping a list of celebrity pit bull owners whose dogs have attacked or killed? I thought I remembered that.

Add Samantha Ronson.

Maybe her name can be added to the labels here too so it shows up on searches.

Anonymous said...

It's not the pit that is the problem it's the irresponsible owner. I have a pit who is a therapy dog and a dang good one. My dog and I take offense at your derogatory comments to all pits. Blame the PEOPLE not the pit!