Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the wizard of pit

The Nature of the Beast

ledy pulled a few strings and had this article pulled from the internet. good thing i saved a pdf. click here to download your copy.


Anonymous said...

She may be a lover, but she ain't no dancer.

Way more information about Best Friends/The Process Church Of The Final Judgment/The Church Of The Process Of Unionification Of Christ And Satan than you ever wanted to know.

The people at the site above see a link between The Process and The Manson Family. The guy at the links below does not.

Here are the original chapters about The Process from The Family by Ed Sanders. I think some of the information has been restored in the latest edition.

Anonymous said...

More information about some of the people behind The Process/Best Friends.

Michael Mountain a.k.a. Hugh Mountain and known by his religious name Father Aaron, is the son of the founder of Granada TV, Sydney Bernstein. Michael Mountain co-founded The Process, Church of the Final Judgment with Robert DeGrimston a.k.a. Robert Moore or Moor a.k.a. Christ. The church first incorporated in Louisiana in 1968 and Michael has continued to this day to be the President. The Process has changed it's name several times and is now Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah. Here you will find more than 20 of The Process founders, Mary Anne De Grimston and her inner-circle, living on a 23,000 acre ranch called Angel's Canyon (Manson called his ranch Devil's Canyon.)

When Sydney Bernstein died in 1992, Michael Mountain became an heir to his fortune. Over the years he has contributed large amounts of money to The Process Church. To this day, much is written about their connections to the Son of Sam murders, the Manson murders, the Zodiac killer, human and animal sacrifices and many more heinous crimes. Whether or not these accusations are true is still under investigation...

Public records show The Process, Church of the Final Judgment - May 18, 1974 - Name Change, The Foundation Church of the Millennium. This wasn't a splinter group and records show the corporate name changed several times over the years and is now Best Friends Animal Society. Most of the same people are currently listed in the documents, no one new has been added, and they continue to hold the non-profit corporation established in 1968.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the childhood reminiscences of Bledy...does anyone else read that and wonder how many children in Bledy's neighbourhood lost THEIR "first and best" friends to Boody? I'm certain that, being a pit, Boody won most of his fights. How many adults still grieve for their childhood pets, lost in the the jaws of that roaming pit bull?

God, how I would love to hear an account of Boody written by someone who lived in that area at that time.

Anonymous said...

Ledy VanKavage supports a pit bull's right to rip apart other pets. She fights against dangerous dog designations for pit bulls that unprovoked kill other dogs.

Ledy VanKavage supports animal abuse, as long as pit bulls and their owners do it.

As far as Best Friends, did you know that all the sales from their merchandise (Tshirts, cups, tote bags, other clothing, vitamins, all that gift type stuff) is owned by a PRIVATE company that cashes the check.

The Best Friends charitable portion and sanctuary does not get supported with their gift and merchandise sales.

It was used for the private accounts of the founders. Is Ledy now profiting from the merchandise sales?

Anonymous said...

Michael Mountain appears to have gotten his hands on some kind of email list, maybe Best Friends when he got booted, and is sending out emails now begging for money and claiming he runs some sort of charity for animals with zero details.

It's just begging.

If you remember, he was printing propaganda for Rick Berman, lobbyist for dog fighters, before he left Best Friends.

The corruption that whirls around Best Friends is a tornado.

They also are not telling donors that they have gotten rid of hundreds of dogs in the past few years that they promised to care for eternally.

Anonymous said...

I too would be interested in hearing from Bledy's neighboring dog owners.

The creepiest part of this story is that she voluntarily shared it.

She is so self-absorbed that she can't conceive that readers might realize that if Maryville Il. housed only VanCarnages and bloody Boody's, Maryville Streets would be flowing with blood and littered with gore. There was never a time that decent people appreciated their pets mauled to death, I am pretty sure.

She's so egocentric that she can't conceive that readers might empathize with the police calling neighbor who obviously didn't share the VanCarnage's sociopathic values.

She is so narcissistic that she doesn't realize that she clearly depicts her parents as being negligent sociopaths.

Here's a description of the Process Church/Best Friends Animal Shelter history from the Best Friends website. Even in their own words, when they don't dwell on the fact that they believe Jesus and Satan will one day hold hands with Lucifer and dance around, tra la la, they still sound like KOOKS.

And in that piece they keep emphasizing that their faith is based on the Golden Rule...Do unto others...Highly ironic for people who put pit fighting dogs in our neighbor's homes.

Anonymous said...

That's the link to the Best Friends pages describing their history.

There are profiles of a few of the original cult members. One started a "clown ministry" and another one believes she has a gift that allows her to commune with animals and she feels a kinship with mosquitos.

Anonymous said...

A kinship with mosquitoes? That's about right. Those people are vampires, leeching off society.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it...back then you had to be "educated" that allowing your fighting breed to roam around and tear up other dogs was wrong?!?

Not buying it....

Anonymous said...

I think she lives in her childhood home in Ohio near the Missouri border.

Missouri. What does that tell you?

The civilized people probably moved away long ago to get away from the stain in the community.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I think I meant Illinois?

Anna said...

When Michael Mountain stepped down as CEO in 2009 he created Stubbydog. There was financial shennanigans in Florida due to that group, a pit bull pushing, child endangering, obfuscating propaganda organization registered in Scottsdale Arizona. He also is involved in LOHV which is a vote influencing organization based in NYC. League of Humane Voters. He's also working on The whale Sanctuary Project with a marine biology teacher that is or was living at the sanctuary in Angel Canyon. That's where her address was listed as.