Wednesday, December 22, 2010

stranger than fiction

laporte, indiana after a handful of pit bull attacks and one monkey attack, the hoosiers put their heads together and adopted a new dangerous animals ordinance. the ordinance is not breed specific, but it is SPECIES specific. Under the newly adopted ordinance, the following animals have been reclassified:

DANGEROUS - monkeys, baboons, poisonous snakes, piranhas and sharks.
BANNED - rhinoceroses, leopards and elephants.
uh-oh, laporte, indiana is trampling the rights of rhino fanciers.
"It needed to be updated. There were some things that needed to be brought up to the state level, so I guess it's OK," Councilman Goot Logwood said. yeah, like addressing all of those rhino attacks! Goot's only concern is how the new ordinance will be enforced by the staffing shortage. you know, cuz the rhino attack season is a long one.
Goot is the councilman AT LARGE.
UPDATE: the cat is out of the bag and into the nutter lap. we now know why laporte, indiana drew up such a bizarre dangerous animal ordinance. BEST FRIENDS ATTORNEY LAURA NIRENBERG was one of the "consultants". she's a real go-getter. on the job less than 2 months and already flexing the cult's muscle.

united kingdumb 35 yr old pit nutter LEE KELLY and his 16 yr old daughter went to a pub after doing a little shopping. dad got drunk, lost a pool competition and blamed her for not cheering him on. he punched, bit and tried to stab her. she managed to get the knife and hid it. that's when the drunken pit nutter threw the staffy bull against the wall. KELLY pled not guilty, he was sentenced to 10 years plus a 5 year extended license, whatever that is.

is anybody else as creeped out by this photo of CATHERINE HEDGES as i am?
pekin, illinois Arthur Herm, DVM of Tazewell Animal Control has deemed a pit bull puppy (approx 6-8 months of age) as not adoptable due to animal aggression. this of course doesn't sit well with HEDGES who say animal aggression is normal and okay and is questioning Herm's expertise despite the fact that he has been a vet for 36 years and worked with animal control for 22 years. (btw, HEDGES has been a rescue angel for 11 years.) Herm said he disagrees with those people who say they can train aggressiveness out of dogs. Herm believes aggressiveness is “inherent” and “genetic” in all dogs while pit bulls “seem to have more of that.”
HEDGES is the nutter behind don't bully my breed.


Anonymous said...

"is anybody else as creeped out by this photo of CATHERINE HEDGES as i am?"

I can't say that creeped out covers it. Throw in "gag reflex" and we're getting there.

That is one ugly dog.

Anonymous said...

Creepy, perverse, unnatural, illegal...

Anonymous said...

"That is one ugly dog."

Yeah, and the pit bull is gross looking too.

. said...

There is a weird stain on her lower lip. Looks like a skid mark or herpes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Craven, looks like we might have a future mauler on our hands.

shar pei mix said...


There are no words. Seriously. Some things are just waaay beyond nasty.

Like, what is it about these things & bestiality anyway? I mean, you never saw the Zsa Zsa Gabors of the world get it on with whatever teacup sized poodles that they used to carry around with them in their purses.

But on every rescue angel site, they're gonna go on about how all their misunderstood widdle pibbles want to do is just shower you with kisses. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

Anyway there went breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Regarding said "creepy" photo, I feel like we are interrupting an intimate moment.

Anonymous said...

Catherine Hedges is going to get someone killed, and it is very good thing that she has crawled out from the rock she's under to display her intent to kill people with the dogs she is selling.

Catherine admits to all that pit bulls are aggressive and a danger

"If you’re looking for a dog to go to the dog park or to attend doggie daycare, this is not the breed for you, as they are terriers and do best in low stimuli non-multiple animal situations. "

She KNOWS she is selling violent dogs. She lied to that reporter to try to get this dog to sell.

Apparently from what I have been able to determine, there is chatter about money issues at her Don't Bully My Breed, dog sales money not being accounted for, and IRS regulations not being followed.

Hedges is a lawsuit waiting to happen. She's on notice now.

Anonymous said...

Catherine Hedges is also soliciting cats and rabbits.

She has already admitted that pit bulls want to kill these animals, and have to be kept away from them, and other dogs too.


This animal sales dealership known as Don't Bully My Breed is very suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Is this another Jere Alexander?

Anonymous said...

Hedges is also exposing CHILDREN to these violent dogs, despite the fact that she admits they need a LOW STIMULI environment, and the parents of these kids don't even know the dangers that this pit bull dealer is putting their kids into.

You notice that she is not describing her dog sales and fund solicitation. WHAT DOES THE IRS THINK SHE IS DOING? What is she claiming she does in her 501c3 paperwork? It appears she is claiming she is an "education charity" not a DOG DEALER, which is how she is functioning and how she is accumulating money. How is she accounting for the money?

"Dont Bully My Breed / Founder
2005 - Present
Educating people via website about breed profiling, going into grade schools wiht therapy bully dogs, rescue and transport of cats/dogs/rabbits"

Anonymous said...

There is REAL BAD STINK all over this Furry Friends Foundation that Catherine Hedges fled from, along with an illness story that appears to be completely unsubstantiated, when things got hot after she irresponsibly was driving a vanload of pit bulls out of LA to sell in Chicago and could have killed someone.

There are conflicting stories that revolve around this woman that don't make sense, and are not backed up by proof.

I am reminded of that Crawford person and the illness stories that came up. With Crawford, the stories were proven false, and she was busted eventually, wasn't she?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the trustees, which included a bank and lawyer, did not like what they found at Furry Friends after Catherine couldn't control it.

It looks like there were "inconsistencies" and they shut it down.

There then appears to be a smear campaign by Catherine and friends on this bank and lawyer, much as Dr. Herm is enduring now.

I hope Dr. Herm has a lawyer. Catherine Hedges has a history of doing this.

Anonymous said...

Here is how things have gone down at some questionable "rescues" where there have been some inconsistenceies.

One personality runs the show. No one really knows what is going on, including the trustees. There are paperwork problems, money questions, money even disappearing, money being spent on things that are not allowed by charitable law, personal benefits being received not allowed, problems that the IRS, state and federal government would NOT be happy about.

Something happens to one personality controlling the rescue that incapacitates them from their normal routine.

Trustees have to take over, and they discover these inconsistencies and they know they can get in trouble too and be held accountable for not following proper charitable organization laws, and maybe even worse.

Trustees dismiss personality controlling and running the organization, and move in to shut down organization before perhaps all are charged with financial crimes.

Anonymous said...

craven, can you put catherine hedges's name and the name of her business, Don't Bully My Breed, in the title and/or search labels?

There appear to be other people who have some questions about this woman and her operations.

Also does anyone out there live in IL? Dr. Herm should be aware that he is being slandered and used for a fundraising and advertising scheme revolving around this "save the vicious doggie" hype campaign.

A gullible reporter fell for this one. His editor should be aware of the many questions swirling around Catherine Hedges.

Newspapers should not be used to promote the business of someone like this.

Anonymous said...

A Saigh Lamia and Blaidd Kismet appear to be involved with her.

More on the dog dealing that was going on in Chicago, transporting fighting breeds to sell

Anonymous said...

The pit bull they were trucking around in that link was caged up and warehoused for well over a YEAR by the Heart of Jackson Humane society. It bombed out of some kind of prison program. (What does that tell you?)

How many dogs died so a pit bull could get caged up for OVER A YEAR at least? That is humane?

And they were lying about it being a "bassett hound mix"

Anonymous said...

Heart of Jackson Humane Society is in Holton Kansas. WAREHOUSING PIT BULLS FOR GOING ON TWO YEARS! and then giving them away to god knows who (who we later find out gets canned by the trustees) to truck to Chicago like a puppy mill dog to go god knows where and do god knows what and get sold!

A kennel crazy pit bull. Watch out neighbors of whatever lunatic this dog got sold to!

These people abuse these damn dogs in the name of "love"

"From Furry Friends, Catherine Hedges previous organization in Chicago Illinois that she got FIRED FROM by the trustees, a bank and a lawyer.

Additional Notes: Lucy Lue is a sweet, well behaved girl who has spent the last year and a half in a shelter setting. She is ready for her own home and a shot at never having to spend another day in a kennel. Please help us get her there.

Shelter: Heart of Jackson Humane Society
Location: Holton, KS
Contact: Betty Flemming

Anonymous said...

Don't Bully My Breed is the organization In Gridley Illinois founded by Catherine Mary Hedges.

It is located at 17105 Kappa Rd
Gridley , IL 61744

When Hedges was dismissed by the trustees of her former organizations, Furry Friends in Chicago, she packed up and booked it to Gridley and simply started a new one.

She is not filing Form 990s, which is against the law, and she is trying to hide the ownership of her website.

She is constantly begging for money. No accurate and open accountability for how it is being spent.

Dr. Herm is the victim of another fundraising ploy.

Anonymous said...

That Blaidd and the other one that are friends of Hedges are aliases. They are illegally transporting dogs without health certificates in states that have strict laws, and not using licensed transport.

They may be trying to hide. They can't.

Anonymous said...

Pit Grifterin' is too easy!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i might have to delete this photo. it is getting creepier each time i see it.

Anonymous said...

All Laura Nirenberg has ever done is be a "wildlife rehabilitator" all by herself.

She has zero dog experience, knows nothing about dogs.

And now she's advocating throwing cats outdoors, calling them wild, and letting them get chewed up by pit bulls and everything else after they kill all kinds of wildlife

She is INSANE.

She is another Best Friends employee pushing FOR animal abuse and torture in the name of no kill.

JanP said...

Unless you have worked with Catherine and/or worked with Pits, none of you know what you're talking about. A lot of what you have reported as being "fact" is not. Read the statistics and you'll see there are other breeds more "dangerous" that Pits. Sure, some can't be with other dogs or kids, but that's true of any breed.

2CatMom said...

Furry Friends was an undercapitlized rescue in Chicago. Catherine was a hired contract employee hired to run the shelter. All funds were controlled by the Trustees (that's how a trust works) and they never made enough funds available for the shelter to be run appropriately. The Trustees are repsonsible for the accounting and filing of papers, not the contract employee.

Catherine went to help rescue animals after Katrina. On the way back she was in a serious car accident While recovering, a CT scan found a tumor in her breast.
There is nothing dubious about cancer or the pictures that are available on line of her after the accident.

Yes Catherine was dismissed from Furry Friends by the banker and lawyer who closed the shelter and then had 7 years to distribute the money to other shelters. Did they? They have basically sat on the money collecting big fees for themselves for 'managing' the trust. Don't be so quick to decide who are the rip off artists here, Catherine got nothing from Furry Friends - no benefits, no unemployment insurance, nada. The banker and the lawyer have done considerably better.

You want to talk about bunnies. Let's. There were aproximately 40 rabbits at Furry Friends when the banker and the trustee closed the doors. They 'disappeared.' The banker and the lawyer claimed that they were adopted out, no maybe they were given to another shelter, no..they just disappeared. As a supporter of Furry Friends I asked to see the paperwork concerning the rabbits and got nothing but bs from these two. They blustered and threatened but at the end of the day, they never did disclose what happened to those rabbits. I'm guessing they ended up considerably worse than any thing you think Catherine may have done to paperwork.

For the last six year, Catherine ran her shelter as the cancer went into remission only to reappear several times.

Catherine lost her battle against the cancer last night August 10,2012. I googled her name tonight, and found this digusting blog. You have defamed the name and reputation of someone who lived her life helping animals.

Was she sometimes difficult to work with - you betcha. She was stubborn and very demanding, but it was always with the best interests of animals in mind.

Its one thing to disagree about pitbulls, its quite another thing to malign someone's reputation. And the bonus misogynist comments -well that was a treat.

Hey keep up the good work, maybe you could find some disabled children to kick around next time around.

no love, 2CATMOM and yes, my two cats were adopted from Furry Friends.

JanP said...

Thank you 2CatMom for setting the record straight on Furry Friends. I remembered a lot of what had happened, but unlike others on here, I didn't want to repeat something I was unsure of being true. Catherine, even when she felt so bad, helped my daughter thru the illness and eventual death of her Pit. She wasn't just about Pitbulls, she was about helping all animals. Those who knew and worked with her will miss her and the tremendous contribution she made.

SadFalada said...

For Catharine

Be Mine, my Love
turn not your face away
nor roll your tiny gimlet eyes
looking for easier prey
I'm yours, I'll not ever stray

Forget the horse, the cow, the sheep
memorize not my broken fence, too easy to leap
consider not the poodle, easy to defeat
I'm yours, yours, virginal and sweet

I've combed my hair to emulate your look
for my tattoos, every antibiotic I have took
for you, for you, my square-headed vice
I'd lie, I'd steal, I'd bolt in a trice
with you at my side our escape we'd enact
and snuggle together till the HATERS!!! react

How could they hate you, my calamitous heart?
My life now has meaning, from you I won't part
till a bad man with catch pole doth hustle you thither
while I wring my empty hands, wail excuses and dither
to none that understand that love most rarest
whether wiggle of butt or licked unto death
The truest Pit lover is them that is barest.

Anonymous said...

Catherine Hedges went above and beyond in the animal rescue world; we never met in person, but spoke by telephone over the course of several weeks regarding a dog I had decided to adopt (from another rescue group in NY).

Things did not go well from the start; the dog had life-threatening medical problems that ultimately compromised her quality of life so much that the decision was made to end her suffering. Catherine mailed me a check (I don't recall the amount) to aid in covering the medical and euthanasia/cremation costs. I could of really used the money, but I knew she needed it more for her rescue effort. I voided the check & told her I would not cash it; she was elated.

The moral of the story is, clearly, she was not out to rip anyone off--quite the contrary. She lost her battle with cancer, but I will always remember her strong will and tenacity..not to mention her commitment to animals.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

miss anonymous nutter, try to follow along. i never claimed that catherine hedges was ripping people off. i do think she was some kind of idiotic lunatic though.

see other posts about catherine hedges on craven desires