Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the mesmerizingly stupid educating the mesmerizingly gullible

a new pit bull advocate has emerged on the battle field.

GROSSMAN apparently fancies himself as some kind of comedian. i suspect he is in search of a loyal following to give his career a boost. and there is no audience in the galaxy that is more gullibly loyal than pit bull owners.

GROSSMAN doesn't just repeat the old propaganda, he is creating new material for future generations of gullible morons.

on may 2, GROSSMAN kicked off his trilogy of pit fantasy promoting the "intelligent, faithful, sweet, gentle" breed as mascot and baby sitter. GROSSMAN completely omits any mention of the pit bull's original function as fighting dog. he cites fictional characters NIPPER, TIGE and PETEY as his proof. GROSSMAN contrasts america's wholesome babysitter with the GSD, the dog used almost exclusively by the military and law enforcement. "German Shepherds for example are vicious, unreliable, uncontrollable and a movement has been formed to ban them altogether."

GROSSMAN'S second installment is my favorite. he doesn't just regurgitate the nanny dog myth, the first it was the GSDs, then the dobermans.... myth, and the ATTS scam. GROSSMAN states: "In temperance tests (the equivalent of how many times your kid can poke your dog in the eye before he bites him) of all breeds the most tolerant was the Golden Retriever. The second most tolerant was the pit bull." WTF? this test is a figment of his imagination. it is not enough for this nutter to debunk the locking jaw myth and most powerful bite myth, GROSSMAN attempts to create another bugaboo breed by stating the honor of most powerful bite goes to the german shepherd!!! again, complete fabrication that flies in the face of reality. watch this youtube video comparing dog attack styles and bite force among the malinois (195), dutch shepherd (232), american bulldog (305) and a mastiff (556). or this youtube video where they compare the GSD (238), pit bull (235) and rottweiler (328)
just for fun, here is a wolf (406) and he is not even trying.

in GROSSMAN'S may 6 blog post, he transforms one smuggled boston bulldog (sgt stubby) into an army of pit bulls that became known as "our national canine babysitter". "They also fought in the trenches with our soldiers and died on the battlefields beside them." GROSSMAN tosses in a smattering of photos and vintage illustrations as evidence for his position. only the illustrations appear to be american pit bull terriers. (fyi, General Patton's dog was an english bull terrier, a pit bull, but not an american pit bull terrier, ie nanny dog). it is always a head scratcher when pit nutters prance around the "pit bull's" military history which is in sharp contrast to military reality. there is absolutely no evidence that the military EVER utilized pit bulls and military strictly forbids pit bulls from their bases. GROSSMAN then tries to reinforce the "they won't start the fight but they'll finish it" myth in comparing the US attitude towards the world war one and two."We tried hard to avoid a fight but if left no other choice we were going to seriously fuck you up." YONAH, please read the language of dogs, normal and psychopathic to better understand the pit bull's role in this myth.

GROSSMAN ends his tribute to the pit bull with "The dogs of course are exactly the same. Only the owners changed." of course this statement also collides with the facts:

YONAH, stick with what you know - PENISES.


* said...

This man really must be trying to boost his carrier. For someone to so blatantly lie shows two things. A. they're a craven person only wanting of some sort of gain. And B. if people follow him, then they are just as idiotic. Which has been shown on Patrick's facebook page. I did not know the man was the author of the new "article" on the nanny dog until this post. Now I'm more informed.

* said...

When it comes to pit bulls "not starting the fight" how does one dismiss all the cases in which pit bulls randomly attacked strangers? Or better yet, their own loving family members? Is he saying that every single pit bull attack that ever occurred was because someone else provoked the dog? If you consider riding a bike or walking on the opposite side of the road as a provocation, then there's something hideously wrong with you.

* said...

Look at the mass of nutters already flocking to his facebook page. I'm sure many of them who've commented believe in all of his yellow journalism. Not only that, but few of them seem to be in disagreement with some of his more obvious lies.

Right now he only has 14 fans on youtube despite being there since 2007. Wont be surprised when that number of fans skyrockets so that they may support their Fuhrer.

It is obvious that he has an agenda, and it is not to help pit bulls. He doesn't seem to have a lot of fans on his twitter either. The whole thing just smells like a scam. Hell, soccer moms have more passion and true want to "help a misunderstood pibble." Than this up and coming grifter does.

Just wait for when he starts asking for "donations" or "dedicating" some of his comedy acts to pit bulls so that he can make an extra buck or so.

Small Survivors said...

That title with that image - BRILLIANT

This guy is trolling for fan for sure. It is rather funny to see the set of pit nutters and the set of the fans of smart alecky comedians has no intersection! AH HA!

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Holy geez. Did anybody watch Grossman’s YouTube comedy bit like 100 and some odd other disappointed people? I guarantee this failure’s hit stats don’t have a prayer of catching up with YouTube uploads of kids eating boogers. The jokes were forgettable; I mainly recall him yammering about having A.D.D., being gay, neurotic and hate-filled. (Perfect. Maybe he can give that KC Dog Blog lisper some pointers on ditching a wife and coming out of the closet.)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


dude, so glad you found his youtube video. i couldn't bring myself to link to it. i think it safe to say that yonah knows as much about pit bulls as he does vaginas.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

and that's okay. there is nothing wrong with being "vagina indifferent". :)