Friday, May 27, 2011

part three of three

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." -- John F. Kennedy

the topic of part three is my agenda. the nutters are always pontificating about my agenda, but like 99% of what they spew, there is very little truth in it. i don't favor rounding up gripping dogs and euthanizing them, well not until they get loose attack or menace people, pets, livestock or cars.

a couple of years ago, i tried to work with two others to strengthen my local dangerous dog laws. that crusade lasted less than a month. there were just three of us. the other woman, whose cat was killed in her yard by a loose rampaging pit bull, refused to be involved in anything breed specific. and the man, who lived next door to a pit that chewed through the garage and went for a joy ride, refused to be involved if it was not breed specific. neither one could be swayed from their position. i finally threw up my hands and walked away. i decided it is best to leave the lobbying to people with more patience than i.

my agenda is simple.

1) counter the pit bull propaganda with facts so that people can make informed decisions about pet ownership and legislation.

2) encourage pit bull advocates to follow their own advice – think for themselves and do their own research, don't just mindlessly consume the pit nutter propaganda.

3) incite people to take up arms and meet the threat head on.

people are getting the message without my help. in just the month of april alone, i documented 13 instances of private citizens who have been forced to shoot or stab gripping dogs in france, louisiana, oregon, texas x2, pennsylvania, alaska x2, california, south carolina, massachusetts, illinois and virginia. that's a good start but more people need to be sending the message to nutters and lawmakers that we will not tolerate these mutants attacking us, our animals or inhibiting our freedom.

in marengo, illinois residents have armed themselves with baseball bats just to walk their dogs. (i have two neighbors who have been carrying bats for the last year and half)

in live oak, texas a man shot and killed father and son pit bull owners after they became belligerent when they were told by the shooter's wife to keep their pit bull contained.

in columbus, ohio law makers are attempting to repeal the only state pit bull law in the nation that designates pit bulls as different and requires basic minimum standards: containment and insurance. ohio is the only state to get it right and they are trying to undo it.

in alabama, the pit bull apologia came out in force to oppose NON BREED SPECIFIC dangerous dog laws last november.

pit bull owners have made peaceful revolution impossible by refusing to take the necessary precautions to keep those around them safe from their mutants, by combating legislation that protects people, pets and livestock and by regurgitating the "it's all how you raise 'em" nonsense that encourages any idiot to adopt one. it is time for the inevitable. i am officially declaring war on loose menacing dogs, especially gripping dogs. a loose gripping dog should be a dead gripping dog. a gripping dog entering the property of another should under no circumstances leave that property alive.

take note lycanprincess, i am not talking about preemptive strikes against gripping dogs. i do not condone indiscriminately killing gripping dogs that are legally and safely confined on their property. i am referring to neutralizing threats as they arise.

city, county and state governments don't care about our safety enough to stand up to the shrill pit nutter minority. even the feds have thumbed their noses to community safety with their loose unenforceable policy on service dogs. animal control is over run with pit nutters who are more interested in education than enforcement. and the police can not respond in time to protect us. the onus is on the individual to protect themselves and their family against vicious dogs. my safety and the safety of my dogs is my burden alone. i rely on no one else. since we have been forced to return to the wild west, we'd better be prepared to meet the challenge. maybe an all out war will get the attention of law makers.

"Let your gun be your companion on all your walks." -- Thomas Jefferson

part one about me

part two my journey from pit nutter to pit hater


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sorry about the cliff hanger. i intended to knock this 3 part series out in a row but you know what they say, shit happens.

i am thinking that a part 4 is needed.

* said...

When it comes to laws on canines...

I mentioned to someone on Jake's blog how people like Ledy are doing everything in their power to remove any law that seemingly seems to regulate the pit bull breed. Even if the law is clearly indiscriminate and conclusive of all breeds, not specific ones.

There seems to be a common theme with the nutters. Even if a law is a general one that is heavily enforced, they are against it. Despite commonly saying that all dogs should not be punished unless they commit a crime. I think the reason they are against laws that are only directed towards offending dangerous dogs (regardless of breed) is because they know that, maybe subconsciously on their part, that a pit bull will most likely be the culprit.

* said...

Then you have three kinds of clades when it comes to the nutter genome.

You have the few who are smart, the few that are mislead, and the many or are simply idiotic sheep. Unless we can change or dismantle the minds of the first two categories, it will be hard to correct the sheep and overall problem.

Anonymous said...

craven:can relate to your attitude regarding making much of a difference with the pit pond life and the authorities. the pitters have often said themselves that our dogs safety is our own responsibility. i think in future i wont be expecting any help from police or a.c. i will quietly do what i have to do and go on about my own business.

Jake said...

I for one would welcome the chance to see a part 4. The first 3 have been quite informative.

What is is with the nutters and their inability to accept the fact that a breed created specifically to "kill things and take a licking while doing it" could be more dangerous than the average dog?

Friends Administrator said...

I had said I wanted to own a pit before I died, that is until I saw the light. I have rescued more pits off the streets than any other breed of dog and never had a problem. However, I have also rescued a fighting pit and it only took seeing the reaction of that pit when another dog appeared to make me realize how lucky I had been all these years.

I had a pit next door that tore off the fence trying to get to my dogs. He attacked me thru the fence as I was trying to hold him back. Had I not come home at lunch, which I always have done, my dogs would not have been alive. Plus I was able to see several killer pits, pits that had killed a person, at the shelter. I was shocked at how friendly they could be one minute and the next lounging at the bars in hopes of killing me. I started researching.

I do have dogmen in the family, we were never allowed to see the fighting dogs. In my area of the country, pits weren't kept as pets. There were unwritten rules about these dogs. If one got off the chain, neighbors were allowed to shot on sight and the owner would keep his mouth shut. The owners of these fighting dogs at least would take responsibility for them getting loose. An owner also notified neighbors of his keeping pits chained in the woods so that neighbors could warn their children not to go there. Never saw a pit as a pet until I was in my 30's.

DBO saved my life, in my opinion. Finding DBO changed my attitude toward pits although it was in the process, DBO answered questions. The compiliation of info in one place is great although overwhelming. I spent days on the DBO site when I discovered it. I thank DBO and Craven for helping me find the light.

Anonymous said...

GREAT BSL NEVER WORKS MOMENTS IN HISTORY....Florida Dog Bite related hospitalizations spike 70 percent since 1999

More than 800 recent Florida dog-bite victims were bitten severely enough to require hospitalization, said Deanna Krautner, Pasco health department spokeswoman. The median cost of those hospital stays was $17,000, she said.

Since 1999, the dog-bite hospitalization rates have increased nearly 70 percent. Injuries are highest among children ages 1 to 9.

SRUV said...

More and more people will be forced to follow you. I note that Tim Rose recently resorted to the same solution in Kirkland, Washington, when Justin Lavalley brought THREE pits to the park and unleashed them. Does that make sense?

Pit owners are their own worst enemies. Lavalley was making a statement of some kind, I suppose. So did Rose. I hope you're not forced to Craven.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

SRUV, let's just say that i have had some very interesting interactions with nutters ;)

anonymous is back by popular demand. people need to behave or i will to have revoke it again.

Good Points said...

Here's what you should do.

Make them use an avatar or screen name, and moderate comments. If the comment is anon, immediately delete it with out reading. Then go through the people who were able to follow the first rule!

Hope that helps.

anon said...

the problem with violence is that none of us is immune to it. i may feel totally justified in my actions but that piece of shite pit owner will just not care. its hard to deal with crazy , stupid people who have little or nothing to lose. thats why so many of them end up in jail for life. what a waste of gov't resourses.

Anonymous said...

I'm gettting a concealed carry permit and a Rueger SP101.

I live in Ohio and have had several unsettling incidents already. If the restrictions are repealed I expect things to get much worse.

Any pit bull that comes at a person or another dog in my vicinity will have its brains scrambled in its skull.

I am done trying to be "open minded" about these breeds.

boo radley said...

that would be way cool to be able to arm oneself against pitdog and even pit man if the need arose. god bless america. disclaimer: im not always full of shit. o.b.t.w. i got a ruger but alas i guess it wont be doing me any good.

Small Survivors said...

We are in the wild west. Some victims describe their attacks as medieval, but its the same damn thing.
I cannot fathom why legislators and town leaders are leaving their citizenry to fend for themselves against gripping dogs. Don't they realize that people will have no choice but to shoot, stab and beat these marauding beasts?
People ARE arming themselves all over the country. I know I have since pit bulls moved in the neighborhood. There is no alternative as long as legislators will do nothing. You can't give pit bulls the benefit of the doubt if they are coming at you. Cops know this. they shoot a couple each week. And the cowardice of legislators puts cops in that bad position every week.
Many people really aren't up for the Wild West. They look down at their dogs and say to themselves, "When I got you 5 years ago, I never in a million years thought that I would have to prepare to kill gripping dogs in order to adequately protect you. I hope I can."

notanutter01 said...

Dear Craven.

I'm 25 and own two pit bulls. A male named Author and a female named Tilly. Both are fixed, trained, and good ambassadors to my breed.

But you know what? We can't look at pit bulls to be ambassadors, we have to look at the owners! We are the problem, and I agree with several of your posts. I do not want to see my breed banned, but I do not want to see them suffer at the hands of criminals and advocates like Ledy who think it's ok to remove the responsibility of the owner, regardless of the breed.

We MUST force breeders to have a new standard. A standard that promotes a sound temperament, and a standard that only allows decent citizens to own these dogs.

We MUST force people to neuter and spay pit bulls who are not used for breeding. Ferrets are forcefully spayed and neutered before being sold at pet stores, why is it that ferret fanciers do not object? They understand it curbs population problems and inherently starts an owner on a good foot.

We MUST force people to train their dogs, or take some kind of course, regardless of the breed.

I have gotten death threats and have been labeled a horrible owner because I understand that the breed has a genetic problem coupled with poor education. I can no longer volunteer at shelters because I fear I will be further outcasted. And my poor dogs get the brute end of the stick... some advocates consider my dogs to be poor ambasadogs because I'm somehow "twisting" the truth and exploiting them.

I do not understand it. I'm too fearful to speak up and protect the breed I love. Although I don't agree with all of your posts. There's a lot of truth in each one.

Anonymous said...

"We MUST force breeders to have a new standard. A standard that promotes a sound temperament, and a standard that only allows decent citizens to own these dogs"

Most breed communities do this voluntarily. Begging the question: What do we do with a breed community that those who control the breeding standards are criminals?

Continue to load victims into lifeflight helicopters, hose the blood of the sidewalk and pretend there isn't a problem?

The Dogmen/bullbaiters of England had no problem allowing the White Terrier and the Old Tyme Bulldog (both predecessors of the Pit)fall into extinction...Begging the question: Is there a logical or moral reason to perpetuate the Pit Bull?

Searching for a reason and I'm coming up with nothing....

Small Survivors said...

"What do we do with a breed community that those who control the breeding standards are criminals?"

This is the crux of the problem. Here is a statement from the president of the Society in Ameria for Cane Corso Italiano on the heels of a supposed cane corso fatal attack.

"Once again I am tired of hearing the very same unethical breeders who claim temperament is based far more on enviroment then genetics make poor excuses about their dog’s temperaments and blame the owners when THEY are the ones who chose the owners for their pups. Those people need to stop talking out both sides of their mouth about how much they know their breed needs tons of socialization and training and then use the poor excuse that the puppy never received proper socialization and training and that is why it has temperament issues."

So, the breeder's association is taking cane corso breeders to task for not being responsible about who they sell to when breeding an admittedly GENETICALLY dangerous dog.

Imagine a breeder's club making the same statement to pit bull breeders - aka dog fighters, tuff guy don't-judge-me-on-my-behavior-or-clothes-or-tats thugs, and byb make a fast buck seller ----- it is LAUGHABLE!

Any responsible pit owner would want to take control of their beloved breed AWAY from sociopathic dogmen and idiot-thugs by supporting REGULATIONS.

Regulation NOW!

DubV said...

Love this one snack..

"Many people really aren't up for the Wild West. They look down at their dogs and say to themselves, "When I got you 5 years ago, I never in a million years thought that I would have to prepare to kill gripping dogs in order to adequately protect you. I hope I can.""

my pit is awesome said...

I don't know what could be done as a whole, but I do have some suggestions on regulating breeding. It should be required that the breeder have a license. That breeder should have no criminal record of any sort, and that breeder must keep a good book on sires, bitches, and brood.

If anyone is caught breeding pit bulls with out a license, the dogs should be confiscated, the breeder jailed or fined.

I do not know what should be done with the dogs. The best thing would be to temperament test or euthanize. Most likely euthanize.

Also, I have two dogs. A pit bull and a german shepard. I think regulations are needed on certain levels to ensure some level of structure and prevent people from breeding ill dogs.

Someone I know showed me his pit bull that had some fighting lines in it. He then forced his dog to latch on cloth so tightly that he could swing him with out it letting go.... so sad to see that dog already set for failure on two ends.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

@my pit is awesome,

i think that is a good start. i would add mandatory microchips and mandatory liability insurance.

there is an ongoing discussion at 17 barks about solutions. my solution is to shoot these fuckers before they can attack.

safer midwifery utah said...

I am in Utah, the land of the conceal carry permit. I am somewhat worried that a nutter would just bust out a gun if I tried to shoot their dog (for any reason).

Anonymous said...

Anon - As a fellow Ohioan I just wanted to tell you - when you get your permit, the one thing you need to do is fire lots and lots of rounds. Start researching shooting drills, breathing exercises, etc. Try sprinting 20 yards, take one knee, and pop off a stop drill. You need to realize that when adrenaline kicks in, your body won't let you shoot with one eye can't hold your breath for one good shot. You need to be proficient at unloading multiple rounds into a target. A loose dog is like any armed criminal - assume they intend to kill you, and protect your life as you see needed. Keep LEO and AC numbers saved in your phone. In the event you have to draw your weapon, or God forbid fire, always be the first to call the police and report it.

Be proactive, shoot often, and carry multiple magazines.

april 29 said...

To the anon posters discussing CCW and range time. If you happen to be female there is a program called Women on Target, run by female members of the NRA. You do not have to be an NRA member to attend.

I have been to two Women on Target clinics and was VERY impressed. This is done for women with little to no experience with guns. You get to shoot many different types of guns and you shoot a lot of rounds. The instructors at the clinics I have attended were all certified and they volunteered their time.

I have taken my own gun and practiced with that. I have also found guns that I really like and never would have considered if I had not had the opportunity to shoot them.

Try as many guns as you can before you purchase one.

Warning... you may have so much fun that you don't stop at just one gun.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

brilliant and worth repeating:

"As a fellow Ohioan I just wanted to tell you - when you get your permit, the one thing you need to do is fire lots and lots of rounds. Start researching shooting drills, breathing exercises, etc. Try sprinting 20 yards, take one knee, and pop off a stop drill. You need to realize that when adrenaline kicks in, your body won't let you shoot with one eye can't hold your breath for one good shot. You need to be proficient at unloading multiple rounds into a target. A loose dog is like any armed criminal - assume they intend to kill you, and protect your life as you see needed. Keep LEO and AC numbers saved in your phone. In the event you have to draw your weapon, or God forbid fire, always be the first to call the police and report it.

Be proactive, shoot often, and carry multiple magazines."

multiple magazines, or moon clips for those packing revolvers.

skeptifem, if someone tried to stop me from stopping their dog from attacking, they would be viewed as the same threat as their dog. this path is necessary in order to get the law makers to take this issue seriously.

DubV said...

Related to craven's last paragraph above. This is my worst case scenario, a nutter stops me from saving my dog.

The large can of LEO grade pepper spray (hottest made) I carry is for the nutters. If they get near me, they get it to the eyes with no hesitation.

openly laughing my ass off at you. said...

"anonymous is back by popular demand. people need to behave or i will to have revoke it again." So what the fuck do you think you're going to do about it? Fucking close things down again. Fucking puss. Couldn't take the heat on facebook just like that fucking douche bag of a cunt Jake. Can't handle the pressure cause unlike Jake's dog of choice you and he have no fucking balls. Much the same goes for the rest of your perverted hater core of turd chuggers.

Anonymous said...

Pit nutters are sooooo classy ;)

Without sensible legislation that is actively enforced we are going to have a "wild west" scenario where these people and their pathetic excuses for dogs are concerned.

It may even turn into people exterminating the menace proactively.

Then the pitiots will reap the whirlwind caused by the seeds they have sown (if I may mix my metaphors_

scratch said...

Laughing your ass off.

You might take a break from that activity and attempt to get enough education to allow you to make a statement with more than one adjective. Nobody will ever take you seriously, or be impressed by statements like the one above.

"Couldn't take the heat on FACEBOOK???" If facebook is your virtual biker bar, you must be some kind of real wild guy...

DubV said...

Be careful, your laughter may travel through the basement's heating ducts and wake up your folks, and then you'll be out on your ass.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

heat? yeah my empty facebook account with no photos, friends or comments was just too fucking hot to handle.

but i sure am glad you came back to insult me. i missed you. like christopher hitchens, "i bask in the venom of my detractors".

flicka said...

OMG, do you think we will get UNFRIENDED???????

olmaoay said...

"but i sure am glad you came back to insult me. i missed you."

Your being a pimple on a mulatto crack whores anus makes it very easy to explain your shitty outlook.

DubV said...


You will find that insults: 1. that have nothing to do with a fault the person might have or a mistake they made and 2. that are not in the least bit witty; generally do not hurt someone or gain you any "rep" points.

Everything you do and say here is as sophisticated as me burping into my granddad's CB radio when I was 9 years old in order to get a reaction from truckers in the area.

DubV said...

posted link from decatur al blog

A guy in SC just stabbed a gripper to save his bassett hound. Like Jake, I too carry pit-specific cutlery. I think I've found my holy grail in terms of: 1. being so legal and innocuous that no one bats an eye and the cops don't think you were carrying it for anything other than a tool and 2. relatively cheap and devastatingly effective.

It comes in a black or yellow handle. I opted for yellow (sheeple friendly) but dipped in royal blue rit dye for 30 seconds to turn the yellow to a more pleasing green.

DubV said...

I have another knives to choose from but most are black and a jury would think they look too weapony. One even has the word military in its name, so that compounds the issue. Concealed carry permits do not cover knives here, so they are more likely to cause a stir in a certain sense.


love these modern hollow ground folding knives. for a razor edge i use a gerber steel on a regular basis. my pit knife is really handy for day to day jobs other than mutant defence. having a razor sharp edge is great for all kinds of cutting jobs , not just personal and pet defence. my pit knife is not so pit specific as some , it has a slot and phillips screwdriver blades as well so its almost a multitool. well worth every penny i spent , cheap at three time the cost.

dogman of another kind said...

the picture of JUSTIN LAVALLEY reminded me of a something i heard once. whats the definition of a redneck dogman ? family dogman at the dinner table who tries to take credit for the house-pits flatulence. redneck dogman ? what other kind is there you might ask?

@OLMAOAY said...

craven being a pimple on a mulatoo-crack hoes asshole would give him a shitty outlook . still he doesnt seem to mind dealing occasionally with pit breeding scum and psychopathic pit skanks. being that pimple, in that place , i quess hes used to turds and other filth. OBTW--WHAT KIND ARE YOU

copyright that tay said...

NO, NO, NO, TAY ,that wasn't peanut. how many times i gotta tell you , that was me. now go bed without your dinner.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this should explain my shitty outlook about gripping dogs.

as much as i love the mulatto crack whore comment, you really should produce new material or risk creating the reputation of a vapid one hit wonder nutter.

kristi said...

I cannot say I disagree with any of the three parts of your agenda. I even carry a pistol or pepper spray on my walks in the event some irresponsible family allows their dog to run the streets and the dog or dogs attack me or my dogs. I encourage everyone to carry something. We should not have to but if you don't you are a sitting duck for something very bad to happen.

i gots to know said...

CRAVEN : these deleted comments? are they so much worse than the whores asshole remark? how foul and degrading to the human spirit does a comment have to be to get deleted on this blog?

stephanie said...

I was attacked by a Pitt while saving my dog from being attacked in the elevator of my building. This Pitt gave no warning, just charged in and grabbed my 14lb Doxie. The screaming from my dog was something I'll never forget. I got very bit up in saving my dog, but I'd do it again tomorrow if need be. This dog also charged out of the elevator, killing my friends chihuahua and then attempting to attack a yorkie, before turning on my dog again, when I again intervened and beat it off. To this day I am still haunted by this and am very afraid of anything similar to a pitt. I am so sick of what you call 'nutters', what I call apologists for the breed. They can't see what is obvious to everyone, the problem IS the dog, and it's exacerbated by the owner.

I'm very glad to have stumbled upon your site, sadly it was from a link to yet another pitt mauling of a little boy.

DR. SPIDERCO said...

stephanie. few or none of us are here without our reasons. ask a pitbuller what they are about and you're likely to get bullshit.respectabull? no its not respect, its usually something else.

stephanie said...

I have even had these apologists blame my dog for being attacked. It's unbelievable really. I am an animal lover, so much like the sentiment here, I hesitated to blame the breed, but the more I research the more I realize it is the breed. Most of the time the assholes who are attracted to this breed use them as a means of intimidation, no different than a gun or another weapon. It's terrifying.

Anonymous said...

I prefer a double edge dagger from Microtech, OTF action, it will deploy 3 inches into ballistic gel. I also know it will lodge into bone if the action is opened when pressed against flesh. Found that out from experience with a loose Rotty. My EDC is the Microtech and a S&W9 with two high cap mags.

MOD (Masters of Defense) also make nice EDC knives, although I much prefer OTF actions.

Anonymous said...

Edit - S&W M&P9. DAO all the way.

april 29 said...


I can identify with what you have said here this evening. I'm a pit attack victim and I'm a Registered Nurse. Also got the same response from the put bull community. Have you received treatment for PTSD?

That loop tape of the attack continually running through your brain is a living hell. I can tell you about what helped me. Craven can forward an e-mail.


STEPHANIE: its a complex and interesting subject. i myself am more focused on the human side of the equation. as far as im concerned the breed is a product of the selective breeding thats gone into it. basically a genetic type of dog that can be molded only so much by its owners. what interests me more is all the human construct that surrounds the breed.for instance, why is the breed so popular and hated at the same time? why do people think a dog thats a real danger is ok or is it just that they dont care to even ask? why do the authorities often not want to put controls on a breed that is well know to be a problem ? i think mostly people believe what they want to believe. the people who own them want to believe they're ok and the people who hate them probably think they're worse than they are. for me its a bit like the person whos been burgled. your sense of security is affected. im wary of any nasty looking dog and certainly of pitbulls but mostly its people we need to blame

DubV said...

There's a lot of truth in what doc spydie says. The dogs are simply doing what their brain architecture prescribes.

I'll add a few things from my perspective.

It's people's fault in that: 1. people created this breed, 2. people lie about this breed being equal in danger to other breeds, 3. people breed this breed, 4. people fight this breed, 5. people abuse this breed, and 6. people oppose legislation of this breed.

I'm also afraid of this breed after my dog was attacked, but was never a real lover of them. My "detector" always picked up something about them, and they were the most likely to attack at the dog parks I visited. My dog that survived the attack always disliked them too, even before the attack. He sensed something about them I feel.

I also believe that some pits are fine. The problem is is that you can't tell the good from the bad and it is foolish to take the risk or trust a nutter about their dog.

Although I concede some pits are fine, I firmly believe that buying/adopting one is an irrational choice and that fighting dogs should not be trusted as a general rule.

T. CHUGGERS said...

most bullers make the conscious choice to own one of these canine gladiators and perhaps while wanting to be cool they also think the breed is no real problem . or they think because these dogs usually are not human aggressive then its ok to have a dog that wants to attack and/or kill other dogs. its ok to have the dog they want and also ok if their dog kills someone else's dog of choice. theres also the case of people aquireing a dog with pit blood in it. these people may be getting stuck with a dangerous dog, really through no fault of their own. you get a small puppy and it turns out to be a 100 lb pit mix with perhaps most of the traits of a pitbull!

* said...

It's amazing to see nutters actually use a screen name that keeps order in these debates. Good to see that some of them are applying logic.

* said...


The only way that someone could tell a good pit form a bad one is finding the specific gene for aggression as found in the silver fox test and ONLY breed the dogs that lack this gene. The answer to the solution could be simple, but nutters are like the sheep in Babe; too stupid to save their own skins and listen to reason.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, one can tell the bad Pit by the sirens and Lifeflight helo taking off...