Friday, May 6, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 05/06/11

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05.05.11 UK gripping dog caught on video trying to please his owner by terrorizing a small herd of pregnant cows and calves. these hideous mutants have outlived their purpose, darwin needs to put their lights out. BE SURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO IN THE LINK.
recognize this nutter or his ugly mutant?
call 020 7782 4103

05.04.11 arizona FABIAN'S LAW was signed by arizona Gov Jan Brewer and takes effect in 90 days. a dog on dog attack is a now a class 1 misdemeanor and could carry six months in jail and a $2,500 fine. you can read house bill 2137 here.
there is an interesting non breed specific dangerous dog bill in the works down in texas. it just passed the house 123-7. if a DOG kills anyone under 18 or over 65, the maximum sentence is LIFE in prison. comments are interesting. JB said "This is so far out of the park..This law is geared toward pitbulls and pitbulls only. SAD"
funny, nobody uttered a peep about pit bulls!

05.05.11 south bend, indiana recently one of DR DAVID VISSER'S staff member's dogs was attacked by a neighbor's shit bull when it climbed the fence to express its neurologic condition on Toby the beagle. but DOREEN WAGNER still blames the pit nutter for Toby's injuries. something interesting about this story is the video included this first sentence about genetics and behaviors in VISSER'S expert opinion yet the transcript excluded it. (reporter KATHERINE RUFENER probably has LEDY to thank for that)
"there are some behaviors that are genetic and there are also some reasons why dogs may become aggressive. they've been trained to be so. they might be dealing with pain, they might have been in a low social type setting. um, and there are some neurologic conditions of dogs that can actually predispose to aggressive type behaviors too." DR DAVID VISSER
it's call mutant DNA.

05.02.11 galveston, texas i don't get texas. 75 yr old Bob Friedman and his 70 yr old wife Paige were arrested for baiting/shooting at dogs. the Friedman's 49 yr old son came to visit his parents and while walking his dog, he was bitten on the hand by a dog that lives at a vacant home. the Friedmans called animal control but they were not helpful, so they tried to capture the dogs to spare their son the rabies shots. armed with an antique gun and pork chops they lured the dogs from under the porch of the abandoned house. the Friedmans describe an aggressive pack of pit bulls coming at them and Bob shot at them. the owner has a history of dogs at large and no rabies vaccinations yet the Friedmans are arrested! charges were dropped against Paige and they should be dropped against Bob.

05.03.11 crestview, forida 33 yr old JERMAINE ELLIS RICHARDSON was charged with crimes against a person when his already legally declared dangerous shit bull ZION, attacked a neighbor's border collie mix.

04.29.11 yahoo question My german shepherd killed a pitbull?
I Left my german shepherd guarding my house , when i returned home i found a dead pitbull in my yard and my german shepherd has some wounds i asked the neighbours they told me " THAT DOG JUMPED YOUR FENCE AND ATTACKED YOUR DOG BUT YOUR DOG KILLED IT" i dont know why they are happy :S i just wanna know is my dog safe for me to keep?

04.24.11 half moon bay, california police blotter 6:23 p.m., 600 block of North Street, Pescadero: Incident Report. Deputies received a call of a pit bull attacking another dog in a yard on North Street in Pescadero. Upon arrival, authorities made contact with the reporting party who stated that the neighbor’s dog went into her back yard and attacked her dog. The owner of the pit bull came to the house, grabbed his dog, then left. The reporting party stated this is the third or fourth time this has occurred so she decided to report it.

Mark Webb and Rodney
04.29.11 UK a shit bull attacked Rodney and bit his owner during a walk.

does she look like a vet tech?
04.29.11 albuquerque, new mexico this pit nutter refuses to euthanize her shit bull after biting an 11 yr old friend of her son. the shit bull recently bit a dog and another kid in the house. she's had the shit bull since he was 5 weeks old and he used to sit on her shoulder, yadda yadda yadda. and even though the victim had been to the house before and around the mutant without incident before, this nutter claims that the boy did not have permission to enter her home. PLEASE bite her next!!!

04.29.11 summerfield, north carolina the news anchor opens this attack story with "if i attack you, for no reason, i go to prison. but if my dog attacks you or your dog, nothing." Ron Phillip's shar-pei Alfy was attacked by 2 shit bulls owned by LAURA RHYNEHARDT. here's the tattooed pit nutter's version of events. Ron Phillips was walking down the street with his leashed dog, when the tattooed pit nutter's out of control kid ran out of the single wide trailer to greet Alfy. the pit nutter feared Alfy would attack her out of control kid. so she carelessly ran out of her single wide trailer to regain control of her kid. the tattoed pit nutter, who i suspect has deliberately given the wrong name or wrong spelling to the media, was careless in leaving her door open. her nanny dogs ran outside to protect her out of control kid from the leashed dog who was legally walking down the road with his owner. Alfy's vet bill so far is $1200. and since this is the mutants' first offense, they will not be seized.

04.30.11 madison, wisconsin a 61 yr old disabled man was walking his boston terrier when it was attacked by a pit bull. police tased it. the nutter was cited.

04.30.11 bakersfield, california one of Alisha Billington's dogs was killed in her fenced in backyard when two mutants belonging to a neighbor busted through not one but TWO fences on easter sunday. AC said they couldn't do anything because it was the dogs' first offense.on thursday they broke in again. this time one of the dogs was surrendered to AC. Billington said the dogs are also human aggressive and tried to attack her husband.
"They didn't just bust through the fence, they broke the boards in half. That's how determined they were to get into my yard," said Billington.

04.30.11 marina, california 1440 CASE 6.04.040A MC FAILURE TO RESTRAIN \ REDWOOD DR MG1100742

04.30.11 millville, new jersey a woman was outside with her 8 yr old daughter and 4 month old leashed shih-tzu on easter sunday when 32 yr old PHILLIP W RUTTAN'S mutant attacked the puppy. the shih tzu suffered a broken rib, punctures and spinal column damage and was euthanized. RUTTAN claims he doesn't know what happened. he has been cited for dog at large, potentially dangerous dog and unregistered dog.

05.01.11 new zealand Mary Trufitt was walking her little dog Indiana when she saw a shit bull go after a woman's poodle. that woman was able to fend off the attack but the shit bull just turned to the next available chew toy: Indiana, pictured above. people came to her aid and a witness said that he has made two complaints against the same mutant but nothing has been done about it.

rip Maynard
rip jack russell
05.01.11 oklahoma city, oklahoma Summer Jones' jack russell terrier was killed by the neighbors' shit bulls. the pit nutters claim the jack russell terrier got into their yard all of the time. other neighbors say the shit bulls have been a problem getting loose and menacing people.

05.02.11 valencia, california a loose shit bull attacked a horse being ridden by Patty Pino. Patty kicked it and her husband Rudy came to her aid and hit it with antlers but of course, it had no effect. the frankenmauler brought the horse to its knees and Rudy grabbed his shotgun. ugly is dirt napping now. the pit nutter is JASMINE BACA. she and her husband have apologized and say they will work with the Pinos to compensate them the BACAS are facing charges vicious dog and dog at large charges. link #2

05.04.11 new zealand Paddy Sheely's ram was attacked by 2 shit bulls. he suffered deep puncture wounds and lost a testicle in the scuffle. the SPCA returned the dogs to their female nutter owner who apologized and agreed to pay the vet bills. the nutter agreed to dirt nap the one alpha male who had crashed through a plate glass window and killed the nutter's cat. the SPCA nutters think people just need educating. the SPCA just needs the nutters culled from their ranks.
file this one under why pit bulls are different.

rip Harry
05.04.11 australia Glenda Abbott's jack russell was attacked by a pit bull. he was later euthanized. the ugly mutant was returned to the nutter.
"People gathered around to help me and I told them to grab a stick but the damage was done — his stomach was hanging out everywhere."

05.05.11 salem, massachusetts A pit bull from Gerrish Place attacked a dog from Essex Street, and the owner offered to pay half of the resulting $1,000 medical bills. Police advised the owner at 4:36 p.m. that she could go to court to attempt to recover all the costs. Both dogs were on leashes at the time of the attack.

05.05.11 UK a 14 yr old girl was walking her jack russell terrier when both she and her dog was attacked by a nanny dog. police are looking for the pit nutter who is described as female, late 20's, 5'6", medium build, brown hair in a bun, wearing a grey track suit. there was also a 6 yr old girl wearing a pink bottoms and a grey top. the police want to find her so they can prevent this from happening again. yeah, right.

rip Speedy
05.05.11 germany a gripping dog killed 15 yr old Speedy. the police reported back to the owner that the nutter showed no remorse. pit nutters somehow always manage meet our expectations.
(dog is described as a bulldog and a bull mastiff)

rip Oso
05.05.11 charlotte, north carolina Oso was killed and his owner seriously bitten as she walked to her daughter's bus stop. the owner may be charged. interestingly, the WCNC reporter noted how docile and meek the mutant ROMEO appeared at the shelter. of course, he's all tuckered out from his big day.
ugly mutant ROMEO


shrewsbury, massachusetts JUDGE LOCKE ruled that DUGG could go home to nutter CHRIS and LISA O'CONNOR under the following conditions:
fencing must be maintained
gates must be padlocked.
ugly fucking mutant must be muzzled when outside.
ugly fucking mutant must be muzzled & crated when transported to and from their home.
animal control must be allowed to inspect the property.
violating the conditions could result in seizure and destruction of ugly fucking mutant.
big shot animal rights lawyer STEVEN WISE said the O'CONNORS are happy with the judge's decision adding, "They really are responsible dog owners. I think the Town of Shrewsbury has heard the last of Dugg." i hope DUGG scalps one of these idiots.

anne arundel county, maryland HEATHER WOLFE still has not claimed her shit bulls which now come with expensive dangerous dog labels, special requirements licensing and housing requirements. HEATHER'S grandmother is stil recovering in the hospital from the attack. AC is caring for the grandmother's two small dogs until she is released. grandma says the dogs are not allowed back in her home. i wonder what HEATHER will do? link #2

germantown, maryland the pit nutter responsible for the savage mauling of the bichon last week has been named. RICHARD DORSEY was issued a $100 citation for dog at large, $100 citation for failing to license and a $500 citation for failing to vaccinate. the shit bull has been declared potentially dangerous. this news article also revealed a mutant owned by JULIA WATERS-KOROMA attacked a lhasa poodle mix on march 14th. she is contesting the 3 citations she received for that scuffle. JOSEPH MARTIN'S mutant mix killed a mini pin in february.

canada initially pit nutter JENNIFER MAYER was going to allow the dirt nap of her frankenmauler after it killed 11 yr old Jesse Lorange's shih-tzu but she has had a change of heart stating it's not fair cuz her mutant only killed another dog and not a human.

this nutter on the left has been threatening me with lawyers.
florida the BAUTOCHKAS' panties are still in a twist over the death of the ugly fighting dog that attacked a K9 officer. they aren't letting this story die. nutter facebook campaign in 5, 4, 3, ...


bartlesville, oklahoma 6 yr old Conner Reagan was pushing his 1 year old niece in a stroller when a loose "pit bull" charged them. Conner threw himself in between the dog and his niece and was bitten in the back. his 18 yr old brother ended the attack when he stabbed the mutant with a pocket knife. ACO Rita Harvey said the attacker appears to be a pit bull. the owners say it is a boxer great pyrenees mix. Conner's mother said her son has to get the series of rabies shots because the nutter didn't keep her mutant's rabies vaccines up to date. Conner's mother also said the nutter has 5 or 6 pit bulls and this is the third time the police have paid a visit to the nutter in less than 2 weeks. Conner's mother said the dog recently bit another kid and has killed small dog.


DubV said...

Thanks Craven for all your effort in compiling these. Every week, I am thankful that my attack did not end myself or dog. If my dog was not grabbed where he was and the way he was, he could easily have been disembodied. Regarding the guy questioning whether his GSD is safe after killing a shit bull, a normal dog that kills shit bulls is: A. awesome and B. good to have around for your own safety perhaps (still not quite a mule though).

DubV said...

*disembowled not disembodied

I claim the 5 second rule on comments :)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks DubV, they are quite a bit of work and they take their toll on me. my misanthropic tendencies spike whenever i read them. for the most part, animal attacks bother me more than the human attacks simply because of the apathetic stance the animal protection community, animal control and the animal behaviorists have assumed in regards to gripping dog carnage. no one seems to care that animals are being savaged and the owners who either witness it or find what's left of the shit bulls' handiwork are spending the rest of their lives battling PTSD. it infuriates me.
SRUV addressed this last week. i hope his calm rational voice can penetrate their numbskulls.

that GSD story made me smile too.

Jake said...

Did I mention that I love GSDs?

DubV said...


note: spellcheckers have destroyed my spelling ability

Jake said...

Akitas seem to give a fair account of themselves in fights too... Just a thought.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

spellchecker and speed dial are both evil. i can't remember phone numbers any more.

Jake said...

I generally resist speed dial, voice dial etc and do math in my head instead of using a calculator. Don't want the mind to go soft...

april 29 said...

The cow attack video is well worth watching. It is classic pit stuff. Eventually the cows have had enough. Two of the cows turn on the shitbull and attack it. The worthless owner finally leashes his mauler and the last part where they haul ass across the pasture with the cow hot on their heels is some fine comedy. Sure hope somebody can ID this pair so charges can be filed.

Jake said...

It's a shame the cows weren't able to fatally trample the mutant before it's owner could hustle it out of there.

SRUV said...

Haven't we seen LAURA RHYNEHARDT before? Many times on Craven Desires? Or is it simply that so many of these people are so similar?

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Pittie just wanted to play.

Elba Rivera said her son's wiggle butt Odie, only wanted to play with the shih tzu, when he jumped over the fence, grabbed and shook it. The police just happened to be near by and shot it. Of course, the pit nutter says "Odie wasn’t a bad dog. He just wanted to play with the puppy. What the police did was wrong."

And what a surprise... NO CITY LICENSE!!

Jake said...

Laura Rhynehardt displays the sort of depraved indifference typical of pit bull owners with respect to all animals except for her maulers.

Is anyone else annoyed by the double standard so common among pit advocates? She calls her violent mutants "babies", who absolutely must not be harmed in any way. But other people's dogs? They're "just animals", no big deal if they're maimed or killed.

Geez, I'm starting to wonder if it might not be a good idea to start raising public service hyenas, raised on a strict raw diet, trained to attack, kill and eat any loose pit bull on sight, but to never, ever show the least aggression towards any other creature or person. What a boon to public safety that would be.

Jake said...

Lee - my favorite dog breed is the chihuahua. These neurotic little creatures have great dignity, and don't seem to realize that they are just fragile little babies that need protection. I'd had dogs all my life and could take them or leave the, but the very first dog who ever stole my heart was a Chihuahua, and ever since then it's been different for me.

I also have a lot of respect for the larger, wolf-like breeds, and like the looks of them, including GSDs. I have a real thing for Akitas - not because of their fighting ability but because of their loyalty.

I may talk nonsense here from time to time, but if I actually wanted a pit killing pet I'd get a Lion, Croc or Hyena.

DubV said...

Jake, you forget about our beloved mule so easily? ;)

Jake said...

DubV - haha yeah, it slipped my mind. Mules for the win. Definitely when I move out to a rural area, some mules and a few different kinds of inside and outside dogs.

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Check out this facebook nutter page.

Jake said...

Bagheera - looks like a flash mob on call. So, I'm guessing that any time news of a pit bull attack surfaces, or someone speaks out about the danger posed by mutant fighting dogs, they will descend like locusts and flood the site with a plague of astroturf...

Anonymous said...


2007: After Mike Vick gets in trouble, NY Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce calls out anyone who fights dogs as "A Punk"...

2008: Antonio pleads guilty to Animal Neglect charges due to the horrific conditions of his Pit breeding Operation.

Disclaimer** I am not making this up!!

april 29 said...

Below is the first sentence from the linked nutter facebook page. Is there a similar page for Beagles with a bad rap? How about Yorkies? Poodles? What other breed requires an "online rapid response team"? Just like any other dog? I don't think so and it appears that these nutters realize it as well.

" We are an online rapid response group helping to assist those who are combating misinformation about "pittbulls" and bully dog breeds in their local communities. Join us"

DubV said...

The rapid response team can't spell pit bull.

DubV said...

from the nutter facebook horribleness...

"We are demanding full investigations and the full truth be told when "pittbulls" are cited in dog attack reports."

So, this group is an organized force to hector police and news orgs every time a pit bull scalps a kid, etc.

"Hey police, we know someone is dead and you are busy but would you mind getting some DNA from that dog and sequencing it? Also, we don't feel like we are getting the whole story here. Are you sure that dog was not at least mildly mistreated one or more times previous to this instance? Also, any reason to think the owners were not being perfectly responsible?"

Lindsey said...

Interesting to see so many JRT's in this week's roundup. Aren't they the dog all the pit nutters like to claim they have that are "so vicious"? Maybe in la la land a JRT is somehow more dangerous than a pit, but in the real world, they wind up mutant fodder like the rest. Sickening.

* said...

Speaking of fodder A labrador puppy was abused and burned I would love to see research of how many claimed "dangerous breeds" are abused similarly to pit bulls and how many of them turn out to be great pets till the day they die.

* said...

Looking at the GSD case, one thing does have me worried... did the GSD attack the pit bull unprovoked? If provoked from a dangerous standpoint then I will gladly call this dog a hero. But if he did indeed attack another dog unprovoked, then he's possibly as dangerous as a pit bull and should be watched or euthanized.
I know this will get me a lot of flack. But any dog that kills another unprovoked does not belong in society.

Jake said...

If the pit bull broke into that yard to get to the GSD, could there be any doubt about it's intentions, or what would have happened to the GSD if it had been more passive?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

assuming everything in the yahoo question is truthful, according to the witnesses (who are happy the shit bull is dead - and that should tell you a lot right there) the mutant jumped the fence and attacked the GSD. attacking is provocation. justifiable homicide.

the simple act of trespassing is provocation in the mind of a nutter.

* said...


I reread the story and I'm sorry, I misread originally. For someone I thought the witness said it was dragged into the yard. If the pit bull went in the yard and the GSD killed it, then that is fair game. Also in that case I do not doubt that the GSD was attacked first.

* said...

This doesn't relate but I found this story uplifting. this is from a year ago but still worth a good watch.

Jake said...

Nice to be reminded there are decent folk out there doing their thing...

Anonymous said...


1987 Randy "Tourniquet" Lockwood of the HSUS spews forth like a child..."Why don't we see them used by the attacked dog industry?!?...It's always german Shepherds and to a lesser extent Rottweiler's"

122 days later security guard Will Smith is killed by guard Pits at the Log Homes of America plant in Alabama.

"The Tourniquet" also forgot that 2 year old James Soto was killed on June 6th,1987 by Michael Berry's Pot Crop guarding Pit "Willie" in CA.

Somehow, Randy is still employed which would not be possible in other occupations...,884667&dq=multiple+bites+pit+bull&hl=en

Disclaimer** I am not making this up!

DubV said...

Wow, I had no idea that Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is connected a wacky religious cult. I just had my mind blown. I thought at first it was just a joke. Is it any wonder that pit nutters seem like members of a cult?

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Another window busting frankenmauler compliments of the psychopathic dogmen.

On Woodrow Avenue, a pitbull got loose and ran across the street to a neighbor's house and broke through a glass window in an attempt to attack the dog inside.