Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Joyce Bernnan McKinney: Super Nutter

if you haven't visited our new blog PIT NUTTER, now is a good time to do so.

Snack Sized Dog paid homage to the High Priestess of all PitNutterdom.

In the words of Vintage:
DISCLAIMER: I am not making this up!


Mary said...

Wow. That post starts with the topic of pit bull cloning and somehow manages to get worse.

It seems to me that drugging and kidnapping are pretty serious offences. How is that woman not in jail?

I do seem to wonder that about a lot of pit bull nutters, though.

Anonymous said...

even DUDES border collie cant do the laundry. my service dog does answer the phone for me sometimes although he has a problem making himself understood.

Jake said...

My chihuahua calls up and orders pizza sometimes. I have to keep an eye on her, the little rascal!

DubV said...

"That post starts with the topic of pit bull cloning and somehow manages to get worse."

Hehe...wish I would've thought of that.

As far as snarky and jake discussing their service dogs answering the phone....I actually have a customer service dog. He is employed at $7.00/hr and helps people with their geico auto claims.

Anonymous said...


Seriously...Please tell me you are making this up!

Unemployable? criminal record? Mental Health issues? No problem! Start a fulfilling career in Pit Advocacy today!

Lindsey said...

Hey, Vintage, even the unemployable criminally insane are entitled to a calling in life! Somebody has to advocate for pits. No sane person would step up to that plate.