Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Christina Milan

In January 2011, Christina Milan paid her 81 yr old neighbor $55,000 for the 2008 pit bull attack he endured as the result of her neglience. The 81 yr old victim filed a claim against Milan, her sister and her mother after he required 19 stitches and 9 months of rehab. He still needs psychiatric help for fear and depression.

Milan wrote on her myspace page October 2006 “oh yeah, i have 5 dogs at the moment! haha, my sister found another Pit. She’s dope.”

The Milan family sounds like a bunch of rescue nuts with a house full of dogs, and probably over the legal limit.

Other interesting facts:
Christina Milan has worked with fellow pit bull owner Rick Ross, who's pit bulls killed his neighbor's yorkie.








snack sized dog said...

Geez, living next to a pit nutter makes your chances of getting mauled go up exponentially.

That looks like cane corso puppy. She likes the dangerous breeds. Let's hook her up with Plaxico. She deserves it.

Sybil said...

There are nutters among us.
Some have dogs.
Some have guns.
Some do drugs.

What's the point of this web site ?
The world is full of nuts.
AND good people.

The only conclusion to be drawn from the behaviour of dogs owned "nutters" is that they probably shouldn't have dogs.

dawn james said...

the point of this blog is to counter balance the pit nutters' lists of famous pit bull owners.