Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nutter Think and Nutter Speak has Arrived in France

As a four year old pit bull attack victim looks in the mirror and cries to her mother that she looks like a monster, Brigitte Bardot decries the hellish mental anguish the attacking pit bull is going through in an animal shelter in Boulogne-Sur-Mer.

Brigitte Bardot should keep her mouth shut


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

snack, that link is dead.

Anonymous said...

Brigitte Bardot's inner beauty

Pete O'Nair said...

For the record, I've read sixteen articles regarding this incident and all, except the one referred to, have described the dog as a bull terrier.

Small Survivors said...

I fixed the link.

PitOwner, that's the same flavor of pit bull that Patton and Teddy Roosevelt had!!

Thanks for the heads up!

And here's another article that expands on the inner beauty of BB.

Bardot's controversial views and strong right-wing opinions on immigration and homosexuality mean she is rarely out of the media spotlight in France.
In 2008, she branded US presidential candidate Sarah Palin 'a disgrace to women' and described her as 'disconcertingly stupid'.
In the same year, a court fined her £15,000 for inciting racial hatred by writing that Muslims were destroying France.
She is currently fighting plans by a Hollywood director Kyle Newman to make a film of her life because she claims 'no one could ever portray her accurately on screen'.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

so pitowner, would you like to go on record and state that steinbeck, teddy roosevelt and gen patton were not famous pit bull owners? would like tell my 3 readers these are just more lies?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i have to agree with BB that sarah palin is a disgrace to women and she is disconcertingly stupid.

Palin and Bardot belong to the same club.

Pete O'Nair said...

@craven desires -

I honestly don't know.
I've seen it said that they were, I've seen it said that they were not.
However, I've never seen incontrovertible proof either way.

If, as snack sized dog suggests, they were bull terrier owners, then it would depend on whether or not you believe bull terriers to be 'pit bulls'.

If I owned a bull terrier I would not call it a pit bull, I would call it a bull terrier. Aside from the shape of the head, though, they're the same to me.

Small Survivors said...

The dogs that Patton, Roosevelt and Steinbeck owned WERE bull terriers.

But these three names often appear on the famous pit bull owners lists because they owned bull terriers.

When pit nutters want to bolster the ranks with positive sounding messages, they have no problem including bull terriers as a pit bull. However, when a bull terrier attacks someone, they say, "that's not a pit bull."

And sometimes they go farther and say you are ignorant, you don't know what a pit bull is. Pit bulls are great. Gen. G.S. Patton owned one.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that's a mighty safe (and meaningless) middle ground you are walking pitowner, good job.

i have a photo of steinbeck and his bull terrier somewhere. i will dig it up later.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

famous pit bull owner john steinbeck and his english bull terrier

Anonymous said...

this is so ironic, someone like bardot whos fame is based on her looks would defend a dog who ruined a four year olds appearance. this dog definitely should be no more and bardot needs to do some soul searching.

Anonymous said...

It took the Whitehouse police 15 minutes to pry Roosevelt's dog off the leg of a Naval Clerk...That animal should not be cited for advocacy purposes.

That animal exemplifies the Pit Community's problem in a nutshell, celebrating and worshipping maulers.

Just like sweet Gunner...