Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Truth about Bouviers des Flandres

Other breed clubs have the equivalent of "The Truth About Pit Bulls" information pages. But, while "Truth About Pit Bulls" pages are created to encourage every tattooed, cognitively impaired, or phallically deficient nitwit with a pulse to get a pit by distorting history, making false claims and just plain lying, Truth pages written about other breeds serve to protect the breed from being abused in the hands of those same kinds of nitwits.

The grandma of Truth pieces is "Don't Buy a Bouvier" by Pam Green (1992). As the title indicates, it was written to warn off impulsive, uncommitted nitwits from buying Bouviers thus preventing Bouviers from being abused, neglected and prematurely killed. There are 13 Bouviers listed for adoption on Petfinder. Though Bouviers are a large, dominant, protective breed that have been used for police work, Clifton's "Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings" report lists zero Bouviers as of June 2010. The breed is large, aggressive and potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. But it is rare, there are few dogs that end up in shelters, and it presents virtually zero threat to public safety. That is called breed stewardship.

"Don't Buy a Bouvier" has been adapted by several other breed clubs.

Several rottweiler breeder websites include this truth page. Perhaps the number of responsible Rottweiler breeders have grown since "the decade of the Rottweiler." The very best thing that could happen for rotts and for the public is that they become RARE.

The gold star of breed stewardship and advocacy goes to the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America. Their Truth page pulls absolutely no punches. They push back hard against the increased public awareness and potential nitwit impulse buyers that follow Eddy and Wishbone's appearances on TV. They even made a logo with the slogan:

Look, its the YIN to "Petey was a pit bull's" YANG!

Compare that page to these pages that tell unsuspecting dupes that pit bulls are great for everyone:


april 29 said...

Would the pit bull blogger Ed Boks, be the same Ed Boks who attempted to increase pit bull adoption in San Francisco by re naming them St. Frances Terriers? That did not go so well, the dogs placed duing this promotion were returned. It seemed that there was a problem with attacks against cats in the new households. Wasn't he also involved in the New York attempt to rename the breed New Yorkies? Would that be the same Ed Boks?

Just askin...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


another truly outstanding blog post snack.

Anonymous said...

From Pasado's Our Cruelty Investigator, Kim Koon, states that she is amazed that they are still friendly after receiving such neglect and abuse. Even the dogs who have been horribly abused are still ready to love and forgive.

So it ISN'T all how you raise 'em!

Small Survivors said...

I think Ed Boks single handedly debunked the "bad rap" assertion. If you lie to people about what kind of dog they're adopting and don't tell them they're bred to be aggressive, and people bring them back in droves, doesn't that mean its not about getting a "bad rap?"

It isn't how you raise them??? I always wondered why they couldn't get all those bait pit bulls to fight if "its all how you raise them" and "you can make any dog aggressive" by mistreating them.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anyone ever hear of the national canine temperament testing association mentioned in the ed boks link?
i've tried to find it, it doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...


Stop-BSL pit breeder/grifter Allie Renar becomes a poster child for BSL when she raises funds in the notorious dog fighting magazine "Scratchbook". The funds were to be used for the legal defense of Juan Verdin and Al White who both pleaded guilty to dog fighting and child sex offenses.


If they can't regulate themselves, civilized people will.

**Disclaimer...I am not making this up!

Anonymous said...

Here is another one for the list...


"Top ten reasons not to own a lab"

The truth is, any decent human being who truly loves their chosen breed understands that popularity and easy access to their dogs is the kiss of death for their breed. Intelligent, knowledgeable dog owners and breeders KNOW how to keep the dogs they love out of the hands of idiots and abusers. Contrast this to pit bull "advocates" who actively support back yard breeding and low standards for ownership.

Jake said...

Here's another breed to add to the list (disclaimer - I like Akitas):
Is an akita right for me?

Excerpts: "The Japanese originally bred them for hunting bear, so they have a strong hunting instinct. This is another reason they should never be off leash in an unsecured area, as they will go off hunting on their own."

"Their regal demeanor stems from a dominant attitude. In other words, they feel the need to be the boss of other dogs. They may get along well with dogs of the opposite sex that respect them; They will not tolerate a challenge from another dog"

Other Akita info sites feature much more rigorous warnings: "Akitas are not tolerant of other dogs especially those of the same sex. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD AN AKITA BE ALLOWED TO ROAM THROUGH THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!"

Contrast this with the typical pit bull propaganda of a sweet, docile nanny dog that was bred to be "really good with children"...

In other words, aficionados of most large dog breeds are realistic about the potential downsides and dangers and warn people of them, while in contrast, pit bull activists are in denial and have a serious credibility problem...

Small Survivors said...

Thank you Branwyne and Jake - Added the links

Yep - like you guys said - pit pushers are the used car salesmen of the dog world!

Wow, Dawn an OUTRIGHT fabrication backed up with a dummy facebook page? These people have NO shame.

I did a timeline search for "National Canine Temperament Testing Association" and the oldest result is from a letter to the editor by Cristina Brandolino.

The second oldest mention is in our lying friend Tyla Hafstrom's lie about "America's Nanny Dog."

Anonymous said...


Ed Boks attempts to rename pit bull terriers to "New Yorkies" in 2004. New Yorkers could not swallow it and he was sacked by the city the following year.


"Contract renewal denied" as the Director of New York City Animal Services, fired as the Director of Los Angeles City Animal Services and now operating in the eensey beensey city of Prescott. Watch out Yavapai Humane Society, lawyers are ripe to sue negligent humane groups (ones that adopt out biters).

Anonymous said...


2007 Harris County Pit Bull Task Force sets the record straight about the current dynamics of pit breeding, citing that until about 1980 pits were only bred and sold among the underground network of dog fighters. Once dog fighting was felonized, they started selling them to civilians and the regularly occuring lifefligths began..Since 1980 there have been 253 DBRFs from Pits and thousands of horrible maulings in the US. Dog Fighting, Pit Breeding and Pit Bull Advocacy has become a Billion Dollar a year, liability and largely tax free industry.

Until about 1980 pit bull dogs were owned by two groups of people – serious, professional dog
fighters and pet owner/hunters. The serious dog fighters killed puppies and dogs that did not
meet their standards as fighters. They were refining the century old dog fighting traits of:
• Demonstrating consistent aggression to other animals
• Absence of aggressive behavior towards people
• “gameness”, i.e. a willingness to continue to attack until they are dead, their opponent is
dead, or they physically can’t continue the fight
• ability to ignore pain
• failure to reduce aggression in response to normal signs of canine submission
At this time the general public was not aware that dog fighting existed and the activity was a
felony in only six states. Serious dog fighters kept to themselves knowing that the public would
be outraged at dogs being bred to fight and kill one another. During the 1980s there was a push
to make dog fighting a felony in all states. Television and print media coverage associated with
each legislative initiative depicted undercover fighting scenes and dogs capable of fighting unto
death. This coverage had the unintended consequence of popularizing the image of pit bull dogs
among people that never knew the dog existed. Unfortunately, this created a new market for
dogs that were previously killed by dogfighters, for example dogs that displayed aggression
towards humans. Soon pit bull dogs were seen on MTV type videos, rapper videos, movies and
commercials. Owning one of these “bad” dogs would elevate one’s status in the neighborhood
and, because of their appearance they became popular with gang members. They are commonly
used as guard dogs – both for property and people. Professional entertainers endorse dog
fighting and at least one National Basketball League star has been convicted of involvement with
dog fighting. In the subsequent decades these animals have been raised, bred, fought by
“amateur” dog fighters, sold to the public, and finally discarded to end up in animal shelters.
Most pit bull dogs today are owned by people that do not understand the genetic traits of the Pit
Bull Terrier and do not know how to properly breed or train them.


**Disclaimer...I am not making this up!

Friends Administrator said...

Boks is being sued in Prescott now too. Wherever he goes, attorneys are sure to follow.

Garnet_ said...

Great post. Responsible breeders or rescuers of any type of animal will make sure all potential owners know and understand the drawbacks of owning the animal.

When I adopted a greyhound (a generally laid-back breed of dog), it was made clear to me that they are sighthounds and aren't good for off leash areas. They made sure I had a good, high fence since the particular dog I wanted was very tall and had the potential to jump very high.

I personally love parrots and have fostered a few for a rescue. However, I discourage most people from owning parrots. Cockatoos in particular can be loud, aggressive and needy. They're VERY high maintenence. I make that clear to people so cockatoos and other parrots don't end up with people who just want a pretty bird that talks and dances. I don't want to see children end up with bad bites to the face either.

The funny thing is that a couple people I know who will have a meltdown if you say anything remotely negative about pit bulls have no problem with slamming Jack Russel terriers. Apparently, Jacks are all devil dogs. They're not; they're just awful pets for most people, and any decent JRT breeder will make that clear. They (JRTs) are fine for folks who want an active dog, and will exercise it well every day.

Anonymous said...

Two Pit Perps stand as fools...


They'll never be able to pay for the surgeries required for this little girl.

Small Survivors said...

Thank you Jessie and great points!

I adopted a stray that I alway thought was a greyhound mix - Craven was the one who told me they're called lurchers. Great example of a breed rescue that is extremely proactive and successful in keeping their rescues safe and the public safe.

The parrot example is perfect. I love interacting with them, but they require so much stimulation and the upkeep requires a lot of vacuuming and dusting and I've seen so many that are not socialized well - they do require a special owner - and a young one at that! I have seen so many poorly socialized parrots - it is very sad and dangerous.

The funny thing about all the problems with JRTs listed on their bad dog page is that they are almost all things that are issues with pits (but not the only problems with pits.) Pits are descended from feisty little ratting terriers after all. And it is true they are awful pets for most people.

A JRT lives on my block, and the owners had a trainer come out for over a year for regular training of the dog and the owners. At first, the trainer was the only one who walked the dog every day. At first, I thought she was the owner, but I couldn't figure out where she lived. Then I saw her and the owners walk the dog - for months. Finally, the owners walked the dog and the trainer came out occasionally. They never let the dog out in their fenced yard. It is always on a leash outside. They paid a pretty penny to make that JRT into a good family pet.

After I realized who the owners were, I talked to them, and they said they did not know what they were getting into when they got their cute little JRT puppy even though they'd done some research and thought they did.

Anonymous said...

"Boks is being sued in Prescott now too. Wherever he goes, attorneys are sure to follow."

What? Any links to share?

Anonymous said...

Doug Rae, Jim Crosby, Jere Alexander and Ed Boks are all failed examples of why Pit Advocates ascending to animal Control positions is bad public safety policy.

Even up in idyllic Calgary, Bill Bruce's personal Pit eutopia, bites doubled last year singularly due to importing Pit Bulls.


Tegenpitjes said...

Dutch poodle owners demonstrated yesterday. One politician called another one a poodle. Poodle owners are fed up with the BAD RAP their dogs get! This could be the start of a new movement.


BTW the kennel club has zero poodles that need a new home at this moment.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


google translation:

Poodle owners are angry

Geert Wilders liet zich woensdag tijdens de algemene beschouwingen flink gaan. Geert Wilders dropped Wednesday at the general considerations work out. Zijn taalgebruik zorgde voor flinke discussies. His speech caused considerable discussion. Een van de opmerkingen van de PVV'er was dat Job Cohen de 'bedrijfspoedel' van Mark Rutte zou zijn. One of the comments of the PVV'er Cohen was the "company poodle" by Mark Rutte would be.

Dit lieten poedelbezitters niet zomaar over hun kant gaan. This poodle owners did not just go on their side. Donderdagmiddag protesteerden leden van de Nederlandse Poedel Club met hun viervoeters op het Binnenhof tegen het taalgebruik van Wilders. Thursday afternoon protesting members of the Dutch Poodle Club with their four legged friends at the Courtyard at the language of Wilders. Ze zijn boos dat hij het woord poedel als scheldwoord gebruikt en daarmee het hondenras in een kwaad daglicht zet. They are angry that he used the word poodle as a curse, and thus the dog in the wrong place. “Als Wilders zijn huiswerk had gedaan, had hij geweten dat 'poedel' juist een compliment is, want poedels zijn een van de intelligentste hondenrassen”, laat Shelly Lenzen van de Nederlandse Poedel Club weten. "If Wilders had done his homework, he knew that" poodle "just a compliment, since poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds", Shelly lenses let the Dutch know Poodle Club.

Small Survivors said...


Anonymous said...

"Did you know BSL Never Works?!?"

List of Californians killed by Pit Bulls since the state legislature passed the BSL exemption in 1989"

2011 Darla Napora Pacifica, San Mateo County August 11, 2011 32-Years Old Darla Napora - Pregnant and killed by one of her two pet pit bulls

2011 Jennie Erquiaga San Bernardino, San Bernardino County March 6, 2011 47-Years old Jennie Erquiaga - Died after being attacked by her pet pit bull-mix

2011: Linda Leal Castillo Colusa, Coulsa County January, 4 2010 51-years old Linda Leal Castillo - Killed by Pet Pit Bull

2010 Edward Mitchell Murrieta, Riverside County December 5, 2010 67-Years Old Edward Mitchell - Killed by Nephew's Pit Bull

2010 Christina Casey Moreno Valley, Riverside County November 2, 2010 53-Years Old Christina Casey - Killed by Pit Bull-Mix and Akita-Mix

2010 Jerry Yates Calaveras County August 22, 2010 69-Years Old Jerry Yates - Killed by Neighbor's Pit Bulls

2010 Jacob BrisbeeConcord, Contra Costa County July 22, 2010 2-Years Old Jacob Brisbee - Killed by Family Pit Bulls

2010 Nathan Aguirre San Bernardino, San Bernardino County May 28, 2010 2-Years Old Nathan Aguirre - Killed by Family Pit Bull

2010 Omar Martinez Apple Valley, San Bernardino County January 9, 2010 3-Years Old Omar Martinez- Killed by Family Pit Bull

2009 Colton Smith Delhi, Merced County October 29, 2009 17-months old Colton Smith - Killed by Babysitter's Pit Bull

2009 Gordon Lykins Winterhaven, Imperial County April 10, 2009 48-Years Old Gordon Lykins - Killed by Pack of Dogs

2008 Katya Todesco Simi Valley, Ventura County September 26, 2008 5-Years Old Katya Todesco - Killed by Friend's Pit Bull

2008 Gerald Adelmund, Rubidoux, Riverside County December 19, 2008 60-Years Old Gerald Adelmund - Killed by family pit bull

2007 Kelly Caldwell Yermo, San Bernardino County December 25, 2007 45-Years Old Kelly Caldwell - Killed by Neighbor's Pit Bulls

2007 Cora Lee Suehead Placer County December 4, 2007 61-Years Old Cora Lee Suehead - Killed by Neighbor's Pit Bulls

2006 Shaun McCafferty Phelan, San Bernardino County June 7, 2006 27-Years Old Shaun McCafferty- Killed by Pit Bulls

2006 John Doe, Compton, Los Angeles County April 2005 21+ Years Old John Doe - Killed by "Guard" Pit Bulls

2005 Tyler Babcock Clovis, Fresno County January 2, 2005 6-years Old Tyler Babcock - Killed Neighbor's Pit Bull

2005 Nicholas Faibish San Francisco, San Francisco County June 3, 2005 12-Years Old Nicholas Faibish - Killed Family Pit Bull

2005 Mike Gomez, West Covina, Los Angeles County November 3, 2005 86-Years Old Mike Gomez - Killed by Pit Bull and Schnauzer

2003 Somer Clugston Riverside County June 20, 2003 2-Years Old Somer Clugston - Killed by Babysitter's Pit Bull

2001 James Dehoyos Stockton, San Joaquin County March 2001 2-years old James Dehoyos - Killed by Pit Bull

2000 Cash Carson Barstow, San Bernardino County April 29, 2000 10-Years Old Cash Carson - Killed by Neighbor's Pit Bull

1999 Fily Araujo Los Angeles, Los Angeles County March 1999 14-Months Old Fily Araujo - Killed by Family Pit Bull

1999 Shalen Cammon San Diego, San Diego County June 1999 3-Years Old Shalen Cammon - Killed by Babysitter's Pit Bull

1995 Jessica Hull Oak Park, Ventura County July 1995 2-Months Old Jessica Hull - Killed by Family Pit Bull

1994 Newborn Pomona County November 4, 1994 Newborn John Doe - Killed by Pit Bull Puppy

1993 Luis Gordo Hernandez Porterville, Tulare County July 1993 2-Years Old Luis Gordo Hernandez - Killed by neighbor's pit bull

1990 Lilly Marjee Los Angeles, Los Angeles County January 1990 70-Years old killed by Grandson's Pit Bulls

My hands hurt after typing this!

**Disclaimer...I am not making this up!

BrownToad said...

snack sized dog, I love your screen name. I laugh each time I see it. Your powers of research and intelligent analysis are impressive. I once heard this quote, "No one can stand up to a person that knows they are right and keeps coming". We are gaining ground. Keep pushing.

BrownToad said...

snack sized dog, I love your screen name. I laugh every time I see it. Your input to these blogs is impressive. Keep pushing.

Small Survivors said...

BTB, Thank you! You made my day!

I can't take credit for the screen name. Its taken from the Maul Talk Manual

And your screen name, though particularly appropriate here, is extremely versatile!

Anonymous said...

I came across information about Pit Bulls quite by accident the other day. I quickly noticed the phenomenon you point out here, that many breed fanciers actually discourage people from getting a dog of their preferred breed and none that I have seen, including lovers of small, popular breeds, say that their breed is for everyone and anyone. Yet Pit Bull advocates maintain just that. It's such a grotesque misrepresentation it borders on sociopathic. In fact, what brought the subject to my attention was a blog post by a veterinarian who said there were shelters that had been misrepresenting aggressive dogs - quite a scary thought to someone like me who is small, has no experience with dogs and has thought about getting one from a shelter in the past.

Anonymous said...

I applaud this page.