Friday, March 16, 2012

ignorant and uneducated

an anonymous helper has been leaving comments with links to vintage photos and illustrations for the america's dog blog. s/he left me a link to don't bully my breed for the images, but i was drawn to the pit bull history. to say that i was stupefied by what i read, is the understatement of the year.
America's Sweetheart No More
It is an ironic twist that around the same time dogfighting became outlawed, the Pit Bull began showing up in the media in a negative light. In 1976, the Supreme Court passed the Animal Welfare Act of 1976. This groundbreaking act made dogfighting officially illegal in all 50 states, as well as set strict penalties for anyone found caught fighting dogs. Unfortunately, it is often said that when something is made criminal, that it will attract criminals. Massive misinformation began being spread about Pit Bulls during this time as well. In their efforts to get the Welfare Law passed, some of the major "animal advocacy" groups completely vilified the Pit Bull and spawned the myths that still haunt the breed today. These groups claimed that Pit Bulls had to be trained to fight using treadmills, flirt and spring poles, and other devices which were (and are still today) actually used by responsible owners to exercise their dogs. They made up the "bait dog" myth, which unfortunately is no longer a myth (read more about "bait dogs" here). They "helped" to blur the lines between Dog Aggression and Human Aggression by claiming that dogfighters made the fighting dogs "meaner" by abusing them and feeding them gunpowder or tabasco sauce.

"It is an ironic twist that around the same time dogfighting became outlawed, the Pit Bull began showing up in the media in a negative light. In 1976, the Supreme Court passed the Animal Welfare Act of 1976. This groundbreaking act made dogfighting officially illegal in all 50 states, as well as set strict penalties for anyone found caught fighting dogs."


first, dog fighting has been illegal for over 100 years, and the pit bull's negative image in the media is as old as pit bulls and the media!

second, not only does the fucktard who wrote this, i assume it was the founder of don't bully my breed, not understand the functions of the three branches of government but none of her minions understand the
functions of the three branches of government, as NO ONE bothered to EDUCATE this imbecile of her embarrassing error.

third, the animal welfare act did NOT officially make dog fighting illegal in all 50 states. CONGRESS, not the supreme court, addressed only the issue of interstate and foreign commerce in ALL animal fighting not just dogs.

fourth, it was ONLY after the MICHAEL VICK bust that dog fighting became a felony in every state. dog fighting was still a lowly misdemeanor in many states between 1976 and 2007, therefore penalties were LENIENT not strict!




the level of ignorance among pit nutters is truly mind numbing.

don't bully my breed was founded by CATHERINE HEDGES.

this is the same CATHERINE HEDGES who claimed to possess more expertise and superior knowledge in her 11 years of rescue angeling than a veterinarian of 36 years with 22 years of animal control experience whom she challenged when he sentenced an aggressive pit bull to a dirt nap in pekin, illinois.

interview with an imbecile

the three branches of government - sesame street style for all of the intellectually impaired pit nutters.

Public Law 94-279 Animal Welfare Act Amendments of 1976

[Animal fighting venture, prohibition. 7 USC 2156.] "SEC. 26. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly sponsor or exhibit any animal in any animal fighting venture to which any animal was moved in interstate or foreign commerce.

"(b) It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly sell, buy, transport, or deliver to another person or receive from another person for purposes of transportation, in interstate for foreign commerce, any dog or other animal for purposes of having the dog or other animal participate in an animal fighting venture.

[Penalties.] "(c) It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly use the mail service of the United States Postal Service or any interstate instrumentality for purposes of promoting or in any other manner furthering an animal fighting venture except as performed outside the limits of the States of the United States.

"(d) Not withstanding the provisions of subsection (a), (b), or (c) of this section, the activities prohibited by such subsection shall be unlawful with respect to fighting ventures involving live birds only if the fight is to take place in a State where it would be in violation of the laws thereof.

"(e) Any person who violates subsection (a), (b), or (c) shall be fined not more than $5,000 or imprisoned for not more than 1 year, or both, for each such violation.


DubV said...

Wow, great find.

"Unfortunately, it is often said that when something is made criminal, that it will attract criminals."

Huh, what?

What you've copied here provides so many strange statements that I'm sure picking it apart will provide quite amount of grist for the mill.

As Hitchens said of Falwell, these people should be selling pencils from a cup.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Nutter is sort of right in her twisted way....When trafficking these animals became a federal felony, many of the old timers switched to selling to "civilians" to save their skins.

Once in the hands of unqualified and easily defeated non-dogmen, the maulings and deaths accelerated at a geometric rate.

In 1975, there were only 5 DBRFs in the US, now we average 30 annually.... Adjusted for population growth, the DBRF rate in the US has quadrupled since 1975. Completely due to Pit Bulls in the hands of ethereal Nutters, and the introduction of the Rottweiler into the US.

Since 1976, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers have killed 372 Americans and mauled THOUSANDS.

There are still and estimated 40,000 dogfighters in the US.


cinnamon2005 said...

The issue with human aggression and dog aggression...the only comment you usually get from pit people when they will actually own that the pitbull has issues with dog aggression is "well dogs will be dogs" or "they are animals so what do you expect". I once told a pit person, "We will not tolerate our animals being killed by the jaws and claws of your pitbulls".

Rag Doll said...

It's true. Remove all laws and you have no more criminals, prisons will be empty.

DubV said...

I'd love if shelter admission records were kept from 1970 to today. I'm thinking that the dogmen selling to civilians might've started the problem with backyard breeding of cheap pits. Pits are popular among some not only because of the image, but also because they are the cheapest and most readily available at least somewhat pure breed dog. The lower someone's station in life, the more having a pure breed dog might matter as it is a symbol of a higher class.

So, it would be interesting to see the progression of shelters being glutted with pits. Based upon the impressions of what I've read, that started in the early 80's and that is when the public became more aware of pits and the special danger they present.

Kind of deflates the clumsy move of insisting that the bad rap created the problem. It seems the only thing necessary was exposure of the breed to a larger audience and the dominoes started to fall.

Did I get anything right or wrong here? Know of any sources to flesh this out more?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this level of ignorance boggles my mind. i know, i know, i shouldn't be flabbergasted that the dog idiot is owned and championed by idiots.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"It seems the only thing necessary was exposure of the breed to a larger audience and the dominoes started to fall."

stated very well DubV.

Miss Margo said...

ROFL love the remedial Poli Sci: Intro to American Government 101 charts.

You are doing a public service.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

it is obscene that people who do not possess even a basic understanding of how our government works can be allowed to influence it or even vote!

Miss Margo said...

Something I really appreciate about you, Dawn James, is that you are a total hardass. And you're consistent in your intolerance--that's the key difference between being moral and being an asshole, IMHO.

If I expressed what you wrote within a mile of my college, I wouldn't be teaching. Anything. Ever again. Maybe someone with tenure could do it, but anyone else would be banished to Educational Siberia.

Anyway, cheers and keep hating. It's inspirational. Before you, I was a closet hater. Now I'm like, "Why be ashamed of hating douchebags and menaces to society? Fuck them!"

Feels nice to be a grownup.

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, it is often said that when something is made criminal, that it will attract criminals."

Recognize the buzzwords!

The breeders all use the same code. They have used this particular lie for years to try to oppose laws so they can keep committing crimes

This sheer, utter, NONSENSE is straight from the AKC/UKC breeder (and their dog fighter friends) propaganda. That, and vilifying animal advocacy groups.

The moron writing this lying, cheating pile of trash is a BREEDER

possibly AKC, UKC. And possibly a dog fighter breeder.

Their goal is to try to convince the terminally gullible to eliminate laws and thus make it EASIER for them to pursue their dog fighting and breeding, and skip out on taxes too, without penalty.

Anonymous said...

Track the owner of the website. More than likely has an undocumented, illegal breeding business and/or is connected to dog fighters, paying no taxes, and breaking at least a dozen laws.

They try to sound legitimate, but since they are all sociopaths and criminals, it comes out like this crap. And it always has the same buzzwords and code at the heart of it. You can recognize it easily if you've seen their propaganda and followed them at all.

And dog fighting in this country has been heavily documented well back into the 1800s BY THE DOG FIGHTERS THEMSELVES!!!!!!!

The white ones.

The white ones are playing a game of make believe that African Americans are the criminals, which is why they are throwing out this 1976 date too. They try to play this game to get the focus off the white, Southern dog fighters and their connections around the country with long generational dog fighting racket histories, and get other people to falsely blame African Americans in the 1980s and 1990s for dog fighting.

The white dog fighters and breeders have a lot of time on their hands to make up this propaganda. They don't pay taxes, they don't have normal lives working and pursuing productive interests. They are sociopaths with incomes from their crimes. It is really organized crime.

They ALWAYS try to appear legitimate. This fake-out about caring about pit bulls is an attempt to persuade the ignorant and gullible rescue angel morons to help these breeders and fighters continue to fight pit bulls and breed them and make a lot of money at abusing these dogs.

Anonymous said...

"it is obscene that people who do not possess even a basic understanding of how our government works can be allowed to influence it or even vote!"

They understand how it works. This is lobbying- a criminal group opposes laws that might diminish their criminal earnings.

They have lobbyists like Rick Berman to put pressure on legislators to help them. Some of the legislators are criminals like they are, some of the legislators are too stupid to understand they are being lied to by criminals.

Remember that a cancer research scientist is a dog fighter. One of these dog fighters got grants from Emory University.

They are con artists and liars, and they lobby like this with a pile of lies to reach their aim, no laws

These people try to put a coating of legitimacy on to hide their criminal intent.

They want no laws and no regulation so they can continue the organized crime.

Anonymous said...

"When trafficking these animals became a federal felony, many of the old timers switched to selling to "civilians" to save their skins"

That isn't true. They were doing this long before the laws, as revealed by the fighters' comments about that dog fighter breeder with the mankillers in Newburyport Mass.

Laws weren't responsible for the expansion of pit bull sales to non-fighters.

Anonymous said...

This dog fighter breeder comrade also gives it away by her reference to firt and spring poles used by "responsible" dog owners.


When you see these morons using "responsible" you have someone who is a breeder or who is affiliated with them.


Breeder/dog fighter pretending to be a rescue angel to dupe some more witless middle class fools into helping the dog fighters and breeders.

Anonymous said...

Imbecile Martha Stewart lets her site get used by the dog fighters and breeders. Look who shows up here too.

Of course, since she's an ex-jailbird, it's good company for her. Maybe she will pay for the victims' injuries.

Martha also is involved in the book publishing world, pleasing the publishers and agents that peddle for her, so Saul is probably in this mess.

Since Martha buys purebreds, I am suspecting her AKC friends made a fool out of her and used her site to propagandize against regulation. breeders want zero regulation. AKC lobbies with the dog fighters and their ilk produces Staffordshire Terriers which they try to deny are pit bulls. Try but fail.

And there is this Hedges, right in there with the breeder propaganda.

Lobbyists get paid.

Friends Administrator said...

I have dogmen in my family and all the ones I have ever known were white folk. However, the curs were sold to the others, and the white boys were laughing about it. You have a point.

Jim Reeve said...

The whole pitbull thing is a joke here in Ontario. My poodle was killed by a pitbull and the animal control people gave the pitbull back to the owners because my dog didn't die right away. Now I'll admit that when we reported the death of our poodle, they seized and destroyed the pitbull right away. The real strange thing is that pitbulls are illegal in Ontario since 2006. How could they have released the dog back to the owners? It's a real issue here in Ontario.

Packhorse said...

Thanks for your insights, Candormd. I agree. The pit nutters are no friends of animals or legit animal advocacy.

Anonymous said...

Jim Reeve, all I can say is LAWYERS, LAWYERS, LAWYERS.

When lawyers start dealing with these corrupt towns and cities, and some of the corrupt "authorities" playing games in them, then all of a sudden people start paying attention because there's documentation, lawsuits, and forced responsibility. Let them know that by enabling dangerous dogs or allowing their failing animal control to do so, their names will show up in the media next to a picture of a mutilated child or an obituary. The pits that kill kids nearly always have a history of attacking other pets.

Make a formal complaint about how this was handled, and if you can, get a lawyer to submit it to every local official around as well as your province politicians. Or do it yourself.

You also need to go to your elected representatives in province government. Actually make appointments and sit and talk with them. Bring a signed petition. Show them you mean business. The dog fighters and the breeders are sitting down with these politicians and filling their ears with lies. It is time for the honest people to get their voice heard.

It's a pain to make the time to do, but you will save the lives of pets and kids and adults that are going to be prey for these fighting breeds if no one fights for the victims' rights.

The owner of that pit bull needs to be held accountable. Even if you had a back injury, etc. while in the midst of the attack, SUE. Missed work dealing with this? SUE. Get these people documented. Create a paper trail. Put up a website, or submit to one already up, detailing the attack and aftermath and quoting news stories. Name names. Go to the media with your story.

As long as good people let the pit bull organized crime racket speak for them, good people will continue to be hurt.

These pit bull criminals enjoy the fact that they are killing and drawing blood. They are sociopaths. They scream a lot, but it is time for the good people to scream louder!

It's time for the good people to take matters into their own hands.

DubV said...

I appreciated this comment from iceman

"People believe what they want to believe. So many pitbull owners tell others, "our pitbull is such a baby, loveable and wonderful family dog." Of course it is, if the dog wasn't trusted, or bit and was aggressive to members of the family ---what, like the dog would still be kept? Pitbulls were bred to be the nature that is dominate to their breed, That DNA can't simply be cast aside because the dog is docile to 'a family". When a pit bull takes to its nature of breed, nothing will stand in its way this side of death to accomplish that destruction the DNA in the breed was programmed to do. Use some common sense---A tiger can be used as a pet, it can have a collar, it will purr, look quiet and docile, taken for a walk, look like a big kitty. It ain't a kitty it's a tiger, and it's strips don't change because it is kept in the living room. Other dogs and cats no matter what the size, even humans, will set the nature of the pit bull into their attack mode. People who own pit bulls have the responsibility of knowing the nature of the breed ---and have excellent insurance."

Found here

which I learned of from here

The part where it is stated that obviously your pit has been docile toward you, otherwise you wouldn't have it as a pet (or talk about it) is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Jim Reeve,

The Toronto Humane Society leads the charge against BSL in Ontario.

Learn about the crazies here:

Make sure to read about Bandit...They spent nearly 4 years and an estimated $400,000 defying court orders to save him!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it the No Kill Toronto Humane Society that was hoarding cats and letting them die in the shelter, one up in a trap in the ceiling. No one ever checked the trap. The cat starved to death in the trap IN THE SHELTER.

These No Kill sociopaths torture animals on their own doorstep. They are sadists.

No Kill needs to be swabbed out with disinfectant. All its doing is torturing animasls to make the breeders and hoarders happy, and the dog fighters too. The people running these No Kill torture chambers make a lot of money, provided to them by criminals to pretend its not the breeders or dog fighters problem.

Anonymous said...

No Kill says YES to dog fighting, mass overbreeding, and persecution of pit bulls. It's a money industry for them.

It's not charity for the people that run these No Kill places. They rake in the $$$$$$$, and they trick the gullible to giving them more cash so they can torture animals and then lie about it.

And they sure as hell euthanize when they can't make money off the animal. Their dirty secrets. No such thing as No Kill. It was made up to scam idiots.

Anonymous said...

Watertown needs a big, fat LAWSUIT.

Miss Margo said...

Mr. Reeve:

I'm sorry that your poodle died. That is sad!

My dogs died in front of me from old age, and it was sad enough! I can't imagine having to watch them die from violence.



Anonymous said...

You people really have nothing to do and to much time to do it.
Puppy pushers (mills) come in all forms, not just Pitbulls. I truelly believe the idiocy on this forum of so called Bloggers have much to hide. You speak of sociopaths quite freely, I would say, this has to raise the question, what do you really do? Deal Drugs, fight your animals, you certainly have quite a knowledge about your subject. How best to hide Criminal Activities. I am astonished, well, there are always Gold Fish. I am of the belief people involved in criminal activities always get caught. You blame only good white southern folk, we make our living the old fashioned way! We work, we pay taxes and yes, some of us even own these Bulldogs you claim knowledge to. So sad. I guess you poor Dumb Criminals will learn, one day.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

what the fuck does your comment have to do with this blog post?