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Vintage: top stunt pit backfires in history

A commonly used tactic in the organized idiocy of the Pit Bull community is using loopholes in the law and the total unregulation of the doggie world to designate Pit Bulls as Stunt Pits. “Stunt Pitting” is defined as designating a Pit Bull as a therapy, service, Good Canine Citizen, SAR, Education or Law Enforcement animal in an attempt to wash away the river of blood from the never ending cycle of Deaths and Maulings. Some Stunt Pits are used to infiltrate jurisdictions where Pit Bulls are regulated in order to have the Animal Control ordinances overturned, and get the breeders and dogfighters back in business. There is no quality assurance or oversight on designating such an animal…In fact anyone with two minutes and a credit card can buy a Service Dog certification online or merely call it one.


Baghdad Bob
“My Pit Bull Udai serves as my Erectile Dysfunction Service Dog. He carries my Viagra medicines and can fetch girlie magazines on command… Pit Bulls are not dangerous because a Pomeranian once killed a baby!”

Believe it or not, Bob’s service dog declaration would be totally legal and have to be honored in the United States!

Occasionally, the Stunt-Pit Operations backfire when the genetics kick in and the owner is defeated…So let’s explore the top Stunt Pit Backfires in history!

1. Bay Area SPCA Trained Therapy Pit Bull “Nettie” In a classic backfire, Anna Klafter's SPCA pencil whipped therapy Pit Bull goes beserk after seeing it's first police horse in Golden Gate Park. Nettie is shot, the police officer is put on the disability rolls and Anna get’s kicked in the face, sustaining a fractured skull. In a bizarre twist of irony, the Taxpayer’s Police Horse; Triple A Andy, has to be retired and is donated to the same SPCA that “pimped” Nettie out onto the public!
Like deceased Bay Area Dog Owners Responsible About Pit Bulls (BADRAP) supporter
Darla Napora, Anna doesn’t seem to be active in Pit advocacy anymore….

2. Ruth Teeter’s Prized AKC Staffordshire Terriers Ruth Teeter gets high ranking due to her significant contributions in pioneering Stunt Pitting and modern Pit Advocacy. In July 1987, she paraded her animals around in costumes raising donations for the American Dog Owners Association(ADOA) and had articles published about them.

Her meteoric rise to Pit Bull superstardom was neutered after her Staffies were shot while attacking livestock just a mere 5 months later… The ADOA subsequently disavowed any relationship with her which started the “Blame the Owner” cop out craze.

Ruth is still active in the Staffordshire Club of America and still breeds and sells “WiggleButts”…Only in America!

3. Robert Weller’s PTSD Service Pit Bull “Chummy” In 2009 the noted reporter published this piece about a California* based Pit Bull group suing Evil-Denver to overturn it’s 21 year old Pit Bull ban. Later in 2010, he published another piece describing how he received a humanitarian exemption from Evil-Denver since Chummy served as his PTSD Service Dog…The piece then deteriorates as he rambles on about Chummy attacking him and the Denver taxpayers getting bitten in the ass responding to his 911 call. Robert is Denver’s last known Pit mauling victim…However, Colorado’s Pit Bull mauling victims are routinely life lighted to Denver trauma centers.
Note...*California has sustained 42 Pit Bull fatalities as of this writing. A baby was killed by a Pomeranian there in 2000, so Pit Bull groups feel the need to spread the love around...

4. Steven Woods Stolen Valor Pit Bull “Mimi” When Texas Pit Bull breeder Steven Woods got in trouble for his Pit Bull Mimi attacking a neighbor, he whipped out the disabled veteran, PTSD -Pit Bull Service dog card. Soon pictures of Tu-Tu wearing Mimi were all over the internet and gullible Pit Advocates raised $17, 000 for his legal fight against “The Man”. Woods even had the balls to wear his uniform for his court appearance. Later. the National Guard revealed that Woods had never served in Iraq or Afghanistan, and in fact that he had never deployed anywhere. Even though Woods and the Pit Bull community saved man biting Mimi, she was euthanized after attacking another neighbor 8 months later. This time Woods didn’t show up for court.

In 1991 The Texas Legislature superceded community’s ability to regulate Pit Bulls, thereby by keeping breeders like Woods in business. In the years since, 30 Texans have been killed by Pit Bulls and hundreds have been “merely” horribly mauled. Can I get a good ol’ Texas “BSL Never Works“ Hell Yeah?!?

By the way, you can still purchase a “Free Mimi” T-shirt on line at zazzle.

5. SAR PITs Kris Crawford left a trail of civil fraud judgments all over the Southwestern United States as Pit Bull owners looking for a hero were taken advantage of. Even Pit Bull Superstar Tia Torres was one of her victims:
san diego news 10
Pit Bull Forum Kris Crawford A Fraud

Organized Pit-Idiocy still cites SARPITS/ForPitssake as an example of why we should allow the deaths and maulings continue…but Crawford’s ability to perform SAR work has been euthanized due to her criminal conviction. Pit Grifterin ain’t easy!

6. LAWDOGSUSA…Another oft cited program by Pit Bull advocates, LAWDOGS has been defunct due to lack of funding and interest since 2006... About the time the Founder’s brazen, yet truthful comments about Pit Bull breeding hit the press, funding from “BIG PIT BULL” seemed to dry up:
“It's not sensible to get an animal bred for bringing a 2,000-pound bull to its knees and say I'm going to treat this like a soft-mouth Labrador," says Jessup, the former animal-control officer. She blames novice owners, as much as actual criminals, for bringing the breed into disrepute. "It's a capable animal, and it's got to be treated as such."
When we first got pit bulls in, they were always friendly. They were always nice dogs," says Diane Jessup, a former animal-control officer in Olympia. Jessup has raised many pit bulls and written several books about them. "I will say now, in the last five years, 50 percent of the dogs are fearful, fear-biters with horribly unsound temperaments."

Meanwhile, Police Departments continue to pay top dollar for Belgian Malinois and Law Enforcement has to shoot hundreds of Pit Bulls annually in the United States. Play find the Pit Bull in this AKC dog trainer intelligence survey to find out why:
Hint: Drill way down the list and use the AKC alias “American” Staffordshire Terrier

7. James Greible’s Victory “Bitt Bull” Mercedes…James does all the work here on this one in his bragging on, his comments are left intact and in their shining Pit-Nutter glory:
“I have a pitt bull service dog that i self trained to pull my wheelchair as i can not walk that far too many back problems the school system here seams to think pitt bull's CAN NEVER BE OR WILL NEVER BE SERVICE ANIMALS well i proved them wrong when i went on to 6:00 news the school thought they could tell me i couldn't bring her on campus well they got told i could SHE IS BY LAW A SERVICE DOG EVEN THOUGH SHE'S NOT REGISTARED (there ain't one required nor can you obtain a certifiedservice animal certificate from the government) when i got mercedes it was cause she was loving and kind and great with kids and other animals but it was to pull my wheelchair and those other things were just a plus training half done but i didn't think of all the crap i'd get for choosing a pitt bull and her bread wasn't even a factor when we got her it was her.SO TO ALL THOSE OUT THER ONE MORE VICTORY FOR BITT BULL'S and if you go to channel 13 KTNV UNDER YOU ASK WE INVESTIGATE CLICK PITT BULL'S AND THE CCSD THERE WILL BE MY STORY TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK
Then the rest of the story comes out…

CCSD later sent Action News a statement admitting the district was wrong about the need for certification, but claiming James was wrong, too. A spokesman said James did not notify the school prior to bringing the dog on campus. The statement also said the dog was observed chasing children while she was leashed, and that James made a threat to set her loose on the custodian. School police are investigating that alleged threat, but CCSD now says James can take his service dog to Wengert if he keeps her under control.
Read more:
“BITT BULLS“…You really can’t make this stuff up!…. Can we all agree that if you can’t spell Pit Bull, you shouldn’t be legally able to own one, much less designate it as a Service Dog?!?

8. Garfield, Colorado-Pit Bull “Bite Education” Dogs; Animal Control Officer-Nutter Aimee Chapelle establishes one of the first known bite prevention school programs using Pit Bulls to educate...err, indoctrinate children...She is on her way to Pit Bull Superstardom after getting this fabulous PR piece published:
Then in 2006 the program is muzzled after one of her Pit Bulls defeats her fence and attacks a neighborhood child!
Have the Pit Nutters infiltrated your Animal Control Department? Better check….

9. Pit Grifting Operation/Autism Service Pit "Toby" Kelly Nolan stages an Oscar Winning performance for the media, lamenting that her daughter’s autism Service Pit Bull “Toby” was abducted by a pit hating, blonde woman and killed with a baseball bat.
Once again, gullible Pit Nutters rally and begin raising thousands of dollars in donations for their new media hero. Later, the police investigation reveals Toby ran off and was actually hit by a car…. Nolan and her partner are subsequently arrested on drug and Stolen Property charges after inviting police into their home for the Pit Griftering operation. Unfortunately, they were not billed for the fraudulent investigation costs to the taxpayers.
Again, Pit Grifterin’ ain’t easy!…

10. Linda Forney-“Exposure” Stunt Pit “Snoopy”Grandma Rose Forney volunteered at the City Public library and would take her Pit Bull with her to expose as many people as she could to Pit Bulls for the “Great Struggle“. All was well until Snoopy bit a resident in the face. Now the City of Maul-lala is being sued for $158,000.
Now I can’t get that stupid song “Hang on Snoopy, Snoopy hang on” out of my head, Dammit!

11. Marc Langevin’s PTSD Service Dog “Princess” attacks a neighbor walking her dog and severely bites both of them…Langevin expresses bewilderment as to why his fighting breed dog was “triggered” at the sight of another dog.

I don’t get it. …What’s with all the Pit Bull PTSD service dogs?!? Do they help the owner by making the rest of the world seem safer?

12. San Francisco, Unnamed “Depression” Service Pit…In 2002, when landlord Guy Lowe’s Nutter tenant tried forcing him to accept her “Depression” Stunt Pit as a service dog and he refuses, she gets uppity, forces a court battle, then gets mauled in Federal Court:

Issuing one of the first court verdicts to weigh a conflict between the right of a legally disabled person to keep a companion animal and the duty of landlords to protect tenants from dangerous dogs, U.S. District Judge William Alsup ruled on August 8, 2002 that the San Francisco landlord of Guy Lowe, 38, met the requirements of federal law and the California Fair Employment and Housing Commission by allowing legally disabled persons to keep small dogs, and that Lowe, whose claimed disability is severe depression, acted unreasonably in demanding to keep a pit bull terrier. "The potentially catastrophic consequences of a pit bull attack must be considered, even if the risk of that attack is remote," Judge Alsup wrote.
Since Judge Alsup's ruling, 22 Californians have been mauled to death by Pit Bulls, but a Pomeranian killed a baby there in 2000...

13. ATTS Testing and subsidized Good Canine Citizen Certifications: Pencil whipped GCC Certifications and ATTS testing are a low cost way to to generate an army of “certified” stunt pits that can be cited to support the “It’s the Owner” defense. An examination Pit Nutter mothership Animal Farm Foundation’s 2009 Tax return reveals that they subsidized Pit Bull rescues and humane groups to produce roughly 100 Good Canine Certifications (GCC) to the tune of $150 each…A nice little tax free subsidy to the dog trainers pencil-whipping..err…“certifying” the animals…No wonder dog trainers love Pit Bulls!

Then you have the American Temperament Test Society Test….The abuse of the test for advocacy purposes is exposed here: The TRUTH About Pit Bulls

Ironically, the two breeds that use the test the most are Pit Bulls and Rottweilers which have pumped through over 7000 dogs to the tune of $25 each. Unfortunately, breeders from those communities have produced dogs which have killed over 430 Americans, so ATTS testing rates seem to be inversely proportional to public safety….For breed clubs, pumping dogs through testing is easy, while apparently, breeding and selling safe dogs is nearly impossible….

Former head of the AVMA and now head Nutter at Texas A&M Dr Bonnie Beaver summed it up best about Temperament Testing when she was responsible for the AVMA’s insurance program:

The AVMA warns veterinarians to be careful about supplying behavioural evaluations of dogs for insurance purposes.

"It's risky for veterinarians," said Dr. Beaver, explaining that there are many situations in which a dog may behave aggressively, and temperament tests can't rule out the possibility of aggression. "You don't have temperament tests that can identify all possibilities."

Yes Bonnie, temperament testing IS way too risky for vets…So let’s leave it to the Pit Nutters!


International wanted fugitive Mormon kidnapping-Raper Joyce Mckinney clones her Service Pit “Booger“ in South Korea …Joyce claims Booger actually did laundry and answered the phone. Her Pit-lunacy of near-Biblical proportions can be witnessed here:


Additionally, VINTAGE'S TOP PIT BULL AVIATION MOMENTS may be viewed at


Anonymous said...

You've summed all of this up in a nutshell. This is all about the money made by dog fighters and pit bull breeders (and that includes the AKC Staffordshire terrier breeders who lobby with the dog fighters.) All of this sham is perpetrated by people who want to save their financial interests in pit bulls, and prevent regulation that will save lives but reduce their profits.

It isn't for the benefit of the dogs, the public, other pets, other animals. It's JUST ABOUT THE MONEY.

These people will tell any lie they need to to protect the $$$. This is one big scam.

Even worse, most of them are massive tax cheaters and don't even contribute to public expenses of cleaning up after the death and injury their breeds are causing, and the animal control expenses dealing with their castoffs.

"Some Stunt Pits are used to infiltrate jurisdictions where Pit Bulls are regulated in order to have the Animal Control ordinances overturned, and get the breeders and dogfighters back in business"

Anonymous said...

thanks for the eye openers and the laughs . these people really are as dumb as i suspected, well, in a slimy way. guess u can be slimy and dumb too and that shit will always float to the surface eventually to be revealed to those that care to look and see. genetics in people and dogs will always show itself no matter what the attempts to hide it .

ive heard of wiener dogs but boner dogs craven?

Manifesto Joe said...

I never thought I would be a pit bull owner, but there's one in the room with me right now. He's been neutered, is kept either indoors or fenced in, and is very spoiled.

We sort of inherited this one. My wife's irresponsible cousin rescued the dog as a puppy from some biker who was going to be reporting to jail. The cousin didn't take long-term responsibility, so we ended up with the dog. I suspect that he and his siblings came from a puppy mill and had originally been intended for fighting. I fear that other males in our pit bull's litter are either champs or dead.

They are intelligent, and can be molded into good dogs, a la Petey in the Little Rascals. But people should make no mistake, they are stubborn, have tempers and high prey instincts, and should be handled with much care.

I can understand why some people would become enamored of this breed, but no dogs should be allowed to run loose or breed freely, and especially not APBTs. Sweet as they can be, they are all potentially dangerous. I've heard people argue that they should all be exterminated, which seems extreme to me. But kooks shouldn't own these dogs any more than they should be allowed to carry handguns.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i can't take credit for this blog post snarky.

joe, you sound like a sensible pit bull owner. i know that you people exist, i just wish you had a greater on line presence.

Anonymous said...

Petey was not a family pet. Petey (there were at least two, because the first one was poisoned after it bit someone) was a stunt dog, raised and kept in a kennel by people who trained stunt dogs for filming, and used them for income and as a meal ticket. They were not pets.

Petey never lived in a family environment, in a neighborhood full of kids, with the neighbo's pets playing in the yard or kids running for the school bus. Petey was used for filming, then caged. If you watch these shows closely, you will see that many of the Petey shots were done separately from the film shots done with the kids.

In other words, in most cases, the dogs weren't even on the same set with other people. They shot the dog's scenes separately, mostly by heavy use of closeups.

No, they can't be "molded" into being family pets. All it takes is one unlocked gate, a door ajar, a break in the fence, a kid running down the street, a sloppy housesitter, an open window, and you will have tragedy on your hands.

Do you understand, Manifesto Joe, that even pit bulls raised from puppy hood, "properly" trained and "molded," and never abused- are attacking and killing, even their own owners? You can't overrule genetics. They are not "intelligent." An intelligent dog would listen to its master, and not ignore commands and go and kill the neighbor's dog despite its owner's admonitions. An intelligent breed wouldn't kill its own master.

There is no way you can guarantee that your dog can be kept away from other people and pets at all times.

Why would you want to even put yourself or the dog into a situation like that? That isn't rescue. While you have a dog that needs special confinement and is always a risk, a true "rescue dog" that would have made a loving family pet, got put to sleep.

And it is not only "loose" pit bulls that are killing. They are killing and maiming when they are the end of a held leash, or they climb the fence to go and kill.

Whenever someone promotes themselves as a "responsible" pit bull owner, it doesn't take too long for the fabnrications and senselessness to emerge. They always think they are being sly by admitting to a few defects, but then complete lies fill in for the truth.

I have yet to see a "responsible" pit bull owner.

And Joe, you better make sure your insurance company knows what is going on, because if anything happens and you haven't notified them, you will be personally held responsible for everything.

Better have a lawyer on speed dial, because you may also be charged with a felony.

(I would love to know how the "responsible" pit bull owners think they can weed out the kooks and stop them from owning these dogs. What exactly is a kook anyway? Many would say it's a person who thinks it is ok to own an acknowledged potentially dangerous dog.)

Jim Reeve said...

This is crazy. How could the governing bodies allow pit bulls to be used as service dogs?

Being Canadian, I had only heard about all the pit bull attack that happen in the United States. But since I've been following your blog, I've learned that these attacks happen all the time.

I do still have hope that one day, these dogs will be banned outright and that Animal Control will take action. But I won't hold my breath.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

"... my Erectile Dysfunction Service Dog."


Rag Doll said...

"They are intelligent"
Compared to their owner maybe.

So, Manifesto, you believe intelligence is heritable but aggression is not? Right?

Jewel Jade said...

In NO way, shape, or form should a pit bull type dog, or any fighting breed dog, be allowed to be used as a "service dog." As it stands now, the ADA has NO stipulations about what breed of dog is allowed to be used as a service dog, but I have a strong feeling that this will soon change. At least I HOPE the ADA has employees that are SMART ENOUGH to know that these dogs are completely unpredictable and extremely dangerous! They pose a HUGE risk to the safety of the general public.

A service dog is a dog that will accompany its handler anywhere the handler goes. This means that it has EVEN MORE access to the general public than any family pet. Therefore posing an EVEN GREATER RISK to the public!

There are currently very strict guidelines in place that stipulate how a service dog should behave, what its temperament should be, and the minimum training requirements for a dog of such caliber. Whether you train your own service dog, or not, is not relevant as far as the minimum training/temperment/behavioral guidelines are concerned. Meaning, whether you choose to train your own service dog or not, IT BETTER BE UP TO STANDARDS! If it's not, it doesn't qualify as a service dog, plain and simple!

I am hoping and praying that VERY SOON the ADA will agree to BAN the use of pit bulls, and other fighting breed dogs, as service dogs. At the very least, the ADA NEEDS TO establish a Nationwide Registry to verify the validity of service dogs, whether trained by the owner, or otherwise. This would NOT be difficult to achieve!

I see this coming down the line very soon, with all the continued attacks and maulings by these types of dogs, even in the "service dog" world. I'd be SHOCKED if the ADA is currently looking at this and is about to make some serious changes. If not, THEY'RE FREAKING MORONS!!!!

Manifesto Joe said...

Candormd, you and Rag Doll seem to be the types of extremists who are an unhappy opposite of the kooks who think it's OK for just anyone to own a pit bull, let it run loose and fornicate freely. Advocating euthanasia for all pits is going to get you about as far as it gets neo-prohibitionists who want to ban alcohol because we have DUI deaths and injuries. In other words, not very far. Having owned a pit for nearly three years, it's clear to me that they must be sequestered more than other dogs and that their ownership should be regulated. But it seems that the two of you would have us send our dog to the lime pit, no questions asked. That's precisely the fate we decided to spare him.

Yes, Rag Doll, I think that both intelligence and aggression are largely hereditary. You seem to be breathing evidence of the latter.

Candormd, I live in Texas, and one of many legal problems here is that people such as convicted felons generally can't legally own guns but can most certainly own pit bulls or any other fighting dog breed. The answer to this is going to lie in regulation, not in prohibition. Getting any kind of rules at all through this Legislature would be a minor miracle.

I am also aware that Petey was fictional. Our dog is definitely not. It's a bit dicey to own these dogs -- also Rottweilers. But I have seen firsthand that good environments can improve them a lot. We have decided to take that chance, rather than to just kill him, eugenics-style.

april 29 said...

The FABB affair has been left off of this list and it deserves at least an honorable mention.

The owners of the Zak and Zoe pet store in Seattle offered FABB (Families against Breed Bans) the opportunity to "educate the public about pit bulls" and lecture on breed bans at the grand opening. Faith Hynoski, founder of FABB accepted with pleasure. The grand opening attracted a good crowd. About 30 minutes into the event Hynoski's pit bull attacked a sweet yellow lab named Sam, absolutely unprovoked. A few days later FABB announced tha Hynoski would no longer be running the organization. To top this FABB disaster, a FABB member wrote a letter to a local blog named "The Stranger" threatening to sue if it wrote about the attack.

You can't make this stuff up...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

no you can't april29. from vida silver to darla napora to kris crawford to FABB to Deanna Terminiello. this champion for the underdog first called a woman's child retarded simply because the woman dared to utter a negative word about pit bulls THEN this very same champion for the underdog threatened to sue someone at facebook for daring to point out psychopathic behavior!

i keep waiting for the comedians to discover the wealth of material that is called pit bull advocacy.

all together now...


oh and some fun FABB reading

DubV said...

Baggie Bob should train his dog to detect and get help in the event of priapism.

Anonymous said...

saw a pomeranian today and its no wonder pitters are terrified of them. it was truly like the furry stuffed toy from hell.
on the other hand i also saw a dingbat and her ugly white mutant. it was so sweet and well-behaved ......the mutant was not bad either.

Anonymous said...

hope we didnt induce a munchausen by proxy reaction in our poor rescue angel nutter friend. a double
"stunt dirt-napping" would be truly tragic.

Anonymous said...

i think some pitter pablum is in order , fellow turd-chuggers, to awaken p.nutter and cyclona from their respective slumbers. p.p. laced with hillbilly heroin for nutter and southern comfort flavored p.p. for dear cyclona . otherwise they may never waken due to the terrible injustice and malevolence inflicted by ignorant and spitefull victims, from all over.

Small Survivors said...

"I don’t get it. What’s with all the Pit Bull PTSD service dogs?!? Do they help the owner deal with the outside world by making it seem safer?.."


No, but really, all these supposed rescue angels and breed advocates, Marc Langevin, Linda Forney, Aimee Chappelle, Ruth Teeter, and Anna Klafter, had to be secretly training their pit bulls to attack because everyone knows pit bulls only attack if they're trained to do so.

Miss Margo said...

"i keep waiting for the comedians to discover the wealth of material that is called pit bull advocacy."

Haaahaha nice to have a good laugh over my morning cereal, Dawn James. Thanks!

I concur. The PB advocacy movement is ripe for comedy. Bill Maher's an awful prick (which is not to say that I don't agree with him on most things), but he'd be perfect for this. Likewise, Chris Rock.

Anyone could get it right, though. Bill Cosby. Sinbad.

Anonymous said...


"i suspect my pit is suffering moderate to severe depression due to pervasive , unwarranted and excessive persecution and discrimination. he wont even play with his chihuahua buddy next door or go riding his skate board at the beach. his nose is very warm and his eyes have lost their glare and look dull and unfocused. im sorry but i feel my best friend comes first so i wont be coming in to the rescue anymore . im going to either nurse damien back to health or find some other way out of this cruel world.
sincerely p. nutter"

steve said...

Interesting Read. I really think that we need to move towards a National Service Dog Certification Program. I don't care what breed a dog is i in fact it is trained properly, and serves a purpose. The way the ADA laws is now however makes it far too easy to take advantage o f and deceive in order to bring your pet where ever you want. I do not think a national program would allow aggressive breeds, but I'm ok with it as long as it is tested and passes. We need a true certification program!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

miss margo, funny that you should choose bill mahr. i agree with you, he can be an awful prick but i agree with him on most things. btw, did you know that he is (or was) a supporter of the utah cult, best friends?

snarky, i think our rescue angel succumbed to his own mesmerism and is now in a drunken wife beating stupor, either that or he does know when to quit. the former seems much more likely.

steve, i am in complete agreement with you. there is a german shepherd around me that appears to be some kind of service dog for his wheelchair bound owner. it has extreme dog aggression and should be disqualified from the world of service dogs. dogs that display aggression should be shunned and forced into isolation.

Jake said...

@steve -

I have a big problem with a pit bull "service dog", even if it is "tested and passes". The reason is simple: the unpredictable behavior of pit bulls. What good is a service pit that seems fine until one day it sees another service dog and switches into attack mode?

If you look into some of the details of the pit bull attacks that happen every day, one of the most common remarks from the pit owner is always "He's a really good dog, he's never shown any sign of aggression before" or words to that effect.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i don't disagree with you jake but all or nothing is unlikely to help. we need to take baby steps. a national certification program would weed out the overwhelming majority of pit bulls for service work and others like the GSD i mentioned above.

DubV said...

Maher is an odd bird. Seems pretty rational and then he denies vaccine and HIV science. Weird.

Anonymous said...


You can't make this stuff up!

april 29 said...

Thank you Snarky,
you make my day.

Miss Margo said...

Dawn James: No shit about Bill Maher...? I'll look in to it, but I believe you. He's a mixed bag.

His comedy can be hilarious and there's nothing wrong with the hamster running in its wheel upstairs (his intellect). I watch Real Time, and I almost always agree with him. I love his blatant aggression against stupidity.

At the same time, the guy leaves a bad taste in my mouth, like biting on tinfoil. I can't put my finger on it, which is weird. Basically, he is a major prick. A major-league arrogant prick.

So weird. So, so weird. I do like his show, though.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i love bill's views on religion and politics (and especially politicians), but his views on women - not so much. i've only seen bits and pieces of real time here and there. one of my favorites.

bill and BFAS

Anonymous said...

well, thank you too.
my pleasure to make a small contribution in the fight against a stupid and unnecessary fad . thankfully, what goes up must also come down....eventually.

Anonymous said...

what horrible people

Anonymous said...

that was just a test - blogger.

well a new day is here and i suppose itll be more of the same. bad stuff going down ....murder , child rape , unnecessary vicious dog attacks on people and animals . yea i put them together on purpose. the first two are perhaps worse but not separate. what we allow to one carries over to the other. should we "get over" certain things and "move on"? who has the right to say this ? who has the right to say one bad thing is worse than another and so cancels the smaller thing? i suggest when people people want to tell us what to think and how to feel this is when to turn away.

DubV said...

"i love bill's views on religion and politics (and especially politicians), but his views on women - not so much. "

Yes, I should've added that in my list.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i jumped the gun on vintage's stunt pit backfires in history, i thought it was ready to publish. it has been revised. sorry vintage.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I think of Bill Mahr, I think of an interview with a young woman a few years ago. Bill dates almost exclusively young African American women.

Apparently he dates them for a while, makes himself some promises, then dumps them for a new one.

This woman described his moves. She didn't know he was going to break up with her until he drove her to an emergency room enmtrance at a hospital and gave her some cash and told her it was over, and if she felt like committing suicide, there was help for her there. Then he drove off, leaving her there.

He may date African Americans, but Mahr is very susceptible to the Saul types, and they do provide his bread and butter and give him air time and promotion.

Maybe some day he'll figure out that Best Friends and that band of money grabbers is connected to Rick Berman, and he's been played.

Miss Margo said...

Candormd: would help if you'd be explicit in your accusations.

Who, exactly, are the "Saul types" (never heard of this demographic before, and I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday) and who is the young woman Maher dropped off at the ER, and for what reason did he drop her off--suicide or what?

Craven Desires is explicit and transparent in their aggression. Let's follow that standard.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i'm not sure there is a saul type. millionairess nutter jane berkey aka jane saul is one of a kind or is there another millionaire nutter that i am not aware of?

Anonymous said...


NY Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Palladino's Pittie attacks a lab at a campaign stop in 2010

New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino's pit bull, Duke, bit another dog during a campaign stop this week. People who were there said he was growling, foaming at the mouth, and completely out of control. And so was his pit bull." —Jimmy Fallon

"Palladino's pet Pit Bull adds teeth to the campaign"

Duke recently showed off a new look: a fuzzy orange fleece that says “Pets for Paladino.”

“I love his new wardrobe,” Mr. Paladino said Saturday. “I’m proud of my dog. He’s been a great friend.”

1913: Larry the Bull Terrier mascot of the Cleveland Baseball club goes beserk during a road trip and attacks a child at the Washington DC's National ball park. Players from the team rescue the boy and Larry is banned from the National Ball Park.;words=attacked+terrier+bull?date1=1836&rows=20&searchType=basic&state=&date2=1922&proxtext=bull+terrier+attack&y=11&x=21&dateFilterType=yearRange&index=9

Anonymous said...

Apparently Miss Margo was born on the turnip truck.

Jane Saul and her comrades, who have connections to West Coast media and influence it for their own financial interests. Yes, Saul has West Coast friends and connections as does Berman who influence people like Maher and also influence his promotion in the media. He gets more promotion if he's a good boy and toes the line.

Saul does not act in a vacuum. She has an entourage and other similar lobbyists to work with.

But Miss Margo knows all this, don't you.

Perhaps Miss Margo IS of this demographic and perhaps she should hew to the stansdard of honesty.

Anonymous said...

Learn a little about the concept of LOBBYISTS and their influence, and how they work as a group or demographic on the media, and it will get you far Margo.

Anonymous said...

I also think that Miss Margo from Manhattan is playing games here and not being honest.

When I saw her blogger page something rang a bell, and sure enough, my sister who is going to school in NYC knows her. You see Margo, I come from YOUR demographic.

The opinion of others is not positive, Margo, especially with regard to Saul and some related personalities.

You aren't being up front with craven in your interests here.

Anonymous said...

Manifesto Joe, you can't be sure that your fighting breed will always be contained and it takes only one mistake to result in death or injury.

You are still stating that the life of a fighting breed is more important than someone's elses pet minding its business in its own yard, or the life of a child.

If you want to anthropomorphize, the biggest culprits of doggie "eugenics" are the pit bull breeders.

The No Kill extremists never quite understand that.

Alsao, the majority of the pits killing other pets and people are NOT owned by convicted felons. The pit bull breeders always try to assert that to try to escape responsibility, but it isn't true.

The pit breeders have long been pushing this idea of laws "banning convicted felons from owning pit bulls" to try to let themselves off the hook, but that wouldn't make a bit of difference in the death and maiming by pit bull rate. Most felons don't end up being convicted anyway, they plead down the charges.

However pit bull breeders are ALWAYS trying to point the finger at "criminals" and falsely claim they are the ones creating the problems. Unfortunately it is the pit bull breeders at the heart of the problem, and the ones that are connected like the "pit rescue" dealers, and the owners of pit bull that live in selfish denial.

Anonymous said...

"the ADA has NO stipulations about what breed of dog is allowed to be used as a service dog, but I have a strong feeling that this will soon change. At least I HOPE the ADA has employees that are SMART ENOUGH to know that these dogs are completely unpredictable and extremely dangerous! "

The problem is that it has connections to lobbyists like Berman and Saul.

The government caters to special interest groups, no matter what party holds the reins.

Special interests that have a financial interest in certain areas don't want regulation, so they "lobby" government employees and departments for favors.

The government is more representative of vying special interest groups, not "the people," unless "the people" take action and hold them accountable.

For example, lobbyist Rick Berman basically controls the department of agriculture because his clients are the wealthy industries and businesses that have large financial interests in the affairs of that department. Even department of agriculture employees admit that they work for special interests, not the American people. There is a lot of influence peddling and "favors."

This is a big problem facing American government, the influence of lobbyists and special interest groups that are in opposition to the interests of most American citizens.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

candormd, can you please define this demographic for those us who fell off of the turnip truck. i really do not know.

april 29 said...

I do not think the attack on Miss Margo is appropriate. When I saw Canormid's remark, I understood what was being said because I know who Jane Saul Berkey is, but without context,it looks like antiSemitism. I respect Miss Margo's response and thank her for taking a stand.

And thanks to Vintage, I remembered the Palladino affair and was going to post it myself. I think it is significant that this candidate went down in flames at the polls.

Anonymous said...

i think candormid needs to get his/her teeth into someone on this side, occasionally . "when the shark bites the scarlet billows start to spread."

Miss Margo said...

Candormd: I merely asked for a clarification of your AMBIGUOUS term. I was not attacking you and I was careful to ask my question in a way that did not presume anything about your meanings.

It was an honest question.

I know plenty about lobbyists and plenty about U.S. demographics. One could say that I've devoted my professional life to studying these topics, among others.

I will not defend myself from your other weird quasi-accusations and assumptions. My comments and contributions to the various Pit Bull War blogs are consistent in their argument and moral tone. My comments and my conduct speaks for itself.

April 29, Thank you for standing up for me!!! Also Dawn James and Snarky. Noted and appreciated.

KaD said...

Steve, the Rutledge's family pit bull of EIGHT years, Kissy Face, who had never shown any signs of aggression, ripped her child Beau's HEAD OFF in the time it took for her to use the bathroom. The dog was taken by Animal Control AFTER the attack and aggression tested and PASSED the aggression test AFTER killing a child. Think that through a litte.

KaD said...

Are YOU a responsible pit owner?
1) Do you have at least TWO breaksticks? One to use and one in case the other breaks? If not you FAIL at being a responsible pit owner.
2) Is your breakstick on you right now? If not then where is it? GO LOOK. If it’s not where you said it was you FAIL at being a responsible owner. You can’t find your breakstick when your dog is latched on to someone’s screaming beagle or your neighbor’s kids’ face.
3) How often do you practice using the breakstick to detach your gripping dog from its toys so you can do it when it’s an emergency? This is subject to opinion but I think at least once every two weeks is a minimum. If you don’t do this regularly you FAIL at being a responsible pit owner.
4) Is your fence six feet high? You FAIL at being a responsible pit owner. Pit bulls can easily leap a six foot fence as seen here: and here: . I’d go for at least eight feet.
5) If your fence is chain link is it topped with a roll bar or 45 degree inward facing extensions and over six feet? If not you FAIL at being a responsible pit owner. A pit bull can climb chain link at least 12 feet high as seen here: .
6) Do you EVER walk your dog or have it out, even between the car and house, without a leash on? You FAIL at being a responsible pit owner. It only takes one small lapse to cause a catastrophic or fatal mauling. Scroll down for the ZERO MARGIN OF ERROR RULE OF PIT BULL OWNERSHIP:

7) Do you take your pit bull to the dog park? You FAIL at being a responsible pit owner. Even pit advocacy says not to do this:
8) Do you post stupid pictures of your kids climbing and laying on your pit bull? You FAIL at being a responsible pit owner. Even pit advocates say not to do this.
9) Do you have at least $500,000 in liability insurance; the average settlement in a pit bull mauling? If not you FAIL at being a responsible pit owner since you are unable to pay for the victims of your dog.

KaD said...

Another stunt pit fail to add to the list:

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

people seem to think that a dog that protects is providing a legitimate service to their owner. this needs to stop.