Thursday, July 12, 2012

PLEASE, open your hearts and your homes to a pit that will eat your face, PLEASE

To all hybristophiliacs and apotemnophiliacs, and suicidal hemophiliacs: this is a shout out to you!

These three pit bulls, impounded on June 20 from manhattan zip code 10001, are about to be put down by New York City Animal Care and Control.  But they needn't be, because NYCACC is perfectly willing to adopt them out to anyone with a pulse.  And limbs.  And no fear losing their face or being mauled to death.
Getty could not be assessed due to behavior displayed on approach. She displays aggression while snapping at the fron of her cage and does not tolerate handling.

06/20/2012 INITIAL PHYSICAL EXAM - she'd been hit with a tranq gun

Look at her facebook page - 69 likes, 521 shares, 198 comments

 hybristophiliac commentary:
 Leah Jean I thought you were safe :*( LOOK HOW SCARED!!!!! Oh sweetheart, I want nothing more than to be able to hug you close and tell you everything is going to be okay :*( Look at this sweet love, anyone for Getty??? Anyone willing to step up and take away all fear and heartache from this sweethearts eyes??? She is terrified!!! Please, don't let her be killed, PLEASE!!!! Anyone for Getty????????

Her bud, Blue, also growls when approached so he can't be behavior assessed (WTF).  But you can still open your home, heart and face to this boy:

hybristophiliac commentary:

  • This is killing me is beautiful Blue still alive?? Why hasn't anyone stepped up for him Betty or Getty

  • Debi Martell-Hodge Oh this poor baby looks so scared!!! I pray he finds a home.

  • Kandi Collins Someone help him God, He needs fostered or adopted Please !!!

  • Honey Bisogno If I have this correct going by his date,search warrant and number ending 717** they are killing the Dogs the ASPCA rescued from the Bronx Dog Fighting raid . They killed one already and I see 3 here tonight. Any one know someone in the News? This is an outrage!

    The outraged Honey Bisongo (yes, I know, but it's still my new favorite word) has it wrong.  she's trying to be Nancy Drew by sussing out the search warrant numbers.  However, she failed to notice that the ASPCA raid happened on June 22 in the Bronx, and these dogs were impounded on June 20 from Manhattan - as it clearly states on their web pages.  Nice try...not really...moron.
    Look at his facebook page 100 likes 1,158 shares, 396 comments
    WOW, do we love us some fear aggressive pit bulls.

    Then we have poor Betty who is a boy. 
    Betty has not acted vicious.  Betty is relatively safe compared to the other two. Betty gets so much less love from these paraphiliacs.

    Look at his facebook page 59 likes, 383 shares, 129 comments
    It's pathetic.  If the pit doesn't seem likely to inflict a righteous mauling, it doesn't get any attention at all.

    These three are all dying today unless some of us stand up to open our homes and our hearts, and admit our willingness to sacrifice  body parts today. 

    scurrilous amateur blogger said...

    uh-oh snack, i think i am starting to catch fur mommy fever. i am feeling like all bonnie and clyde and like leave it beaver all at once. wiggle butts with tranq gun scars are the most lovingest, most loyalist, most cuddliest of all! if i can save this poor misunderstood wigglebutt "I'll be good enough. I'll be smart enough. And doggone it, people will like me."

    Unknown said...

    why don't people get Labs and Goldies ...they are the best dogs or GSD the good guard dog if that's what you need?

    DubV said...

    Ravi, because some people are very, very, very stupid.

    Small Survivors said...

    Dawn you crack me up! I remember that SNL skit by the minnesota senator Al Franken. I remember the one he did with Michael Jordan!

    AND you went and confronted them. can't wait to see what they'll (not) say (delete your comment).

    Rumpelstiltskin said...


    According to the pit nutter animal shelters, what you have pictured here are 2 tan "red-nosed" pointers and a white Border Collie.

    But seriously, I sometimes get bashed for owning pure bred dogs. At least I've met the parents of my dogs and observed them as puppies in an attempt to be sure they will be suitable for my home.

    These pit nutters go out of their way to get the most dangerous pits they can possibly find and then adopt them. I feel sorry for their neighbors. They will always pose a danger to themselves, their neighbors, and family.

    I do hope they get mauled and learn a lesson. Even then, they will excuse the behavior...If they live to tell the tale.

    Anonymous said...

    these people are very creepy and scary . thats all i got to say about that .

    Anonymous said...

    " the outraged honey bisongo " ..... craven ? is she like a fur mommie night whisperer ?

    Miss Margo said...

    10001 zip code is very close to mine. It's CHELSEA for sure. Nice place.

    Yeah, it's unbelievable. Wow.

    Ha! I see your comment on the facebook page--"who in their right mind would grant you freaks a non-profit status?..."

    You shoulda been a cop, Dawn, except that I don't think you'd do well under the strict bureaucracy. You are fucking indefatigable.

    Thanks for the post, Snack. I haven't felt this drunk since I stopped drinking.

    april 29 said...

    This post leaves me speechless...

    and I'm not often speechless.

    Small Survivors said...

    LOL at the red nosed pointer, R!

    "I haven't felt this drunk since I stopped drinking."

    That's a good way to put it!

    Dawn has a reply. Her blog post has been deemed sexist by one who deems aggressive dogs adoptable.

    scurrilous amateur blogger said...

    if these creepy lunatics didn't pose such a threat to the rest of society, ie people, pets, livestock, wildlife, cars, and planes they'd be pure comedy. i imagine them taking their freshly released level 3 registered sex offender pedophile boyfriend to the company picnic at the elementary school they scrub toilets at and proudly introducing their latest misunderstood project in the hope of getting him a job there too. and then getting all huffy when shunned or asked to leave. fuck, these creepy women are beyond words. we need to create a whole new vocabulary to describe them.

    this is a great find and a timely one snack.

    Anonymous said...

    "I want to cuddle the frightened, yet potentially lethal animal!"

    What can a person say to such irrationality?

    "Too Stupid to Live"


    S.K.Y. said...

    I looked all over for Dawn's comment, but I all I could find were ignoramuses bashing her for having commented. So I guess the original comment must have been deleted.

    I've now hung out on lists like that one enough to see that the people on the lists have SERIOUS psychological issues. They needn't be pit people, or dog people. Probably 95% of them are not physically involved in rescue or adoption in any way. My belief is that their psychological issue is the "love of motivating a complete stranger to do a 'charitable act' when they themselves would never dream of doing the same act." These are the people constantly whining and forwarding adoption info for dogs that they themselves would NEVER consider adopting. They score a "win" if the dog ends up getting adopted, and pat themselves on the back for making it happen. However, IMO, in almost every case, these types of FB fan groups do not lead to the adoption. The dog either gets adopted by some local person who wanders in... or is euthanized... but I believe it is quite rare when one of these aggression cases is actually adopted.

    Even when you do hear that the dog was "pulled," (adopted at the last second), my belief is that they are generally being pulled by hoarders or people with large collections of these "difficult" dogs... and the dogs end up going back to the pound soon anyway. Either the adopter drives them over the county line and drops them off once they get too many, or the dogs get seized for neglect or whatever. But in the meantime, the adopters and everybody on the list gets to pat themselves on the back for a "job well done."

    As Sue Sternberg points out in "Successful Dog Adoption," adopting these scary dogs is bad for adoption in general. Neighbors see you come home with this killer and think those are the only dogs available at the shelter. The dog bites somebody, and all shelter dogs get a bad rap. It would be far better to euthanize the aggressive dogs (like pits) and adopt out the most friendly dogs. Then people will see the shelter as a source for well-behaved, baggage-free, healthy, happy, family pets. And there are MANY of these around, particularly outside the big cities. I have adopted two Border Collies from shelters, and they had SUPER temperaments, zero baggage, and were able to go right into training/competing/modeling.

    Small Survivors said...

    Sharon, after looking over that one page more, I can see what you're saying. These people are just hangers on and rescues wouldn't take the defective dogs. Did you see what else they do? They start pledging money to whichever rescue will take that dog.

    They sound like a demented greek chorus "Please somebody SAAAAVE him." I think you're right, that they get a rush when any animal is pulled as if they did something. I also bet they get something from the constant mini-mourning they do when animals are put down.

    The main thing that amazed me is that NYCACC has a behavioral testing and coding system for assessing safety of the dog. But, they short circuit that system by saying the dog couldn't be assessed as dangerous because the dog was too dangerous to be assessed. Well, no, that is an assessment. "So vicious and dangerous we couldn't perform the test" is, in itself, a mighty powerful behavioral assessment. It should be labeled "dangerous" or "code red" or whatever they want, and put down with no opportunity for adoption whatsoever.

    On one of those facebook pages, they explain how an individual can adopt a dog that the NYCACC won't adopt out to individuals because it's too dangerous- approach one of the "approved" shelters and ask them to pull it for you.

    You're right, the shelters were likely never going to take those dogs, but I can easily imagine scenarios where insanity or corruption allows seriously dangerous dogs to be put in some community.

    I can easily see how dogfighters could funnel intact fighting dogs out of the shelters if they just infiltrate that list of approved shelters.

    april 29 said...

    Sharon, you have spoken of Sue Sternberg's book Successful Dog Adoption before. I was curious about the book and ordered it. WELL worth anyone's time, very fine book. Thank you!!!!!

    S.K.Y. said...

    April 29th, glad you liked it. Even though the book isn't openly anti-pit, the way she dissects adoption ads shows how people try to disguise anti-social or dangerous dogs as "big goofs." And those people are exactly the type who line up to rescue former fighting pit bulls.

    I actually disagreed with the book the first time I read it, as I thought she was "too hard" on biting dogs. I still thought most had been "abused" and could be "rehabilitated." As I gained experience working with about 500 biting dogs (as a dog behavior consultant), I realized that temperament is almost entirely genetic, and little can be done to make an unsafe dog safe, short of muzzling it 24/7.

    (I'm lenient with toy-sized biters and/or dogs who use no pressure when biting; but larger dogs or dogs who give Level 4 bites get referred for a dirt nap).

    Anyway, I went back at that point and re-read the book, and it was like angels flew around me and a beam came down from the heavens. I agreed with everything she said, including not trusting a dog who doesn't act overtly aggressive, but could take or leave humans. I did her test on my subsequent three dogs (two adopted from shelters and one bought from a show breeder), and all three have had the most STELLAR temperaments of any dogs I've ever met in my life. Fun loving, athletic, responsive, dependable, biddable, and who are friendly with all humans and all other animals, down to baby chick sized.

    If I'm going to live with a dog for 15 years and take it out in public, I now insist on getting one that can pass Sue's tests. It is just not worth it to me to have another dog (like my 10 year old BC--acquired prior to me using the test) where I have to micro-manage him around strangers and strange dogs, and often end up leaving him at home. There are TONS of dogs that would pass her tests that are euthanized due to lack of space. Until all those dogs are adopted, I cannot possibly justify or agree with people trying to "save" and "rehabilitate" known biters while the friendly dogs are ignored and euthanized because they don't have a "cool dog-fighting story" attached to them.

    Dayna said...

    I don't get why the ASPCA would set itself up for such an obvious failure! Why advertise the dogs at all? Did anyone at the organization think those dogs would or SHOULD be adopted out? Why not just quietly euthanize them?? What am I missing here?

    Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

    I'm just catching up and checked the links. It looks like all three have been put down.

    Of course the anger is directed at the shelter - not the breeders and pit promoters that perpetuate failure.

    Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

    Get a load of this comment! Bindy Snyder" "The killers will burn in hell. No innocent creature should be executed. Ideally, what could be done to stop the needless killing? It's a sanctioned criminal killing spree of God's most helpless and trusting ones, creatures with an undying faith in God and man. We are not worthy! What can be done to save these souls?"

    Holy shit! If God will do something, perhaps he could make Bindy's busted mind a priority. The killers will burn in hell? Consider for a moment this is coming from a "Rector at All Saints Episcopal Church."

    scurrilous amateur blogger said...

    good find dude, i didn't see that one.

    here's my personal favorite:
    Renee Butler "I would much prefer to see these dogs running free in the street, isn't this supposed to be a free country????"

    i am toying with a follow up blog about these freaks.

    scurrilous amateur blogger said...

    yeah, i am just a little puzzled as to why these no kill freaks have access to this information. a spy on the inside perhaps?

    scurrilous amateur blogger said...

    "Too Stupid to Live"

    exactly cazz

    scurrilous amateur blogger said...

    i imagine these are the same people who protested teri schiavo's husband removing live support.

    scurrilous amateur blogger said...

    did anyone else notice that in less than 48 hours of posting getty's sob story, the freaks raised at least $215?

    Jake said...

    Dawn - I think the frankenmauler report showed pretty clearly what happens with these things "running in the streets"

    scurrilous amateur blogger said...

    here's bindy at her church

    must be one of those freaky best friends type church.

    scurrilous amateur blogger said...

    here's another:
    Ann Imallover "I'm so sorry Getty. I love you."


    Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

    As if this would be a free country if we're hostages in our homes because of free ranging pit bulls? The real mystery is how someone this stupid can turn on a computer, navigate and use a keyboard.

    DubV said...

    These last few posts point toward a persistent flaw in some human natures. It is depressing to think this may never sort itself out. The only solution that may gain support is severe restrictions on all breeding. What bothers me is that this might cause the suffering of mutts of stable breeds.

    DubV said...

    To be clear I am speaking of blog post related to human psychology and not individual comments.

    Unknown said...

    You are absolutely correct. A person, any human being who cares for his/her family and neighborhood will not get these kind of dogs. They are genetically coded for aggression.
    BY THE WAY more HUMAN died because of these animals. Pit Bull Owner Suffers Fatal Heart Attack Trying to Break Up Dog Fight ...Thanks to this blog otherwise I was going to get a Pitbull for myself a few months ago.

    scurrilous amateur blogger said...

    dubv, just the last few posts? craven desires is dedicated to flawed human nature :)

    Jake said...

    @Ravi G -

    Welcome to the community of the sane! I too used to think dogs were dogs, and simply accepted uncritically the popular notion that pit bulls were just like any other dog.

    Thanks to Craven I was educated, and now advocate for the safety and well being of normal dogs, by making known the truth about pit bulls.

    I think there are quite a few of us with similar stories.

    vintage said...

    BSL is the only way...These people will not regulate themselves.

    Rumpelstiltskin said...

    Ravi G,

    Good job not getting a pit bull if you enjoy living as drama-free as possible. My first real experience was when someone moved next door to me with 3 pit bulls. Nothing but drama and conflict since he moved in. It was not just limited to the dogs. ;)

    Seems the mere fact someone's selected a pit bull as a companion says volumes about who they are.

    Your Quiet Neighbor said...

    The "Bindy at her church" link is now 404. Can't imagine why *that* happened!

    Packhorse said...

    Look at #2: If every waking hour is suffering, how cruel of these people to want to force these dogs to endure another day. Let it end already.

    Anonymous said...

    please let the euthanasia begin , for the sake of us all. lol

    scurrilous amateur blogger said...

    the bindy kook is still there. try it again.

    packhorse, these people care nothing about the suffering of dogs.

    Anonymous said...

    euthansia : what a great concept for these modern times. universal euthanasia for mutants, but before that worthy deed is accomplished ......euthanasia by pit bull , for select pitters who are suffering from pitterine empathetic syndrome.


    Anonymous said...

    i think honey bisongo might have what i like to call "pitterine personallity disorder" the old scars and fresher wounds on the arms are not slash or burn marks , they are bite marks !!! a sure sign of extreme mental disturbance and distress. it comes from not relating, in a healthy way, to her loved ones. cocker spaniels for instance just dont "cut it" or should i say "bite it" when it comes to dealing with this much mental pain , it has to be a pit bull. extreme sufferers actually lose appendages , limbs , facial features and pieces of skin and scalp to this terrible mental affliction. its terribly sad. perhaps doggy prozac could be presribed .

    Small Survivors said...

    Ha! Snarky. I think "pitterine peronality disorder" should be called "going bisongo."

    The comment about preferring they'd run the streets just show how insanely out of touch everyone, including NYCACC itself is. Their purpose is human health and human safety. GEEZ.

    Also, I saw one pit that had $500 pledged! I can't find that one anymore.

    Bindy is amazing. When I read these adolescent screeching "I hate you, you're evil, you killed a dog" rants, I expect to see an adolescent author. But, no these are middle class, middle aged women most often with professional jobs. I found a SUNY academic counselor who was screeching and crying. I think Dawn is right and a whole pit specific disorder is brewing on these facebook pages.

    The bindy kook is amazing. I've looked at other adolescent, screaming, "Doggie killer" rants and expected them to be attached to an adolescent's facebook page only to finde several middle aged, middle class, professional women! One was an academic counselor at SUNY! This is really some kind of weird syndrome.

    Also, I saw one pit that had $500 pledged!

    scurrilous amateur blogger said...

    in hindsight your title should have been "cut out your heart and open your wallets". these freaks have the naivete of children.
    $500??? i have to wonder if that wasn't really a plant put in place by kay smith to inject a little more psycho fervor to help keep the donations flowing in. i can see her blowing on the dice. "c'mon baby, mama needs a new car!"

    i looked at quite a few of those profiles. only 3 appear to be men and only one appeared to be a teenage girl and the rest were middle aged women. only a couple of them were nutters. the rest of them owned little snack sized dogs.

    this is the face of NO KILL. this is why i have 2 anti no kill blogs in the blog roll.

    scurrilous amateur blogger said...

    pitterine personality disorder. i like it.

    april 29 said...

    "Going bisongo", I like it. Ditto on "pitterine personality disorder."

    Anonymous said...

    im quessing those middle aged dingbats all have moderate to severe P.P.D. ..... bite marks are diagnostically significant btw.

    DubV said...

    Another pit bull trigger added to the growing list, witnessing a car accident...

    scurrilous amateur blogger said...


    we can have both. i am always amazed at how normal the deranged can appear when they want to.

    i don't know how i missed that. oh wait, yes i do. i have been retching over the next craven installment. it reminds me why i named this blog craven desires.

    scurrilous amateur blogger said...

    i saw that a few days ago. can you imagine having to choose between providing aid to your injured spouse and being eaten by a pit bull? and once again the nutter provided no assistance.

    Anonymous said...

    these people are way scarier than their lovable four-legged , furry friends. beware of dog but double it for the dingbat . muzzle for the mutant , lobotomy for its owner . if they dont do them anymore they should bring it back just for these freaks.

    Anonymous said...

    fuck those are ugly dogs in the photos !!!! rescue dingbats lining up to adopt or foster those gross fucked-up monsters should have their brains tested . with current, lol.

    Small Survivors said...

    DubV, I saw that attack and it is outrageous. I imagine the adrenaline was already pumping from the accident and worrying about his wife, and then to have a mutant attack him. His heart must have been strong.

    Rhea said...

    These people are freaks!

    Friends Administrator said...

    I found this one today.
    This is from Kimberly, who says, "This rescue group will kill this dog tomorrow if no one takes him." Please click on the photo for details and contact info. Thank you.
    We've gotten inquiries on Diddy, unfortunately that's all their doing. Diddy has always bitten dogs, he probably always will. He is now without options and will be euthanized Monday if I can not find the easiest thing in the world to locate...which is...someone with no other dogs and just a small hint of intelligence. If I can accomplish so much with this dog in 30 minutes in a span of an entire year, then imagine what 20 minutes a day would do. If he's not a liability for a 50 year old woman with every health problem there is, then the only reason he will die on Monday is because he is not an asset. I am A RESCUE, I DO NOT take in a dog to kill him- because I work to many hours to assist him with what he needs. But someone has the time so be a hero to a dog and not yourself--this one is an easy fix. This dog is the face on my logo-for a reason.

    Shawnna Shula According to many threads about this dog, this dog has been 1.5 yrs. Has nearly tried to kill another persons dog, also attacked the trainers dog and.had it by the throat. He has also bitten a tech at a boarding facility and they wanted to euth right then and there. The chances of this dog finding that one person to take him is slim to none. The pics above are deceiving because of how he is being described. If a dog has exhausted all means of rehab and.isnt coming out of what they call a "break", trying to fit him into a society that judges a dog based on breed isnt gonna happen. From reading everything about this dog, I personally wouldnt feel comfortable releasing this dog to.anyone but a sanctuary, for the simple fact that safety of everyone and everything is a factor. He is dog/cat aggressive,."people selective", prior acts of biting and aggression, and has been in different homes and boarding with no luck. Its sad and I cant imagine what they are feeling. I definitely dont want to be in their shoes come Monday.
    7 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2
    Natalie Hawkes If I were anywhere near this place I would take him quite happily. All Pittbull asyou call them should be saved. or given FREE to the Police for guard duty or somthing. I grew up with Staffordshire Bull Terriers who are veyr simiar to Pittbulls and my Parents never had any probs with the Dogs as we were responcible for them. Even though still today People will cross the road and say OHHH its one of those fighting dogd he will eat my lillte dog" Its usually the stupid little YAPPIT that causes the fight in the firts place.... Hope Puppy gets saved....

    april 29 said...

    Natalie Hawkes is not a critical thinker, and obviously not a spelling bee winner either. Pretty classic pitter....

    Anonymous said...

    thats a good one to use during snack-n-dash .....pit-happens to be you and your dog, like ......shit rules ...dude.

    fucking cretinous critters

    Rumpelstiltskin said...


    Who's not surprised a pit nutter gives us more reason to hate the pit bull breed?

    Rhea said...

    Okay here's the thing that bothers me most about the pictured dogs and these pitbull nutters:
    They are all over the dogs that look most "frightened" and the one that kinda looks a little happy and stuff is ignored. My thoughts are kinda jumbled but I am gonna try

    First: I don't know who else got the "How to pick a dog" lecture from their parents but my mom's rule of thumb when we were kids was if you go to the pound or a rescue to get a dog look for the most outgoing dog, ask the owner/ caregiver of the dog how the dog behaves in different situations and never take home the dog that cowers in the back or appears to be "sad"

    She said it was because the scared cowardly one in the back usually didn't make a good pet. I was a kid only 10 when I was asking her about how to choose a dog.

    Anyway so, although I wouldn't go near a shitbull, smiling or sad because all shitbulls and "STAFFIE BULLS" are liars. BIG FAT FACE EATING LIARSSS!!

    But if like I had no choice and someone was holding a gun to my head and said "Choose one or die"
    just from the knowledge I was given by my parents on how to pick a dog......
    I would go with the white one. He isn't cowering and he has a better description than the other two.

    So why are these fucktards ignoring common sense?

    Let's Meet Eligible Franken Mauler 1

    "Okay shithead behind curtain #1 has eaten two cats, a squirrel, a tree, the neighbor's legs, and a mail man's ass. Also the poor blood thirsty dear is just dying to go home with you. We're serious...dying....get it...euthanasia in two days."

    "Eligible Shitbull #2 fancies a long walk through the suburbs mauling children playing football, tackling the elderly to the ground to scalp them, and will proudly prance up to you with your neighbor's wedding ring finger clenched in his jaws just for the two of you to play fetch. Hahaha that's if you remember to purchase about a half dozen break sticks so you can unlock his hinges"

    "Eligible Shitbull #3 Shows very little sign of aggression as of right now and will only tear the pants off of your mail man once a week. If anything does happen its only because he wanted to rescue you from a falling ladder *wink*"

    So, which Eligible Franken Mauler DO YOU want to take home to your wife and kids?

    And I LOVE how the morons claim they aren't close enough but would take one home if they were. I suspect the person who isn't close enough is actually plenty close but is using that as a scapegoat. And she expects some other stupid ass to fall all over these dogs who are not able to be rehabilitated and would be better off to society if they were put to sleep.

    scurrilous amateur blogger said...

    i looked at the profiles of many of these freaks and the majority had yappy snack sized dogs. they are all talk.

    Rhea said...

    I have a snack sized dog, an 8 lb Chihuahua and he is in no way a fighter or a yapper. These people and their "Small dogs always start the fights" are stupid.

    Pitbulls are BRED to start and finish the fight.

    No one even really knows what purpose other than companionship, a chihuahua even serves. Hahahah.

    Anyway small dogs are not usually the fight starters its the pitbulls and these people are sick.

    SadFalada said...

    Pit bulls got religion? Did anybody else know about this?Do they refrain from death-dealing on Sundays......?