Thursday, August 16, 2012

best friends rescue angel/lion tamer killed by one of her gladiators

last year it was BADRAP, this year it's BEST FRIENDS turn.

georgia 23 year old REBECCA CAREY was a devoted dog rescuer. her current pack consisted of 2 pit bulls, 2 presa canarios and a boxer mix. one or more of them killed her. CAREY'S parents authorized the dirt naps for all 5 dogs.

one of the presas was owned by fellow lion tamer JACKIE CIRA and claims her presa was a THERAPY dog. CIRA was also the person who found CAREY, stating "It looked like she hit her head." CIRA thinks there was a rush to judgement in killing all 5 dogs, adding that CAREY would be devastated by their destruction, especially the "pit bull".

"She was a very experienced dog handler," she said, adding Carey was not naive when it came to dealing with aggressive canines.

"If she found out it was a dangerous dog, they were gone," Cira said. "She felt strongly that dangerous dogs had no business being in society where they could attack a child or something."

CAREY'S neighbors are interviewed in the video in the fox link at the bottom. they claim the dogs were not dangerous. whenever the dogs ESCAPED, they would just tell them to go home.

ANOTHER "responsible" pit bull owner!

CAREY'S dogs


dogsbite decatur




best friends animal sanctuary


dekalb pit bull ban lifted thank you vintage!

this was just sent to me by your quiet neighbor. thank you!

the date indicates that REBECCA adopted these dogs when she was about 19. FAR TOO YOUNG to be handling dogs like this.

you will need to click on the image to view larger and read the text.



Rhea said...

Why do nutters insist that the victim would have been devastated about the death of their own murderer? Now nutters can talk for the dead. Nutters dog and ghost whisperers.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

woops. another fatal pit bull seizure cocktail

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

wow, i just realized this is the anniversary of darla's death.

darla was killed on august 11th. rebecca was killed sometime over the weekend, the 11th or the 12th.

what are the chances?

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Anniversary of Darla's death... Wow, that is weird.

Gotta love how the friend that found her speculates she hit her head breaking up a dog fight. Yeah, that happens a lot; healthy 23 year olds can't stay on their feet or protect themselves in a fall ;-) Better get Maribito on this one - this story needs a ladder thrown in for good measure.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

WHO in their right fucking mind uses a PRESA CANARIO as a THERAPY dog!

FUCK! we need regulation NOW!

Rumpelstiltskin said...


vintage said...


May 2012...Duped by highly organized Operation Maul-Streeters, Dekalb County rescinds it's Pit Bull Restrictions.

*Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

vintage said...

Interesting comment about the anniversary of Darla...24* Americans have been killed by Pit Bulls in the year since she was gripped.

* 2 additional DBRFS are still pending investigation.

It is ironic that Amimal Planet chooses this week as "Shark Week".
Sharks only kill about 4 people worldwide a year.

Sharks get a BADRAP!

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

If the media ever interviewed me, well, I'd be raising the roof. I'd tell them about all the times this neighborhood has been endangered by loose pit bulls. And about how the Pima Animal Care Center, 911 dispatch, and the Tucson Police Department have not protected us.

Branwyne Finch said...

Where on earth did this college student live that she was able to own five large, dangerous, aggressive dogs? Who would rent to a kid and let them have five large dogs of any breed? I am sure she had no insurance. This is so scary.

Here is my solution for getting these dogs out of the hands of college requirements. NO insurer would have insured her. If you passed laws requiring mandatory s/n for pit bulls, presas, filas, etc, mandatory microchipping, and mandatory liability insurance requirements, everyone wins. The "responsible" dog owners are completely unaffected, because they have already done that. If something does go wrong, victims have some recourse, because you can prove dog ownership and insurance can help pay for medical bills....the dog owner is not judgement proof. You remove the incentive for bybers to continue to pump out unstable dogs that end up abandoned and euthanized.

You can seriously reduce dogfighting, because fighting dogs are worthless if they are s/n. If a neighbor suspects dogfighting, which is difficult and expensive to investigate and prosecute, they can report an illegal breeding operation.

Honestly, everyone wins in that scenario. "responsible" owners are unaffected, fewer dogs are born to live short, miserable lives, fewer victims are created. The only way to keep ANY dog breed out of the hands of "irresponsible" owners is through the breeders. And where breed stewardship is comprised largely of criminals, or people with malicious intent, then you need to regulate the breeders.

safer midwifery utah said...

It is bound to happen again, I doubt any nutters or rescue angels learned a god damned thing from this (a "freak accident" happening AGAIN). I was planning on blogging the recent legislative happenings anyway, looks like I have a new angle to explore.

There probably wasn't any way to talk her out of owning these dogs alone, either. I wonder if the nutters with their toxic bullshit lies will apologize for suckering that woman in with their bullshit. She is dead now because she believed them.

Branwyne Finch said...

She worked in a grooming salon at a vet hospital that does boarding and "rescue". I wonder if the dogs she "rescued" came from her workplace? Did some authority figure at the clinic convince her that a Presa Canario would be a great pet for a 23 year old college student?

The vet clinic has a Facebook page...they posted a picture of her yesterday posing with a pit bull.

I just find this to be in incredibly poor taste. They didn't post anything about her, just her posing with a pit bull. No message to let clients know about the loss of an employee, no heartfelt condolences to her family. Not a picture of just her face. They had to get the damn dog in there.

No one at that vet clinic had the maturity, decency, and good sense to offer any words of comfort, expression of grief, or a respectful tribute to this young woman's life. They just had to make sure they got a photo of her posing with a pit bull, because the priority always is that "we don't want this tragedy to reflect poorly on pit bulls."

Branwyne Finch said...

Sorry about my above comment....its the wrong girl. The girl in the pic posted is another red head, not the victim. The clinic hasn't posted anything about the death of their employee AT ALL!

safer midwifery utah said...

Hm in the yahoo article it said she had strong feelings about dangerous dogs not being allowed in society. thats pretty low on the nutter scale, eh? It was her friend paraphrasing though. i wish we had more to go on.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

There's something about these rescue people that I find very disturbing. It's the lack of social skills, the misanthropy, or something. I just wish I was better able to put it into words.

vintage said...


UPDATE: Antonio Ford is in the "Pokey" on $2 Million Bond!

Back in June, 65-year-old Eugene Cameron was found dead at his friend's home of an apparent mauling. According to neighbors and investigators, Cameron was discovered naked with wounds that may have caused him to bleed to death.

Investigators said DNA from Antonio Ford's dog, DMX, was found on Cameron's clothing. They also found Cameron's blood on the dog

CORRECTION:...Pit Bulls have killed a confirmed 25* Americans since Darla's demise last August.

*The Kevin Latz case is still unresolved.

*Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

By20hounds said...

Your comments about Rebecca are in extremely poor taste. The girl isn't even buried yet and you find the need to criticise her life?

Rebecca was a fine example of a young person who set out to make this world just a little better for people and for the four legged companions she called her friends.

You didn't know her and your comments are simply ignorant and off base.

By20hounds said...

So you found it is incredibly poor taste tnhat her employer didn't offer words of comfort on Rebecca's passing yet you all want to second guess her life? Who is exercising POOR TASTE?

At this point it is not even clear whether it was Rebecca's dogs who mauled her or the dog she was watching. It doesn't really matter does it?

Small Survivors said...

The only ignorant thing said was you saying she was making the world a better place by saving and possibly adopting out o the public dangerous dogs .

This naive foolish young woman was putting innocent people in jeopardy, no matter how well intentioned she may have been.

And I, for one, am beyond frustrated that legislators are cowardly letting foolish people put themselves and everyone else around them in harms way

Small Survivors said...

No it doesn't really matter if it was the new presa canario or the old presa canario or the pit, though my money is on the new presa. What matters is that Rebecca was irresponsible to believe she could assess and handle dangerous dogs. It doesn't really matter if she did this out of rescue angel naïveté or lion tamer arrogance either. Dangerous dogs need to be regulated.

vintage said...

"I'm a vet tech and".....

Didn't another veterinary clinic worker loses an arm last week?

Jewel Jade said...

This is just horrific. I can say that I do feel sorry for what's happened to this girl. No one deserves to die this way....and as foolish as she was, she was sincerely trying to help and rescue animals "in need." Having said that, there are some dogs that just DO NOT belong in peoples' homes as pets, and she had almost every type of these specific dogs. What happened to her doesn't surprise me, but it makes me sad. I wish that the pit bull lovers and zealots would not think of this whole pit bull thing as a game they have to win, and just put it down and admit that these dogs are a serious danger to society. It's like they think if they do that, we're going to laugh at them, and gloat in their faces.....but that is NOT the case. This is NOT a game and it's NOT about who is winning...them or us. I refuse to think that way! If they would just see the truth and admit these dogs are dangerous, I think we could all finally work together to do what's best for society and for our children and the other animals that are constantly getting mauled and killed. I can't imagine what this poor girl went through that day she died, and what a preventable death! She was only 23, half my age, half the age of a lot of tragic, she had her whole life ahead of her. I don't understand what it is with these young girls and dangerous dogs, but I did read an article recently with a great analogy of this issue....
It's worth reading, and doesn't take much time. May this young girl, Rebecca's soul rest in peace. She didn't deserve this.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"The girl isn't even buried yet and you find the need to criticise her life?"

fuck yeah. the comments coming from the neighbor about those mutants getting loose. the psycho idiot side kick using a presa as therapy dog.... the psycho idiot sidekick saying she would be devastated by the their're a bunch of idiots. and you are all fair game, including and especially the victim.

and you come along spouting "better world" bullshit. fuck you too. you're an idiot. there is no such thing as a better world with a pack of pit bulls and presas in the hands of 23 years well intentioned nitwit. anyone living next to that situation and is okay with it, is an idiot too. the only good thing about this story is the victim was NOT the neighbor or the neighbor's dog or cat. if you inconsiderate, irresponsible fucktards want to take these kinds of risks, then it is only fair that you inconsiderate, irresponsible fucktards should be the ones to pay the ultimate price.

Illinois Pitbull Attacks said...

"Rebecca Carey’s supervisor at Alpharetta’s Loving Hands Animal Clinic stated the fatal dog attack victim had a “remarkable gift” for working with rescue dogs, even the violent ones"

It looks like a lot of older adults including the commenter and her supervisor actually egged this girl on, telling her she was special and making the world a better place by endangering herself and her neighborhood by taking all these HIGHLY DANGEROUS dogs.

The neighbor saying "when they got out" like it wasn't just a one time thing. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? And what was wrong with Rebecca? The only good thing is that she was the victim and she did not inflict this on someone else.

Not only did Rebecca not inflict these dogs on some innocent person, we are also saved from the prospect of Rebecca trying to save some or all of these dogs after an innocent person was killed.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

"if you inconsiderate, irresponsible fucktards want to take these kinds of risks, then it is only fair that you inconsiderate, irresponsible fucktards should be the ones to pay the ultimate price."

Amen and hell yeah!!! Sorry 20hounds, but you’re not going to squash honest conversation with sanctimonious BS in this blog. What you apparently consider ‘good works,’ (advocating for dangerous breeds,) some of us consider bomb building. Detonation has occurred in the bomb builder’s home – no innocents were harmed and for that we should be thankful.

People being murdered by their own dangerous breed happens frequently enough that I’m establishing a pattern: I mark the occasion by leaving the computer to take a piss, wash my hands and make a sandwich. No shits are given.

Branwyne Finch said...

I do feel sorry for this young girl; she could be my daughter. I feel sorry for her the same way I feel sorry for any young person who takes unnecessary, stupid risks and loses their life. She is no different than the young person who drives fast and recklessly, because they feel they are skilled enough to do it safely....then ends up dying in a car crash.

That is the real tragedy here, isn't it? Why did this 23 year old girl take such risks with "violent" dogs? Was she taken advantage of by adults involved in dog "rescue", flattered, and told she had a "special gift"? Was it easy for the adults around her to let her take difficult and aggressive dogs off their hands? Was she trying hard to prove herself, and win the approval of friends and collegues involved in "rescue"? What sane adult would find it appropriate that a 23 year old girl take on the responsibility of owning FIVE large, strong, potentially aggressive dogs? Did ANY of the animal care professionals in her workplace express their concerns to her that owning multiple Presa Canarios was EXCEEDINGLY dangerous, even for expert dog handlers?

Rebecca was a victim, also...a victim of the "rescue" movement. She was let down by all the adults in her life who SHOULD have stepped in and told her that this was a very bad idea. That the world is full of sweet, friendly dogs and cats that need homes too.

The only people who should be feeling guilty over her death are the adults that encouraged her to do this, and whoever allowed her to rescue these dogs....not posters on a blog who are thankful she wasn't their neighbor.

Dayna said...

" if you inconsiderate, irresponsible fucktards want to take these kinds of risks, then it is only fair that you inconsiderate, irresponsible fucktards should be the ones to pay the ultimate price."

Here here! I could not agree more. There are MANY other breeds of dogs in need of saving that were not bred to fight. You make that choice of your own free will. When your risky choice comes back to bite you, literally, that's just too damn bad.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

there is not a more intelligent/compassionate voice that i respect more than branwyne's. she actually had me feeling sympathy for darla last year, that sympathy lasted until pit bull advocacy started flapping their jaws. first it was greg's statement about the misunderstood breed, then marabito's ladder theory, then greg's bizarro decision to bury his wife and fetus with the killer, then donna's praise of greg.

i admire branwyne for it, but i won't go there again.

i can't say that i am happy that this particular rescue nut was killed by her dangerous mutants, all i can is, if this particular rescue nut's dogs escaped and killed the neighbor that was interviewed in that newsclip, this rescue dingbat would be clinging to the same tired old excuses we are accustomed to hearing after one of these tragedies.
1) it was a mountain lion (missouri hillbilly reynolds)
2) the dogs were provoked (henry piotrowski)
3) the containment failed (rosie humphreys)
4) they've never been aggressive before
history tells me that rebecca would most likely not be held accountable for the death and or injuries of her neighbors and she would likely be fighting to keep at least some of those mutants alive on facebook.

this young adult woman was a menace to those around her. her death is a relief to me. i am relieved that her neighbor still has her arms. i am relieved that her neighbor's child was spared the trauma of seeing her pet ripped in half and again every night when she closes her eyes.

rebecca was not mentally challenged or mentally ill. she was a competent adult, old enough to drink, to vote, to marry, to go to college, old enough to know right from wrong. the bottom line, we were all young at one time, we're all damaged in some way. i am not happy about her death, but i can not find it in me to feel sorry for her.

what would make me happy (ecstatic might be a more apt description) would be if one of the dark triad (ledy, jane, karen) was lying on that morgue slab.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

"The dogs may have been kept in dirty cages and in unsuitable conditions, not to mention the fact that she may have abused the dogs in some way..."

BOOM, there it is! I'm surprised it took this long, but it appears they're ready to throw this "victim" under the bus so they can get back to the business of pimping dangerous dogs. By now it's a little predictable, ya know?

april 29 said...

Ther is NO excuse for a dog, of any breed, to kill the person who feeds it and cares for it. Dirty cages excuse a mauling death???

What planet do these people live on?

Rumpelstiltskin said...

April 29,

Aside from puppy play or food aggression, a dog should never ever bite its owner.

I believe many friendly dogs will still go after someone if their food is threatened. Food aggression/resource guarding is a GENETIC TRAIT in all dogs, some more than others. I've trained my dogs to allow me to pick up their food while they're still eating but I can see them showing teeth and growling. I can even see them fighting the GENETIC urge to guard their food. They know they're supposed to let me pick up their food (that's how they're trained) but they don't want me to.

What is the possibility of breeding two highly food aggressive dogs and having the pups come out highly food aggressive? I'd say quite likely!

It's really annoying pit nutters dismiss genetics when it comes to a pit bull's aggression and gameness and say "It's all in how you raise them" because that's just not true. You can suppress or redirect it but it doesn't change the fact that they may revert back to their original programming.

I'm wondering what triggered the pit bull or whatever shitty breeds she had in her home, to kill her. Maybe it was during their feeding? If she was feeding 5 potentially/GENETICALLY aggressive dogs together, that could cause so much chaos, she never had a chance.

vintage said...

Guess she must have been a bad owner?!?

Oh well.... Hose the blood off the back yard "Zoo Area", close the casket, and pump out another litter....

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Yeah, the County Line article calls them "constant companions", "out running errands", and "weekend hike". Sounds like a horrible owner who mistreated her dogs.

I read somewhere, a group of pit nutters guessing/accusing her of starving and abusing her dogs. Just crazy.

Anonymous said...

ah well , at least my non-mutant and my immediate familiy are fine ....for now . if this changes in the future i wont be apathetic .

Anonymous said...

who cares whether shes buried yet. she was killed by her own naivety and the stupidity of of a whole class of idiots. she's dead cuz she accepted the bull-shit .

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"The dogs may have been kept in dirty cages and in unsuitable conditions, not to mention the fact that she may have abused the dogs in some way..."

i took the time to track down cindy marabito's email address last and sent this to her. i wanted to get a head start on it. i wanted her to beat out my other least favorite nutter examiner penny eims. i'm rooting for you C, make us proud!

"I'm wondering what triggered the pit bull or whatever shitty breeds she had in her home, to kill her. Maybe it was during their feeding? If she was feeding 5 potentially/GENETICALLY aggressive dogs together, that could cause so much chaos, she never had a chance."

maybe they didn't care for the smell of rebecca's new shampoo or they didn't like the way they looked in their new collar or the humidity was above 90% or the beagle shot them a dirty look from the sidewalk or most likely, they are just fucking tired of all the negative press they get from the media. these dogs look for reasons to flex their genetic muscle, just like border collies look for things to herd.

"What a godawful mix of dogs to have. I'm surprised she didn't keep cobras and wolverines too."


Anonymous said...

if she did , she would be alive today , most likely . she kept dogs with a rep for violence and it came to be truth not myth.

Small Survivors said...

Great find YQN! Gwinnett county animal control acted criminally placing puppy presa and pit with a 19 year old. And then they give her attention for it by highlighting their crime in their newsletter.

I cannot believe she hadn't experienced "squabbles" that must have scared the shit out of her before this.

And it looks like there were a lot of older people who were experienced in dog rescue - her supervisor, everyone at her work, the basset hound rescuer that commented, the AC that adopted the dogs to her - who all used her as a shining example that there are no bad dogs and proof that anyone, even a teenager, can handle these dogs if they're responsible.

How many people heard this story of Rebecca, the sweet young woman, who made obedient fun loving dogs out of dangerous breeds and were led down the garden path as well?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i looked for but did not find gwinnett county animal welfare and enforcement adoption policy. no shelter that i am familiar with would have adopted a beagle or a cat to her let alone a presa and a pit. some shelters won't adopt pit bulls to anyone under 25 or anyone who doesn't own their home. i am wondering if she wasn't still living at home at the time of the adoption and her parents signed off on it. otherwise i have to ask, can the south really be that backwards? i don't know what they're doing down there half the time. i'm not sure they know.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"I cannot believe she hadn't experienced "squabbles" that must have scared the shit out of her before this."

yep. even before the second presa materialized.

vintage said...


Respectfully disagree about adoption policy...

Unfortunately, The Turbocharging Pit Bull Adoptions program specifically targets the 18-30 year old demographic who tend to be renters. This is why they are making such a brouhaha about landlord discrimination and liability.

The plan is normalizing Pit Bulls in apartment complexes owned by ethereal nutters like Rebecca. The added bonus is they enlist energetic young girls into the Occupy Maul Street Army who believe they are the next Tia Torres.

Dog Bite Hospitalizations are up 86percent since 1993 in the US...

Miss Margo said...

Dawn: Adoption vettings are really that strict where you are? Really?

Of course, that's the way it should be! But it hasn't been my experience at all.

I got a little Manx kittie from the local pound, same-day, when I was only 22. They did call my landlord first to make sure it was okay to have cats in his apartment. And I was employed and also a student, so maybe that suggested to them that I was responsible. It was a poor redneck western State.

When I was at the infamous Social Tees here in NYC (hardly a reputable rescue, I know), I saw them doing same-day adoption of two pit bulls to a 20-something woman who lived in an outer borough. They were trying to arrange transport her for and the dogs (nobody has a car here, and you can't take uncrated animals on the subways. Unless they are STUNT PIT THERAPY DOGS, of course).

Also: if I read the stories correctly, that friend who said Rebecca "looked like she hit her head" (maybe she fell into the sink garbage disposal) had Rebecca dogsitting the friend's mutant. Friend was thinking "Holy shit, I knew this was a bad idea. Bad Fido! Now I gotta cover my ass! A fall--that's it!"

S.K.Y. said...

Hi Dawn, I'd agree with Miss Margo. I have experience with shelters in small university towns in the Midwest (MI/IN/WI/MO). They do virtually nothing to investigate potential adopters. If you fill out the 1-page form and include a vet phone number (which you can copy from the yellow pages in the waiting room) and check the box that says "fenced yard" and the box that says "my landlord agrees I can have a pet," you get the pet. They spay/neuter it the same day and you can pick it up the following morning. I used to volunteer at an open-admission shelter in Columbia, MO, and they were so desperate for homes (40% of healthy/friendly dogs were PTS due to overcrowding) that they'd do same day adoptions to college students or anybody who came in. BTW, kudos to that shelter for having a policy where every pit was euthanized when it came in. (So pit people all took their dogs to local no-kills for warehousing instead.)

Now I moved to Madison, WI. I'm 1/2 mile from what most people would consider a "stellar" shelter, with on-staff positive trainers, dog behaviorists, multi-million dollar facility, etc. But once I saw their posters for their "Positively Pitties" program plastered all over local grocery stores, I made an oath not to give them a penny or a minute of my volunteer time.

Check out this quote from the program page at

"Owning a Pit Bull Terrier is a lot of responsibility because of their poor reputation with the media."

How's that for passing the buck? Pits are not a big responsibility because they are super-strong, super-powerful, 16x more likely to escape confinement than other breeds, and have been bred for 150 years to attack people and kill other dogs. Nope, only because of that darned "media bias."

Anonymous said...

Well, there ARE some people I feel bad for in this story.

I feel bad for the girl's parents, even if they co-signed for her to get these dogs and/or encouraged her, they're going to have to live with thoughts of how she died for the rest of their lives AND the harassment they are undoubtedly getting from pro-pit people for signing off on killing the whole pack.

I also think the interim shelter director needs some sympathy, as I'm sure he's getting bombarded by the same folks for his on camera statement that no one could/should allow those dogs back out of the shelter.


Anonymous said...

"... and food aggression, a dog should never ever bite its owner."

Is food aggression really that common?

I've had dogs all my life, including 11+ years with an Akita, one year "boarding" a pit and several with a GSD foster who had been semi-feral until he was ten and was therefore a potential (but never actual) fear biter.

None of those dogs ever bit, growled or threatened me over food. I wouldn't/couldn't tolerate that.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

well, i am talking about county/city shelters and not rescues. i don't really have much experience with the rescue world. off the top of my head, one of those shelters with strict pit requirements (age limits, fence, home owner) was in nevada. city or county, i can't remember but i saw the restrictions one night when i was cruising petfinder for "lab boxer" mixes.

i lived in a small college town in the midwest (80's) before the pit bull explosion and they were strict on general adoptions. they would not adopt to a 19 year old or a college student.

the city i currently live in has no special pit restrictions that i am aware of but they would not adopt to a 19 year old or a college student.

Small Survivors said...

These watch words in the No Kill movement bode well for the future of the responsible owner:

High Volume Adoptions

Yeah, they're going to give any dog or cat to any Body that has a pulse. Take two, they're free.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

I feel bad for the girl's parents, even if they co-signed for her to get these dogs and/or encouraged her, they're going to have to live with thoughts of how she died for the rest of their lives AND the harassment they are undoubtedly getting from pro-pit people for signing off on killing the whole pack.

i agree with you cazz. i wouldn't want to be stuck with the image of my daughter's savaged body lying in the morgue.
and that shelter director has a spine.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"To boost adoptions, ADL is hosting a Name Your Adoption Fee on Saturday, March 31 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. – a special pet adoption activity where adopters can name their own adoption fee for any pets four months of age or older (minimum $25). This special adoption will include the pet’s sterilization, microchippped and vaccinations."


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this is so depressing snack. i don't see how they can cheapen an animal's life any more than this.

Branwyne Finch said...

I agree with vintage...many shelters are targeting young adopters. We must realize that an entire generation has grown up with reality TV show trainers informing their opinions about dogs. Young people today think that dog aggression is "normal" and all you have to do is "train the socialize' the dog and aggression problems will be "fixed".

These young kids don't realize what our lives were like growing up with peaceful, nonaggresive breeds and mixes. They have grown up being told dogs are inherently dangerous. Unlike me, who grew up at a time when kids and dogs ran loose together, unsupervised by any adult. We played with neighborhood dogs without fear, including intact adult dogs.

Animal rescue zealots prey on young people like Rebecca, and shelters target naive young women who grew up watching Cesar Milan "just being a pack leader"......these are the folks most likely to adopt a pit or other aggressive breed, not the middle aged suburban family with kids. Young people today have such low expectations of what a family dog should be, its easy to convince them that extreme behavioral problems in a dog are "normal".

It's a tragedy that so many young people will never experience the easy companionship of a totally friendly, totally safe dog. I think those dogs are slowly disappearing from society, and its just heartbreaking to me.

DubV said...

Wow, when a rescue nutter gets killed, all the pit nutters and rescue angels log in.

I refuse to get sucked into any debate with these people, but the comments here are just astounding.

There are 76 pages of comments on that article.

april 29 said...

Life is too short to waste it on 76 pages of pitter comments. Life is shorter for some than for others.

Pit bull advocacy is responsible for the death of this young woman. Dawn James reference to the "dark triad" is appropriate. There is not enough soap in the world to wash the blood from the hands of Berkey, Vankavage, and Delise.

DubV said...

"Life is too short to waste it on 76 pages of pitter comments. Life is shorter for some than for others."

I agree. After reading a few pages I did do this though, I sorted comments by time and then looked at the most recent versus oldest comments. As predicted, the newer comments are more likely to be pro-pit because they huffpo link has had more time to rattle around facebook etc among nutter orgs/pages.

Anonymous said...

I agree that people have taken in the political correct propaganda about pits because for some reason its the cool thing right now to be accepting of these dogs . for myself , i have lived with non-aggressive , safe dogs for over half a century , with no injuries to dog, cat or human. i see no need for dangerous dogs except perhaps for the police . any dog that endangers family members or the public (and its pets) does not make any sense to me . i dont give a toss that these dangerous dogs are victims too of the stupidity of humans . make them take a nice dirt-napp.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

wow, 82 pages now. i am sure it will surpass 100 by dinner.

i just looked at the first page on the huffpo, a sea of idiocy. i see you broke down DubV and jumped into the cesspool. that's okay, we love you for it.

the good old days when catastrophic and fatal dog attacks were truly a rare freak accident and people didn't fear dogs.

i definitely agree that pit bull advocacy in general is targeting young people but in my apparently very limited experience, shelters do not. i suspect with the rise in popularity of the no kill movement and pit nutters infiltrating and overthrowing municipal shelters this policy of targeting young people and adopting to anyone with a pulse will be inevitable. and i agree, people like rebecca are too impressed with the cesar milan and tyson kilmer.

DubV said...

" i see you broke down DubV and jumped into the cesspool. that's okay, we love you for it."

I'm weaning myself off nutter battles. About 20 comments but no extended back and forth! I can't fix these people.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sadly the only way to fix these idiots is the manner in which rebecca was fixed.

vintage said...

Update on Spinstertop....

A textbook on recruiting and working the dupes!

Leah's boyfriend was a registered sex offender apparently....

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the hybristophiliac scores another one for the team.

and Frank Cosimino Corrente is a pedophile to boot.

Anonymous said...

i thot calgary was a utopian haven for bully -dogs and their responsible cretin owners where this shit didnt happen ?

vintage said...

Need a new term for these incidents since they are beyond a regular Nutter being killed by their own Pit Bull.

There was a similiar situation up in Ohio last year where Michael Winters ran an unlicensed Dog Zoo in a neighborhood. He was ripped apert by his "Subjects".

These are Fatal Attractions type incidents.

Animal Uncontrol said...

I blogged about a Tony Solesky interview a month or so ago. He points out that people like Rebecca are essentially "Rescue Tools" in that they have been convinced by others that they are doing something great for pets. However, what they are REALLY doing is facilitating various pet-related economic interests and helping cover up the "No Kill" FAIL.

In addition to putting themselves in danger, people like her are also facilitating a public health and safety disaster. If THAT moved in next door to me, I'd be apoplectic!!

Tony's interview:

I'll close by saying that it is truly unfortunate this young woman died. That said, she was a victim of her own gullibility and hubris. This outcome, while certainly not ideal, was also not the worst... as a few other commenters have noted, those dogs could have torn up a neighborhood child.

Packhorse said...

Don't you know--
You don't tug on Superman's cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
And you don't mess around with pits!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

vintage, i forgot all about that rescue angel. i was thinking rebecca was the first.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"In addition to putting themselves in danger, people like her are also facilitating a public health and safety disaster. If THAT moved in next door to me, I'd be apoplectic!!"

EXACTLY! this is why i am so furious. no one is outraged that this nit wit was living with these 5 dogs and barely containing them. the neighbors report of her loose presas and pits and boxer was so matter of factly, i just wanted to punch the wall.

no one batted an eye at a PRESA CANARIO THERAPY DOG. WHAT THE FUCK?!

if these dogs lived next to me and never got loose, i would be all over AC, the city, the county, her landlord WHOEVER to get them out. this is unacceptable! you wanna play lion tamer? you should have the money to build an isolated zoo like compound and then have at it.

Dayna said...

"These young kids don't realize what our lives were like growing up with peaceful, nonaggresive breeds and mixes. They have grown up being told dogs are inherently dangerous. Unlike me, who grew up at a time when kids and dogs ran loose together, unsupervised by any adult. We played with neighborhood dogs without fear, including intact adult dogs."

Exactly Branwyne! My husband doesn't get why I'm so focused on this subject. But I've grown up with the knowledge that dogs truly are your best friend, you never have to guess or wonder or fear what they may do in any situation. I remember when a co-worker told me the story of Diane Wipple, I was shocked and appalled that a couple of dogs would do this. Since then, this theme of dog killing/mauling people has continued to grab my attention, and the fact that my friends, family and neighbors are adopting pit bulls and mixes scares the crap out of me.

Anonymous said...

mutant cooked alive in its plastic crate and the stupid bitch wouldnt let the A.C. put it down . hard to believe and not so hard to believe , when you know a bit about these pittie-people .

Rumpelstiltskin said...

When will pit bull owners start being responsible and shoot their pit bulls dead when they show aggressive behaviors?

When will pit bull owners start shooting their pit bulls if they are trying to maul or kill a dog or human.

I wish pit bull owners would just kill their dog if it locks on another dog or child. But that would be too responsible for them. Instead they blame the victim.

Rebecca might still be alive if if the original pit bull owner put his dog down like he is supposed to.

vintage said...



updated 6/24/2006 3:48:10 PM ET

EL PASO, Texas — A 2-year-old girl was fatally mauled by a dog owned by an employee of an animal adoption service, authorities said.

Authorities believe Gemma Liliana Carlos wandered away from a caretaker's home Thursday morning.

*Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Opalina said...

How horrible for this poor girl. What makes me the most incensed about this is the shell game her supposed friend Cira is playing. Her friend is dead and all she can think about is exonerating the dogs and covering her own ass. I've read several articles about this horror story, and the information given about Cira's role in all of this is often very vague. One article quotes her a lot, but then says that Rebecca was looking after on of the dogs "for a friend." Come on! Name the friend! Name Cira! Why would they leave that out?

That animal Control office deserves a medal for his stance on not adopting out dangerous dogs. I"m going to send him some flowers!