Thursday, August 23, 2012

déjà vu


sunday august 12, 2012, JACKIE CIRA found her best friend's bloody lifeless body. REBECCA CAREY was killed by one or more of the five dogs in her home.

wednesday august 15, 2012, dekalb county gave dirt naps to all 5 dogs with the consent of REBECCA'S parents.

saturday august 18, 2012, REBECCA was buried.

while REBECCA was being buried, her best friend, co-worker and the person who found her lifeless body, JACKIE CIRA was launching a campaign against Tim Medlin & dekalb county and Rebecca's parents for the "immoral" killing of the dogs.

CIRA'S primary complaints:
  • CIRA had secured new adopted homes for all 4 of REBECCA'S dogs but instead they were immorally killed - curious how other dogs languish in shelters and rescues for months and even years without a nibble but dogs accused of killing their owner have "numerous" people willing to take them in within 24 hours.
  • CIRA'S dog, the therapy presa named DANAI was killed without forensic evidence proving that the "therapy" presa was involved in the attack - CIRA also states that the presa was co-owned by REBECCA which would give REBECCA'S parents the legal authority to dirt nap them.
  • CIRA is upset that dekalb county AC refused to answer questions from ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY or allow them to assess the dogs - apparently CIRA doesn't understand that dekalb county AC is involved in the investigation of a homicide and answering the questions posed by animal rights activists or allowing any tom dick or harry into the investigation could jeopardize the investigation. "Let's apply an analogy". let's say your blood covered brother is scooped up in a murder investigation. do you march down to police headquarters and demand answers? do you demand that your friend, a rookie police officer from another county be allowed to question him?

within the first 24 hours of discovering her best friend's lifeless body, a body that succumbed to a violent end, JACKIE CIRA was busy trying to secure the safe return of killer dogs and harassing animal control about picayune chain of command details.

what is wrong with these people? a normal person would be in shock after stumbling on such a grisly scene. a normal person would be grieving the loss of her best friend and she would likely need the help of a professional to help her process the murder of her best friend. not JACKIE CIRA. she had the presence of mind to orchestrate the adoption of not one but five potentially murderous dogs and attempt a coup with an outside animal agency, not a week later but within 24 hours of discovering REBECCA'S body. this is not normal behavior.

CINDY MARABITO was still too embroiled in the LEAH PURCELL scandal to carry the nutter torch of righteous indignation but PENNY EIMS happily picked up the slack. and it looks as though penny's B12 starved fan club is up to the task and will give GREG NAPORA'S creepy send off of his wife, unborn baby & mutant a real run the money. a slew of freaky hybristophiliacs showed up and added their support for JACKIE CIRA and the immorally murdered dogs. one nutter even went so far as to say she would never want her dogs harmed even if they killed her.

i will help poor JACKIE CIRA spread her message of lunacy, a message that "She knows is what Rebecca would have wanted..."

here it is in all of its nutter glory. JACKIE CIRA'S letter, including the preamble by *3*Luv*Bugs* who claims to have met one of the presas and described it as "friendly" and "loving". presas are a VERY serious guard dog. friendly and loving are not traits selected for in manstoppers.

On Sunday a friend of a friend, Rebecca Carey, was found dead in her home. She was found by a friend of mine, Jackie Cira. Rebecca was an animal advocate and devoted her life to animal rescue. She had 5 dogs in her home including a boxer mix, 2 pit bulls and 2 presa canarios. Dekalb County was called out to the scene and it was determined that she was attacked and had multiple bite wounds. No one is sure what happened, but it is believed that she was trying to break up a fight between the dogs and likely was attacked during the commotion.

One of the dogs at Rebecca's home that day was Jackie's sweet dog, Danai (a presa canario). I had met Danai on several occasions and she was always very friendly, calm and loving. Jackie was given a court date to see what she could do to get her dog back. Before she even had a chance to to fight to get Danai back into her custody Dekalb County Animal Control had euthanized all 5 dogs. Jackie knew euthanasia was a possibility, but was told that they would first have to conduct and conclude their investigation and forensics. But all of the dogs were euthanized within a couple of days of the fatal attack. hey knew which dog was the likely suspect. There was one pit bull that she had rescued just a couple weeks before that came from an abusive past and there were signs that it was the one responsible. Jackie's dog wasn't part of it and one of the dogs Rebecca had for 6 years and it was very sweet, another one was a certified therapy dog. They weren't all bad dogs. Such a sad and terrible story all around. Not only has Jackie been trying to deal with the unfortunate and unexpected loss of her best friend, but now has also lost her beloved family dog. Jackie has prepared an email and is asking for anyone who can to please forward this email to the following email address's on her behalf. She knows this is what Rebecca would have wanted...

The news has exaggerated many of the facts, but here is some of the story.

It won't take long to copy and paste this message and send it to a few email address's. Thanks in advance!
Here are the email addresses to send to:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

The message to copy & paste:
We, caring friends of Rebecca Carey, dog enthusiasts & general public, have serious issues with the cursory procedures DeKalb County used in investigating Rebecca's death and DeKalb County Animal Control's subsequent cavalier euthanization of her dogs, whereby DAC disregarded temperament and behavior of the individual dogs and Rebecca's life mission.
1. Animal control officers were informed that 1 dog, female Presa named Danai, belonged to Jackie Cira, not Rebecca Carey, or her sister. Why was this dog destroyed with written permission of someone not legally in a position to do so? The parties involved made no attempt to obtain written permission from the rightful owner, even though knowledgeable regarding the name and address of the owner. Moreover, they immediately destroyed Danai without providing the owner, Ms. Cira, her legal right to a public hearing & without any forensic data to confirm that Danai contributed any bites that injured Rebecca. The same holds true for the tiny boxer, registered to a rescue organization. Why was this dog destroyed with written permission of someone not legally in a position to do so?
2. Why did DeKalb Animal Control evade and refuse to answer inquiries by Atlanta Humane Society regarding the dogs! Senior officials with AHS made numerous inquiries; however, answers to those inquiries were vague or nonexistent. AHS was willing to assess the dogs and take control of them.
3. At the scene, why did DAC officers tell Ms. Cira when she voiced concern for the dogs’ safety “that is what insurance is for?”
4. On Monday, August 13, why did DAC officers tell Ms. Cira and her mother, “The dogs would only have to stay another day"? Moreover, why did they state, "We PROMISE that NO ONE is going to hurt the dogs," when they knew that the statement was patently untrue. Furthermore, during that meeting, DAC officers were again informed that Danai, 1 of the 5 dogs, belonged to Jackie Cira. DAC knew full well they did not obtain proper authorization to euthanize Danai. Yet, they did anyway in violation of Ms. Cira's constitutional & statutory rights that prevent illegal seizure of property and provide her right to due process (5TH and 14th Amendment violations).
5. Why were all 5 dogs destroyed when multiple animal control workers stated how "sweet" the dogs were? DAC even gave all 5 dogs vaccinations without the dogs indicating aggressive behavior. When a veterinary staff member came back to main facility, in front of the officers, commented positively on the dogs' behavior.
6. Why did DeKalb Animal Control refuse to allow Atlanta Humane Society and a prominent Atlanta dog trainer from CPT to assess the dogs?
7. Why did the officer of DAC tell Jackie Cira's mother on Tuesday, August 14, when she asked to speak to his supervisor, "you don’t need to know that information"? DAC is a governmental service organization whose mission includes furthering humane treatment of animals. This officer’s behavior is unacceptable. As co-owner of 1 of the dogs, Ms. Cira had the right to speak to the supervisor and the supervisor had the obligation to speak to her.
8. Why was a certified therapy dog, Napoleon, destroyed without a formal behavioral evaluation and without any forensic evidence that attached Napoleon to any aggressive action?
9. Why was the agency that certified and worked with this dog not allowed to examine the dog?
10. Why did DAC refuse to hear any evidence about Napoleon's outstanding temperament and behavioral history? Most likely DAC acted in accordance with the philosophies of another DAC officer, who commented in public conversation that, "All pit bulls and presas should be put to sleep on sight." Given Napoleon's therapy dog history and that DeKalb County does not have breed specific legislation that outlaws Pit Bulls, and given DAC's mission to further the humane treatment of animals, impulsively destroying Napoleon without forensic evidence and without an evaluation is immoral, inappropriate, and in defiance to the wishes of the taxpaying general public and state legislators who have refused to share this officers’ (and apparently the DAC organization's) wish for a breed holocaust.
11. Why did Tim Medlin, Interim Animal Services Director of DAC, state he couldn't place the dogs when he KNEW that was factually incorrect. Numerous individuals and agencies had already willingly opened their doors to these dogs. He knew full by Monday, August 13 that adoptive homes had been found for all 4 of Rebecca's dogs.
12. Why did Tim Medlin state, "There was no way to determine which dog did what"? In addition, he stated, "He had no idea who did what?" The first statement by Mr. Medlin is factually incorrect. Veterinary forensics is an established field and a prominent veterinary forensics consultant and author resides in the Atlanta area. Since Mr. Medlin's first statement is untrue, we question whether his second statement is a result of lack of training, incompetence, laziness, or an arrogant, uncaring attitude. There are procedures, including dental casting and DNA, for determining which dog(s) inflicted the injuries to Rebecca. To cavalierly kill all the dogs without conducting an investigation defies DAC's mission to the public and disrespects Rebecca's life mission to rescue animals.
13. Why does DeKalb County allow such employees in its employ? More importantly, given the facts stated above, what will DeKalb County due to improve the performance of its Animal Control organization and employees? DeKalb County officials should be disgusted and ashamed by how the representatives of their county in their handled this matter.
DeKalb Animal Control was informed homes had been found for these dogs. Mr. Medlin's comment that he could not place the dogs is factually wrong. He chose not to place the dogs. He wantonly killed 5 dogs without any effort to obtain evidence to determine the specific dog that acted aggressively. Authorities were informed by Jackie Cira that 1 of the dogs was new to Rebecca's home and this dog most likely was the one who inflicted the injuries. Yet, Mr. Medlin murdered 4 other innocent dogs without putting forth a forensics effort and without obtaining a professional behavioral evaluation of the dogs, which several qualified parties agree to do pro bono. Moreover, although Mr. Medlin may have had the legal right to euthanize 3 of the dogs (though not a moral right), he certainly did not have a legal right to murder Danai or the dog registered to the rescue group.
Rebecca would be disgusted, angry, and thoroughly upset if she knew how her precious Napoleon was treated. She would be just as disgusted, angry, and upset over the treatment of Danai, Tango and the others, particularly given DeKalb County's unwillingness to investigate this matter to find the real culprit. If there is an afterlife Rebecca is likely looking down with scorn at the contempt DeKalb Animal Control showed for her life mission.
Let's apply an analogy as if DAC's mentality transferred to law enforcement's treatment of human citizens. Five people standing around; someone gets hurt. The police and courts don't take the time or care to determine who is culpable. They just punish them all! We are certain that there would be some huge constitutional rights law suits.
We thought that America as a country was evolving in the area of animal rights. However, we question whether Mr. Medlin and others at DAC prefer to remain in the dark ages. What is next? Will governmental figures receiving this letter take action to improve service and performance of DAC? Will media figures receiving this letter take action to inform the general public about the inappropriate murder of 2 dogs that occurred with disapproval and without authorization of the owner, about the general substandard service applied by DAC, and about the lies and inaccuracies stated by DAC's Acting Director
this letter is not found anywhere on the internet EXCEPT a baby forum.

click here for JACKIE CIRA'S original plea for justice

if emails of criticism are to be sent to dekalb county officials, they should be in the form of a demand for stronger animal control laws, for example pet limits (there currently is no limit) and a revisit of the pit bull ban that was just rescinded in may. this time, please include the entire gripping dog family.

Tim Medlin, thank you for not allowing these creepy lunatics to play a part in an official investigation and most of all, thank you for removing ALL of these dogs from society.



vintage said...

Speaking of distorting the facts...A/C has done a decent job whitewashing for the nutters. Not sure why they are so upset!

A. The county rescinded it's Pit Bull zoning ordinance in May which made this incident possible.

B. A/C rep blatantly lies in the media:

Sgt. Kim Medlin of DeKalb County Animal County said "Carey’s death was the county’s first fatal dog bite"

Read more:


242.November 1986, DeKalb County, GA
Billy Gordon Jr., 4
Fatal pit bull attack

232.March 1988, DeKalb County, GA
Chatt (Chett) Hyder, 2
Fatal pit bull attack

172.November 2001, DeKalb County, GA
David Raeford, 40
Fatal heart attack during mauling by pit bull

106.February 2007, DeKalb County, GA
Robynn Bradley, 2
Fatal dog attack involving pit bull(s)

I guess...technicially, Rebecca's death was the first since repealing the Pit Bull ordinance just 90 days ago.

*Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

Interesting how the "save the killer dogs" plea can only be found on an Internet baby forum. Think about that for a moment. A baby forum.

Anonymous said...

I think "what's wrong with these people" is that they believe "sweet and loving" and "lethal animal" are mutually exclusive.

Now, the baby forum thing is related and a HUGE problem. Somewhere in the last 30-40 years or so, people started thinking of their pets as their children, their babies in fact and somewhere along the line dogs, with all their dogish behaviors (barking, biting, killing things, destroying things, procreating everywhere) turned into sweet innocent little cuddlebugs that just need love and guidance to become... what? Perfect family members?

I swear, I so much want to deck people when they call me a "pet parent", are they nuts? It's an effing dog and no matter how much magic love you pour over it it will still be an effing dog, first cousin to wolf and coyote. It may learn rules, but it will never understand morality, the Golden Rule, legal consequences and it will always fall back on its dog nature whenever the circumstances are right.

Now take the breeds of dogs created to fight and kill and realize they will fall back on its pitbull nature whenever the circumstances are right and the whole idea that a "sweet and loving" wigglebutt can also be a vicious killer makes perfect sense.

Why is that a difficult concept?


safer midwifery utah said...

I didn't think it could get worse than those weirdos trying to save the dog that killed a baby this past year. "lets save the dogs that killed my friend after I found her corpse" is wtf.

Anna said...

"All pit bulls and presas should be put to sleep on sight."

Sounds good to me.

Dayna said...

Does anyone know the reason why Jackie Cira's dog was staying with Rebecca in the first place? No where have I seen any mention for this.

Branwyne Finch said...

It's just really hard to wrap my mind around this story...the complete lack of a normal human response to tragedy seems to be a hallmark of many people involved in animal rescue. You have a young woman who discovers her BEST friend's blood spattered body....most normal young people would be in shock over this,just paralyzed with grief. Instead of grief or empathy for Rebeccas parents, the response is outrage over the death of the dogs. She shows no outrage or emotion over her friends death, its all about these dogs.

My college roomate lost her best friend from high school while away at school freshman year. The girl vanished from a parking lot, and was never found, but police knew it was foul play. Her car, keys, and purse were found, they had a suspect but had no physical evidence. I can tell you that this loss profoundly effected my roomate, even to this day; it colored how she looked at the world, how she parented her kids. It haunted her.

The violent, untimely death of a vibrant young person is devastating to those around them. There are statistics that indicate parents of murdered children have a higher divorce rate.....this type of senseless death is life altering for those close to the victims.

It is truly scary that people like Jackie Cira's even scarier that she is involved in "rescuing" dangerous dogs and trying to keep them in our commmunities, because clearly this woman has some very deep, serious psychological problems.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

leave it to vintage to have the REAL fatal dog attacks statistics!

i'll take a stab at it. her profile states that she is a devoted cat rescuer and had 3 dogs, 8 cats, a guinea pig and a hamster. i suspect that the presa was not doing well in jackie's little idyllic menagerie and rebecca was supposed to "fix" danai's animal aggression.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"The violent, untimely death of a vibrant young person is devastating to those around them. There are statistics that indicate parents of murdered children have a higher divorce rate.....this type of senseless death is life altering for those close to the victims."

i knew a family whose daughter was raped and sadistically murdered. people can't even begin to imagine the horror they are left with...

thank you branwyne for forwarding the link with jackie's insane campaign of justice to me.

DubV said...

Always interests me to hear what people on non-animal related forums/news articles have to say about controversial issues. Here are some folks take on dog rescue groups:,9100945

Small Survivors said...

Dawn and Branwyne, those stories really put Jackie's bizarre behavior in perspective.

Thank you Vintage, that's quite a discrepancy - I don't think too many counties in the US can boast that many pit bull and dangerous dog fatalities!

DubV - that thread really does show that the public can see the rescue's crazy is showing.

DubV said...

"I went through the shelter shit too. I walked in and they were all wearing fanny packs which should have been a warning. Fanny packs usually are a good sign of crazy."

Anonymous said...

i never knew that about fanny packs but i totally believe u , dubv. must be a sign or symptom of RESCUE DINGBATTERY , if i may use my own term. did u mean worn at the front of the dingbat or on its "booty" , though i dont like to use that term in reference to such a creature ?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

standard issue nutter fanny pack survival kit: clicker, whistle, hot dog, break stick and ketamine just in case the hot dog doesn't create an adequate diversion for your escape and there is another gripper code red elsewhere in the building and they can't respond to your distress whistle. just pop the ketamine and sacrifice yourself to the gripper gods.

Anonymous said...

You know, if I had to keep my hands free, had to carry a bunch of stuff in a location easy to reach and didn't have a flat boy's ass that would enable me to tuck crap into a back pocket, I'd wear a fanny pack.

Tattoos, bra straps, fanny packs... exactly how small do you want this community to be? Next you'll be kicking out cowboy boots and jeans, or did you do that already? I'd better check.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Breed pit bulls to kill other dogs and they kill humans too, even their owners. Why am I not surprised?

DubV said...

Fanny pack reference was just a quote from the thread I linked to. It was funny to imagine someone walking into a room where everyone was wearing fanny packs and to get a vibe from it. I don't mind fanny packs, although I am too vain to wear one. Men have a hard time concealing a handgun sometimes (women are more likely to have a hand bag) and they make fanny packs that are actually a holster in disguise. Pretty cool, but I'll just keep a small gun in my pocket.

Anne King said...

I wish this stuff was made up...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i don't have anything against fanny packs. i was just trying to imagine what items the shelter staff would keep in there. i thought if they all had one, maybe they are part of their uniform.

i will be conducting some research, trying to adopt a pit bull from my local shelter. i will keep an eye out for fanny packs.

vintage said...

******PIT NUTTER APBs********

Alberta, Canada: Police have laid aggravated assault charges against Rita Phillip, 57, Phillip disappeared shortly after the Pit Bull attacks that landed her friend in the Calgary ICU

Santa Monica, CA settles for $325,000 with family of boy mauled in one of it‘s public parks by a Pit Bull. The owner has left the state and is thought to be in the Great Dog fighting State of Georgia working in Pit Rescue or possibly Dekalb Co Animal Control

Mental patient Joel Narvaez sics Pit Bull Skylo* on wedding couple, thought to be heading for Mexico…*Probably an “Emotional Needs” Service Pit

Unnamed Pit owner owns Pit Bull less than 24 hours before grips a small dog and injures its owner at the Gilroy, CA Starbucks. Despite CA State Law require dog owners to provide License and vaccination info within 48 hours, no charges!.

Oklahoma, After DNA test results prove that two Pit Bulls killed 92 year old James Hurst, it turns out the owners have fled the jurisdiction


**Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

DubV said...

I think a real pit nutter's fanny pack needs to have a holder for the breakstick outside the actual pocket.

Sweetie Pie said...

DubV, thanks for your answer about peer review.

Thanks also for that non-animal forum thread, very comforting. So much for nutcase Cira's claim to represent the general public. I'm noticing she doesn't represent 'dog enthusiasts' either (not anymore). Nowadays literally everyone I know who's chosen to have a normal dog wants all these gripper-types banned, and they don't care a shite if that means they're all rounded up and euthanized in a single day. Actually, preferably that.

Someone here said awhile ago 'You can't love pits and also love dogs'. It looks to me like people who love dogs are starting to get that in huge numbers.

P.S. I might be crazy though, cos when I take the dog out I wear a fanny pack :-) . It's the only way to have my pepper spray and various other weapons within instant reach.

vintage said...

**********GRIFTER ALERT***********

Despite the the opportunity to use these animals as "Cash Cows" to extract money from the Pit Dupes being neutured by their euthanization, it hasn't stopped this enterprising outfit....

Donations in Carey’s name can be made to, by putting Carey’s name in the remarks section. They can also be mailed to Loving Hands Animal Hospital, 13374 Hwy 9, Alpharetta, GA, 30004.

**Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up

vintage said...



Great Dog Fighting State Of Georgia Pit Bull DBRF MAP

Please take a minute and examine of this map.

1. Note the Official DBO "Pit Hole" Designation of Fulton and the surrounding counties of Dekalb and Gwinnett in the "Death Cluster" around Atlanta.

2. Also, note that the Balloons from the "Death Cluster" blacken out the CDC which is right in the middle of the "Pit Hole".



Georgia has also sustained at least 5 Rottweiler DBRFs

**Disclaimer..You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Miss Margo said...

Sorry, I'm a day late reading and responding to this.

Wow, what a letter.

A few things spring to mind:

First, I've never seen the body of a dog mauling victim at the actual crime scene (I'm too much of a fraidy cat to search...and it seems like a violation of privacy, somehow), but I've seen photos of the sites after the bodies are taken away, and also pics of the injuries in medical journals and places like dogsbite and CD.

The pictures and descriptions are all the most gruesome things you could possibly imagine. Fucking blood sprayed up to the ceiling and half the time the dogs RIP THE CLOTHES OFF (for some reason, that always gets to me. That they somehow rip all the clothes off).

I don't know what Cira saw when she saw Rebecca's body and I don't WANT to know. Maybe you can be kind and chalk this idiotic conspiracy-themed letter up to DENIAL from guilt and trauma of seeing her friend like that, but I doubt it.

DAC did their job. God if I was a first responder, I would have wanted to shoot every dog in the house right then and there. If I saw a bloody Presa that looked like it had been snacking on a woman, I think I'd shoot it and then quit my job and enter therapy. Lord. I don't think I'd have the balls to enter that house without a gun. Whoever rounded up those dogs is a braver person than me.

"Since Mr. Medlin's first statement is untrue, we question whether his second statement is a result of lack of training, incompetence, laziness, or an arrogant, uncaring attitude. There are procedures, including dental casting and DNA, for determining which dog(s) inflicted the injuries to Rebecca. To cavalierly kill all the dogs without conducting an investigation defies DAC's mission to the public and disrespects Rebecca's life mission to rescue animals."

I know you can't sue people for insulting you, but if I was Mr. Medlin, I'd want to hit this rude, crazy bitch in the face with a brick. Who the hell is she to cast such aspersions upon his job performance and personal character.

And I guess the DAC needs to launch a forensics investigation on par with that of the Kennedy assassination to determine which dog inflicted which injuries. Because that would be public money well spent! What ELSE would public officials have to do with their time and budgets?

I just can't go on, I'm too revolted. Wanton murder and innocent dogs and constitutional rights blah blah blah


Good you published this, Dawn. Something tells me it won't be online long.

Branwyne Finch said...

The elephant in the room, which no one inanimal welfare organizations want to acknowledge, is that if Rebecca had been rescuing beagles she would still be alive. If five beagles got into a fight she could have sustained a bite.....she certainly could not have been killed.

If she had been rescueing sporting dogs, she would still be alive. Think of how many hunters keep multiple large dogs...I knew a lab breeder whose female won national field trial competitions, and he hunted his dogs regularly. He had four or five at any one time. Most owners of hounds that hunt them keep several dogs without incident. If the issue was keeping five large dogs together, then we would be seeing numerous and frequent deaths by labs, collies, hounds, etc. We don't, because those breeds are NOT bred for violence and bloodsport.

Rebecca died because of the BREEDS she chose to keep. There is no other way to spin this. The fact that her employer wants to use her death to fundraise to "rescue" more dangerous dogs is in very poor taste.

Anonymous said...

IMHO the only dog that shouldn't be killed after a pack slaughter of its owner is the dog already dead on the floor from bite wounds.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks for the map vintage, i will update both blog posts with it.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

cazz, i agree with you. i feel very strongly that all dogs present in a fatal attack, even if proven that they did not bite, should be euthanized. an additional dog or dogs, even if not engaging in any nipping, ripping or gripping are still likely to be involved in taking down the prey. the presence of more dogs put the victim at a greater disadvantage. if the victim is being distracted by other dogs, it is making it easier for the actual killer.

i was stunned that greg napora kept that female. there is no proof that she didn't play a part in the take down. keeping the other dogs should not even be an option for the owners unless they were outside or locked away in another room.

miss margo, i saved that as a pdf. i am sure that it will be removed once people see how fucked up these women are. i also agree that squandering any public resources on such an investigation is obscene, especially right now where most government budgets are operating in the red. i also tried to slip into jackie's frame of mind. maybe she was trying to alleviate her own guilt because she KNEW "her" dog contributed to rebecca's death. nope. can't go there. it's pretty obvious that she is more concerned about the dogs. i would probably be suicidal if i found myself in jackie's shoes. jackie's mother is a piece of work. she was down there harassing dekalb AC over the dogs. can you imagine overseeing that nightmare of an investigation and having to field a barrage of fucking nonsense questions from these women? twenty four hours after the body is found! if i was in medlin's shoes, i would have called the sheriff and had them forcibly removed. the level of insensitivity is truly mind boggling.
yes, bricks. and lots of them.

Jaloney said...

I wish the media did more coverage on the recently overturned pitbull regulations in this area.

Jackie's super quick internet appeal to have these dogs saved is status quo for pitnutters. They have a community of connected pitbull advocates that help them acheive their objectives online flooding officials with emails and calls.. to save a murderous dog, or some other stupid objective.
Focusing her energies on the internet community of pitbull advocates helps Jackie not only cement her own denial around her own dogs participation in the attack .. it also increases her sense of belonging in the community (pitbull cult) and increases her sense of power (look what our cult can do!). If the group successfully savea a mutant they can somehow persuade themselves that they did a good thing, and feel victorious. Kind of reminds me of the followers of Hitler who were somehow blind to their savage and stupid support of murder. Following the crowd is the way for these nut jobs even if the crowd is a bunch of raging, lunatics.

vintage said...

You also have to realize these high value media maulers are Cash Cows for a savvy grifter....

They can raise $Thousands overnight in a "Save Mimi" type internet fundraising scam.

In the past year, we have seem this in Moncks Corner, SC( Black SUV, Blonde woman), Save Mimi down in Texas (who went on to maul a man and his son!), and then the Dog whisperer idiot (Back off Bob scam) from a few weeks ago.

She was denied!

vintage said...

PS...It will be ironic if by defiantly declaring ownership of a dog involved in a human DBRF, if she is eventually charged with Manslaughter...

Pride goeth before the fall.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"charged with Manslaughter"

you made my day

vintage said...

The fund raising scams can be seen in this piece...

Back by popular demand!:

Top Stunt Pit Moments in History

*Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up