Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No pittie, it's not your ami, it's MIAMI

The braintrust at Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation registered PAC thought a poster size image of what you would see right before a pit bull took your face off would do the trick and convince Aunt Bea, Tia Bella and Matant Bronte to vote to repeal the 23 year old Miami-Dade pit bull ban:



Jake said...

I love it when local politicians can somehow find the backbone to resist the high pressure tactics of the pit mafia and put pubic safety ahead of the special interests.

vintage said...


A Great Day For Public Safety!

The Pit Breeders had the rape stands working overtime getting ready to send a few $million worth of Pit Pups into the Miami Market.

Now Broward will euthanize them and it will be "Miami's Fault" in the minds of the Nutters.

State Ballot initiatives to rescind BSL Pre-emptions in Texas, Florida, Ohio, California NOW!

The Occupy Maulstreeters threw everything at Miami and gripped!

**Disclaimer..You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

vintage said...

PS…Occupy Maul Street temporarily thwarted in Maryland also. Landlord’s still on the hook for endangering neighborhoods!

Ballot initiative anyone?!?

**Disclaimer..You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

I think that the ballot initiatives were how MADD had some of its early successes. But please feel free to correct me on this point.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? That banner was supposed to make pits look good? FAIL, glorious fail!

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

Yeah, right. A photo of a pit bull straining on its leash will inspire me vote to overturn a breed ban.

Not to mention the illustration showing a pit bull baring its fangs. Nice touch there, nutters.

And, nutters, riddle me this: Do you honestly think that your "breed discrimination" thing resonates in poor and minority communities that are disproportionately affected by pit bulls and other dangerous dogs? Or is thinking not something that you do very often?

Branwyne Finch said...

What is amazing about this vote is that, despite a HUGE and constant media campaign to lift the ban, residents voted overwhelmingly to keep it. There was no counter campaign...there was no campaign, no money, no newspapers endorsing Miami Dade to keep the ban; only a few op-ed pieces. I think that speaks VOLUMES.

Even on the gay rights issue, there are CAMPAIGNS against gay marriage that are pretty well organized and could help explain why voters vote against it in certain areas. But THERE WAS NO CAMPAIGN to keep the ban. Just a lot of law abiding, registered voters deciding that their quality of life would not improve with more pit bulls in the neighborhood.

This is a real shot across the bow for politicians who vote on these issues....they are voting against the will of their constituents on an important public safety issue.

Animal Uncontrol said...

My last message did not post for some reason. Oh, well.

The thing that chaps my ass is, these nutters are abusing the legislative process to the extreme. This is the SECOND TIME THIS YEAR they have tried to overturn the ban. It seems like they are trying to wear everyone out. Its one thing to review an existing law every few years, a good idea in my opinion, its something else to sue over and over until you get the outcome you want.

DubV said...

Animal Uncontrol, I agree but it isn't surprising. Selfish bastards and those that think themselves on a divine mission will justify anything.

Bran, the funding thing will be disproportionate so long as a simple majority of pit bulls do not create victims. 49.9% of all pits could kill a living thing today, and the other 50.1% of pit owners would carry on the next day as if nothing occurred.

safer midwifery utah said...

lol what an awful picture. This year has been great for political fuck ups, eh?

Anonymous said...

shit-bull zealots see victims and concerned people like us as bullies and control freaks. they are entitled to endanger and even victimize innocent others but squeal like pigs when they perceive themselves as being wronged . the only thing to do with people like this is to bite back with bone crushing force.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Or is thinking not something that you do very often?"

the poster is honest. it is a reflection of the owners as much as the dogs. this is what the south florida psychopaths and hybristophiliacs come up with because this is what they admire about their grippers. snack, it's hard to believe that you or i didn't create this poster. what a fantastic find! nutters prove over and over just how dumb they are. dahlia canes and her thugs should have hired the refined, educated and sophisticated massachusetts psychopaths and hybristophiliacs to get r done.

branwyne, brilliant observation.

animal uncontrol, your comment didn't land in spam.
also another brilliant observation. it's a shame that cost can't be passed on the mutters.

everyone has probably heard by now that the maryland nutters FAILED yesterday too.

Friends Administrator said...

Think about this, the biggest and the most money were defeated. They did campaign heavily in Miami. But I think a grassroots movement defeated them.

Small Survivors said...

Yes, Jake, they maneuvered the original legislative initiative to a vote. Good for them.

Occupy Maul Street!

YGN - that is interesting about MADD. I do believe this will be a brilliant example of what local governments should do.

Branwyne, I would LOVE to know how much they spent on this!

Dawn - you're right, this is the same poster you or I would come up with to lampoon these jokers!

They really do not see what they look like to most people.

Oh, and AFF plastered their facebook page with how August 14 was going to be a glorious pittie day!!!!!!!

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk

Anonymous said...

deranged pitter thinks !!???%#@

but...but dat pittie in de poster, he jus wants to play . he's jus smilin. an u ignorant haters think hes mean and gettin reddy to kill u . an he wud if i told him to but for now he jus wants to lik u to deaht, lol.

Illinois Pitbull Attacks said...

That sums it up perfectly snarky.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

"Occupy maul street" lol

Good for Miami! I honestly believe if the rest of America had the opportunity to vote on pit bulls, the results would be the same.

Dayna said...

All the poster needs is a little blood around the muzzle.

I was thinking the same Dawn, as I looked at it. It was done by someone who LOVES their pit and can't conceive how anyone else could not also.

I'm so happy the nutters lost in MD also!

DubV said...

If Miami ends the ban, then I for one will rearrange some letters to refer to them as IMaim.

vintage said...


Florida Pit Carnage Map, 21 DBRFs, leading biter in multiple counties


Justin Cutrer, 6-years old (Polk County, FL)

Ralph Velardi, adult (North Port, FL)

Martin Collier, 5-years old (Highland City, FL)

Mary Diana Bernal, 62-years old (Deltona, FL)

Sascia Maria Lopez, 4-years old (Lakeland, FL)

Carol Dennison, 56-years old (Port St. John, FL)

Michael Carrick, 9-years old (New Port Richey, FL)

Florence Bigbie, 67-years old (St. Petersburg, FL)

John Doe, Child (Miami, FL)

Christopher Rodriguez, 3-years old (Miami, FL)

Melissa Moreira, 8-years old (Miami, FL)

Timothy Philbin, 11-years old (Pompano Beach, FL)

Anthony Martin, 12-years old (Miami, FL)

Samuel "Buck" Beverly, 7-years old (Monticello, FL)

Frankie Scarbrough, 7-years old (Miami, FL)

Trey Crossman, 8-years old (Boynton Beach, FL)

Paulette Wannop, 5-years old (Tampa Bay, FL)

vintage said...

PS…Florida has sustained 8 Pit limb amputations, including the vet tech who lost her arm a couple of weeks ago!

**Unfortunately, you can't make this stuff up...

Illinois Pitbull Attacks said...