Sunday, November 25, 2012


a woman rushes in and rescues a fox from a pack of hunting dogs. note, these dogs are BRED and TRAINED for this activity. these dogs likely live outside in the pack with MINIMAL human contact. the woman is a complete stranger to the dogs, yet when she yells at them, the dogs drop the fox and retreat. contrast the behavior of these fox hounds with that of gripping dogs who seriously maul and KILL their owners when they try to play lion tamer with their pack of FAMILY dogs.

or view at liveleak

thanks to doghatersunite for this gem.


Jake said...

That is an excellent observation. I'm curious to see if any of the visiting nutters will attempt an explanation.

DubV said...

Great find. I love reading comment threads on liveleak pit vids. It is always 2 pit nutters being utterly destroyed by the collective, very different from youtube.

I feel bad for the fox and, although a former hunter, I see this type of "hunting" that neither supplies food nor efficiently protects an important resources as utterly selfish and immoral.

I see another example of genetics in the video to contrast with pits. The wild fox did not try to attack its human rescuer despite being held in a way that probably freaked it out and also despite being attacked in the maelstrom a few moments prior.

Now, contrast that with a domestic pit bull that kills its owner's kid and we're supposed to believe it was due to improper socialization or some minor annoyance. NO, we selected the canine genes available that made the animal most dangerous. Wolves, whether in the wild or in captivity, kill less than 1 person on average each year. It is not a good survival instinct to expose oneself to risk for no reason.

I'm surprise prior to the creation of the pit bull it wasn't decided to in cross some wolves just in case the overall program of dog domestication hadn't eliminated a few aggression genes that would be found useful if concentrated. I should stop before I give them ideas.

Anonymous said...

what a shamefull thing for a pitter to have a mutant dog that would leave off attack just because someone yelled at it . what self-respecting scumbag would want such a wimpy useless attack dog ? i think even the pitters who are in serious denial , really do want a cat or small dog killer or a personal canine body guard , one that will "fight to the death " for its dingbat owner. love how some pitters claim their mutants are harmless then go on the say otherwise. its like they are not smart enough to even know what they are trying to say .

Packhorse said...

Dirty Dozen Brass Band trumpeter Efrem Towns is recovering at home in New Orleans from a vicious attack by a Rottweiler at an Atlanta motel.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

And I hope that Efrem Towns sues the bejeebers out of that hotel.

S.K.Y. said...

Did you guys see this today?|utmccn=%28referral%29|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/&__utmv=14933801.|8=Earned%20By=msnbc|cover=1^12=Landing%20Content=Mixed=1^^30=Visit%20Type%20to%20Content=Earned%20to%20Mixed=1&__utmk=173119779#49964927. I have no idea what it's about, as I'm at work with my sound turned off. Hopefully, another gripper bit the dust...

tropical storms said...

I find it entertaining that pitiots can recite bloodlines and still deny ancestral genetics.

Anonymous said...

they say that all dogs are the same then go on to say that small dog are worse than bigger selectively bred maulers. like, who would prefer to be mauled to death by a pitbull than nipped by a chihuahua ?
these folk are seriously handicapped in their ability to reason and be fair .

Anonymous said...

i suppose if i ever find myself, post-dirtnapp with an irate foaming at the jaws pit-nutter, it will be necessary to point out that it wasnt the mutants fault , its own bloody demise, or my own fault for defending myself , my own or someone elses innocent dog /pet. it will be my dubious pleasure to reaffirm that its always the owners fault and responsibility what a fucking mutant does .

Anonymous said...

yep , strangely its always the owners fault , but the victims and the mutants pay but the pitter almost always walks free, often to do it again. how does that make it the owners responsibility ? of course im not counting my favorite mutant attack , "the darwin attack" where the owner gets eaten alive by their own sweet mutant . guess they are especially irresponsible pitters to pay such a price to the mutant goddess.

LOL ! ! !

Alexandra said...

Off-topic, for DubV. Here's another DIY get rid of the PB case:

Note that now everyone in this city knows they can shoot a PB that is threatening or attacking them and their real animals.

Anonymous said...

if nine outta ten pitties are not animal aggressive and ninety nine point nine percent of pitties are not human aggressive does this excuse the the thousands of animal victims and the hundreds of human victims every year?

Anonymous said...

do we say its okay cuz only some drunks actually have car accidents ? and even fewer end up killing someone . when i hear someone say their pit has never caused any problems i remember the times ive heard people say they drive better drunk .

Alexandra said...

Off topic again for DubV: I found a link to the PB stabbed to death in its own kitchen story:

Alexandra said...

About one out of six pit bulls are involved in some kind of human incident:


"Calgary data from 2003 indicate that certain breeds are overrepresented when it comes to aggressive incidents such as bites, chases and injuries. Nearly two per cent of German Shepherds, five per cent of Rottweilers and their crosses, and 15 per cent of pit bulls had been involved in an incident."

This in a city that has a PB control model the PB nutcases tout as a big success.

Of course, most incidents aren't reported. As far as I can tell, 100% of PBs are animal aggressive. I'd bet at least half are involved in some kind of aggression towards humans -- but stopped in the nick of time, unreported, etc. But that's just my bet.

DubV said...

Thanks for the links Sputnik!

Anonymous said...

i knew a older female mutant that was clearly not human aggressive but did not like other dogs. the nutters would have her as" no problemo " . the braindead owner said she never picked a fight but always finished one . i soon saw her picking a fight . never completely believe a pitter.

vintage said...

Update on Calgary;

Nov 26: 7 year old girl mauled on a sledding hill by family nanny dog

US based Pit-Jihadists sue Calgary two save Donna Tran's Pit Bulls that horribly mauled her friend's face (be sure to watch the video!)

Anonymous said...

pitopologists say "all dogs bite"

but do all dogs:

-jump up eight feet to swing on a poodle lure

-find a piece of wood as round as your wrist and chew it to smithereens in five minutes flat

- pull a sled loaded with fifty sacks of cement.

- break out of secure containment for all other normal dogs

- attack and kill large animals like llamas, hogs, bulls and horse,......yeah, sure my dog could do that

- hold off five british bobbys with billy clubs

-sustain attacks of bats ,pitchforks and boiling water.

-keep coming after absorbing multiple non-magnum rounds of handgun fire

- keep mauling after sustaining broken legs , popped eyeballs and broken spines. lol

- withstand ejection from vehichles at sixty, perfect shape for rolling to a stop uninjured, almost ,lol

is there any wonder the pitter crowd think mutants are the king of dogs ?

S.K.Y. said...

Hi guys,

Check out my new dog-proof fence!

I'll be paying it off for 5 years, but worth it if both of my dogs survive living next to the aggressive GSD...

scorched earth said...

Nice fence S.K.Y.

I have never regretted a penny spent on good fences. In addition to a paddock fence I have a six foot board-on-board privacy fence on part of my property. I told the neighbor "get your brother in law's boat off the property line and away from my windows or I will put up the biggest spite fence you ever saw." He did not... and I did.

You made a good investment.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

very nice summation of the gripper problem snarly.

sharon, you shouldn't have any problems keeping a normal dog out of your yard. i wouldn't put any money on grippers though.

Anonymous said...


Rumpelstiltskin said...


Very nice fence. It's better than mine for sure. The pit nutter was constantly working on it to keep his pits in and never succeeded. Your neighbors sound like jerks. Who lets their GSD constantly charge your fence and bark. I have 2 GSDs and they are allowed to do it for 10 seconds and that's all. GSDs are supposed to be territorial, it's how their BRED. It could be just a display or maybe not. I know mine display but neither have ever killed anything, even a baby bird that fell out of its nest.


Pregnant women should not own pit bulls. They may end up like Darla Napora.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sorry, that was a typo. or maybe a freudian slip.

Anonymous said...

i can snarl like deadly pomeranian about to kill a newborn?

DubV said...

Nice fence! Is it pretty tight to the ground?

DubV said...

Vintage, thanks for the links. The last Calgary link is such a horible and ridiculous story.

First, what type of dog owner would want their dog held in a cage for 7 months with no contact after they did that to a person's face? I love my dog very dearly, but if he did that and had to be in a cage alone for that long, the obvious adult choice is clear.

And then the US nutter trainer that works with Asshole Priest Millan wants to talk about all the resources misguided people are willing to spend to sanctuary these dogs for their whole lives.

Remember what the Chief in one flew over the cuckoo's nest did when he knew his buddy would have no quality of life again?

Miss Margo said...

Hi everyone! Haven't been around much this week because work's been crazy but I wanted to comment on SKY's fence.

Jeez, that is an impressive fence. It looks really "professional," if you know what I mean. Wow.

LOL I like how you wrote "Don't mind the brush! We'll chip it in the spring!" I am the same way. I always clean stuff for photos.

I do think that it is tremendously unfair that YOU have to pay all that money to protect yourself from your neighbor's disregard and irresponsibility. I know that's just how it is in life--we all have to do it from time to time--but it still sucks.

BTW, I was watching a dog show on TV this Thanksgiving and saw a Papillion and it made me think of your dog. It was pretty. HUGE EARS!

There was also a STAFFIE in the show that made it to the second round of judging. While it was being trotted for the judge and cameras, the announcer/narrator said that they were used as war dogs in the World Wars to carry messages from camp to camp and across front lines. No shit, he really said that. He also said that they "required a strong alpha leader" and were "great with kids" in the same sentence.

I know there's a lot of lore and mythology concerning the history of dog breeds in the pedigree world, but at least most of the other silly stories I've heard are benign.

There was also a cane corso in the show, but it didn't get much TV time.

I was rooting for the whippet, but he didn't win.

I almost came on CD to talk about it right then, but that seemed a little too much.

vintage said...

Speaking of Fencing

PRWEB) November 28, 2012
Pennsylvania Dog Bite Lawyer, Thomas J. Newell, obtained a $508,613.84 settlement after a vicious pit bull attack in Hanover, PA. In October of 2012, Judge Penny L. Blackwell of the Court of Common Pleas of York County approved the Minor’s Compromise Petition for Case #6712-1559. Ajia Brown and his mother, Elizabeth Brown, were visiting a friend in York County, PA. Unknown to them, the landlord had permitted a tenant to keep 2 pit bulls in her backyard.

The pit bulls apparently jumped over a 3 ½’ high fence and mauled the 8 year-old boy. The vicious dogs bit most of his ears and tore off a large portion of his scalp. The pit bulls attacked Ms. Brown as she jumped in to save her son. The PA dog attack victim was an in-patient at Hershey Medical Center for 8 days and later received specialized care at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Ajia needed 17 surgeries and 46 injections to reconstruct his ears and scalp. His medical bills totaled over $500,000.00.

Anonymous said...

@ miss margot
one douche bag owner with kids tried explaining to me that mutants are really very nice dogs , nanny dogs in fact . yep,.... you'd need a nanny like that to control those kids . feel sorry for the nanny dog .

tattooed douche family . even the nanny dog had tattoo's.

Packhorse said...

No big surprise pit nuttery is on display at Westminster. The breeders have so many big bucks to gain from people who buy the lie--then they can just whistle and mosey away when the nanny kills her charges.

vintage said...


1891: After William Truss is seriously mauled, Faversham's 30 Pit Maulspawning Operation is ordered out of Atlantic Highlands NJ within 24 hours by the Mayor.

Faversham is listed here here in the January 1917 Dog Fancier as a Westminster Dog show judge for "Bull Terriers":

*Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Shit Up!