Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the legacy of catherine hedges

HEDGES has been dead a little over a year, yet her undying dedication to animal rescue, hoarding, abuse, neglect and stupidity lives on.


the former site of DON'T BULLY MY BREED is home to a new house of animal rescue horrors.

CATHERINE HEDGES' ex-boyfriend (pictured above, not below) is in the slammer for:
• aggravated assault
• possession of a firearm without a firearm owner’s identification card
• domestic battery
• 2 counts of animal cruelty (for starving 60 cats and a dozen dogs - fuzzy math)
• drunk driving (which he failed to appear in court last january)

aaah, the awesomeness of pit nutter judgement.


stubbydog tribute HEDGES was asked about the average day with pit bulldogs and responded with “Hahahahaahaha! lots of laughing and silliness!" on the flip side the average day with pit bull victims would be lots of tears, blood and heartache.

CATHERINE HEDGES is the brain child behind don't bully my breed.

CATHERINE HEDGES, with a whole 11 years of rescue angeling under her belt, claimed to possess more knowledge and expertise than a vet of 36 years with 22 years as head of animal control.



this current drama is playing out in the great state of illinois aka LAND O' LEDY.
also playing in illinois, PitJustice starring MEGAN ALBRIGHT and her mutato TRENT the TERROR.


Anonymous said...

That picture of the crazy nutter with the mutant makes me physically ill. Even more so when I think of all the innocent family pets that have been slaughtered by mutants as a result of her twisted agenda.

vintage said...

Another classic Animal Un-Control moment...Current US SITREP:

US Dog mauling hospitalizations up 86 percent since 1993

US DBRFs up to 31 annually from 5 in 1974.

*Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Anonymous said...

i dont know which is more repulsive , the warrior princess or her mutant gladiator . adorable ....not.

Miss Margo said...

Niiiiiiiice couple (threesome? lol)!

I googled Cleary. Man SHOT his girlfriend.

My spider sense is tingling about Cleary's crimes: if this guy's not an alcoholic or junkie, I'll eat my shorts. I say this as someone who knows too much, sadly, about these issues.

I don't mention that to negate his responsibility for his crimes, btw. Being drunk is a partial explanation, but certainly no excuse.

But it's to the point where I'm coming to think that part of criminal sentencing for non-misdemeanor drug/alcohol crimes should include a prohibition on owning pets.

Nice shot of Hedges with the pit. It is a creepy photo, but what is even weirder is that Hedges, or whoever took it, did not realize that it was creepy and voluntarily posted it online.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

People with impaired judgement don't have the "creepy photo - don't post online" filter that the rest of us do. Which is why excess quantities of drugs and/or alcohol are NOT a good idea.

Anonymous said...

maybe she saw the creepyness of the photo and posted it anyway . both subjects look like they have a screw loose. .......look into those eyes at your peril.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"That picture of the crazy nutter with the mutant makes me physically ill."


"i dont know which is more repulsive , the warrior princess or her mutant gladiator"

it's a tie.

"I googled Cleary. Man SHOT his girlfriend. "

i think he just shot AT her. which is bad but i don't she was struck with a bullet.

"People with impaired judgement don't have the "creepy photo - don't post online" filter that the rest of us do."

you got that right.

Anonymous said...

it might be a "creepy is bad, creepy is good" kinda thing , similar to the cup half full/half empty thing.

some peops probably think ..... the girl is sick and the mutant is sicker, and her boyfriend is pretty cool too .

Illinois Pitbull Attacks said...

Illinois is virtually exploding with nutter lunacy at the moment. Another one bites the dust.


Anonymous said...

nutter lunacy is everywhere from what i can tell. i blame floridation of our precious body fluids......well thats as good an explaination as any other.

S.K.Y. said...

To defend myself and my dogs from mutants like Megan Albright's, I just mortgaged my car and am spending $7k on a massively secure fence. They just put the posts in today, and they'll finish it all up tomorrow.

My yard is going to look exactly like a prison. It's chainlink on 3 sides, with barbed-wire arms facing outward. Six-foot privacy fence along the side I share with an evil German Shepherd (has been cited for escaping and attacking other dogs) with barbed wire arms on that, too. I had to get a special zoning permit to put up the barbed wire arms, and I have to use regular wire, not barbed... but I'll do whatever it takes to keep aggressive dogs from jumping in my yard.

I just hate how *I* have to make monthly payments for 5 years for this thing, when my only crime is having a well-trained, non-barking, friendly 8 lb. dog that is never outdoors for a second without being under my directly supervision. And the neighbor is the one with all the citations for "aggressive dog running at large." Grrrrrr!

Once I have the wire strung, I'll send photos if Craven wants to post them. I'm ready for both pit bulls AND the zombie apocalypse now! :-)

Anonymous said...

zombie apocalypse ? oh you mean the undead mutant luving filth that populates most of the globe now, it seems.

Rumpelstiltskin said...


Pit nutters are perfectly fine letting their pits roam free. It's the price we pay for owning normal dogs. The only way to prevent a neighbor's pit bull from doing harm to you and your dog is a gun. You have to be vigilant in keeping it on you when you take your dog outside. You also have to be prepared to use it and fast. For the little dogs, I imagine it wouldn't take long for a pit bull to kill. Mine are much larger and they'd put up a fight for enough time for me to take good aim. They may even kill one.

I've already had problems with a renter next door to me. No offense to normal renters. He went through great lengths to keep his pits in his yard. I believe the year he lived in the home, he worked on his stupid fucking kennels and fence, on average, 2 days out of the week. The dumb ass pits still got out. During the year he was here, his pits killed at least 3 ducks around our pond.

The final straw was when his hound dog dug a hole under my fence. Yes, he had 4 dogs. 3 dumb ass pits and a hound dog. Amazing how the hound dog was so pleasant and gentle yet the pits were monsters. I would occasionally hear one of the pits terrorize the hound dog. All raised the same, living in the same home. I made the mistake of letting my dogs play with the hound and I guess it pissed the most aggressive pit off and the hound was more than happy to dig a hole to greet my dogs when I took them outside. I fixed the hole, yelled at the pit owner, and started calling animal control. I think the landlord got a few letters and decided not to renew his lease.

Looking back on it, if something did happen and I had to shoot his dogs, I can hear pit nutters saying it was my fault because I befriended the hound dog and that started the problems. I know it's not true, but that's the excuse pit idiots would point out.

Keep in mind, this douche was constantly working on his fortress of solitude, pouring concrete around the fence, fixing his kennels, fixing the fence, and whatever else he could imagine to keep his fucked up pits from escaping. Remember, this guy is a renter. It's not even his property. Everything except keeping them in the fucking house. Except towards the end when his bitch gave birth. I guess having them live in the home with him was too much trouble. I never asked why. Any answer he would have given would not be sufficient. His fucking pits were smarter than him, they always escaped no matter what he did.

I do remember a few things about his attitude. After a few days of his pits charging the fence while I was outside, I brought it to his attention his pits were constantly barking and charging the fence. He never reprimanded them until I brought it up. Like he was deaf until I mentioned his pits made too much noise. Who wants to hear that shit every time they go outside?

The only time he got angry with me was when it cost him money. LOL! I suppose animal control does have a heart and ticketed him a few times and the neighbors thanked me. I, for the most part, solved the problem of the pits roaming the streets.

One thing I don't understand is why people have such a problem with shooting a pit bull who's going to tear you or your dog apart. In a situation like this, force should be met with force. The pit bull does not reason like people. Pits are supposed to fight to the death, it's what they are known for. To give the pit bull a dirt nap rather than me taking a mauling or having it kill my pet is, in my opinion, perfectly acceptable.

DubV said...

I agree with Rump. Nutters will find a chain of cause and effect clear to the Big Bang to excuse the behavior of their dogs. If we want to go that far back, no human or animal is responsible for any action simply because they did not choose to be born. Weak sauce.

Anonymous said...

if you have dogs that roam and want to escape,and if theyve done it before they will probably keep on doing it . a breed that is focused on something external to you that it is bred to do will probably always look for ways to escape whereas a normal dog does generally not want to leave its owner or it s home . it seems to me that mutants are notorious escape artists because they are driven to find things to kill and like the typical human psychopath,they also need their adrenaline fix . trying to keep pittie at home is like trying to keep a serial killer from cruising the hooker strips.

Stinger said...


Some Comet brand powdered cleaner wrapped in a cheese slice is a much easier way to deal with a dangerous dog than spending that much on a fence!

Anonymous said...

tempting but not wise if you still have a pet of your own you care about. besides, you could end up poisoning something other than the intended subject. also, i prefer a humane kill even when dealing with mutants. prefer not to lower myself to the level of nutters and dingbats.

Anonymous said...

this blog is awesome.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I never leave the house without a knife and a clean handkerchief now. Walked by a couple of chained pits the other day. The owners were sitting on their porch laughing while their dogs went bezerk. If they hadn't been chained, I would have been their dinner.

Anonymous said...

idiots letting their mutants act like that . they dont care whatever happens , to someone else or their own. plus they are advertizing to the world that they are scum , which they probably are. funny how so many people , and i use the word very loosely , just dont get it .

Anonymous said...

@ chris nel
my feeling too , about two years ago when i heard about this blog . it honestly felt like i had come in from the cold after realizing what idiots and moral degenerates tend to inhabit the pit-bull loving community ,...... which seems to be getting larger every second.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I want to see more pit bull on pit bull or pit bull on owner attacks. We don't see those enough. It's always a pit bull attacking a small dog or child.

I suppose pit nutters don't like an even match. At least dog fighters put pit against pit in a ring. Pit nutters take their pits to the dog park to tear apart someone's 20 lb dog.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

or 1200 lb horse.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Yeah, I don't recall ever hearing about another breed of dog killing a horse. Seems that's mostly pit bull territory.

Anonymous said...

something about that photo of the dead dingbat and the mutant . that thing looks like satans mutant ready to follow her into the afterlife. creepy is the word .

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this photo really creeps me out.

Anonymous said...

the mutant looks like it wants to tear out someones throat to save its mistress, presumably , how sweet.

probably die for her , kill bulls , corollas, back-hoes ect , to save her.

be like having your own pet komodo dragon as a body guard willing to work for dog-chow .

i think im beginning to see the dingbat attraction for ugly mutantcy .

Anonymous said...

i cant get over that pitbull mug shot , i have to smirk everytime i see it . such a nice looking girl , seemingly in love with that THING !!! ....and the mutant komodo dragon thing? seems to think she belongs to ?? it??? fucking creeeepy .

TruthIsNotDeterminedByMajorityVote said...

You stated This was Catherine's ex.
I believe that's only because she died.
im reading he was her fiance and widow and with her at her time of death.


She left her rescue "Dont bully my breed" with him. Yet claims "I have carefully placed hundreds of pit and pit mixes in great homes" .

Anonymous said...

I volunteered at FFF in Chicago. Catherine was a hoarder. Over 20 cats were in her apt which most certainly was not allowed on her lease. There were instances where there was no way animals got required immunizations and vet screenings yet they were placed in the community. One night, I found a declawed young cat on the street. I turned it over to FFF just before closing. I called first thing the next morning that I had someone who wanted to adopt it but was told that Catherine had already placed it. So she flipped it without giving it proper vet care; the time span was closing time to opening time of FFF. As I volunteer, I felt I was put in dangerous situations. Once she asked me to take care of potty breaks for a very damaged pit bull while she was out of town. The dog was at FFF. We would take the dogs up to the rooftop deck to pee and poop. That dog looked to be in constant pain and was very wary to the point of being scary. It was cruel to keep it alive. Another haunting memory for me is when Catherine placed 2 feral cats with me and I was furious with her because I found a wealthy family with a 50,000 sq ft horse barn, heated, who agreed to adopt the cats as mousers. Catherine said that they could not go to that placement because they could get out and run into the road and get killed. Instead she said that she was going to put them in an unemployed woman's barn in Indiana, locked up with a bunch of other ferals. Really? Lord of the flies life for them versus a posh territory of their own? That's when I parted ways with her. I had been volunteering at FFF because it was right near my apt and I didn't have a car and the euthanizations at the city's Anti-Cruelty Society broke my heart so I didn't volunteer there anymore. I often felt that Catherine knew how to manipulate people including me. She would suggest that we go to sushi or her favorite pub and I inevitably would always pay. Once we went to a party at the house of a pit that she placed. It was in an old city apt, lots of hipsters packed into a one bedroom. Catherine laid on the bed with a pit that she had placed there and asked her date about danger, seriously. I left the room. I'm writing all of this now because i only learned about her death tonight. Chicago's PAWS is really a professional and ethical and transparent animal shelter that wasn't yet in existence in those days when my personal loneliness and fatalism led me to make choices that bring me to shudder now. I am now suspicious of individuals asking for donations for their animal causes when there are really excellent places like PAWS out there as the best places for animals in need to go. Thanks.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anon 12:45, you and i followed similar paths and came to similar conclusions.

thanks for leaving your comment.

Anonymous said...

What killed her the BF or the dog?

Anonymous said...

This is what he is up to today https://search.app/ptxJK6egoNgVz14x7

How did Catherine end up w this whacko who abused all her animals after she died.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

wow. thanks for the update.