Thursday, December 6, 2012

This American Nutter: The Piney FIles

this week on craven, the husband and wife american nutter team:


one two three four five six people, plus ANAHEED. that's how many (human) bites IRA GLASS' dog has to his credit.

this american life producer Nancy Updyke turned the tables and interviewed IRA GLASS about his "misunderstood" pit bulldog - PINEY.  

"I've known IRA for 17 years and nothing that IRA has ever done has raised more questions than PINEY." Nancy Updyke

the story of IRA, ANAHEED and PINEY has a classic beginning... "Once upon a time, ANAHEED had a dream that she had a dog named PINEY."

this is their story.

PINEY is 7 years old and for years, the staff at TAL has been doing double takes when they hear snippets of PINEY'S behavior and the behavior of IRA and ANAHEED. snippets like "PINEY can't walk near men on the street because if a man, any man looks him in the eye, he will attack him."

when PINEY gets anxious, he sometimes attacks people. so they give him valium to try and make his aggression more manageable. they muzzle PINEY when in public. and IRA and ANAHEED never have friends over because PINEY will try to attack any and all visitors.

GLASS explains that PINEY was a normal dog until ANAHEED took him to a wedding where he bit TWO children. it is important to note that PINEY is referred to as a puppy at that time. 

GLASS defends PINEY, claiming he only "nips", yet blood is drawn. the host insists if there is blood, it is a bite. IRA and Updyke debate the definition of nip. GLASS finally concedes to a compromise, "it's a bloody nip" while Updyke has a front row seat to pit nutter denial and minimization and realizes this is not an argument that she can win.

GLASS thinks of PINEY like the incredible hulk, "fundamentally good, just high strung". Updyke points out that PINEY goes hulk in ordinary life circumstances. for example, PINEY is regularly aggressive toward IRA in an effort to "protect" ANAHEED. PINEY has twice bitten the woman that he tries to protect from IRA.

the interview then moves into PINEY'S extensive health problems which manifests itself in the form of severe food allergies that requires rotating expensive, exotic meats. meats that are difficult to obtain.

it was only when GLASS was forced to take the subway for an hour one way to get PINEY'S special food that GLASS would feel resentment towards PINEY. the inconvenience of PINEY'S victims having to seek medical attention is completely lost on him.

Updyke asks what if any are the pleasures of owning PINEY. GLASS answers in classic narcissistic lion tamer fashion "It's really sweet to have this animal that trusts no one and is alone in this world except for us and he trusts us." he then blathers on about PINEY'S helplessness.

Updyke: "It's interesting that you consider him helpless though, since he lunges at you everyday. You see helplessness behind what other people see as aggression."

GLASS really does not have a clue that the rest of the world views him and ANAHEED as irresponsible and unbalanced.

as the interview comes to a conclusion, Updyke asks GLASS "what are you thinking as you make that face?"

GLASS: "I'm alarmed that you seemed to be after all this talk, that you don't seem at all convinced that what we're doing doesn't seem nuts. I mean I could understand it how it could seem that way before you heard me explain it but now that I have explained it, I feel that you should come over to my side." (IRA nervous laughter)

Updyke: "You are saying that you did everything right, so how could I be doing this so wrong?"  (more IRA nervous laughter)

you can listen to the entire interview HERE.

as jaw dropping as the IRA GLASS version of the PINEY FILES is, just wait until you see what ANAHEED ALANI can do.


3.19.09  I Don't Know. A Monster?

Before Piney, my husband had never had a pet in his life. Not even a goldfish. It would be hilarious that his first pet-owning experience is the worst dog in the world, if it weren’t tragic.

This conversation actually happened, last night.

My husband: So when I was out reporting this story, I went to these people’s house to interview them, and they had two dogs. A big dog and a little dog. The little dog yapped a little bit when I came in, but for the rest of the time, while I was interviewing this guy, the little dog was just busy getting peanut butter out of a Kong, and the big one was happily chewing a bone on the floor. Like, they weren’t bothered at all that I was there.

Me: Well, they’re dogs. That is what a normal dog is like.

Husband: Really? Wow.

Me: Yeah. That’s a dog.

Husband: Then what do we have? 

snack sized dog shot off a quick email to april 29, branwyne and myself alerting us to the subject of this week's show. i immediately checked TAL website but it was not yet available streaming on-line. i didn't waste anytime and went to work googling for photos and other information. i landed at a blog called The I Love My Bad Dog Blog. it wasn't until i read two blog posts that i realized, this blog was written by IRA GLASS' nutter wife ANAHEED ALANI! she blogs under the handle Piney Marley Hussein Glass-Alani. her blog description:
When Piney came to live with us, we didn't know that within a couple of years he would flourish into the allergic-to-everything, IBD-having, aggressive-to-strangers little hellhound that he is today. He enjoys fetch, chewing and meat. His favorite color is red. His lucky number is 3. Nickname: Down Payment on an Apartment.

after just a few blog posts about her human aggressive pit bull (you know, the ones that the dogmen culled) ALANI began to receive emails expressing concern about taking her very human aggressive pit bull's behavior very public. ALANI decided to blog about that email exchange. ALANI got on her pit bull soapbox and spouted off a lot of the same propaganda we are used to hearing: pit bulls are misunderstood, affectionate, intuitive, gentle, yadda yadda yadda but what i found most interesting was the pit bull chat woman did not encourage them to dirt nap PINEY, she just didn't want them to talk publicly about PINEY'S aggression.

but the self absorbed princess would not allow others to poop on her entitlement parade. reading her blog, i pretty quickly realized that is a reoccuring theme for the passive aggressive princess who admits that she is conflict avoidant but acts out in covertly aggressive ways with her small audience of dedicated readers encouraging her on.

10.21.09  Good, Bad, Bad, Bad
I got to D Is for Doggy they told me that he had nipped one of their employees—a new guy that he’d never met. And I had JUST finished telling Jolanta that Piney has never acted aggressive at day care, thank god, because without day care I don’t know if we could even keep Piney. It’s not like we can just hire a random dog walker to risk their life walking into our apartment.

The other crap thing is that this morning when we encountered the loitering workers from across the street on our front stoop, I asked them to get out of the way, as usual, and one of them muttered under his breath, “pain in the ass.” Yeah, you know what else is a pain in the ass? Having my dog spaz out every morning because there are strange men in uniform smoking on our front stoop. If it’s SUCH a pain in the ass, maybe you would like to not move out of the way very briefly while you are illegally loitering while drinking your morning coffee, and I will maybe forget to put on my dog’s muzzle that morning.

Not really. But in my dreams, really really.

there is a history of ANAHEED'S dreams coming true.

a lot of ALANI'S blogs are just plain boring but i have a few favorites. like, not ONE but TWO tickets for violating the leash law with their human aggressive pit bulldog. the pit bull princess proudly posted one ticket on her blog, note that the arrogant humans refused to sign the ticket.

11.11.09 Piney growled at Ira again this morning when Ira was only near, not in, the bedroom. And when I touched his stomach shortly after that he winced a little. Things are getting worse, not better. I am currently researching Constructional Aggression Treatment and ordering some Oxycodone from the pharmacy. Last night a dear friend told me he doesn’t understand why anyone would keep a dog like ours. And right now I’m wondering how much longer we’ll be able to. 

on 9.17.10 ANAHEED gushes over an article written by PINEY'S trainer about what is like living with a difficult dog. "I have never felt so understood."
Yet life with a difficult dog has its satisfactions, too. If you’re actively working on her behavior, every step forward brings a sense of accomplishment and joy.  JOLANTA BENAL

ANAHEED, you want a sense of accomplishment? MASTER PILATES! and if you need to live on the edge in your pursuit of joy, then CLIMB Mt EVEREST!

there are a few more worthy reads - and take note of the commenters who gush over the couple's awesomeness and sacrifice, that further fuel IRA'S and ANAHEED'S pathological need for admiration and recognition.

Is it possible for Sane people to live this way?

Piney growled at Ira again

Piney aggresses towards Ira for walking towards dingbat, dingbat makes excuses

Another Day, Another Bad Behavior

Piney Antisocial

Further Down the Shame Hole

The Quality of Life Report

Reality Check

Train Thyself

D-Bag Report

here's PINEY snuggling with one of his daycare providers with ears back and full on reptilian stare. i don't know about you but that is body language that i don't want to be anywhere near.

more pics of PUKEY can be viewed HERE where the daycare providers pander to the celebrities and their celebrity mutant.


april 29 said...

I am simply speechless, and I am not often speechless. The crazy train has left the station.

These people excuse bites, both to themselves and to others, including children. They take their admittedly aggressive dog to the dog park and to day care and remove the muzzle. She resents a sensible comment from a reader of her blog regarding the dangers her dog poses. She allows the dog to run her husband out of the bedroom... and he apologizes for upsetting the dog?

This is pathological narcissism not love for a dog.

As Vintage says "you can't make this stuff up."

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I am actually bruised after reading todays blog.

You see I was sure I was now residing in bizzaro world and was pinching myself to see if I was awake or dreaming.

I am not sure I have the strength to listen to the interview.

Looking at her blog entries made me want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

One wonders what will happen when this couple's adorable pibble turns on them. Or when it attacks someone else, and that individual lawyers up to the max.

Ira, you're stupid.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Was I the only one, who after reading todays blog thought out loud, "I hope these people never reproduce"

DubV said...

Dawn, excellent take down using Ira's own style.

I do not like people like Ira (pretentious and condescending in a manner that is also smarmy).

His celebrity and intellectual arrogance produced the ultimate nutter within the PC nutter crowd. He has the characteristics of this set of nutters with all dials cranked to 11.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

these two nitwits offer serious competition for the title of super nutter.

ira and anaheed are the poster children for that trait that i despise: ultra politically correct liberalism.

just wait until you see the NEXT famous nutter. omg.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dubv, i wish i could have peppered the blog post with trendy pretentious snippets of music.

orangedog said...

They don't even know what a real dog is like. More and more of these people think this is normal dog behavior. We're doomed.

DubV said...

"ira and anaheed are the poster children for that trait that i despise: ultra politically correct liberalism"

The irony is that this constellation of traits is contagious because it is taken as open-mindedness, enlightenment, etc, while simultaneously it is actually walling oneself off from any reality that does not fit the person's worldview.

I was just thinking about lion tammerism. It goes hand-in-hand with the beliefs that "it is all how you raise them" and "it is all about responsible dog ownership".

I'll use myself as a counter point, because I know I am not a lion tamer or dog trainer by any means.

I am responsible in that I put my dog up when appropriate (a crowd is present especially one of strangers and/or children), keep my dog adequately contained (leash, fence, etc), and take care of his health.

I have raised my dog well only in that I have treated him kindly, given him affection and exercise, and clumsily corrected any bad behavior (the extent of it with him is chewing things he shouldn't).

I am not a superior or even good dog owner in terms of training or most higher level things.

I cannot take credit for my dog's gentle demeanor. Possibly I could've ruined it by abusing him. But that's the extent of it.

My ego is not wrapped up in my dog. I give his innate qualities the credit for him being a nice dog that people enjoy. All credit, I believe, is due to him being half beagle and his innate Wesley awesomeness.

But then we have nutters. They either lucked out and got a pit from the end of the bell curve that is an outlier in that it actually is a placid dog, or they've had to go to insane lengths to insure an adequate safety level around their animals.

Setting aside obviously bad pit owners, these proud nutters see other pit owners that either did not luck out in their dog's genetics or had a security breach and this is used to reaffirm the proud nutter's convictions. The proud nutter continually uses this as a way to reinforce how well they are doing, because after all they haven't had a problem and of course they must be the ones to thank for it. Every example of a pit bull owner that tried to be responsible but ended up having a negative incident further reinforces in the proud nutters mind what a special person they must be. Until their number is up, but then they still might find a way around in their minds. They are unsinkable rubber ducks.

S.K.Y. said...

Unlike previous commenters, I'm a HUGE fan of TAL. I listen virtually every week. When in Turkey for 5 years, I downloaded every episode to listen on my MP3 player while I rode the bus or took the ferries. My memories of Istanbul are all peppered with the voices and music of TAL. :-)

However, I'm definitely re-thinking my perspective now that I see what thoughtless nuts the host and his wife are. Wow--am I ever glad I don't live near them. And how is it that they're taking this dog to DOGGY DAYCARE and off-leash dog parks?!!! Do they not have ONE grain of common sense, or feelings for other dogs and people?

I would have dirt-napped this dog right after he bit the kids at the wedding.

Not only is this individual dog a danger, but the two nutters are making "life with a dangerous dog" appear interesting and fulfilling.


S.K.Y. said...

P.S. There was a mention of NYC in this blog entry. I'm pretty sure that Ira & Co. live in Chicago, since the show is produced by WBEZ in Chicago.

Animal Uncontrol said...

"Was I the only one, who after reading todays blog thought out loud, "I hope these people never reproduce""

If they do, smart money says the kid will be killed by the dog(s) the first month or so.

Horrible, but true.

Small Survivors said...

I, too, wish to gouge my eyes out after reading Anaheed's blog.

But then I read this again, and I feel better:
"ANAHEED, you want a sense of accomplishment? MASTER PILATES! and if you need to live on the edge in your pursuit of joy, then CLIMB Mt EVEREST!"


The post that got me was where she basically said "I can see all the dirty looks people are giving me when I walk past them with an obviously dangerous muzzled pit bull, and fuck you, I have a right to put you in danger."

What gives them the right? They would never get doggie daycare if they weren't celebs AND do all the other patrons know that they are mingling with a 7 time human aggressive dog?

"but the self absorbed princess would not allow others to poop on her entitlement parade. reading her blog, i pretty quickly realized that is a reoccuring theme for the passive aggressive princess who admits that she is conflict avoidant but acts out in covertly aggressive ways with her small audience of dedicated readers encouraging her on. "

You pegged her!

Here is a video of Piney communicating that he's done being petted by growling:

Caroline said...

As someone who's known several people who've owned aggressive dogs, your post shows that it's as much about the owners as it is about the messed up mutts. Some humans project their own issues onto their dogs, and think that somehow that by "healing" their mutants they can heal themselves. I had a close relative who rescued an abused Austrailian Shepherd that was fearful of strangers and bit several people (including me). But she couldn't see the pain others suffered because all she saw was a poor widdle wronged puppy with sad eyes who just needed someone to love her.

Small Survivors said...

Oh, and I read more about the sick dog part. This dog is diagnosed with IBS which is EXTREMELY painful at times and the pain can come and go with little seeming rhyme or reason.

So, you're standing in front of an aggressive pit bull, and unknown to you, it suddenly becomes overwhelmed with pain...

What they are doing is continuing on a certain journey to disaster, and just waiting for the disaster to strike before they have to do something rational and responsible...and they're bringing passengers.

I can't stop being angry about this.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Quite honestly I don't believe all the dogs alleged maladies.

Sounds more like Munchausen by proxy. Get a kooky enough owner you will find a veterinarian willing to come up with some kind of diagnosis.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

righteo sky! it is chicago and it says so right on the TAL poster. thank you. i will make the correction. this is even better. they are in ledy's state!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"The irony is that this constellation of traits is contagious because it is taken as open-mindedness, enlightenment, etc, while simultaneously it is actually walling oneself off from any reality that does not fit the person's worldview."

this is simply brilliant. this should be my new signature. you communicated what i was unable to a few days ago when i bashed political correctness and many liberal readers took offense. thank you. my criticism was not aimed at liberal politics, but at a subset of liberal political philosophy.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"I can see all the dirty looks people are giving me when I walk past them with an obviously dangerous muzzled pit bull, and fuck you, I have a right to put you in danger."

shit! i forgot to include that one!

i do have pdf copies of everything btw :)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. that actually wss the driving force behind saving pdfs.

DubV said...

Aw shucks, Dawn ;)

tropical storms said...

Really, these nutters actually have jobs and income, why no civil actions pending?

DubV said...,2188/

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that's hysterical dubv. i think that's funnier than the sex tapes spoof.

Small Survivors said...

Ira & co. have lived in NYC since 2006, but the show is still produced by WBEZ

"So let's talk about the real news: you're moving to New York.

IG: Yes, it's because This American Life is going to become a TV series for Showtime. I mean, we're still a radio show, too. And WBEZ will still be the producer of the radio show. So even though we'll be in New York, I'll be saying, "This American Life is produced by WBEZ in Chicago."'

They just moved here:

Garnet said...

Holy fucksticks, they take a known-to-be-dangerous pit bull to a dog daycare? That is just sociopathic, because they're putting everyone elses' dogs in extreme danger, not to mention people.

That dog seriously has the potential to maul or kill someone.

Garnet said...

Well, I left this comment on the blog. I'd say it has a 0% chance of being published:

"You take an aggressive pit bull to a dog daycare? Do you not care at all about the safety of other people or pets?

Really, people like you are why people like me can't take their safe, friendly, unlikely-to-kill anything dogs to daycares, pet stores or dog parks. People with no sense have to impose their fighting breed dogs on everyone."

I really am aghast at this. They admit the dog is dangerous, yet the blog is full of pictures of it off leash and they admit to taking it to a dog daycare. I'd flip completely if a dog like that ended up near my dogs at a day care, pet store, or whatever.

That truly is the type of dog most likely to be involved in a mauling or fatality. This is revolting.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

snack, nice find.
did anyone else get the impression these pretentious fucktards were whining about piney's financial burden?

now i am thinking this is all part of the act. they are grooming other nutters and politically correct liberal fucktards into feeling sorry for them so that can be turned around into even MORE admiration for their "sacrifice".

i added ira's crib to the pit nutter blog. $1.26 million dollar one bedroom apartment. i guess the donations to public radio are as lucrative as the facebook campaigns to save killers.

DubV said...

Sorry for the long quote, but I hope it is worth it.

It is easy to not feel self-centered when you are being self-centered for what you think is a good cause.

from one of the links Dawn has above

"Then today an anonymous (of course) reader of this blog in Queens left me this comment:

"This is appalling. You should be utterly ashamed of yourself. I don't know what is worse, that you keep "moving the line" or that you do it so casually and flippantly - almost with a tone of humorous indifference. You have crossed THE line over and over again just in what you have written. I can’t imagine what you have failed to mention. Yes, you have made great efforts and tried as best you can, but it hasn't worked and for you to gloss over the fact he bit two children is reprehensible. I agree with the commenter about the lawsuit, but really, isn't the bigger picture that the writing is on the wall that this dog can and will hurt somebody much more terribly than has already occurred? You are doing society a gross disservice because this dog is dangerous - and how are you going to feel when he seriously injures someone? Will you just say that you weren't paying attention for a moment? Will that be a good enough excuse? What it if is the life of someone? Heaven forbid a child? What if it is your husband? Will you still feel justified in keeping the dog despite your repeated warnings? Will it have been worth it? I am amazed, absolutely amazed, that your tone does not seem to take this as seriously as it should be. Muzzles, Zoloft, etc. aside, this is clearly not working and as someone who has trained dogs, I think you just have one of those that is too much of a risk at this point for you to deal with. You simply must go back to your original line - look how far you have justified crossing it and do the right thing for everybody's safety, including your own. Your egregious oversight of what is really important outweighing how you feel about the dog is shameful."

I thought I had a thick skin, but when I read that I burst into tears. Partly, yeah, because there are things tucked in there among the BS that are valid. I don’t think it’s necessary to respond to any of the questions that this person (Why do I think it’s a woman? I think because the tone is more scoldy/shaming than angry) poses, because I don’t think they’re real questions. I mean, how does she think I would feel if Piney ever seriously hurt someone? But I do want to address two small points: Piney’s biting two kids was the first serious manifestation we’d ever seen of his aggression. I didn’t take it lightly, and that’s why since then Piney has never been close to any child, even when he has his muzzle on. Second point: I don’t fail to mention any of the bad stuff here. This blog is all about talking about the bad stuff."

The comments on the blog are all very sympathetic to Alani, and make we want to barf.

Small Survivors said...

"I am not a superior or even good dog owner in terms of training or most higher level things.

I cannot take credit for my dog's gentle demeanor. Possibly I could've ruined it by abusing him. But that's the extent of it."

Me too. You left out the "bald faced lying" reason that nutters can claim to have good natured, calm and well-behaved pits. The vast majority of pits I see being walked in my town are none of those things.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dubv, oh. because she acknowledges the bad stuff, everything is okay.

Small Survivors said...

Putme Incharge, I thought just the same thing you did. Then, I read a blog post that included a photo of the blood Piney threw up on the sidewalk in front of their apartment right before he was rushed to the hospital where he stayed for a few days.

You could be right, or he may have mild maladies that they are making worse with their hyper vigilance. But, it occurred to me that the dog might be in pain all the time or much of the time or sporadically which would make the situation all the more dangerous and unpredictable.

Small Survivors said...

"I mean, how does she think I would feel if Piney ever seriously hurt someone?"

OMG!!! She's thought about it, and can still justify keeping the dog.

She's acting as if she is fully aware her choices and actions might cause someone to become seriously hurt or die and she's ok with it.

I can't stop being angry about this.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

snack, there is always room for an Act Five.

DubV said...

Unless something is being hidden, it is odd to me that human aggression is mentioned but not dog-directed aggression. Of course, the later is more common in pits. Looking over all the doggie day care pics showing little dogs chewing on his face, I was thinking "Piney hasn't killed one of those dogs yet?" I would never trust him around my dog or any other, but maybe he is actually more dangerous to humans than other dogs. I suppose anything is possible.

vintage said...

All I'm getting out of this is that Nutters are a threat to themselves, their families and everyone around them...

But we already know this!

This reminds me of Rachel Ray and sweet Isaboo's five attacks on neighborhood pets.

Jail time should ensue.

orangedog said...

"I mean, how does she think I would feel if Piney ever seriously hurt someone?"

This is classic narcissist behavior. It's all about HER feelings. She would feel bad if Piney mauled someone because then she'd feel like a failed lion tamer. I doubt she'd feel any sadness toward the victim at all.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

@orangedog: One of the manifestations of narcissism is lack of empathy. In this case, Piney's owner would feel sorry for herself if the dog attacked and seriously injured someone. Sympathy for the victim? Not in the picture.

Branwyne Finch said...

These two people so clearly have some level of mental illness, or serious personality disorder, it's just frightening. As I have said in the past, I believe this may be some variant of Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy, where, instead of causing the illness/behavior problems of the dog, they seek out dangerous, behaviorally abnormal dogs,and this fulfills some sort of need for self validation, as well as a desire for attention from vets, trainers, and other professionals.

This dog sounds like it has some sort of terrible neurological damage...I am shocked that no vet has suggested it be put to sleep. Shame on these veterinarians....I think any animal who lives in a constant state of fear and hyper arousal, and needs to be medicated just to function normally SOME of the time, should be humanely euthanized.

Anonymous said...

a movie about these disturbed pitter nutjobs could be called "the mutant whisperers" . in the end they would be eaten and the mutant killed.

kinda like the night whisperer only more creepy .

Branwyne Finch said...

I could not stop but think what this story reminded me of. All that came to mind was the behavior of Cindy Anthony.

For anyone who followed the Casey Anthony trial, the most mesmerizing part of the story was perhaps her relationship with her mother, who went as far as to lie under oath to protect her daughter, the murderer. Cindy appeared to genuinly love her grandaughter, yet she made excuse after excuse for her daughter's bizzare, psychopathic behavior. Even when her daughter admitted to dumping the childs body in the woods to rot, Cindy defended her actions, saying in an interview, "Well, you know, as christians we believe the soul goes to heaven after death". Her daughter was clearly a psychopath, and a murderer, yet Cindy made exuses for, and defended her behavior. Casey had been lying for years, stealing from the family, lying about her employment, etc. Cindy ignored this, even after her grandaughter dissappeared.

Ira and his wife will defend their dog's dangerous behavior, and I believe they will continue to do so long after the dog seriously injures someone. It's some form of serious pathology in their mental health; I don't think it's an accident that these two found each other. I also think this this type of behavior can take on much darker forms......

tropical storms said...

The stop Limbaugh movement is having an effect. Maybe the same strategy can be employed here. It might cause them to rethink their choices if it impacts them financially, since relying on their concern for others is off the table.

DubV said...

Had a pit bull scare last night. I was walking to my vehicle around midnight and as I emerge from where some bushes are blocking my view of the sidewalk, I hear a vicious bark. It's the pit bull I had to save a small dog from some months back. I look up and see the owner trying to control his pit as it strains on his retractable leash and cheap harness with plastic clips. I stop in my tracks, about 20 or 30 feet from the dog, put my hand on the knife clipped to my pocket and side step into an area where I can see the animal well. As he gets it under control, I continue to my vehicle and get in. I had fight or flight for a good 20 minutes afterward.

Asshole nutter.

orangedog said...

I see two kinds of pit owner around me. We have the do-gooder lion tamer types with their aggressive dogs on flexi leads and gentle leaders. They love to let their pits drag them towards other dogs while chanting, "He's friendly!" as if saying it enough times will make it true.
We also have the thug life owners with the pit attached to a length of 2" link chain - like the kind of safety chain that attaches my 2700 lb horse trailer to my truck.
I would rather walk by the pit attached to the chain than the flexi.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Anybody else creeped out by these two twinkies and their matching Buddy Holly eye glasses?

Garnet said...

Well, here's another child that needed a life flight due to a pit bull attack:

It wouldn't stop attacking so a police officer had to shoot it.

That's what aggressive pit bulls have the capability of doing, yet these idiots don't seem to care. It's all about them and their martyr complex (which isn't even helping their dog - it's clearly in pain all the time and needs to be put down for its own welfare and the safety of others).

If these two pit nutters read this thread, all it is guaranteed to do is beef up their martyr-victim-lion tamer complex. The fact that they are endangering people will likely not bother them one bit. It the dog does seriously harm someone, the first thought in their (and other pit bull owner's) heads will be regarding the breed's reputation. That's how pit bull people think - someone is killed and they fret about the reputation of figting dogs.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i'm obsessed with this photo. please check it out.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Dr Mark Wulkan patches up kids who have been mauled by nanny dogs and he is on record speaking out against the lethal combo of pits and kids and rotts and kids.

MARK WULKAN, MD, surgeon at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
"There is a difference with the pit bulls. In the last two years we've seen 56 dog injuries that were so severe the patient had to be admitted to the hospital so this doesn't count just a little bite and then goes to the emergency room. Of those 56, 21 were pit bulls. And then when we look at our data even further, of the kids that were most severely injured, those that were in the hospital for more than 8 days or had life threatening injuries, 100% of those were pit bulls."

Miss Margo said...

I'm sorry my comments are late.

I've read this blog post at least five times. I didn't know what to say about it the first time, and I don't really know what to say about it now.

First, I think this is a "Top-10 Craven Desires Greatest Hits" piece. And that's saying a lot.

Ira and Anaheed's mentality and behavior is so damn BIZARRE and offensive...I just...

Anaheed fantasizes about menacing or attacking workers because one of them grumbled to himself about being asked to clear the steps to MAKE WAY--like fleeing quail--for Piney...?

Make way, make way! Make way for the Queen! Clear the road!

I understand not liking construction workers hanging out outside your door, but that's life sometimes. This city is an anthill.

Ugh...Ira Glass..UGH...In the interview, he said that his dog bit the host's child (daughter) at the wedding. NO APOLOGY or even embarassement.

I'd love to hear from the victims. And I bet there are more than six.

And the "nips" thing...

"it was only when GLASS was forced to take the subway for an hour one way to get PINEY'S special food that GLASS would feel resentment towards PINEY. the inconvenience of PINEY'S victims having to seek medical attention is completely lost on him."

Sums it up.

And no dog needs to live of kangaroo and a starch. Give me a break.

Ira and Anaheed are wealthy enough to intimidate and discourage any victim who wants to take them to court.

Jake said...

@Branwyne Finch -

Excellent observation, I think we might have hit on the root of the pit nutter problem: Munchhausen Syndrome by reverse proxy!

DubV said...

I've always liked the phrase "terminally unique". In the case of folks like Alani and Ira, it may be quite literal a statement. I can just imagine them sitting around deciding upon what dog to get and how they came to the pit bull decision.

Someone wondered about them finding this blog, if they do they will likely be indignant that others are concerned about their dog after they made the information public themselves.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

somewhere in the dingbat's blog, she mentions that she had a pit bull before. so she is technically an "experienced" pit bull owner.

miss margo, you are not alone in how much your head hurts thinking about these two politically correct fucktards. me and snack and april 29 and branwyne are still talking about them in email. honestly i think snack needs to take a jab at these idiots with Act Five. friends of mine who read but never comment are emailing about this.

branwyne is nothing but excellent observations.

Miss Margo said...

I expect that you will hear from one or both of them eventually, Dawn.

I am not proud of this, but they provoke profound feelings of revulsion in me.

This is crazy shit--the way that they live with this psycho dog. Crazy. Normally I don't think one can hate crazy people for being crazy, but boy...

Someone upthread said that it's no coincidence Ira and Anaheed found each other. Yeah. Their dysfunctions click. Like Freud said, there are no accidents.

"You and me and baby makes three." They could have any dog in the world, and look what they chose.

Anaheed is especially curious to me. Very angry woman with ZERO self-awareness or personal insight. Pilney is a vehicle for her to express her rage and resentment.

They don't really see the people around them. That's why Ira was miffed and shocked when the interview host didn't "get" his explanation about why he does this crazy shit for Piney. In the end, I don't think that they really even see PINEY for what he is--a suffering, dangerous, psycho dog that doesn't love them.

I feel so badly for any of Piney's victims. They have no change.

Dayna said...

These two self-centered imbeciles need to be eaten by their stupid dog. They are too stupid to realize the dog doesn't even like THEM and they're throwing away all these resources on it. Not to mention the people they put at risk every single day and not only think it's ok, but they think the peons DESERVE it! But I can see if the idiot woman didn't have the dog, her life/blog wouldn't be quite as exciting to read for her peon followers. I truly hope her dog gives her the attention she craves. She is truly deserving of the title of this blog, Craven Desires.

DubV said...

I'm thinking of a pop culture reference that describes this pair for me.

Their blue pills are painted red.

Anyone else watch The Matrix?

Jake said...

@DubV - of course, I went to see the matrix 7 times back when it was in the theaters... the sequels, not so much... but I digress.

So, what youre saying is that they think they living in the real world but they're actually living in fanasyland.

vintage said...



20 year old Nutter Dine and Dashes from his own attack when his Darwin Dog bites off his Pee-Pee (Ouchee!).

Officials at a nearby school call parents to pick up students due to school siege threat from loose Pee-Pee eater..

Darwin, Dine and Dash and school siege all rolled up in one attack...A world record!

*Goddamn..You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

vintage said...

Here's another self-absorbed Nutter

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that there are so many rich, privileged pit bull owners who pour so much time, MOENY and effort into their pibble-subtitute-for-a-kid who would NEVER, EVER, EVER consider adopting a special needs child instead.

Probably just as well for the children, I'm afraid.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

regarding 20 yr old haley pekala, as far as i am concerned she is not even old enough to own a pit bull.

from the link on the new mexico pee pee attack:

"Shortly after the attack Monday, Gov. Bill Richardson released a statement saying he would proposed legislation next year aimed at holding owners of dangerous dogs accountable for their pets."

well, i could be wrong but i think this nutter WAS HELD ACCOUNTABLE :-)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yikes, somebody had a little fun with HALEY PEKALA

Jake said...

@dawn -there is a trailing quote on your link that must be removed for the URL to resolve.

Interesting reaction to the tasering of their pit bull to try to stop the attack. They would no doubt have preferred for the mauling of the relative to continue...

Miss Margo said...

Here's a doozy: Pit Nutter Alex Kelm gets his face mauled by his roommate's pit bull. Kelm writes about it, recovers (mostly), and is back on the pit bull forums with brand new pit bulls.

From Kelm's account of the attack:

"You know I love when people attempt to lecture me on the "dangers" of owning an American Pit bull. Let's go back a couple months to August when I was chilling in my roommates room watching the television when his pit made a giant leap from my friends bed to... my face. I put a pillow between my neck and he tried to repeatedly grab at it as my buddy jumped out of bed, but couldn't get to me before the dog latched down on my face. I didn't even do anything, he just turned? Why? Who knows."

The rest is here:

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i seem to be having a tough time making links work lately.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

well miss margo, if you took the time to read kelm's profile, you'd know... he is UNIQUE!

is this a famous nutter that i need to be aware of?

DubV said...

"@DubV - of course, I went to see the matrix 7 times back when it was in the theaters... the sequels, not so much... but I digress.

So, what youre saying is that they think they living in the real world but they're actually living in fanasyland."

Yeah, pretty much. Their chosen path to hipster enlightenment and being above it all (which they kinda wear on their sleeve) is actually a huge trap.

DubV said...

A feline example, but an extreme example of how man has shaped animal genetics and how somethings are simply innate:

I didn't know about ragdoll cats until today. If I weren't allergic to cats, I'd consider getting one. M dog loves cats, and I believe he was raised around one as a puppy before I adopted him.

DubV said...

Interesting video, I'm not used to thinking about cats much, but many examples of selective breeding.

and we know nutters need these elementary lessons.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dr frankenstein is alive and well in the cat world.

Packhorse said...

Oh but, the nutters say, people don't want to adopt pitties because they're just preeeejudiced against the breed....

Stinger said...

Let her take the muzzle off that pit and send it my way. I promise her that she will never have to worry about the animal again.

In fact, let any pit bull owner do the same. It will save me a trip to the archery range for my daily practice.

Jake said...

@DubV - the ragdoll cat looks adorable - but I fear such a cat would be a sitting duck if a loose pit bull came calling.

I'd be interested in a savannah cat!

DubV said...

Jake, I first heard of the ragdoll when reading a story of a woman who had a pit bull break into her screened porch to kill her ragdoll cat. She stated that ragdolls are never to be outside a secure area because they are defenseless and will not try to avoid or fight back an attack. They will lay submissively until they are dead. Horrible trait for an outside cat, but their gentle nature is endearing to me at least.

Jake said...

@DubV -

The ragdoll is endearing, to be sure. I am just a bit concerned about the well being of gentle creatures like these in a cruel world.

A person who has ragdolls needs to be aware of their responsibility to provide them with a safe and sane environment where they can live their lives unmolested.

Opalina said...

Gah! I will never be able to listen to TAL again without seeing this nutter extraordinaire in the jaws of his poor misunderstood wigglebutt.

WTH are these people doing? Drugs? Really! Glass must be one sick masochist to allow a dog in his house that won't let him near his wife. He deludes himself when he claims that the dog loves him. She must think it cute to have a dog that "protects" her from her own husband. What a great excuse -- she doesn't have to claim a headache -- she can blame it on the beast -- "Sorry honey. No nookie today. Pupster has a tummyache!"


DubV said...


Agreed. I have not had a cat of my own, but had them growing up. They were all indoor cats. I would never have a cat outside, regardless of breed or temperament.

In related news, they tore down a large, abandoned building in the small downtown areas of where I live. There was a huge feral cat colony inside it. It took days to capture and RELOCATE the cats to various other neighborhoods. WTF. A triumph of compassion over common sense, I feel.

Packhorse said...

That only makes since of the cats are all spayed/neutered first.

DubV said...

They weren't, I'm nearly sure.

I still don't think it makes sense, but we can agree to disagree. I won't go into my reasoning.

scorched earth said...

When this was posted I read the linked Bad Dog Blog material. It was mind numbing. Normal people do not live like this.

Today the Bad Dog Blog links are dead. It appears that the entire blog has been deleted. Did Ms. Alani have second thoughts on what she wrote? Shame or covering up?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yes, it does appear that anaheed alani has deleted the entire blog. hmmm.... can't imagine why.

Act Five is in the works.

Miss Margo said...

I knew they'd read this blog post of yours, Dawn...and I'm still betting that you'll hear from them.

Can't wait for Act 5!

Miss Margo said...

Check this out: DVM writes a blog about the problematical parts of Ira/Anaheed/Piney.

Anaheed weighs in in the comments section. Heavy on the bullshit:

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the craven readers sharp, they are all over act 5. i don't know if i should even bother with it now, :)

DubV said...

Reading the link now, Miss Margo. Fascinating, thanks for sharing. The vet seems reasonable at least regarding canine aggression in general. She might still not "breed judge" though. Haven't gotten to Anaheed's comments yet. (suspenseful)

Nick said...

I work at a dog kennel that used to allow Piney. I was told by another employee that Anaheed, the owner, uses fake service identifications with Piney. Anaheed even encouraged this employee to create fake i.d. for her dog. Fake service dog i.d. is a growing problem in NYC, especially if a dog like Piney has them (?!). As I'm a worker at this kennel, and don't want to lose my job, I have to be careful about how I report this...but hopefully someone will report this to the NYPD...a dog like Piney with fake service tags.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i'm not sure why but i am speechless.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

do you have any evidence of this? i looked.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

feel free to email me

Anonymous said...

They are slightly delusional but I feel that they are taking steps to work with Piney as most owners would do. When you adopt or get a dog, you take on the responsibility of being a dog owner. They have a trainer but it does sound like the aren't working to their full potential with him. As far as dog breed, you are so far off it's, laughable. Every dog bite that has happened in my circle of family and friends has been by a lab, golden retriever, and German shepards. If the dogs temperament is off, it has nothing to do with the breed. Check your American Temperament testing: "According to the American Temperament Test Society (2010-2011), 804 American Pit Bull Terriers were tested and 695 passed. This means that 86.4% of Pit Bulls tested by the ATTS had a good temperament. Pit Bulls pass rating was above 121 other breeds of dogs, including Golden Retrievers"
It's not being a 'nutter' to be open minded enough to look at facts and information before generalizing.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yes mr nutter, we are all familiar with the evils of labs and how wonderfully your ugly mutant does on the ATTS.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

and you do realize that man created breeds for the purpose of GENERALIZING, right?

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that thinks Ira likes being kept away from his wife?

It may give him more time with his boyfriend.

Then again if he was screwing a guy they would have to brag about it on the show.