Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tweaker Michael Brandon

WARNING: some of these links are x-rated.

Just how EDGY does Animal Planet want to go?

Brandon is the only porn star to win "performer of the year" at the Gay VN Awards. Much of the credit goes to Monster.
Monster is Brandon's pet name for his penis.
Monster has his own fan club.
Brandon has his own subdivision in adult film studio Raging Stallion Studios called Monster Bang.

Bay Times

Dallas Voice

SF Weekly


scorched earth said...

A new low for the Animal Planet, and that is difficult to imagine.

Putme Incharge said...


I have only ever watched one program on Animal Planet called "Fatal Attractions", otherwise I avoid that channel like the plague.

Just when I thought television could not sink to a new low here it comes- um- I mean here it is.

Miss Margo said...

"He did a sizzling strip tease and jack-off scene, working it out on a weight bench. He said he is training to be a dog whisperer."

I can't help it. For whatever reason, this is really, really funny to me. I'm just trying to picture it, and looking at his...leather kilt? And I start laughing.

dawn james said...

gross and funny are not mutually exclusive :)

Tasha North said...

Wow i do not agree with what he does but I will not set and judge someone because of what breed of dog he has lol wow get a life and I will be praying for you!!! ��

Tasha North said...

Also im a great person ive never sold drugs, did drugs, been to jail, hurt anyone. I do what I can to always help others I love to help and I love to give and as in give I dont me a prostitue or a stripper never been that either!! Im a awesome person and I owen a pit bull as well as a westie and a yorkie they all get along great and if you would stop judging people and tell about all pit owners I bet you have more good then bad!!

Pink Pamalamma said...

It's sad how ignorant people can be. Pitbulls are wonderful, loyal, intelligent, loving dogs. Years ago they were trusted as "nanny dogs" to watch over babies and children. Sadly, now days many are mistreated and put into fighting rings. Their loyalty, intelligence, easy train-ability, and eagerness to please their masters make them vulnerable and desirable to those who wish to train them to do bad, because they will do what they are taught. When raised and trained with good values and love, they are amazing dogs full of love who wouldn't hurt a fly, often being big silly babies! ANY breed of dog can be taught to be sweet OR vicious, it's not the breed, it's the deed - that is, it's not the dog but rather what his people teach him to be. Those of you who are so predjudiced and quick to judge that which you have no knowledge of or experience with are truly missing out on a wonderful companion. This breed is so misunderstood. Before you judge, spend some time with a pitty and you'll see how sweet they are.

snarky said...

why are pit nutters always telling us not to judge ? could it be that there is something judgement-worthy about them? ...... not only " can you judge someone " but you should !!!

snarky said...

pink p
im so sick of hearing how wonderfull pits are in the opinion of their owners and fans. why should i care what you say when ive already experienced firsthand what they are like? its like the mom testifying at her sons murder trial ,..... worthless .

Jenny Rosenquist said...

Well said, snarky!
I wonder if she feels that Hitler supporters, slavery advocates, and pedophiles are being unfairly judged because of the type of philosophies, farmhands, and sexual partners they have.
@pink many of us have spent time with a potty... Too much time. So much time that, for some, their lives are shattered or lost because you can't be bothered to take the time to read up on the facts ( is one of the most comprehensive resources for hard evidence countermanding the "nanny" and "deed not breed" myths)
Please shut your hole, encourage your peers to do the same. Men, women, children, babies, countless companion/farm animals are being shredded and dismembered by your "loyal family pets". Their blood is on the hands of you and your ilk.

Jenny Rosenquist said...

Oops... Auto text predictor fudged up my writing a bit, though "potty" is strangely fitting for the issue....