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Lifestyles of the Rich and Terrified: Part 2, The Appeal

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The pit bull advocates' preferred strategies for dealing with the collateral damage of owning a dog bred for mortal combat are to 1) clog up the courts with their nonsense 2) blame some one else for leaving the door/gate open 3) redirect the blame on to the victim 4) minimize the damage and 5) devalue the victim. The fifth option is preferred when the victim is JUST a cat and the pit bull is ONLY exhibiting "normal predatory behavior". All of these classic strategies and more were deployed in GRACIE'S case. 

Pitbull Has Neighbors Worried 

PART TWO, The Appeal
On December 3rd, GRACIE'S owner THOMAS D JORGENSEN filed an appeal in an attempt to spare the cat killer's life. JORGENSEN hired shyster BRUCE WAGMAN to defend the indefensible.

On December 13th, the hearing room was packed with concerned neighbors who feared that the cat killer would be returned and of course as promised, with the weirdo band of misfits, ie the character witnesses for JORGENSEN and his cat killer. One woman testified under oath that her 2 month old infant played with GRACIE without incident. Who in their right mind allows their infant to play with a friend's dog, especially a powerful pit bull that is responsible for killing more people each year than all other breeds combined? Sound perverse? Just wait, it gets better.

On December 18th, Medical Geographer and Registered Environmental Health Specialist IV, MICHELLE NICOLE BILODEAU downgraded GRACIE'S designation from Vicious to Dangerous. That meant GRACIE would be returned to Terrier Place but not in a pretty urn. How did BILODEAU turn a slam dunk into a slap in the face?

From the beginning, BILODEAU seemed to favor JORGENSEN and "the Mutant". She was described as openly hostile towards the victims. Approximately 5 minutes into the hearing, BILODEAU said "So, Mr. Jorgensen if I were to return your dog, not that I've already made up my mind, hee, hee, hee, how would you make sure she doesn't get out again?" The neighbors had very little time to tell their eyewitness stories and no time to correct the tsunami of lies presented by WAGMAN, who presented JORGENSEN'S neighbors as a bunch of hysterical people that were afraid of dogs and the day the pit bull got loose, it wasn't out for long, and "the Mutant" only wanted to play. Most people would have recognized and dismissed that bullshit outright but not BILODEAU. In the end, it really didn't matter what was in the vet report or what "evidence" WAGMAN presented, since BILODEAU was in their pocket at hello.

Besides BILODEAU, another key player in this perverted circus of injustice was the Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA veterinary chief of staff, Dr LINDA JANOWITZ. JANOWITZ shamelessly created a bullshit vet report with a fantasy theory about a car accident that was based on no evidence, no necropsy and without any consideration of Hercules' vet records and in spite of the fact that there were eye witnesses to the attack and despite the fact that JORGENSEN and "the Shyster" admitted "the Mutant" attacked the cat! The following are the critical parts of LINDA JANOWITZ' "exam" and findings, which are cherry picked from Hercules' vet findings.
History: Possible Dog Attack
Gross Necropsy Findings: A necropsy was not performed due to the body being frozen. Report based on review of Dr Wilson's findings: pneumothorx; mandibular symphyseal fracture; fractured upper canine tooth with exposed pulp; severely fractured pelvis
Cause of Death: Euthanized
Remarks: The above findings are not typical of a dog attack. Normally one sees multiple rib fractures and thoracic trauma in dog attack victims. The fractured mandible and severely fractured pelvis are more indicative of a hit-by-car type injury. The cat reportedly was picked up and mauled by a dog, but I cannot determine if the injuries seen were the result of a dog attack, or a hit-by-car injury.
Multiple rib fractures and chest trauma would be present in dog attack victims IF that is the region of the body that the dog grabbed and crushed. Dr JANOWITZ chose to ignore the AC request for a necropsy. She chose not to thaw the body to perform a necropsy in all likelihood so that she could present her alternative bogus report about "hit-by-car" injuries more convincingly, which would in turn open the door for BILODEAU'S reversal of the vicious dog declaration and stay of execution. But in hindsight, it probably wouldn't have mattered to BILODEAU if JANOWITZ suggested aliens abducted the cat, killed it, returned it to earth and dropped it into "the Mutant's" waiting jaws.

The following are the critical parts of BILODEAU'S decision:
  • According to oral testimony and written statements presented at the hearing on December 13, 2012, "Gracie" escaped her primary residence at 30 Terrier Place in Hillsborough when a visitor left the front door ajar.
  • Mrs. Kellie Meyers and Mr Marty Webster witnessed "Gracie" loose in the neighborhood and in the front yard of Mrs. Meyers' mother's residence on the day of the incident.
  • Mrs Wesendunk stated in oral and written testimony that she witnessed "Gracie" attacking "Hercules" on her driveway.
  • The gross necropsy findings were inconclusive as to the manner in which "Hercules" sustained his injuries. The Veterinary report states: "...findings are not typical of a dog attack. Normally one sees multiple rib fractures and thoracic trauma in dog attacks victims... more indicative of a hit-by-car type injury. This cat reportedly was picked up and mauled by a dog, but I cannot determine if the injuries seen were the result of a dog attack, or a hit-by-car injury.
  • Written testimony from several animal behaviorists stated that "Gracie" is not an aggressive dog and/or "threat to humans".
  • During a site visit I conducted at the animal shelter on December 13, 2012, "Gracie" did not display any aggressive behavior, was able to follow commands, and did not bark at me.
  • PHS does not have any documented history of "Gracie" being loose and/or any reports of incidents indicating that "Gracie" was a threat to the health and safety of the community. Although several residents stated they had seen "Gracie" loose on prior occasions, no reports were made.
BILODEAU wrote in her decision to downgrade GRACIE'S designation from Vicious to Dangerous:
According to oral testimony and written statements presented at the hearing and from additional written statements received in a 24 hour period following the hearing, on November 14, 2012, "Gracie" escaped from your residence at 30 Terrier Place in Hillsborough and was found on driveway at 1485 Bairn Drive in Hillsborough with a stray cat named "Hercules" in her mouth. Because of severe injuries and the attending veterinarian's recommendations, "Hercules" was euthanized at the Crystal Springs Pet Hospital in San Mateo on November 14, 2012.
Did you catch that? BILODEAU writes in her decision that the cat was a STRAY, further devaluing the victims, the cat AND the owner. I almost missed it. Does BILODEAU really think JORGENSEN'S neighbors would go to this amount of trouble if a stray cat was killed in their neighborhood, not to mention, Vicky Wesendunk would not be carrying around a framed photo of a stray cat and crying over it's loss. According to the ACO report, Hercules was a stray that took refuge at the Wesendunks. He had been living there for SIXTEEN years. In my city, if you provide food and shelter for a stray cat for 30 days, he is considered your property.

On to the rest of this nefarious mess...
First JANOWITZ and then BILODEAU ignored the eye witnesses who pried the cat from the frankenmauler's jaws, the ACO report and JORGENSEN'S admission of guilt in favor of the mythical car accident. It is fascinating to me how BILODEAU could not only buy into JANOWITZ' bizarre alternative reality of the events but how she could turn running around a house, jumping up at the windows and doors trying to gain entrance into the home into "witnessed running loose". That right there should tell you this woman completely lacks professionalism and objectivity. BILODEAU accepted without question the testimony of 4 "animal behaviorists" as proof that GRACIE was not aggressive to humans, completely ignoring the two statements to the contrary. And dismissing criteria number 3 which specifically states "Any animal which inflicts severe injury on or kills a human being OR another animal", not both, I simply do not understand how BILODEAU can dismiss the evidence of human aggression and buy into the doubt cast by JANOWITZ that GRACIE killed the cat and still declare GRACIE dangerous. It defies logic. Either she did all of the things she was accused of and she is dirt napped or she didn't and she goes home without conditions. Even though BILODEAU seemed to think GRACIE was as wonderful as her legion of fans testified, BILODEAU ended her report by concluding that "the Mutant" must be declared Dangerous and be kept muzzled whenever off of her property and carry a $1,000,000 insurance policy. Wow. A million dollar policy for a dog that only found a cat that was hit by a car and never menaced anyone.

The Sanitization and Minimization of Facts
Pit bull advocates are notorious for down playing their mutants' carnage. A mauling so savage that the anatomy of pelvic region was unidentifiable is referred to as "The Incident". A brutal off property mauling of an animal on its own property is further sanitized and minimized by referring to the mauling as an "unfortunate accident" and the cat as a victim of "natural predatory behavior". According to Hillsborough 6.04.010, GRACIE qualified for the Vicious designation purely from the act of killing the cat. Whether Gracie had ever curled her lip, growled, snapped, nipped or menaced a human being is irrelevant. FACT: the mere act of killing the cat was sufficient grounds for the Vicious designation and ultimately a dirt nap in Hillsborough. But somehow, "the Shyster" (WAGMAN) was able to make this case ALL about GRACIE'S past behavior towards humans and dogs, sweeping the brutal death of Hercules under the rug along with his grieving traumatized owners. Speculation about "the Mutant's" behavior towards Kellie Meyers as misinterpreted so as to paint Meyers as hysterical and escalating GRACIE'S behavior borders on defamation. A real judge would have over ruled that but not BILODEAU. She was more than happy to entertain any lie "The Shyster" threw her way.

Dr. JANOWITZ is a liar and total shit bag for using her position with the PHS/SPCA and as a vet to fraudulently push her own agenda - saving all dogs at any costs, even if that means risking other lives in the process. However, JANOWITZ' vet report did not have to be utilized by the decision maker BILODEAU. BILODEAU made great use of it as her ace-in-the-whole card to circumvent the entire hearing process that was supposed to be about finding the truth and the best course of action for the killer pit bull and the neighborhood. Instead of being a non-biased, hearing official, she favored the pit bull owner from the start, disenfranchised the neighbors throughout the hearing, ignored all the relevant evidence in the form of witness statements and hearing testimony, and manipulated the system to formulate the decision she desired to make, even though that puts innocent lives at risk. WAGMAN is a scoundrel whose motives and cliche arguments and carpet bag full of tricks were transparent. WAGMAN played dirty, downplayed the cat attack and portrayed the neighbors as fools who are afraid of our their own shadows. His bullshit wouldn't have worked with a professional, unbiased hearing official with an ounce of common sense and integrity who had not already made up her mind about the case. A real hearing official would not have discounted the evidence from the neighbors and would have only weighed the testimony and briefs submitted by WAGMAN.

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scorched earth said...

There are two scenarios seen after pit attacks. Pitters with no resources just blame the victims and walk away from the carnage. Pitters with money hire lawyers and do exactly what Jorgensen has done here.

Speaking of pitter lawyers. This was posted by the Lexus Project on their public Facebook page just yesterday. Please be aware that the Lexus Project is run by animal rights lawyers. They will defend any dog, no matter the circumstances. Killed a baby? No problem, they will defend Onion. Mauled a neighbor? Just set up a Chip-in page and sign the papers, they are on the case.

"As most of our supporters know, our breed of choice are retired racing greyhounds. We have 6. We love all dogs and happily help any dog in need. Since we started legal defense in ALL breed rather than just greyhounds, we have defended mostly pit bull terrier mixes. We have also made a point of opening up not only our hearts to the breed, but our funds and our resources to board them so that we can pull them from shelter situations where they would otherwise die, house them in a greyhound kennel and find them homes. This all comes at a financial cost. We have spent THOUSANDS on helping pit bulls throughout the year and we want to continue helping them. Whether its ACL surgery that's needed, like Rocky needed or getting tiffney to NC to nurse puppies to keep them alive to Gambett or any of the other dozen pits we helped, we need your help to continue to help the pit bulls. it is because of our greyhound friends, we are able to do as much as we do for the pit bulls.

In 2012 alone, we helped: Kellen, TIFFNEY, PRETTY GIRL Snoopy,JEWL,TYSON, Duke, ELSIE, FAITH, CHAMP, Hazel Hope, Oreo, LILLY, LADY, BOBBY, Chilly, Buddy, ,ROCKY, STAR, Elijah, Riddick and Gibson. Please, consider making a donation to our general fund so we can continue pulling the pits from death row and finding them homes too. The dogs we pulled from kill shelters are in CAPS. The others are cases we worked on."

But there is no breed specific problem????

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing they admit most of the dogs are pit bulls/mixes.

I wonder how these lawyers would feel if their own child was mauled by a dog that had a bite history? My guess is they would still say the dog should live.

And pit bull owners wonder why people don't want to be near their dog or why we take our dogs out of dog parks when they come in.

How many pit bulls have documented bite histories and are still among us-- walking around our children at farmer's markets, or running loose in parks.

When I'm walking my dog or my 6 year old son down the street and see an oncoming pit bull, I cross the street! I NEVER take my kid or dog near a pit bull, ever!

Dayna said...

I'm sorry to generalize here, but this sort of thing from this judge sounds so typical of the state of California. When this dog goes on to maul a person, more tax dollars will go to save the dog/save the ass of the people who made the first poor decision at tax payers expense. California officials seem to think money literally grows on trees. Common sense does not exist.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little frustrated here.

It is very important to understand the money/motivation behind these lobbying groups.

Lexus Project is NOT repeat NOT an
"animal rights" group.

This was exposed on dogsbite with some simple research and tracking the perps

It is run by a lawyer who represents animal profiteers, in other words, BREEDERS and related lobbies.

They don't suport greyhound rescue. They support RACING and all that cruelty, those breeders.

He has represented the carriage horse trade and that cruelty/public safety problem.

He represents BUSINESS INDUSTRIES that make money from using animals.

In this case, dog breeders. Pit bull breeders, and also affiliated groups like AKC and UKC

This entire lexus show is all about helping breeders who knowingly are breeding and profiting from dangerous breeds to escape censure, regulation, and liability by claiming accidents or blaming victims and avoiding examination of breeds bred to be intentionally violent.

This is about representing the BUSINESS of dog breeding, which is the primary lobbying for pit bulls and where the primary lobbying money comes from to buy off politicians and pseudo experts.

These animal profiteer/breeding groups hide behind the "animal rights" front to try to dupe the emotionally fragile animal rescuer types into supporting breeder causes.

It is really important to understand how these profiteer groups trick the public to protect thier financial interests, and how they dirty the court/adjudication system.

Anonymous said...

The big problem in this case (seen in others) is that the adjudication system was soiled by fraud.

This vet should be getting formal complaints filed with her state veterinary board by everyone in that town and other parties for IMPROPER and INADEQUATE examination of evidence, failure to do her job, suppressing information, refusing to investigate evidence in order to aid and abet a violent dog owner, and providing false expert testimony.

There also is the issue of bias. This Penisula animal shelter she's connected to had previously knowingly allowed a violent and dangerous pit bull to be sold to a home where as I remember it mauled or killed a boy, and they were sued. Does anyone have this background in more detail?

Janowitz has a bias problem and belonged nowhere near this case. Her credibility is zero.

Also keep in mind that many of these vets represent the DOG BREEDING INDUSTRY, and are collecting money/positions on the side with profiteering groups. They may be hiding in animal shelters and pretending to represent humane interests or public interests, but they are actually DOG BREEDER LOBBYISTS protecting the financial interests of breeders and groups like AKC.

For example. the Animal Rescue League in Boston is no longer a humane group. It now operates as a breeder lobbying organization because two vets affiliated with profiteering animal breeding industry seized control of it and run it for breeder interests. Amy Marder DVM an AKC breeder, and Martha Smith DVM, who has been involved in animal profiteering industry.

Marder is also directly affiliated with a pit bull business lobbying group.

They use the Animal Rescue League as a platform to pretend to represent animal or public interests, when they are actually business lobbyists doing everything they can to protect breeders from responsibility, liability, or regulation as breeder dogs kill and maim people and pets.

The public thinks this Animal Rescue League represents humane interests or animal rights because the public has NO IDEA that unethical pseudo-professionals who are actually business lobbyists are using the organization as a front.

Many also believe believe the Nathan Winograd No Kill movement is "animal rights" but it is not. Winograd is a BREEDER LOBBYIST involved with profiteering breeder groups to use No Kill to seize control of animal control to use to protect their business interests.

You have to understand that this is the current state of affairs, breeders using shills in public positions in animal shelters, groups, and political positions to advance for-profit business interests.

I am sure that the people in the town with this cat-killing pit bull did not understand that they were up against big business breeder money.

They should be hiring a lawyer to deal with this town official sucked into this corrupt activity that is now endangering the lives of their families and pets.

They also should be making sure that the vet is not allowed to corrupt any more public investigations.

Dayna said...

Thank you bentonbergny for all the info. I was wrong to generalize. This could happen in my state as well, it could be happening now actually.

tropical storms said...

This is absolutely disgusting. If they court won't take action here the owners of the cat certainly should. Let's hope Gracie finds another path over the rainbow bridge as quickly as possible.

Miss Margo said...

First: whoever does these hilarious photoshop headers needs to work for an ad agency, because they're talented. I especially like the Monopoly figures on "Part I."

Second: Stories like this are what makes this blog so great. Between Spindletop, Dr. Andrew, the Piney Files, and now this, it's been a pretty fantastic run around here recently. I just want to say that I appreciate all the hard work. If you had a donation account, I'd cough up some bucks. If you don't want my money, may I please made a donation to DogsBite on CDs behalf?

Third: quite a rogue's gallery in this story thus far, but I think that the award for #1 Asshole goes to BILODEAU. The lawyer, Bruce Wagman, is pretty gross, but at least he has the excuse of just trying to represent his client (maybe O.J. should hire him next).

Bilodeau...well, what can one say...?
I hate it when public administrators abuse their authority and violate civic trust in government like this. I really, really hate it...I find it so fucking offensive that I can't articulate it eloquently. Perhaps it's because I've spent so many years of my life studying government, and I know how important good, ethical bureaucracy is to the maintenance and management of a democratic society.

I expect private organizations to operate in an unethical fashion. I dunno. Mayhap I'm a bit of a communist at heart...but I don't mean to talk about my politics on this blog. I just bring it up because what can you do when your public officials violate you like Bilodeau did to Hercules' owners?

I mean, really. What can you do? This wasn't an honest mistake. The government doesn't give you justice, so you're violated TWICE. What can you do? There's nobody else to turn to!

Bilodeau--what a third-rate tyrant. Hasn't she ever know what it's like to be helpless?

Miss Margo said...

One more thing: these fucking pit nutters, man.

I think I'm the only regular commenter on Craven Desires who has not had a loved one (animal or human) mauled by a pit bull, or been personally attacked.

I started studying this because I thought it was a ripe issue for research in public health. Nothing will address this problem except legislation and its implementation by local bureaucracies.

I stayed because it was un-fucking-believable. This pit nutter thing is probably the strangest phenomenon I know of. Stranger than fiction. I admit it: I find it morbidly fascinating.

And I stay because the violence and callous indifference is unspeakable. The needless suffering is intolerable.

PPS: If I was Hercules' owner, I'd want to hit Bilodeau in the face with a brick. Call my cat a "stray."

Anonymous said...

miss margo

yep.... a study in human callousness and the glorification of violence through a breed of dog . strange, but also in keeping the the darker side of human nature , i would say .

i suspect even the goody ,goody rescue types are also motivated somewhat by the mystyque of gore that surrounds the fucking pitbull.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you miss margo. i did enjoy creating those photo composites, maybe a little too much. the one with the ferrari will make sense by the time all 5 parts are published. sometimes, there are just not enough words to express my rage and i have to resort to photoshop to work it through my system. this case was a chore for me. so many idiots to hate.

as for politics, i think you will love part 5.

scorched earth said...

I ALWAYS love the politics....

Small Survivors said...

No, I did not catch that devaluation of Hercules as a stray - thank you Dawn. I caught my breath when I read that.

"If I was Hercules' owner, I'd want to hit Bilodeau in the face with a brick" Thank you, MM. Now I can breathe again.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Wagman is a pansy who cries a lot. What would you expect from a person who was inspired by Grace Slick? He may have passed the bar exam, and loves animals, but he clearly has NO knowledge of canine predatory behavior and the risks.

According to Bruce Wagman's bio he covers:

except when it involves a viscous dog behaving "cruel" to a cat or terrorizing a service dog.

Dangerous dog defense and evaluations
mmmmm, you mean "paid" dog trainers (BTW, I'll bet none of them were actual Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists. There are only 54 of them in the world. Technically, a dog trainer cannot refer to themselves as a "behaviorists".

Dog bite litigation and defense- i.e, ambulance chaser.

Complex animal injury cases-
Too bad the cat owner didn't get the first call in to Bruce Wagman or he would have taken her case first. "Sorry Mrs. Wesendunks, but Mr. Jorgensen called me first".

Veterinary malpractice-
Likely his next client will be Dr. Linda Janowitz DVM or wait, Dr. Janowitz will need a human defense attorney after GRACIE mauls a kid.

Animals in entertainment-
Hence the circus graphic by Craven Desires. Love it! Very creative.

I can't wait for part 3

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

mallardhead, you have already pretty much figured out part 3 :-)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

in this photo we have trish king picking her nose, lisa candelario sprawled out on the hood, pam machao looking smug in the background, david jorgensen in the driver's seat, muzzled ACO baggetta, michelle bilodeau is the sun, the bizarro tie dye nut linda janowitz, hercules, sterling chu's dirty hand, wagman "the shyster" and tom jorgensen and his "the mutant".

Anonymous said...

Peninsula Humane Society chief of staff DR LINDA JANOWITZ accused of falsifying evidence.

DR LINDA JANOWITZ DVM should be investigated by the California State Veterinary Board.

LINDA JANOWITZ DVM loses credibility.


San Mateo Environmental Health Specialist IV MICHELLE BILODEAU misuse of power.

Anonymous said...

Danya Hanilton, I DO think you have something with the California angle.

The reason this sort of circus and corruption are more likely to happen in California (and states like NY) is because there are political connections to all of this.

In Los Angeles, two city councilors who are connected to the dog breeding business got the city to hire an AKC lobbyist with no experience to run animal control. She is pushing the breeder industry No Kill scam, and animal control dogs are dying in the shelters of disease and fighting, getting given to hoarders, and vicious and bite cases dogs are getting adopted out or shipped to a shelter maybe near you to adopt out. There also has been a refusal to pick up stray dogs, refusal to enforce animal control laws, refusal to hold vicious dog owners accountable, and the AKC breeder running animal control uses the department to support for the puppy mill breeders and dog fighters, and PIT BULL BREEDERS and owners of pit bulls.

These city councilors use the political system (and the animal control department) to push this dangerous BREEDER BUSINESS agenda. They are connected to Mayor Villaraigosa who gets lots of campaign money from certain political interests to operate for their benefit, and the department is being run for the benefit of the breeder industry.

Also, Villaraigosa's girlfriend is in the media and she has connections to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, now infiltrated by breeder interests to being a sham organization to promote the breeding and sale of pit bulls. They are utterly and completely corrupt, a money making machine for the ones who run it. They got given a taxpayer built shelter rent free, all kinds of things free, to sell pit bulls and fund raise. Most of the public has no idea what is going on, the corruption.

Outside business interests are controlling animal control in LA and in much of CA, and the public suffers.

Look at how many people have been killed by pit bulls in San diego, and Animal control there shills for the breeders, and protects them. He just spews propaganda he gets from the breeder industry. He's a shill and a fraud, using his department to protect dog fighters and pit breeders and he's getting people killed. Most are poor people, minorities, so of course the rich white pit bull and breeder business hides it and ignores it. They are racist as heck.

There are more business/political connections, for example the lawyer who heads Senator Menendez's staff (put there not by her intelligence or hard work, but because she is the daughter of a big money campaign donor, a psychiatry magnate.) She sells pit bulls, and had one of her dogs attack in a public park event. A cop had to tackle the dog as it was trying to kill, and had to shoot the dog. If he didn't, pets and people would have died. But the daughter of the big political campaign donor got one of her and Menendez's connections, a corrupt "reporter" at the Washington Post, to engage in a smear campaign on the cop and lie about the attacking pit bull and hide evidence.

These people are all pals, they all help each other out, they all lie for each other and smear together, and the public doesn't even know that this kind of collusion is going on by people who make and administer laws, or are supposed to be reporting news!

This whole pit bull thing is a political shill, it is business lobbying. Clearly in some states the business lobbying is more able to dominate public interest.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Trish King used to run the Canine Behavior Academy at the Marin Humane Society. She recently decided to start her own private dog training company. I guess now that she's not getting a regular paycheck, she is learning that being self-employed requires keeping up a steady stream income, and that means taking every job that comes through her door no matter how unethical.

private dog trainers embellish their titles with names like "behavior consultant" or "certified aggression specialist" in an attempt to raise their status. Come on folks, your a dog trainer that doesn't require much if any education! Get over yourself.

Trish King and her California new age human-hating fellow dog trainers love to regurgitate really cool sounding terms such as 'learned irrelevance' , 'stimulus control' and 'fixed action patterns', but their favorite word of all is anthropomorphizing.

They use all this technical jargon to convince prospective clients to think they are decedents of Pavlov and can fix their dogs. Although, I'm pretty sure STERLING TURNER CHU will never be able to get the word anthropomorphizing out of her pie hole.

Trish King flat out accuses Ms. Myers of hallucinating that GRACIE is some kind of human monster, (applying human characteristics to a dog). HOW INSULTING! This is the precisely the problem with elitist dog trainers. They assume the rest of the world knows something about dogs. And, when they don't, the elitists dog trainers treat them as "just those ignorant humans".

Maybe a professional dog trainer would have the skills to read a dog's body language but you cannot expect the average person to remain calm when a pit bull is running toward them-- barking or not! That would scare the shit out of a Navy Seal!

Here's one piece of jargon Trish King chooses to leave out of her evaluation.
Dogs generalize their behavior to their environment. It would be impossible to re-enact the exact same scenario that took place on the day GRACIE munched up the Hercules. In order to conduct a the most realistic evaluation, the evaluation would need to take place with GRACIE on her front lawn, and a cat 'IN MOTION' in the street. I'd be willing to be my 401 K that GRACIE would have attacked that cat. This is why that Michelle Bilodeau was out of her league.

Something is very off here on how Gracie was obtained by Tom Jorgensen. Was it perhaps that GRACIE was given to Jorgensen by Susan Ackerman after Gracie attacked her Pug? Mmm, small animal... prey drive.

Trish King writes in her evaluation:

"It is very important to note that dogs are predators, and may tend to kill small animals, unless they are raised with them. Gracie needs to be managed around small animals".

Anonymous said...

Any dog legit dog trainer understands selective breeding and genetics, yet because of politics, they won't admit that pit bulls are genetically prone to aggression but they will admit that Border Collies are pron to herding.

I think its pathetic that these three trainers (not counting Chu) would accept payment knowing they needed to slant their evaluation to a positive result or they would risk not getting paid.

The classy, and ethical thing to do would be to turn down the job.

Verbal Milk said...

"Hit by a CAR?"

I'm speechless