Friday, July 19, 2013

Hollywood Animal Hospital in Florida - Question and Answer time

Dahlia Canes made a little poster entitled Veterinarians know BSL is NOT the answer!!!

What is the question?

The question is how much money does the Hollywood Animal Hospital make sewing up or disposing of the bodies of pit bull victims?  Another question: is it seemly to be promoting a position that makes you money at the expense of the lives, safety and well-being of normal companion animals?

Veterinarians are in the position to know just how devastating pit bulls are to the normal pet population, and they say nothing about it.  Instead, they protect their income stream by posing as experts in companion animal issues other than medical care, and publicly stand against BSL.

The REAL answer to the veterinarians is: disclose how many victims of pit bulls you  have charged full price for saving, sewing up, euthanizing and disposing of.  And everyone of you that is publicly anti-BSL, let's see you sew up and give extended medical treatment to those pit bull victims at a charge that is no greater than the average cost for caring for victims of all other dog breeds combined.  We'll then see if you continue to promote pit bulls when it is a net loss for you.

So, all you doctors at HAH, are you prepared to give up real money in support of pit bulls?
Dr. Johnattan Arango, DVM, First Year Associate, Surgical Intern

Dr. Fumiko Miyamoto, D.V.M. First Year Associate
Dr. Katie Quinter, D.V.M. First Year Associate

Dr. Ashley Akins, D.V.M. First Year Associate
Dr. Tiffany Sheldon, D.V.M. First Year Associate
Dr. Amber Schoeller, D.V.M. First Year Associate
Dr. Maggie Low, D.V.M. First Year Associate
Dr. Irma Manasherov, D.V.M. First Year Associate
Dr. Robert Swinger, D.V.M., AVCO
Dr. Jennifer Bibevski DVM
Larry Dee DVM, Partner, Diplomat, American Board of Veterinary Practitioners Canine/feline practice, Fellow, National Academies of Practice, veterinary medicine, AVMA Executive Board, District IV
Dr. Jon Dee - D.V.M., M.S., ACVS, ACVSMR, Partner, Diplomate of American College of Veterinary Surgeons
Dr. James Dee - D.V.M., Partner
Dr. Jim Herrington - D.V.M., Partner
Dr. Tom Sessa - D.V.M., Partner
Dr. Millie Rosales, D.V.M., ACVD
Dr. Anne Murphy, D.V.M., Associate
Dr. David Shapiro, D.V.M., Associate
Dr. Crispin Spencer, D.V.M, ACVR, Associate
Dr. Carlos Ameijeiras, D.V.M., Associate
Dr. Nicole Patterson, D.V.M., Associate
Dr. Jodi Heim, D.V.M., Associate
Dr. Paul Vaughn, HAH Associate
Dr. Morgan Guoan HAH Associate
Dr. Kristin Holland HAH Associate
Dr. Erica Bello HAH Associate
Dr. James Carson HAH Associate
Dr. Elizabeth Rosainz HAH Associate

Dr. Larry's letter responding to Broward County's Breed Ban

Thanks to Lucy Muir for the head's up on this!


Anonymous said...

Lots of vets speak out FOR BSL too:
Any vet who doesn't is a pit owner/breeder, ignorant of the facts, or protecting their pocketbook.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

jane's propaganda campaign has spread like wild fire. maybe we should exploit that too.

yep, always follow the money. i read larry's letter. i shared this link. i don't disagree with his statement about the problem being with responsible dog owners. responsibility starts with selecting a pet. right out of the starting gate, people who choose grippers are demonstrating their irresponsibility.

thanks lucy and snack.

S.K.Y. said...

I saw this on FB via Lucy, and tried to comment. It had a comment link, but in the end told me that my comment 'couldn't be accepted.'

For what it's worth, I'll post it here. Lucy had commented that vets are making money off of the pit bull victims, and the Miami Coalition had stupidly replied that "vets don't treat humans!"... as if the only pit victims are humans...


Miami Coalition: As you're well aware, pit bull victims include a whole heap of innocent non-human animals, not just humans. Yep, they've killed 368 humans in America, so far, and adding another one every 9-11 days on average. But the victims Lucy is referring to are the numerous pet dogs and cats mauled by pits every day of the year.

Pits chew through chain link, break through plate glass windows, and leap from second floor balconies to maul innocent pets walking on-leash. Pits regularly kill other pets inside those pets' own fenced yard or home.

Innocent animal victims are killed and mutilated daily, and the owners are left having to pay $10,000 in vet bills. The pit owner virtually never pays or even gets a fine. And of course, the pit walks free and mauls again and again. My leashed dogs and I were nearly attacked by 3 pits and a Rottie that jumped over their 6' privacy fence. These dogs had already killed two other dogs, and the owner had $11k in unpaid fines... and 10 foster children in the house. But laws are so weak that these dogs were allowed to keep on jumping the fence and mauling passers-by and living in a home with children who weren't even related to the owner and had no choice about being there.

Of course vets are happy to have these mutants in the world, because every pet mauled by a pit that requires $10k in surgery, is another $10k for the vet. Yippee!

Vets are no dog experts, either. The average vet has ONE HOUR of dog behavior training during their 8 years of university.

Branwyne Finch said...

I lump these vets into the same category as the many vets who work for the pet shop industry....those that "certify" that all those sickly puppy mill dogs are healthy. Having a DVM after your name does not make you ethical. I know of one local vet who bad mouths my vet, spreading rumors about his personal life and marriage...all the while overcharging patients for routine vet care, and padding bills with all kinds of unnecessary medical tests.

So big deal....all the interns and associate vets here are following the lead of the Partners, because they want to be a partner one day. It's quite natural that vets see a self-selected group of pit bulls....if a pit bull was really a raging human aggro dog, chances are he hasn't been to a vet in a long time. Same applies to a pit bull that is highly dog aggro. It's very likely that a dog that is out of control around other dogs won't be taken to a vet for routine care.

Also, why wouldn't a pit bull behave in a vets office? They are bred to be fearless and bold, and have a high tolerance for pain. I am sure many pit bulls would not blink at getting it's shots, and would not be fearful or intimidated by people or other dogs.

Small Survivors said...

Lucy sent me this after being blocked or her comments were deleted On MCABSL.

That is VERY telling S.K.Y. when she said vets don't treat humans! She is so blind and cares so little for any animal but a pit, she doesn't even recognize - it didn't occur to her - that far more pets are killed and maimed by pits that people!

I did not mean to imply that all vets are anti-BSL or lack ethics.

Branwyne, I agree that vets would see the a self-select group of pits that would obviously be among the best cared for and they're not lying when they say pits are well behaved there.

But all vets see the victims of pit bulls. One person who brought her mortally mauled dog into the vet in a vain attempt to save him was told by an assistant that they get at least one torn up pet a week and 9 times out of 10 a pit did it.

I have been at the vet on more than one occasion when a pit bull victim was coming, waiting, or leaving.

Veterinarians are in a position to be able to speak out about this - they have a ring side seat to the carnage and in general, they're saying nothing about it publicly.

And I don't mean to suggest that vets are twirling their evil mustaches saying goodie - more victims means more money for me. But, it is gross to take a public position that supports pit bulls when they KNOW FULL WELL that they are financially benefitting from pit bull victims. And I HATE reading about people who put their pit mauled pets down for lack of money. Why are the vet's offices not helping with payment plans and fundraising?

The negative online reviews for HAH are largely from people who had to watch their pet die because HAH pulled the IV when they couldn't pony up the funds up front - HAH doesn't do payment plans (these were not for pit bull attacks).

orangedog said...

Of course vets won't speak out. When the nutters can launch a targeted campaign against anyone who dares judge pibble, issue death threats, and wreck livelihoods then they need brass balls to stand up to the assholes. "Vet A hates doggies! Shun! Shun!"
Look how many idiots they can get spun up over the weakest of slights against their stupid dogs. We live in a crazy world.

Anne King said...

I was thinking the same thing orangedog...look at what happened to Kelly Rippa when she made an off the cuff comment about a pit! It was pure insanity!

vintage said...

What the signs should really say:

"I retire a month earlier every time Aunt Millie brings in a shredded poodle!"

"The Vet lobby has no idea where 250,000 dogfighters buy their vet supplies"

"Euthasol is environmentally" friendly"

"More pits equals more profits!"

"Explosive dog aggression is the Vet's best friend!"

"Low cost liability insurance for pit bulls?,...The AVMA has no position.."

SadFalada said...

Many years ago, a pit got loose from the heavy, roofed, chain link kennels we housed hospital and boarding dogs in and killed a well-loved office cat--our vet heard our cat screaming as he came in to work early, saw the dog with the hopelessly tortured and dying cat, retrieved a bat from his car, and gave the monstrosity a well-deserved ugly death. Did he lose business? Nope. Up here, people keep sporting dogs, companion dogs, and farm and livestock guardians. I had only seen one before, when I lived in Calif, which I thought was the result of a terribly unfortunate mating, it's huge sloppy maw was panting, and I could imagine it's fetid breath from 50 feet away.
As yet, you just don't see the charmers around here.

DubV said...


Back from the Caribbean. Hope everyone is well. I'm happy to see many new things to read.

SadFalada said...

Welcome back! You've been sorely missed!

DubV said...

Thanks, SadFalada.

I was trying to read the posts I had missed (comments will take longer), and I got this bad feeling that I should check to see if dogsbite was updated while I was gone.

I was relieved that the only new post was not related to a pit fatality.

Jake said...

Welcome back DubV - hope your batteries are recharged!

Anonymous said...


i like that story , especially the bat part . god only knows where you live that there arent mutants yet but even the vets sound like good guys . well i quess this was years ago. you would think that vets would be very matter of fact folks not like some prissy idealists i know . quess its tough making payments nowadays on the mansion and the fancy cars ect .

Alexandra said...

Why are y'all preaching to the choir here instead of posting your comments at:

where this prostitute and his audience will them?

S.K.Y. said...

Sputnik2009, thanks for posting the link. I left them a little ol' piece of my mind... :-)

Anonymous said...

"preaching to the choir" lol

but preaching to degenerate pit droolers is like begging pittie to not lick your skin off so she can drink your blood .

SadFalada said...

Northerly, pine and hardwood forests, resorts, rivers, ponds, lakes and marshes, farmland.. cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, gun sports, artists, writers, kayaking, boating...that's where I live

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


SadFalada said...

Ha, Ha! That is my birthplace! I must work on my "clue" skills!

Anonymous said...

dat sounds like here , except dis paradise is crawlin with pitters and dere ghetto swine

Miss Margo said...

I left on a comment on Dr. Larry Dee's hospital page.

I probably sound like a snobbish asshole, but part of my comment berates him for the inferior quality of his English. If he typed that thing in MS Word, the draft would have lit up like a damn Christmas Tree.

Species? Really? Tainted? Really?

orangedog said...

Aw, go check out the poor nutter throwing out every pit-ism in the book. I mean, how many of us have really met a pit bull?!
I've met enough to know I never want to meet another.
Oh and she linked to Cesar Millan. Ugh.

april 29 said...

Here is a fact for the pitter, I HAVE met a pit bull and my life will never be the same. Why are they unable to acknowledge our experiences and losses?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i didn't see your comment miss margo.

tropical storms said...

Here's another fact: I've met hundreds of real bulldogs, never had a negative personal experience with the dogs and am absolutely convinced beyond any question that all bull breed and crosses or derivatives thereof should become extinct. There is no logical reason for their continued existence unless you want to kill other animals, including humans, with a dog.

Miss Margo said...

The program said that my comment was published after I submitted it, but it is nowhere to be found...I guess the staff censored it...?

My tone, admittedly, was jerk-y when I wrote that it had been 10 years since Bio 101 but I didn't think that pit bulls constitute a species, and that he may need a refresher course in taxonomy. I also asked him to define a 'knowledgeable animal lover.'

That was the extent of my jerkishness. Mayhap I was a bit rude, but I didn't flame him at all.

I then said that I have relatives in health care who worked in the ER and that I was good friends with a reconstructive surgeon in NYC. ALL of these professionals have seen the physical damage created by pit bull attacks, and ALL of them have concerns about the breed (not the species!) being kept as household pets.

The first part of my comment was snide, but the second part was not. Even the snide part was within the bounds of decent internet dialogue. I certainly didn't flame anyone or hurl insults.

Miss Margo said...

Oh yeah...I said that I thought his use of the word "tainted" was very accurate, though it probably did not mean what he THOUGHT it meant.

I also called him out on "cuts a swath." I said that he needed an editor.
That jerk censored me for sure!

tropical storms said...

Miss Margo that tends to happen when you call out people who are supposedly experts but obviously lack as much information as the one calling them out.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

haha good one miss margo. i just carefully read his letter. i confess i only skimmed it before.

here is LARRY of the trenches flanked by his goldens.

i wonder if he would change his tune if he came home and found the inside of his HOME looking like a slaughterhouse?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What is going on here is just like pit bulls, Dr. Dee's practice has a bad rap. His Yelp reviews tell the story. (read the filtered).

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks, that was an interesting read. an awful lot of negative reviews for larry and his team.

DubV said...

If you click on Em ma's profile (the person responding to every post at the hollywood vet blog), then you will find social media links that explain much.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Fake Pit bull service dog working to rap music. LOL!

Miss Margo said...

Larry's obviously self-written bio needs an editor, too.

I looked at the photos in the story you linked to, Dawn. OMG look at all that blood! grossout!

Ria Brown sounds fuckin useless. I understand she has to cover her organization's ass, but her victim-blaming statements are grossly inappropriate.

orangedog said...

Another home invasion:

No mention of the breed, but I'm sure we all know. The media never reports when a pack of French Bulldogs break windows so they can shred the pets inside!

Anonymous said...

like if a pomeranian killed a baby , that wouldnt be newsworthy . no, its just pits that are picked on and made to seem worse than there are and we all know how awesome and sweet the majority of them are according to the ppl who just have the number one killer breed . but its doggy prejudice to say keep that effing thing away from my dog or kid because thats hurtfull to said wiggle butt . the owners chooses to own the breed but everyone else is supposed to act like its a normal dog .

Anonymous said...

Hollywood Animal Hospital reminds me of one of those 1800 Dentist places that offers free check-ups and no payments for a year. The place is mill.

Larry and old Mama Dee probably pay their vets poorly. I'd walk out before I'd let some kid right out of vet school diagnose my dog.

Dr. Larry Dee also hires dingbat nutters. Roxanne Shobe is on the board of directors of Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation.

Here's part her bio. Enjoy!

She helps out the different rescues she deals with. She fell in love with the breed when she was 18. Her first contact with a pit bull was a fighting dog in extremely bad shape. It was the sweetest dog and paved the way for her assisting abuse cases. She owns a Pit Bull and resides in Broward County, Fl. Even though her dog... has received an education, performs crazy tricks and is with her at her job, people still have issues with him. It bothers her that people" can't just see a dog is just a dog". It's up to the owner to educate their dog from right from wrong. Owners should be blamed for ignorance not a whole awesome breed.


If anyone should be blamed for ignorance, it's Ms. Shobe for her lousy writing.

Stupid people prefer pitbulls.

Anonymous said...

stupid peops prefer shitbulls

nice ppl prefer shitbulls dead .

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

good find anon. there could be a fun spoof on jif peanut butter.

"creepy fur moms choose pits"

Anonymous said...

pitties are awesome therapy dogs for freaky females with "relationship issues". of course its hard to be flaky and responsible at the same time .

Anonymous said...

I'm new to most of these blogs that are more realistic on the views of pits. My wife's good friend has a pit-mix and rott-mix that she adopted from some shelter and I'm uneasy around them. I'm even more uneasy when my kids are around them. And I'm damn near terrified when they do something wrong and my wife's friend or her husband basically yell at the dogs at the top of their lungs, like it's going to do anything.

When I read the volumes of pit apologetics out there, it always slays me when we're told to ignore the aggression of the animal because it has nothing to do with the breed. This makes absolutely no sense and borders on hypocrisy because it's acceptable to think that a poodle acts the way it does because it was used to retreive waterfowl or that Australian shepherds need a lot of exercise and stimulation because they were used to herding sheep, and these characteristics are so deeply embedded into the breed that it could almost be argued that it's genetic (via evolutionary processes). However, all bets are off when it comes to the aggression of the pit bull. We are to ignore all the reasoning that goes into chosing a breed because it has abosolutely nothing to do with how the breed actually acts. It's astounding, really.


orangedog said...

I was on a different website yesterday that had ads on the sidebar, and what do I see but an ad for a fake service dog registry.
"Take your dog anywhere without hassle! Sign up for FREE!"
Just sickening.

Packhorse said...

Boo hoo! Couple denied adoption because they have a pit bull in the home.

orangedog said...

Phewd, don't let your kids around those dogs. They are lying when they say breed doesn't matter. Purebreds were genetically shaped for a purpose, and pittie's purpose is banned in all 50 states.
And for the sake of argument, let's say genetics didn't matter and it's all the owner. That means that only pits react badly to bad owners, or that bad owners are drawn to pit bulls (which we also know is true). All other breeds may suffer in abusive environments yet don't go on mauling sprees. So the answer here is to ban bad owners from owning pits by making them go through a certification process, require them to carry $1,000,000 of insurance, and pay a large licensing fee. I'd be all for that, and if pit advocates were truthful about "It's the owner!" then they would be all for this too. But they are lying. They know exactly what kind of dog they have and "bad owner" is a convenient excuse. They continue to fight any kind of regulation while crying about how bad owners ruin pittie's reputation. They also know that "punish the deed, not the breed" is an empty platitude that a) requires a victim and b) carries no punishment.
Anyway, your friends sound like they don't have much control over their dogs. If you must visit, please ask that they put their dogs away if your kids are there. They will not be able to stop the lightening fast attack that both those breeds can launch without warning. Please read about some of the attacks on children (and adults) that have happened this year to see how powerless humans are against these dogs. Many of the pits were family pets, not abused, that turned on with devastating results. One pit was 8 or 9 years old with no history of aggression when it killed the 2 year old child it lived with.
Pit advocates consider these deaths to be collateral damage. They don't care.

orangedog said...

I saw that Packhorse. Now they can wallow in perpetual victimhood with the rest of the nutter. I'm so glad that "Nutter" is not a protected class and that the adoption agency doesn't have to give them the time of day.
I'm sure adoption people are getting death threats by now.

orangedog said...

Oh look at all the people speaking out in the comments AGAINST pit bulls. What a sight. This seems to go against what one of the Anons posted about how "people with common sense" vote against BSL. This is what normal people think about shitbulls and we've had it with your lame victim-blaming bullshit.

Anonymous said...


I would prefer we not let our kids around these dogs. We have a yellow lab and a standard poodle so the kids are very comfortable around dogs and aren't the least bit uncomfortable around the other two dogs. We've also been the "un"lucky couple who gets to pet-sit these dogs when the couple goes out of town for a week or so a couple times a year. We keep the dogs crated when both the kids and dogs are inside, let them roam the house when the kids are outside, and let them outside when the kids are inside.

These dogs have also gotten in tussles with each other at some gatherings we've had at the owners' house. Nothing devestating (yet) but enough to make me really put the screws to my wife the next time we're asked to watch them.

I used to be swayed by the arguments and apologetics because it IS wrong to descriminate against all people, right? But after doing my research and changing my understanding, I now understand that this is false equivalency. Dogs do not have the higher-order reasoning that us humans have. Apologists are simply anthropomorphising these dogs and then playing with the emotions of others in their arguments.

orangedog said...

Anon, there have been several pet sitter maulings this year - people like yourself helping out friends and neighbors with pit bulls. Tell your friends to board their dogs at a kennel next time. Remember: "No." is a complete sentence. ^_^

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Remember: "No." is a complete sentence. ^_^

orangedog you are a hoot.

anon, reading your first comment, i thought you had it together for a newbie but the second comment about pet sitting these mutants concerns me.

if you haven't read it yet, please see vintage's Great Pit Bull Adventures in Pet Sitting. and then ask yourself, who will watch your kids if those monsters put you and your spouse in the hospital?

Anonymous said...

The pet-sitting has all taken place prior to my research. My unease around their dogs was always instinctual, although I seem to recall Ohio (or at least Cleveland) having a pit bull ban when I was younger (~25-30 years ago), which may have contributed to said unease.

I don't plan on watching these two dogs in the future. They're both at the age where the "wouldn't harm a fly" temperament gives way to "tear the shit outta anything in it's path, and do this without any indication that it will do so" temperament. And we all know that this does not get better with age.

Really, my first two posts were more like introductions explaining that I may have been somewhat ambivalent about pits in the past, even though I was uneasy around them (chalking it up to ignorance, which is what nutters would prefer were the case). Now I consider myself more educated and feel that my initial unease was warranted.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...


DubV said...

"and these characteristics are so deeply embedded into the breed that it could almost be argued that it's genetic (via evolutionary processes)."

Phewd, it is absolutely genetic. That is the only way that innate tendencies are acquired. They were acquired via artificial selection, which is an analog to natural selection. We know this because in the historic record it is documented how breeds were created by selective breeding (which is a form of artificial selection, called artificial because it was done purposefully by man). This was occurring prior to the realization that DNA sequences were being sorted out. All early breeders needed to know was like comes from like.

Anonymous said...

I saw on Fb that Kingston Animal Hospital in Kingston Massachusetts has vet techs that go and ridicule victims of pit bull attacks. They also use their pages to sell fighting breeds. I do wonder how much money they make on surgery, life support, and body disposal for the victims of fighting breeds

Anonymous said...

The vets that are shilling for the dog fighters and pit breeders have now identified themselves as supporting animal abuse and child abuse. Now we know who the guilty parties are.

Victims, you know who to sue!

This is nothing new for parts of the slimy veterinarian business. Many are breeders, puppy millers themselves. Some work for the dog fighters, like the one caught in Pennsylvania who was also hooked up with no kill.

You only have to look at some vet publications, they have articles by people who work for groups like the animal abuse loving, puppy mill supporting AKC management and NAIA.

There are also many vets who are so hopelessly inept, drug/alcohol addicted, mentally ill, they kill pets every day, but people have liitle recourse and the corrupt licensing boards support the vet.

Many veterinarians are corrupt thieves in many different ways. The ways they know to artificially jack up your bill should be under investigation by consumer watchdogs, but the vet schools and leadership work their angles to hide a lot of it.

Remember Brad Crauer anyone, hooked up with the Nathan Winograd no kill psychos in King County Washington? He was busted prescribing controlled drugs for himself using a dead dog's name. Only a slap on the wrist, and there he is with no kill helping breeders and dog fighters make money through Nathan Winograd. Free pit bulls for everyone.

AVMA is totally corrupt. It's made up of mostly old men who work for the slaI hope people can pierce the veil of feel good fakery the vet industry promotes to expose what a dirty industry it is overall.sughter, Big Ag business and the brain diseased females that get caught up in the smell of money.

I hope someday the concocted veil of feel good fakery gets pierced by people who are looking for the truth in this dirty industry.

Anonymous said...

Larry Dee, AVMA Executive Board

That says it all.

AVMA is heavily connected to Big Ag, factory farming, pro animal abuse profiteer sector. That's who they work for. That's who they represent.

AVMA supports all kind of animal abuse and works against public safety.

Anything connected to profiteering from animals, that's what AVMA supports, including the puppy mills and dog fighters.

Larry Dee, Big Ag charlatan.

Shame on this bastard.

Alexandra said...

@ Phewd: Really, my first two posts were more like introductions...

Phewd, I'm glad to hear you won't be sitting these pit bulls anymore. For the safety of all concerned, it would be best if you refused to expose your children, your dogs and yourselves to them at all. If they go pit sometime when you're visiting this friend of your wife's, there's no telling who they'll choose to maul.

That's bad enough when there's just one of them. The first 'bite' often takes out a chunk of flesh the size of a dinner plate. With two of them there, the target doesn't stand a chance fighting it off alone...and bystanders (in particular the owners) are usually too petrified to help.

My own rule is: Never share a physical space with a pit bull.

This is an issue I don't at all mind losing friends over, and if I had a spouse who disagreed it would be instant divorce.

Hepcat62 said...

Hi, Phewd...

I am a mother of two, living in the suburbs. The general rule of thumb where I live is that any family who owns a pit bull, or allows their children to interact with a pit bull, shows dangerously poor judgment, and should be avoided. It's pretty common for families to not allow their children to go to a home EVER, once they find out a pit bull resides there, even temporarily. Your wife, by taking these dogs into your home, not only has exposed her children to danger, but has put your children in a position where they risk becoming social outcasts. I know dozens of parents, including myself, that would never allow my kids to return to a home where the mom was "dog sitting" a pit bull. To many of us, it's the equivalent of a parent serving alcohol to minors to be the "cool mom", or taking kids in the car and telling them they don't need to wear seatbelts. My neighbor fired her nanny on the spot because she admitted to taking the kids to visit a friend who owned a pit bull. A woman down the street from me was FURIOUS, after picking her son up from a play date and finding out that the family owned a pit bull, and she wasn't told about it. Her kid will NEVER be allowed back in that home.

Intelligent people understand basic genetics, and can easily grasp that dog breeds display the behavior they were bred for. Your wife's primary concern should be for the safety of her children, but she should also be concerned that that parents of your kids classmates and peers may think of her as a dangerous idiot to be avoided, and that could have a major impact on your kids.

I'm glad, for your children's sake, that you are putting your foot down.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, Wouldn't that tie dye hippie Janowitz be deserving of this list?

vintage said...

The history of the so called "Humane" community's deterioration into radicalism may be see here:

There have been many a mauled vet tech and customer!

PS...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Anonymous said...

Phewd, see this:

Jacob Andretti’s daughter, Audryanna, was playing with the dog, which belongs to a family friend.

She made one sudden movement, and he attacked.

Anonymous said...

veterinarians pledge .

-to uphold principles of fairness and political fairness towards pitbulls and other fighting breeds.

-to fight BSL in all its evil obnoxious forms.

-to blame victims and their owners silently and to punish them severely in their pocket book for choosing a weaker breed.

-to support only BMW and MERCEDES new car dealerships.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

a more accurate version of the vet's pledge.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dr linda janowitz would fit right in with this crowd.

Anonymous said...

its not only pitbulls that ppl are scared of , .... bully lovers are intimidating a whole spectrum of professionals and civil servants that should have the greater good of the public at heart instead of cow-towing to bullies.

orangedog said...

Snark go check out the latest comment on the vet link. Remember to pick up your eyes after they've rolled out of your head.

april 29 said...

Read the last comment, holy cow...

orangedog said...

Haha, someone added a comment after the psycho screaming in all caps. Did you know you're all the same person? LOL

orangedog said...

Check out the excuses:

This could never happen to them!

Anonymous said...

"debbie you are so right, pits are outstanding dogs" -lol

i think she missed debbie's point about what a "good pit" is .

Anonymous said...

the difference between a good pit and a good dog : the good pit will gladly do the bloody dirtywork of its craven owners whereas the good dog will only pretend to be as bad as his owner .