Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Justice Mule inspires again

I'm the ghost of that dog,
yeah, me, you musta seen me
inna battle, a dustup Supremo
a contest of skill and noble bravado
It went down like this and I modestly say
I was seekin immorality that dark grungy day
an I was swaggerin round town like the gangsta I be
when I spied me a horse kinda curiosity
who looked nice and tender, all offered for me
a feast for da eyes and a treat for da teeth
and so I did wait till the challenge was met
and flew with my jaws like a toothed lunatic
and lost my grip to tease the hapless brute
and saw his eyes, who knew the truth
that I would win, in leisurely dispatch
and swagger away without even no rash
when next I knew, in his teeth was me
and flung like moldy old laundry
and then that brute on my ribs went a-joggin
and put many more dents in my big fearsome noggin
and swirled me round inna slithery puddles
his brain it weren't right, his thinking was muddled
cause where was the blood, the gore, and defeat
where was the pile of hair and torn meat?
i have pride in my work, I think it appalling
that a horsey-type thing on my body keeps falling
the creature played dirty, I'll teach it a lesson
finish what them start, then goes for my blessin'
it all a flesh wound, it barely a test
lemme up coward, I'll grip shut your last breath
but now the light's murky, the pavement seems soft
they will holler my praises, they'll send them aloft
they'll come to my shrine, a nice shiny hollow
where a hopeless horse-thing did steal my tomorrow
and left a fine dog-print in the bloody wet brick
a warning sign to lesser dogs
to best not lunge to bite so quick.





april 29 said...

Positively Shakespearean, more poetry please!

Packhorse said...


Anonymous said...

methinks mules and donkeys are a lot smarter than humans . we humans think that there are no bad dogs , just bad owners who shirk their containment responsibilities . mule are too smart to have p.c. doubts about the ugly dog thats attacking them .

Opalina said...

Awesome stuff! Really gets to the meat of the matter -- that the beasts were bred for killing, to the death, and take joy and pride in it. This line: lemme up coward, I'll grip shut your last breath. Wow.

Watching that video, for the umpteenth time, is amazing -- I agree that the mule is quite aware. At first he tries to dissuade the stupid beast, and go on his way, but the undog just doesn't get it, so the mule says, "Fuck you, idiot, can't you take a hint?" and makes damn sure that idiot pit doesn't have another chance to attack. Bravo to the poet and to Justice Mule!

I posted Justice Mule on my FB page, and some nutters got a hold of it and before I knew it, they had a huge conversation amongst themselves about the poor widdle pibble, and how awful I was that I was happy it got what it deserved. They didn't say a word about the mule, in true nutter fashion. The victims never matter to them. I hate when they say, after an undog had to be shot or put down after/during an attack, "Oh how sad that pibble poo had to lose it's life! Was a travesty! He's just an innocent being, it's not his fault!"

I'm sick of that. It is the undogs fault, and they are to blame. They can't help that they are undogs, but that does not absolve them of blame and a dirt nap.

Anonymous said...

justice mule was not blaming the poor misunderstood wiggle-brute....he was just stomping it .

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

oh snarky, you're a hoot.

i hope that WIGGLE BRUTE takes off.

Anonymous said...

grieving pit bull lovers need to understand there are no bad mules ...just bad pitbull owners who teach their wiggle-brutes to attack uneducated mules .

Anonymous said...

@ opalina
pitbull lovers just dont seem to get that theres something wrong with dogs that attack , maim and often kill. they think its okay and somehow someone elses fault when pitbulls do what they do best . they dont understand that sometimes dogs and even people have to be shot or tazed to death because of what they are doing is wrong and cant be tolerated . how many people shed tears for serial killer nutcases when they are taken out by sharp-shooters ? only the mothers and a few dingbats perhaps .

Opalina said...

Stomping and biting the crap out of it! Making damn sure pittie was good and dead, or nearly dead, dead enough! And it almost seems like Justice is giving a nod of "So there!"

Good analogy to mass murderers/serial killers being taken out and undog maulers/killers being taken out -- and who cries for them. "But, but, he could have been rehabilitated in the arms of a loving mother/owner! If only his childhood/puppyhood hadn't been so traumatic. He deserves sympathy."

They both deserve to be taken out of civlized society. Tout suite!

orangedog said...

That stupid pit was given a choice and he chose poorly. Muley offered him a way out but his genetics wouldn't let him back down. This is their MO every time we hear about a mauling. It's the shitheads who think they can stop pittie with an "off" button who are the most dangerous. I saw one self-absorbed twit walking her pit off leash yesterday. On noes! She's setting her pibble up to fail!

Small Survivors said...

clap clap clap!

my fav is "toothed lunatic"!

Anonymous said...

"but now the lights murky, the pavement seems soft

they will holler my praises, theyll send them aloft.

-so true LOL

Anonymous said...

re justice re pitbulls

robert marx has be acquitted of the charges against him when his jr was killed by a dingbats mutant .

two dead dogs and two sorry owners cuz a dingbat took her mutant to the park .

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

excellent news. i'm on it snarky.

tropical storms said...

Bravo! Still laughing.

Anonymous said...

for once a shit bull started a fight but didnt finish it . the pit droolers always say their wiggle brutes never start a fight but they do finish it . never believe pitter catch phrases , words are too easy compared to responsible actions , like containing and controling ones dogs .

Miss Margo said...

Hi! Just checking in...and glad I did.

This was super-fun to read, SadFalada, and I read it three times today. It is impressive, too. I enjoy your posts and comments so thank you for sharing them!

"A dustup Supremo," I may have to appropriate that for my own use. Sounds like something from Pulp Fiction, only better. CORRECTAMUNDO!

Anonymous said...


pitbull poetess extraordinaire.

take an fugly dog and make beauty out of its gruesome demise .

SadFalada said...

Hi Margo and all!
Which reminds me- I had to watch Pulp Fiction 3 times before I realized it had a plot!

SadFalada said...

Thank you, Snarky, and to all of you for your kind and generous words.