Tuesday, July 16, 2013

vintage has done it again

$300,000 Pit Sitting Bucks!
May 2010, San Francisco, CA; A kind hearted neighbor agreed to dog sit a pit bull while it's owner is hospitalized. While at the hospital after the animal bites off his finger, he learns that the owner is undergoing facial plastic surgery in the same hospital due to a mauling by the same Pit Bull!  After much resistance, the owner's insurance company finally settles for $300,000  One of the Greatest Pit Sitting Moment in History!

you can find this instant classic and more at
Great Pit Bull Adventures in Pet Sitting


april 29 said...

Vintage has done fine work here.

The take home lesson is is NEVER accept responsibility for anybody's mauler, it just does not end well.

Jake said...

Excellent reporting. It's not worth the risk, folks. Way too much potential for life changing injuries.

Anonymous said...

yeah, sounds like an insurance set up to me . pitters are incredibly slimy and will do anything for money.

Alexandra said...

Vintage has an awesome, important blog going. I hope s/he doesn't retire any time soon.

Thanks Vintage!