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October 19, 2013

pit nutters poked fun at the turn out for last year's event. they failed to acknowledge that they have a 30+ year head start on this thing called advocacy and that we all have to start somewhere. but we are gaining momentum and that frightens them.




Maggie Bain former pit bull owner and event host
Jeff Borchardt father of pit bull attack victim
Paul Cannon attorney
Serenia Clinton mother of pit bull attack victim
Texas Children's Hospital
Douglas Wolfe grandfather of pit bull attack victim


Anonymous said...

This is exciting stuff, and if it were possible I would love to go (+ drag a few semi-nutter friends and family members along). Canada is a bit far, sadly.

Is there any chance the speeches will be recorded, and available for download/order? I'd definitely be interested if they are.

Anonymous said...

As someone who attended the Tucson walk, I can say with certainty that it marked an inflection point in the movement. Admittedly, attendance was depressed,at least partly because the pit freaks threatened a bloodbath. But they never even showed up, and the hollowness of their threats became evident. At any rate, relationships were forged and convictions were strengthened.

It's great to see the momentum building. Let awareness spring up in every state!

vintage said...

I really don't understand the Nutter's beef with this...

Everyday is Pit Bull mauling day...Can't victims have just one day a Goddamn year?!?

PS...There have been three more International Pit DBRFs over the past Month...the US and International Body count is at 480 lives.



*You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Packhorse said...

Nutters attacking mauling victims, yep, sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

Since when have pit advocates EVER known how to act like decent human beings?

safer midwifery utah said...

I want to start a tumblr of dead/mauled kids who were previously snuggling a pit bull. I will post the snuggle pics and screenshots of the news stories/graphic pics if possible. I figured CD was the place to go for source material.

you can email me at skeptifemblog at gmail dot com if you have any submissions. they don't have to be kids but I would prefer it.

Packhorse said...

Yeah, pittie, we KNOW why you want that kitten...


Next year it'll be a seeing-eye dog.

safer midwifery utah said...

duhh forgot the url. Its deadkidsandpits dot tumblr (im typing it this way to avoid the spam filter)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

skeptifem, there are some photos in this blog post

also, there was a fatality, i wanna say in arizona a couple of years ago. there is a photo on dogsbite.org of the whole family including the killer mutant. i'm sorry, i can't remember their name, when it was or any details other than it was a toddler and it was at least 2 years ago. check the DBO fatal attack section, if you can't find it ask colleen.

i don't think there are a lot of photos that fit your criteria. if you expanded your project to include adults and non fatal attacks on kids, adults and other dogs and cats in the family, you will have a lot more material. for example, a pit bull in illinois recently attacked its housemate puggle for no reason just minutes after playing with it and a small child. these are some fucked up dogs.

but whatever you choose to include, i will be happy to include it here.

scorched earth said...

Skeptifem, here is one for your new blog. http://blog.dogsbite.org/2012/06/2012-dog-bite-fatality-pit-bulls-kill.html

safer midwifery utah said...

thanks cravenites! I got a new computer that I need to set up, but I can probably start work tomorrow on it.

I'll include anything that shows the problems with these dogs and the stupid cuddle pictures.

That account has another blog called fake service dogs. Tumblr is a pretty good way to get a message out these days.

Anonymous said...

Ever since I found this blog 2 years ago, I have made it my mission to inform every mom I know about dogbite.org, as well as this blog.

I tell them if their child gets attacked by a pit bull the damage is far worse than a normal dog due to the breeding.

I'd say I've made believers out of over 50 to 60 moms in the last 2 years.

So don't kid yourself. The general public hates these dogs.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3:28 -

Thanks for the friendly reminder.

It's good to get a reality check every now and then, since the shrill, strident protests of pit freaks are so noisy it sometimes gives the impression that they are a significant segment of our population.

Anonymous said...


I'm in a moms group.
when it comes to protecting our kids, we don't fuck around.

anon 3:28

Unknown said...

To Anonymous, thanks for spreading the word. You had a typo in your comment about the website, and I wanted to use the opportunity to explain the difference between a bunch of similar-looking sites:

DogBite.org, DogBite.com and DogBites.com don't exist.

DogsBite.org is the clearinghouse of dog bite info, particularly with regard to pits. This is the one that all Cravenites, including me, is a fan of.

DogsBite.com leads to the pit nutter site called the "National Canine Research Council" and is devoted to showing that "nobody can recognize a pit," because "pits don't exist," and "anyway, Chihuahuas bite more."

www.DogBites.org is a sort of "placeholder" site by (good guy) dog bite attorney Kenneth Phillips.

Anonymous said...

I am not anonymous but haven't been able to get the other choices to work. I am a Shelter Director and on the side of the victims with all of my Animal Control Officers on board to be pro-active towards laws that protect public safety. I have been vocal on the nutter boards, expressing the need for compassion towards the victims, but to no avail. Keep up the Great work. The nutters are a fringe element ( although outrageously vocal). Humanity towards the victims will prevail.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

I was at last year's Tucson walk. As were about 100 other people. You could hardly call that a low turnout.

Anonymous said...

@Sharon, thanks for the clarification. yes, I'm on Dogsbite.org. Was a typo. I listed this site on our moms board.

lol... on the National Canine Research Council. Boy, doesn't that sound very official. with a name like that it must be run by veterinarian behaviorists and biologists who study wolves. LMAO

Anon 3:28

Miss Margo said...

OT, but I found an entertaining dog blog: http://fuglydog.tumblr.com

Packhorse said...

Tired of the same old "I wuv my pibble" nutter bumper stickers? How about this one?


april 29 said...

Anon 3:28

You should know that the National Canine Research Council is run by a vet tech, Karen Delise. She has no special investigative training or education, just a vet tech. Pit bull advocacy LOVES her. Delise is a professional pit bull advocate and she is paid to be unable to identify pit bulls. The NCRC is a subsidiary of the Animal Farm Foundation (google it for full effect) a bold and blatant breed specific advocacy organization. Both the NCRC and the AFF are owned by super wealthy pit bull owner and heiress Jane Berkey. Berkey uses her fortune to push pit bulls on the public and to protect the political and financial interests of pit bull advocacy. There is really no "council" or any real "research" just Delise giving her unsubstantiated and compensated opinion. Ms. Delise is unable to identify any pit bull that does not have a registration certificate from the UKC. This is rather odd given that her employer spends a GREAT deal of money funding the pit bull industry. How do they know which dogs to subsidize? (this is sarcasm, I wish there was a font for sarcasm)

I repeat this story frequently because those new to the issue need to know the back stories to better understand the issue.

You said "when it comes to protecting our kids, we don't fuck around." THANK YOU!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

lol packhorse! i googled it and found another version on cafe press but it has been deleted. my guess is jane paid them to stop making it.

awesome comment april 29. i especially liked this part:
"Delise is a professional pit bull advocate and she is paid to be unable to identify pit bulls."

YQN, i was referring the nutters juxtaposing the photo with a couple of dozen people in tucson with a pit bull rally. and now in their arrogance, they are planning a MILLION PIBBLE MARCH on washington. i'm going with my video camera to document the mayhem.

check out the photo of the "actress" who is organizing it. weird emotion on her face. emotions seem in conflict.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that tumblr site could use a little help. i have folder named "ugly dogs" overflowing with mutant pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

The pitbull attack website is offering to post information on local events to bring awareness to the plight of Pitbull victims..
The site also has the fliers to distribute locally available for download in English and Spanish.. http://pitbullattackhelp.com

What is different about this event: TWO FORMER pitbull owners will speak out about the attacks waged by their pitbulls. Susie Leah, The babysitter of the dogs that attacked her and Jeff Borchardt's son Daxton is joining the speakers list along with Maggie Bain. We need to welcome FORMER owners of pitbulls that have seen the light or rather the blood of innocents spilled. They get a lot of heat for speaking out.

Hopefully something can be done to counter the Million Pitbull March planned for Washington this coming spring.. Maybe a MAUL MARCH???

Meals on Wheels said...

The pit bull advocacy is trembling in their boots at our little crowd, even with the surface support of that telepromter, I mean president.

Remember, when the public is given the opportunity to vote, they will likely chose as they did in Miami-Dade.

Thousands of pit bull advocates marching with their maulers on the mall.

Millions of dollars thrown at the problem by pit bull advocates, wanting to improve their image, is it working?

2/3rds of the public going to their poll in Miami/Dade, and quietly voting for B.S.L.


"Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has." (Margaret Mead)

orangedog said...

Pfft, they won't get a million people to show up. They know what kind of dogs they have and wouldn't dare take theirs around so many other fighting dogs. The results would be hysterical however. I imagine Parrot x 1,000,000. The cops better stock up on bullets.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

oh i think they can get close one million nutters. just think of all those tatted up unemployed grifter types and cluster Bs involved with pit bulls. it is the parrot x 1,000,000 that i am after.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"I'm in a moms group.
when it comes to protecting our kids, we don't fuck around."

"I'd say I've made believers out of over 50 to 60 moms in the last 2 years.
So don't kid yourself. The general public hates these dogs."

these comments are making me smile.

Alexandra said...

@ oh i think they can get close one million nutters.

If pit owners are about 1.78% (at most) of the American population, then there are (at most) about 5,624,800 pit owners. If you consider the conditions most live in, and the mentality, getting one out of five to come to some march would be an achievement -- unless Berkey et al deal out subsidies and salaries for going.

But ya know, even if Dawn is right and they did show up at near a million, she's also right that it would be quite an enlightening spectacle for the nation to observe -- who exactly their politicians are selling their butts to.

I hope they do show up as a million and that they can't resist bringing their pit bulls. I hope they don't figure out in advance what a disaster that would be and cancel the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cravenites, good comments -- yeah April 29 -- I, too, always wonder: if there is no such thing as a pit bull, how do they know which dogs to bring to the march on Washington?

You must have seen the story this week -- 367 fighting mutants now in custody after epic FBI bust. Where are they going to put them? You know they won't euth any. Wayne Pacelle petting one. Another rescuer kissing one. Etc.

Anonymous said...

OMG I just found the most hilarious photo -- Jane Berkey's high school yearbook photo. I think it's really her! http://ehs1968.com/student-senior-pictures-a-l/berkey-jane/


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i don't see how it could be her. berkey is her married name. saul is her maiden name. i don't think that she went to high school in indiana.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks for mentioning the dog fight bust. here's wayne soliciting donations. he leaves out that berkey is donating around $50K per year for this.

by the way, as you watch the video in that link, note how "vicious" those abused and neglected dogs are towards their rescuers. yep, it's all how you raise 'em!

Branwyne Finch said...

Just curious, dawn....have they released the names of the dog fighters arrested? Just wondering if any of them have kennel websites, or what kind of connections they may have in the world of pit bull advocacy.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Donnie Anderson, 48, of Auburn
Demontt Allen, 37, of Houston, Texas
William Antone Edwards, 42, of Brantley
William Oneil Edwards, 39, of Elba
Robin Stinson, 40, of Elba
Michael Martin, 54, of Auburn
Lawrence Watford, 35, of Adel, Ga.
Ricky Van Le, 24, of Biloxi, Miss.
David Sellers, 52, of Opelika
Sandy Brown, 47, of Brownsville
Carlton Tippens, age unavailable, of Georgia
Irkis Forest, age unavailable, of Theodore.

Anonymous said...

methinks the white house needs a few resident Obama Dogs to rehabilitate. ex fighting dogs and fluffy water dogs would go together nicely and teach the children to be broad minded . its so cool how so many good people are into "pitbull rescue".

tropical storms said...

I'm sure they're all good responsible dog owners no matter what the electronics and covert operatives say to the contrary. After all they've only been under investigation for five years now.

vintage said...

That brings up a good point...I don't see why the feds even screw around with dog fighting charges, just nail their asses for tax evasion and racketeering. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were flying around here!...Hard to believe the feds can't see this.

There are an estimated 40,000 dirtballs engaged in dogfighting and Obama loves his tax money...siccem!

Miss Margo said...

From my neck of the woods: off-leash pit bull hit by train. "Duchess" is killed; owner injures his hand. Train service delayed for an hour:


Anonymous said...

Sandy Hook girl and her rescued pit bull.

Anonymous said...

Pit Bull group exploits MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech for pit bull cause

Anonymous said...

page owner of Ellie the pit bull shows image of book distribution to kids.

Anonymous said...

miss margo
im guess the shitbull attacked the train to protekt(pitter sp) its owner.

orangedog said...

Three loose pits just killed a 96 year old man in Texas (in his own backyard) by removing one of his lower legs. His little dog was also murdered. Texas is a Pithole. "Cute" pictures of pitties behing bars being distributed by the media.

Anonymous said...

pitters say the media is bias (ptr sp) toward pibbles. not always true .

Packhorse said...

HSUS is still getting crap from nutters over the fact that they suggested that the Vick pits might be better off being euthanized. They have been trying to make it up to nutters ever since. :(

Anonymous said...

I agree that the vast majority of attacks and fatalities are pit bulls. But I also believe as in any group their are rare exceptions.

Someone posted a link about Ell the Pit Bull. At first I thought oh, just another nutter parading their PB around wearing red, white,and blue, referring to their dog as a hero.

But I took the time to read up on this dog's owner, Leah Brewer and I didn't really see her as a the typical nutter waiving an Anti- BSL flag.

Would I allow my dog to greet this dog? Nope, but
I respect a PB owner who tempers their PB politics.


PB owners need to lead by example as Ms.Brewer is doing.

Sadly, there is a shortage intelligent PB owners that take the time to understand the science behind selective breeding.

Instead, they want to hold marches with their untrained dogs pulling on the leashes dragging their owners.

Its unfortunate that most PB owners are such uneducated, low class, people.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anon 3:57, is this supposed to be a fucking joke? i don't see anything in that article that leads me to believe this nutter is any different from all the rest.

pet parent
forever home
therapy dog visits alzheimer's patients, reads to kids
the pit "helped" her, "changed" her life, made her a better person.

c'mon. this is text book nuttering. the only thing missing is the kissing booth.

Anonymous said...

"it is unfortunate that pb owners are such unintelligent low class peo

they know this this true too and thats why we get quite a few pitbull types trying to prove they are different ....it never works ..lol.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I am so glad I did not bother to read the link that Anon 3:57 posted.

You see I knew it BS when I saw the word "intelligent and PB owner" in the same sentence.

SadFalada said...

Elle started out in a Kissing Booth, but is now a Respiratory Therapist and should soon be a Speech Pathologist. Geeeez, Dawn! Try to keep up!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

soon to be a phlebotomist.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

leah *looks* normal, hubby is all tatted out though. lol

scurrilous amateur blogger said...



*assault with a deadly weapon!

SadFalada said...

For Elle..whose Name is easy to
Remember, but whose
Mirabilu Dictu Remarkablilis
Is... well...


Oh, Elle, Elle, Dog Palindromic
I need not now be Pitbullphobic
As in Hulking Sainthood you proceed
To thickly spread forth dogmatic Creed
That the hate till now I so enjoyed
Should now be rejected and non employed
But what will fill that furnace now cold
If now I must wallow in the Pitlovers
And watch as my Nemesis Comforts and Heals
And Teaches and Guides and invents Better Wheels
And wears a nice medal I was never awarded
Has a personal shopper to keep costumes assorted
And admirers plenty, who have some trouble reading
And a surgeon's knowledge of causes of bleeding
And a comforting presence to the Weak and Unaware
Communicating greatness with hard and empty stare
That casts it's Fulsome Radiance wide as nuclear waste
A common type of Sacrament was flavored with that taste
That the chosen are invited to gulp and prostrate
At the feet of that Savior, unscathed, will none escape
As benevolent Beatitude embraces humanity
And a Pit Bull named Elle postpones Calamity
And offers us Wisdom, Heals our Ignorance
Pays our bills, knocks down the unfriendly fence
Till we stand Coast to Coast, hand to Paw, Paw to hand
And Praise Blessed Pit Bull for thinning crowded Land.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am in awe of your talent sadfalada.

been poking around leah brewer's photos. she is a total nutter. and i think that she was the one that planted that comment. she is shamelessly promoting her pit for some hero contest.

here is leah encouraging other nutters to vote repeatedly for elle.

here is

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

woops, hit publish instead of preview before i was done.

here is leah with "her idol" cesar milan.

here is four generations of nutters.

here is one of leah's "furiends".

here is leah full on nuttering with the racist trash talk.

SadFalada said...

Leah got to meet Cesar Milan! ImPRESSive! Was she on all fours and wriggling for praise and correction? Did they spend 15 minutes saying "PSSHHHHT!" to each other under a little mood lighting? I'm so damn jealous! Now I need a THERAPY dog and all I have is a poodle that smells like Suave Strawberry shampoo from the dollar store. And so do I. Misery...

SadFalada said...

Cesar's head comes to a point
His dogs have heads dented in two
Their gawping jaws seem to have a Python's joint
They bark, growl, slobber and spew
But these two beings, so unalike, are better for the meeting
Cesar's head grows huge and round
with pride and fame unfleeting
While dogs of microencephalic burden
By El Magicos'charm enjoy towing the warden,
And fitting contentedly their dent to their fence
They learn their job is to brace up the residence
And think dim good-dog thoughts with their double-wide head
That the pointed-head man to resignation, has lead
Find meaning in life from the nonsense He's Said.

Packhorse said...

Till we stand Coast to Coast, hand to Paw, Paw to hand
And Praise Blessed Pit Bull for thinning crowded Land.

:D :D

scorched earth said...

Standing ovation Sadfalada!

Branwyne Finch said...

Oh, for the love of God, if I read about one more desperate, infantile, childless woman with mental health issues talking about her "rescue pit bull" I will kill myself. I made the mistake of looking at the link.....the only other person I know who is this obsessed with her pet is eight years old. I even looked at her website, it looked like it was written by a thirteen year old girl.

"Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at my pit bull!" That's my summary of this bizarre young woman's website, Facebook page, etc. etc.

I have known several people who do therapy work with their dogs, and the one thing they have in common is their humility. People who are genuine about volunteering in LTC facilities and schools don't do it to get their picture in the paper, they don't plaster their picture all over social media sites, they don't brag about how great they are and how special their dog is. You never see them. They volunteer quietly and anonymously, the last thing they want to do is draw attention to themselves. They also don't want to violate the privacy of the patients, clients, of students they visit.

Elle's owner does therapy work because it offers her a platform for her obsessive self-promotion and her pit bull advocacy. Reading her articles, she actually sounds like a narcissist, not a selfless volunteer. She is there to gain attention, show off her dog, and make a political statement about pit bulls. That is what motivates her to do "therapy work".

I wish these institutions would consider doing a psychological screening of therapy dog handlers before allowing them on site, I suspect if they did, you would never see another pit bull therapy dog team again.

Packhorse said...

When I think of dogs in therapy work, I think of nonthreatening, soft dogs with big soft eyes who engage with the children/patients in a restrained and gentle manner.

In Elle's pictures I see cropped ears, a defensive stance, and a hard, cold stare. Is this going to make patients and children feel at ease?

SadFalada said...

Well, the ears cropped from pit bulls become earmuffs, potholders, hand warmers, inexpensive pets, bra-stuffers, makeup applicators, smartphone covers, rearview mirror dangles, foreskin substitutes, tattoo art canvases, and an unusual addition to a classic coonskin cap. All these things benefit disadvantaged children...and yet it is ALL DONE IN QUIET SACRIFICE!!!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"In Elle's pictures I see cropped ears, a defensive stance, and a hard, cold stare. Is this going to make patients and children feel at ease? "

no but it will alleviate some of that white liberal guilt.

Anonymous said...

In a nutters own words.
From the FB of Francis John, (AKA Nancy Julian)

"My name is Nancy Julian and I coordinate BSL Awareness Walks - we are responsible bully breed owners who walk to promote our wonderful dogs. We've had two very successful walks in Massachusetts - Boston and Worcester and we received positive pittie media for each walk. Our Boston walk was on the 11pm news!!"

"And here is a wonderful, heartwarming video montage of the walk put together by Jeff Brandt - please note the very end - we even made the 11pm news!!!"

" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krwBueRpdr4 (Preview)

"If your dog is dog aggressive or human aggressive, but you feel you can control her/him, please walk at the back of the pack. "

"please, no human aggressive or dog aggressive dogs and no break sticks. Thanks"

Jaloney said...

Maggie will not be the only FORMER pitbull owner present. 30-year-old Susan Iwicki, the babysitter whose pitbulls attacked and killed Daxton Borchardt in Minnesota will also speak out about the unpredictable and uncontrollable aggression of her formerly SWEET pitties. Hopefully more former pitbull owners will come out of the closet and not be intimidated by the is the owner not the breed b.s. and nutter harassment. KUDOS to Maggie Bain and Susie Iwicki. The event now has 11 business sponsors that are going to offer games, snow cones, and trick or treat candy to all kids that attend.