Friday, October 25, 2013

Huffington Post Wins the Egregious Bonehead Irresponsible Pit Bull Pandering Award

HuffPo is notorious for unabashed pit bull pandering, but now they've gone too far and have proven that twelve year old nitwits are running the show.

In a predictable Pit Bull Awareness Day fluff piece called "Your Kids And Pit Bulls Love Each Other," they throw up a couple paragraphs that regurgitate Donna Reynold's admission that the whole Nanny Dog thing is a lie.  And then, like Donna in her original admission, the twelve year olds at HuffPo minimize the significance of the lie by saying that there are just tons of photos that "prove" pit bulls are great with kids.

The HuffPo morons went the extra mile and created a slideshow of 73 photos sent in by loyal pit lovin' HuffPo readers of their children irresponsibly being allowed to hug, lie on, sit on, and ride pit bulls that, at that moment, weren't attacking the kids.

Normally I would not encourage you to scroll through this obnoxious display of flagrant disregard for a child's safety in the pursuit of pit bull propagandizing, but this time I really insist you must.  You must get to photo 61.  You will all recognize that photo of a child draped over and hugging on a pit bull because you all know that child was killed by that pit bull this year.

UPDATE: As predicted.  The tweens in charge at HuffPo have taken down the offending photo but left up the piece proving they are too stupid or too callous to care that the photos are dangerous and misleading lies.

Photo 61 shows 6 year old Nephi Selu hugging on a 2 year old pit bull named Kave whom the family described as Nephi's best friend.  You may recall that reports suggested that the reason the pit bull killed Nephi because Nephi was "riding the dog like a horse."  And you may recall that nutters from every corner of nutterland commented that obviously these parents were irresponsible because you should never let your child ride any dog.  I was staggered by the inclusion of this photo among dozens of equally offensive photos of children riding pit bulls shared with the explicit message, "pit bulls are safe."

Obviously, even though we all recognize, remember, and mourn Nephi's death, the twelve year olds at HuffPo didn't recognize the photo because they refused to look at or quickly forgot accounts of this child's death when they included him in their "pictures prove pit bulls are safe" bullshit.  They don't.  The submitter of this photo knew, though.  R C Palyo included this comment with his photo submission: "pit bull loved this boy to death!"  Even with that, the 12 year olds at HuffPo didn't get it.  And they have proven without a doubt that they seriously do not care about the victims of pit bulls.

Donna Reynolds is the literal architect of the "Nanny dogs may be a lie, but photos prove the same thing anyway so we're still good" line of propaganda.  Huge backfire, Donna.  Maybe you should pay attention to the victims and instruct your millions of mindless minions to do the same.

It is up to us to remember the victims and spread the word about the dangerousness of pit bulls because pit loving sociopaths all too easily can disregard the victims of their propaganda.  For pit bull awareness day, please spread this far and wide - this ugly, ironic oversight that was possible only because these assholes refuse to pay attention to the people killed by pit bulls.

By the way, I haven't left a comment on HuffPo because comments are moderated and my comment will never see the light of day and they will simply remove the single photograph.  They won't remove the propaganda.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

what a stunning blunder. proof that no one does basic fact checking anymore. the puffho blindly consumes whatever the uber politically correct throws in their direction. and on the eve of pit bull awareness day the victims of dangerous dogs vigil.

i despise the puffho. i can't bring myself to leave a comment there. it is so frustrating because this news organization once in engaged in real journalism. they once asked hard hitting questions. now it's just all kumbaya over there. no thinking, just feeling.

"I must not think bad thoughts"

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i took a quick peek at the comments. although i don't see where anyone caught on, the nutters appear to have their hands full.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

fact checking is officially dead.

someone please post this to badrap. i would but donna banned me.

Illinois Pitbull Attacks said...
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Meals on Wheels said...

What Pit Bull Awareness Day is bringing to light, is that journalism too, seems to been mauled to death by the pit bull propaganda machine. I would love to gloat on BAD RAP, but was banned too, long ago. I may set up an account and call myself Clay Hundenshire, or Noah Lee Huggins and post away.

vintage said...

The crazy thing is 173 American children have been killed by pit bulls since 1979. Not only that, but over 140 adults been killed too.

Always remember though, a Pomeranian ONCE killed a baby!

Anonymous said...

All those photos were upsetting to look at, but certain ones were especially revolting... infants sprawled out and completely vulnerable, surrounded by *multiple* fighting bred dogs, WTF??

And there was one shot of a little girl clowning in a kennel with "Griffin": all fun and games until pittie decides to maul the sh*t out of your daughter and you have to pull her out again, Ms. Photographer. What a nightmare that would be.

Even though I shouldn't find it surprising that after 1000+ comments that photo of poor Nephi is still up, I do. These people really don't care, at all.

Anonymous said...

Even had I no preconception about these dogs, this parade
would be remarkable for the consistent stony impassivity of nearly every dog, almost none of them showing interest, or even body orientation, toward ttheir best buddies. The dog with Nephi seems clearly on his last nerve. All photos seem unwillingly posed. Aside from their remarkable ugliness and podgy, lurking aura of imminent ambush, what bundles of joy are they, really? In picture of the dogs we kids grew up with, collie, German shepherd, Samoyed, assorted mixed breeds, our dogs look up at us, animated and responsive, interested, or look toward the camera with bright eyes and relaxed dog smile. They didn't stare emptily or turn their faces and bodies away. They clearly enjoyed our company. They had thought processes going on. They were fun. And completely mundane family dogs we never had to defend or explain.Or fear.
I recently saw one of a series called Animal Cops on Animal Channel. An adult pit had been adopted from the shelter and was visited in it's, (quite unlikely) Forever Home
--the adults talked in self-admiring tones about what a great dog they had while the big pit aimlessly bumped around their feet like a defective robot.Their 8 year old daughter sat at their side, rigid, shoulders hunched, hands together, watching Blutto dog's every move. Neither parents, nor dog , tried to reassure her. A realistic cameo, I'd bet, of a good many pit households.
I hope someone comments on the parents who " took a chance" on a dog classified "unadoptable to households with children" is that possibly for real? It seems so manipulatively incendiary. Would even the most disreputable shelter do that?
It's goddamn deranged. It nearly fills me with panic and despair.
At the bottom line, much of the hatred for these dogs has to do, too, with the calibre of person at the other end of the embellished pit collar. Just this summer, in the Twin Cities, Mn. a pit gave a little boy a nasty bite on the leg.It was thought that because he was running, the pit was incited. The event? The end of a triathlon. He was among the spectators and trotted forward to greet someone. Bam. Guess what happened then? The young woman, nicely dressed, middle class, took off. Being a pit owner, she failed to realize that a spectator event would be loaded with witnesses and cameras. So this stellar person turned herself in when she saw herself and her benign child-lover on TV.
Sometimes I never want to think about this subject again. Stupidity and destructive self-indulgence will rule the world someday. And soon.

Miss Margo said...

epic photobomb(esque)

I'll go post at Bad Rap, but are they dangerous? Will I get stalkers?

orangedog said...

Great post Anon. I've noticed the dead eyes and body orientation of these dogs too. All the pics of the dogs supposedly loving on babies look more like dogs plotting their next meal. There's an especially egregious one floating around of a black pit with his head "nuzzling" a baby, but it looks more like a pit nibbling on the baby's diaper. Makes you wonder what happened after the photo was taken.

Small Survivors said...

Thank you if you decide to post. The Bad Rap lot usually don't stalk. They're usually very content to maintain their heads up Donna's ass. They'll just call you ignorant and exhort you to educate yourself. If you're really lucky they'll pull out the mock pity and tell you that it is so sad that you'll never know the wonders of the love of a pit bull, which I must admit is quite persuasive :)

Anonymous said...

Protect children and sabotage propaganda that could be deadly.

RC Palyo

Branwyne Finch said...

I scrolled through...I see a lot of hard stares, furrowed brows, and dogs giving the whale eye. Most of these shots were posed, it's obvious the dogs did not seek out the child for affectionate interaction.

There are so many concerning pictures in this slide shows a collage of a pit bull circling a newborn in an infant seat on a floor, the caption says something to the effect that this is the "neighbor's pit meeting our new baby" These are the types of families that give social workers nightmares. I would never allow an infant or toddler to climb on or ride ANY breed of dog, much less a fighting breed or terrier.

These pit bull propaganda pieces encourage crack pots to put small children at risk by posing them with dangerous dogs who clearly don't want this type of interaction. I wish some behaviorists and dog trainers would speak out about this, this is criminal child endangerment. Some of these pictures show dogs that are clearly reaching their threshold for biting.

It says so much about the types of fools who own these dogs...narcissistic, irresponsible dog owners, and even worse parents.

Branwyne Finch said...

And if you had any doubt that there is seriously something wrong with the people who are involved in rescuing and promoting these dogs, brace yourself....

The Idaho Humane Society, to celebrate national pit bull awareness month, will be hosting a big celebration, which will include a pit bull kissing booth! That's right, lets teach our kids to walk up to a strange dog and put your face right next to its mouth! Better yet, lets teach kids that the neighbors pit bull probably wants a hug and a kiss?

Funny, I have never seen a Golden Retriever kissing booth, because the people involved in Golden Retriever rescue tend to have higher IQs, less anti-social personality traits, and a much firmer grasp of reality than the pit bull advocates.

Branwyne Finch said...

Meant to post the link...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

so many great comments here that i want to blog them so have a wider audience.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i just watched that video branwyne. the nutters at the humane society spent a lot of time talking about how they are not more dangerous, yet at the end the reporter said that one of the events is educating the naive adopters about pit TRIGGERS!

these people talk out of both sides of their mouth and the knuckleheads reporting this story are too stupid to recognize it and call them out.

Anonymous said...

Huff POST is not journalism it is young, duped, unobjective Pitbull pushers hiding facts and spreading Bull sht. I guess they think the public doesn't notice? If you can't trust them on pitbulls, what else do they distort?

Anonymous said...

OMG,people whining like they are victims, when it is PEOPLE who, through their own sadistic lust for blood and violence, invented the breed. The horrific things that have been done to these dogs even before they have been put in the pits doesnt seem to evoke any compassion. Well, folks, have fun at your next bull fight or horse tripping contest, and then go and whine some more.

orangedog said...

^ Who's this dumbass?
Oh yeah, since we don't worship pits, we must like dog fighting, horse tripping, and (WTF?), bull fighting.
Hilarious reasoning and something I expect from a reader of HuffPo.
You got one thing right though - pits are a man made creation by evil people. Going extinct is not a bad thing for this breed. You are the problem, fighting dog sycophant, who help hide the dog fighters and their created breed in plain sight. You help slaughter nearly a million pit bulls every year. You help bring misery and death to countless victims, both human and animal, by owning fighting dogs. You are the problem. You can go fuck yourself.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i'll deal with you later nutter. i need to walk my dog.

Anonymous said...

Well, look at that.. pit bulls have been demoted from "Nanny dog" to siblings of children... "toddlers" " " our two little daughters"..."furry sister"..." "big brother"..." human sister"..."both toddlers"..."sisters for life"..."3 of my boys"..."3 girls and a boy""

"3 year old pit bull" is shown parked alongside "7 month old human being" ...(A valuable anthropological example, thank you)

However, one person was promoted... to.. "tiny human pit bull of a sister"

♪We are one, a Bond Unbroken
I'll offer now, our tribal Token
A secret mark, you'll wear it Proud
We are no common bros, we ain't never Cowed
By good or Bad or right or Wrong
Crawl closer, bud, you know I is Strong
I'll scarify you good to prove I is Fond; Blood and screams will eternify our Bond
This the tribal insignia of we folk of Mental Fog
The Gift of an oddly born cyborg, hatched as Sibling Dog♪♪♪

Rhea L said...

Nearly every non dangerous breed owner or enthusiasts are totally against face to face contact and dog hugging. My uncle owned a (dreaded) standard short haired doxie. His admonition to us his niece and nephews was not to get in the dogs face or put our hands in his face but rather lower our hands to him so he may sniff then pet from the side not front. Normal dog breed enthusiasts know how to prevent snaps or bites and normal breeds dont lock on. Their bites are almost always self defense and when they attack out of the ordinary it is possible to stop the attack. Its been shown over and over that pitbulls must die in order to end their brutal attacks. Only nutters would advocate for putting their face up to a strange dogs face. Only they need to.