Sunday, October 27, 2013

one of these things is not like the others

i love that game. i came across a story and a photo that reminded me of it. see if you can figure out which of these things is not like the others.

all of these dogs suffered from a life threatening injury. all of these dogs except one received veterinary care and survived. guess which one.

okay, i know, you are probably guessing the one on the bottom. nope. that's patrick. and although he looks dead, he miraculously survived near starvation.

the answer is number two. that's MASON. his irresponsible owners allowed him and the other dog in the home to freely run the neighborhood.

the story goes like this, MASON attacked a neighbor's dog named Snowball, who was chained in the yard. when the owner of Snowball responded, MASON charged him. Snowball's owner grabbed the closest tool to defend himself, a machete. he hit the gripper once and MASON ran home.

Ken and Barbie Cowart

rather than take their cherished family member to the vet for treatment, MASON'S nutters opted to shoot him on the spot. that's right, ASHLIE and ADAM COWART shot MASON under the pretext of putting him out of his misery. then the outraged COWARTS called law enforcement and demanded JUSTICE for their little free roaming gripper. the COWARTS are upset that LE refused to charge the VICTIM with animal cruelty. LE responded in the only legal and logical way they could, stating the VICTIM was well within his rights to exercise such force under the florida stand your ground law.

what options are left to shallow people of poor character, with entitlement issues and no legal standing? well, there's always facebook and care2.

care2 the COWARTS managed to persuade almost 6000 people that their free roaming gripper, (the one they refused drive to the vet) has been wronged. they plan to take this world wide outrage to the mayor of chiefland, who they apparently and mistakenly view as the great and powerful wizard of oz who can magically bring non-existent criminal charges against the REAL VICTIM.

FACEBOOK! so far, over 12,000 gullible drones have globbed onto the latest 'My pittie was dissed' campaign. these campaigns sprout faster than mold in my bathtub. one of my twitter friends says At the current exponential rate of growth, in 5 years, 60% of Facebook will be "Justice for shot pit bulls" pages. 
12,000 supporters? how do these con artists do it?

the COWARTS have been busy starting rumors about the VICTIM. they have accused the VICTIM of lying and telling multiple versions of the "killing". they have blamed the VICTIM for leaving a female dog in heat chained outside to tempt their grippers, when in fact Snowball is a male. the COWARTS also claim that MASON is not aggressive and swear up and down that he was not acting aggressive despite the fact they were not present. at least three eye witnesses contradict ASHLIE'S pollyanna description of MASON. the COWART'S opinion of MASON'S behavior that sunday afternoon is pure speculation, it means nothing to LE and is inadmissible in the courts.

let's ignore facts, fabricate details to evoke sympathy and outrage, huddle together, hold hands and allow the wholesale slaughter of people and animals while inciting violence against the VICTIM.
YEAH, that's the ticket!

but back to the photos and question above. let's turn the speculative tables on ken and barbie. like ken and barbie, we weren't there so we are perfectly poised to pontificate about MASON'S condition. do you think Mason's injury warranted a mercy killing? compared to PATRICK, OOGY, FAYE, the poor little dog with the fork in its head and the burnt gripper, do you think MASON'S machete injury warranted an immediate dirt nap? or do you think maybe ken and barbie took the easy way out? maybe MASON was reaching that magical age when a lot of pit bulls become too much to handle for the average person and ken and barbie can NEVER be just average people. maybe it was serendipitous that the REAL VICTIM just happened to help them out in that department AND create an opportunity for ken and barbie to parade themselves as victims in the media. looking at their facebook photos, it seems pretty obvious that ken and barbie LOVE attention. or maybe the shallow entitled ken and barbie dolls didn't want to get blood on their clothes or in their car while driving their cherished family member all that way to the emergency vet and are now experiencing dirt nap remorse. i'm sure that you all can come up with more creative scenarios, afterall, you weren't there.

i thought pit bulls were family? that is what pit bull fanatics are always shouting. i think MASON is just further proof that the primary functions of pit bulls are accessories to become landfill material. and 12,000+ nutters agree.

chiefland citizen




orangedog said...

Yep typical. I don't know how they get away with acting this way, but I'm not surprised. They jump at the chance to torment the real victim and have thousands of idiots willing to threaten violence and rain death threats down on whoever disses pittie.

Small Survivors said...

I didn't know they made a white trash Ken and white trash Barbie.

Unknown said...

Pitbull Nutters have been threatening the victims of these attacks for years. Nothing new here. It goes with the territory of owning a Pitbull. Essentially Pitbull Owners feel entitled to behave and do as they please, whenever their mauler is in an incident, it is the victims fault and rather than apologise to the victim, they prefer to go on the offensive and attack them. I can testify as a Pit Bull attack victim myself who advocates strongly against the breed that I get abusive messages and threats on a weekly basis. I have become so accustomed to this, I now tend to rate them from the most bizarre to the most threatening. They almost always carry a violent undertone. People who are drawn to pitbulls are not NORMAL people, they will protest they are, cite their good jobs and attendance at Church, but the ownership of a Mauler is the perfect evidence to the contrary, hinting at some lurking underlying psychological conflict.

Anonymous said...

I agree. One example: On the Bravo TV show, Shahs of Sunset, one cast member (it's a reality show) is a 30+ year old, crazily violent, sullen, resentful woman, living lavishly and totally parasitically off Daddy, whose greatest pleasure, seemingly, is gloating over a collection of
assassin-style knives. Everyone else in the cast has little lap dogs. Of course, hers
Is a pit.

Anonymous said...

Pit owner logic:
My dog kills/mauls your (pet/livestock/friend/child) => Too bad, so sad, must have been your fault.

You defend yourself, your child, your animal from my dog's attack => BooHoo! You shouldnta been soo MEAN to POOR, POOR PIBBLES!

Dayna said...

I so wish these fighting dogs would attack their owners more often. And then the idiots (if they survive) would get to experience first hand what it's like to be victimized over and over again by friends and family and facebook.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

So was that photo of Mason taken before or after it was dirt napped?

It's rude for him to call his pitbull a "family member" and then turn around and off him when he could have taken him to the vet.

I'm going to guess if his car's transmission goes out, does he shoot it? What about a flat tire? Maybe his air boat is more of a "family member" than his pet pit bull. We don't know.

Don't ever be in that home and tell this couple you have a stomach ache or a foot blister. It will be your death sentence.

DubV said...

The above comment reminds me of the saga of one Dr. Andrew Rozsa.

Anonymous said...

Pit owners are scum-white trash Ken and Barbie included.

Anonymous said...

fuck i hate pit scum .

Anonymous said...

ken and barbie are almost the perfect poster children for pit advocacy . no facial tattoos or deformities , not exactly hideous to behold , no missing front teeth , i think , for now . and they think just like all the other pit-scum. too bad about those obviously fake knockers though . thats a dead give-away .

Anonymous said...

"dirt nap remorse" lol

Yeah these two are shameless. Could it be any more clear that they didn't give a flying fuck about their neighborhood or the people and animals in it? Then Mason threatens someone, gets clocked once in the head, and is promptly disposed of as if he were a worthless trinket from the dollar store (not that I'm complaining!) Way to treat a supposed "family member", you jackasses. The way they're blaming the victim despicable, but of course it's also typical. I hope they get sued.

Anne King said...

lying nutters...imagine that!!!!

Anonymous said...

Imagine...the dog survived life with these painfully vapid and
derelict people. It withstood Jessica Simpson music. It endured hours of loyally staring as Female Owner stood flipping her yellow-green hair and performing mammary gymnastics in front of a mirror.It watched in uncomprehending admiration as Male polished and leveled, and pantomimed hunting gestures, with his killing apparatus. After many, many hours of that, he was allowed to run forth free on their great estate, for that is what Pitt Bulls are meant to do.And by cruel fate, a peasant with a crude tool forgot his inferiority and brained the poor creature as though he were any ordinary dog. And so the poor Pitt Bull, no longer in the mood to scout and rout,
ran back through the imposing gates of his chateau, the wind whistling pleasantly through his ventilated skull, and was met by the perfume of peroxide and gun oil, and scorching spandex. Then Female and Man had a learned discussion, and wondered what Jessica Simpson would do. How would they wisely use Facebook? Had it not been uncommonly long since the last target practice? There must be a way to glorify ourselves and vilify the peasant, but!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anonymous 8:38, i just want to erase everything i wrote about these idiots and have you write the blog. you need to be blogging here.

drop me an email, we'll chat.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

You made me laugh!!!....."At the current exponential rate of growth, in 5 years, 60% of facebook will be 'Justice for Shot Pit Bulls' pages.

Miss Margo said...


ZMOG Dawn, what a story, will respond more tomorrow but it's late here tonight.

DubV: Andrew Rozsa! The archives of Craven Desires are filled with multitudinous tales of douchebaggery, but I have to say, Andrew Rozsa is a "Top 10" scumbag in my mind.

I wonder what the deleted comment said...?

Anonymous said...

"ventilated skull", I feel a bit guity for laughing at that part.

Miss Margo said...

WTF! What a narcissistic thing to do!

Can you imagine having to live next to these assholes?

Pit Nutters are the most entitled people. A Nutter would walk into a telephone pole and then call the phone company and city planners to complain about how the pole shouldn't have been placed there. Would probably file an injuries claim with health insurance, too. Anything for another norco Rx, after all.

Couldn't they be charged with animal cruelty for shooting Mason? I can't imagine shooting a dog for pity's sake unless it was, like, disembowled and dying slowly right in front of me.

What cheap bastards.

Packhorse said...

The other day I saw a woman with a half-grown pit on a very unusual leash. The front fit around the chest like a harness, but there were two strips above and below the animals body, which ended in a belt that encircled the hips. The leash was attached to this belt, and when he owner tugged on the leash it pulled the dog's entire body backwards. I've never seen such a contraption.

orangedog said...

Was it this no pull harness?

Packhorse said...

That's it--not exact but it was very similar. The straps that connected the front and back part of the harness were thicker, and the leash was actually attached to the back part of the device.

Packhorse said...

Oh, and in other news, I just found out I work with a pit nutter. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dawn! Thank you, I'm so honored, but I'm afraid my abilities only extend to Wise-Assery, and even that know..Incomplete Assery.

Miss Margo said...


Sucks, doesn't it...?

Packhorse said...

Yep. I just dearly hope the person doesn't get the big idea to bring them here.

In other news, this "quiz" question can be found the back of How to Speak Dog: A Guide to Decoding Dog Language, from National Geographic Children's Books. Target ages 8 - 12 years:

"1. Kids are most often bitten by
A. Big dogs.
B. Strays.
C. Pets belonging to family and friends.
D. Pit bulls.

Answer: C - All dogs can bite, even a cuddly pug. That's why banning certain breeds doesn't work. And few kids get bitten by strays. Most times it's a neighbor's dog or a family pet. "

Remember when National Geographic once stood for science, facts, and exceptional journalism??

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i nearly blew a gasket a few years ago when i saw the christian science monitor pandering to nutters with the release jim gorant's propaganda piece. i have zero faith in journalism.

Anonymous said...

Even a 12 year old must have to question the logic. Nobody could reasonably imagine that eliminating pit bulls would end all occurance of dog bites The pit people will even state that, without pit bulls, bite totals would remain the same, as though dogs in general had a bite quota to fulfill, and are presently just slacking.
I was raised Catholic and I understand too well about indoctrination, and the necessity of seizing a young, unformed mind, and twisting, crippling, and dwarfing it to order, like a quaint, compliant bonsai, nicely contained, never rebellious. So NatGeo has decided to proselytize on this matter, but why? Other than the fact that NatGeo, in it's rather vintage Book Of Dogs, earnestly described the Samoyed's white coat as 'bleached by the arctic sun' (paraphrasing) which of course is only meant as pretty fluff, they often seem to think popular spectacle equals legit science or sociology and presents it as such.The chance to offer a valid scientific explanation is sometimes ignored. I think of NatGeo as piloted by creaky antiquarian curators more interested in the nicely wrapped, odorless mummies, than what lies beneath.
I have a 1974 World Atlas, which, while beautiful, opens with this intro; "Every schoolboy knows..."
Their agenda? I don't know, really, other than that they are self-percieved to be worldly thinkers and authorities, felt required to make a statement,
but did not wish to stir up the blood and d:irt.
I'm more scattered than usual--went shopping at an idyllic little town 30mi from here, where I rarely go. We stopped to look at a bulletin board in the lobby of a store and found: Pit Bull Pups, 7. ready to go call #
It jolted me. I felt heartsick. I have seen not a single pit in 8 years (nor of human or animal death or serious attack) in my region. Now they're here. Driving through town, I see kids on bikes, old people walking spaniels, unfenced, pretty yards with cats sunning themselves, cows and horses, peacefull in sweeping green fields
And now, they're here.

So, I will probably not be back, though I have immensely enjoyed and respect you all. I'm overwhelmed and directionless Carry on your noble fight!♥

Small Survivors said...

It was Nat Geo that created DogTown in 2008, the show that featured the Vick dogs at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

"Best Friends Animal Society has credited the show with dramatically improving membership, volunteer, and visitor numbers, as well as helping secure homes for many dogs on the program."

This was mostly before my time and I never saw this show. But look at the episode summaries and you can see that this show was important in the propagandizing the saving of dangerously aggressive dogs.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:05

Awww :( I hope you'll drop by once in a blue moon, at least. Many (if not most) of us will miss your posts very much... posts which are unmistakable btw, even when anonymous. Please take care of yourself <3

tropical storms said...

ROFLMAO I can just see all the accessories now!

tropical storms said...

ROFLMAO I can just see all the accessories now!

Miss Margo said...

@anon 2:05

I enjoy your comments. This isn't my blog so I cannot say whether or not you should comment or post here, but I like your comments.

I am also speculating about whether Dawn has heard from the Cowarts (yet) about this blog post. They thrive on attention; I'd bet that, like Ira Glass and Anaheed Alani, they'd be all over this.

Anonymous said...

these young idiots let this happen and yet the nutters are not condemning them as irresponsible owners . i thought dog safety was everyones responsibility , thats what the nutters said when a young girls toy dog was killed before her very eyes at the dubai dog show . same with a cavalier spaniel that was killed on the beach by leashed maulers . oh, it was the little dog owners fault for not have the dog under control in an unleashed area . these people always have something to say but its never something that actually stands up to closer scrutiny . and they wonder why they are so despised .

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

ts, you got it. pit bull/hybristophiliac barbie comes tattoos, break stick, pit bull & parolees t-shirt and badrap cap and ken is a misunderstood ex-con in a wife beater t-shirt with more guns than teeth.

miss margo, i suspect barbie and ken have seen the blog post. it is getting a lot of page views. much more than purpose bred puppies and surprisingly, even more than snack sized dog's smack down of the huffpo. that can only be explained by their own narcissistic obsession with it.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anon 2:05, it is overwhelming. take care of yourself. rest up and hopefully come back some day.

tropical storms said...

Dawn add to that a nice single wide, truck with "mud bogging" tires, four wheelers with the optional grill wire rear deck to haul deer and a really big CONFEDERATE FLAG.

DubV said...

from anon

"How would they wisely use Facebook?"

Best line I've heard to describe these days of ours.

orangedog said...

Why do they always freak out when someone "makes the breed look bad" and then turn around and support these morons who let their pit bull run loose? They are always talking out of both sides of their mouth. "Responsible pit ownership!" vs "Why did you hurt pibble when he came onto your property?!"
There are so many instances of this, just like "nanny dog" vs "never let your kids hug nanny", that you'd think one of them would catch on to the hypocrisy. Pffft.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Barbie had a Poodle. lol

butterface Babs needed the cash for her extensions and silicone.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

my bad. must have confederate flag.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

we have another barbie doll.

the opening news video is awesome.

the nutter claims "the pit bull did absolutely nothing wrong, except be a pit bull"


Anonymous said...

They should have kept Mason's head. It would be useful as
A. A hunting trophy
B. candleholder
C. bottle opener
D. piggy bank
E. hat or wig stand
F.ventriloquist practice prop
G. knife holder

Rhea L said...

I honestly thought you were going to say #3. Because it doesnt look pit. And in shelters pits get priority.

Anonymous said...

I have always said the butt crack in their ass looking heads is nature telling us here to aim the ax. A machete will work too.