Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ledy's Lesson: Say it Loud, I'm a Narcissist and I'm Proud

UPDATE 2/O8/14: Local media outlet KRON 4 has picked up the story of DE LA CRUZ's at large pit bulls.

UPDATE 2/06/14: A neighbor caught video of COURTNEY DE LA CRUZ's new pit bulls loose in the yard where Hunter Kilbourn and his family lived before they moved.  Thankfully Hunter's parents removed him from this awful PTSD inducing nightmare.  The people who are now renting that property are not so lucky.  The new occupants report they cannot let their little girls play in the backyard because the new pit bulls bark non-stop at the fence line.  And the father of the two little girls has encountered the pit bulls loose, in his driveway, barking at him.  The horn honking and yelling you hear in the video is the mail carrier refusing to get out of his truck and yelling at DE LA CRUZ's husband RICK to get the maulers back in the house.

Luckily, this was captured on video and will be shown to animal control.  Also, RICK is aware that his free ranging maulers were recorded.

UPDATE: an anonymous tipster wanted it to be known that the call to 911 came from Melody Ralls, Hunter's mother, who was not at the scene when the attack happened.  Neither owner of the mauling pit bulls called in to 911.  Hunter was life flighted to a trauma center and COURTNEY DE LA CRUZ's son was taken by ambulance to the hospital for treatment of a bite inflicted by his family pit bull.

There are so many horrible pit bull attacks, but some just stick in your mind.  In the case of Hunter Kilbourn's horrific attack, the gravity of his attack combined with pit bull owner COURTNEY DE LA CRUZ's reaction stuck with me. 

Creepy, pensive, sexay and silly
Courtney de la Cruz and hubby are still
mauling narcissistic sociopaths
Ten year old Hunter Kilbourn was seriously attacked by pit bulls while at his friends' house on August 11, 2013.  His friend was COURTNEY DE LA CRUZ's son.  The pit bulls were supposed to be contained outside.  Both parents were also outside, but not with the dogs.  When Hunter walked up the stairs behind his friend, he was attacked by DE LA CRUZ'S mauling pit bulls which had SOMEHOW gotten inside.

One pit bull ripped off a large portion of his face and the skin on his head and part of his ear.  Melody Ralls, Hunter's mom, was next door, heard Hunter's screams, and ran to him.  In the immediate aftermath, Hunter told his mother repeatedly that he was afraid he was going to die.  He required skin grafts, and sustained permanent nerve damage to his face.  He will require continuing surgeries and care which will be provided to him by a Shriners Childrens' Hospital.

The mauling pit bulls removed flesh here and his skull was visible
Hunter's mom called this "the good side"
These are skin grafts taken from Hunter's groin.  All of this flesh was removed
by the mauling pit bulls.  Luckily the skin grafts took.
Two month's progress

In the obligatory "pit bull owner speaks out after the attack"story, the reporter attributes "heartfelt apologies" to COURTNEY DE LA CRUZ, however there is no video of it.

Here are COURTNEY DE LA CRUZ'S own words on camera:
"No words can explain how you feel in a situation like this," pit bull owner Courtney De La Cruz said. (How about: "I'm sorry, its all my fault. I hope Hunter will be OK. I feel terrible because, as I said, it's all my fault.")

DE LA CRUZ, the owner of the mauling pit bulls, did not want to show her face. She says the public ridicule and scorn from neighbors that's directed at her family has been too much to bear after her mauling pit bull was accused of mauling Hunter on Monday.

"I worry about my family's safety, people judging us because of the fact that we're pit bull owners," she said.

Do you see what she did there?  First, she identifies herself as a pit bull owner as if that is an inalienable part of her identity like one's race or culture.  And then she turned herself into the victim.  In her mind, the ridicule and scorn (and i would add fear, loathing, and anger) coming from the victims and other neighbors is a result of the entire neighborhood's prejudice against pit bull owners - not a result of her choices, actions, inactions, and heinous lack of responsibility that led to an ACTUAL MAULING OF A CHILD.  She's worried about her family's safety from the angry prejudiced mobs.  No mention of her responsibility for an entire neighborhood feeling unsafe around her family or for the horrific injuries and pain she inflicted on Hunter.  And we're supposed to care that the mauling pit bulls brought her family great joy.

This story got to me because of COURTNEY DE LA CRUZ'S brazenly stupendous lack of humanity.  But it was more than that.  As horrific as her attitude and statements were, they had an odd ring of familiarity - I knew I'd read these sentiments before, but I couldn't immediately remember where.
Turns out I should have started my search right at the heart of the big money pit bull "advocacy" and propaganda machine.  It was in an article on the Best Friends Animal Society's page, in their pit bull initiatives section - Ledy VanKavage's creation.

The article I recalled describes an "historic" event - the  first time ever in Illinois history that a pit bull owner was able to overturn a dangerous dog designation after her pit bull attacked another dog. Ain't that something to celebrate - another aggressive pit bull freed from the cruel confines of a muzzle.  The historic event was described as saving the mauler's life even though a dangerous dog designation in Illinois does not lead to the dog being euthanized.  The immediate consequence of the dangerous dog designation that most affected this nutter, LYNN PETERSON, was that she'd have to put a muzzle on her mauler when she took it for a walk to protect the neighborhood pets.  That didn't set well with LYNN PETERSON even though this small adjustment may have put her neighbors at ease and saved the lives of other pets.

She contacted Ledy VanKavage who got her in touch with a lawyer. But it was oh so much bigger than not wanting to be a good neighbor according to the article, yes there were lofty goals involved in this legal exercise.
Behold the righteousness of the cause:
"it was the right thing to do;"
"the designation wasn't fair"
"the case was legally symbolic"
She wanted to fight against "stereotypes" bred by "a few judgmental neighbors'
and the "lies and myths by a sensationalistic media"
She was to "embark on a turbulent legal and social road in a quest to save her pit bull's life." (remember the pit bull's life was not in jeopardy)
"a story of perseverance to stand up for her dog's good name and the reputation of pit bull terriers"
She hopes she is "an inspiration."

Indeed she was an inspiration to COURTNEY DE LA CRUZ.  The "My mauling pit bull and I are victims of prejudice" language is exactly the language COURTNEY DE LA CRUZ used, but DE LA CRUZ took it to the next level and used it to defend human aggressive pit bulls.  Ledy would be proud.

At the end of LYNNE PETERSON'S story, LYNNE PETERSON "wins."  She gets that dangerous dog designation removed.  However, she also so completely alienated herself from her neighbors that she felt she had to move her family out of the entire county to a more "accepting" community (meaning the neighbors were never informed that her pit bull had attacked a pet).

DE LA CRUZ didn't get that "win" after her pit bulls seriously mauled a neighbor child, Hunter Kilbourn, but it wasn't for lack of trying.  Ledy VanKavage's blueprint for refusing to accept responsibility or be a good neighbor or be a decent human being was followed by nutter DE LA CRUZ as well.   She appealed the ruling that the pit bulls be euthanized not minding one iota the additional stress and trauma fighting for the lives of her maulers would put on Hunter Kilbourn's family.

When she couldn't save both mauling pit bulls by claiming, contrary to Hunter's testimony, that Hunter provoked the attack, she tried to save one of the mauling pit bulls by claiming, contrary to Hunter's testimony and forensic evidence, that one of the mauling pit bulls did not participate in the attack.  Thankfully the judges in this decision didn't buy one bit of COURTNEY DE LA CRUZ'S fabrications and the mauling pits were ultimately euthanized.

Evidently unsatisfied with the amount of hurt and trauma she had already heaped on Hunter and his family, she went out and got some more pit bull puppies.  It wasn't enough to maul Hunter, leave his family with medical costs, blame him for his own mauling in an attempt to get her maulers back, she had to traumatize him with more pit bulls in the neighborhood.  Hunter's family, who had planned to move eventually, were forced by these incidents to quickly find a new home and neighborhood and get Hunter away from the toxic atmosphere that was giving Hunter nightmares and causing him anxiety.

Sadly, other neighbors will be subjected to DE LA CRUZ's stupendous sociopathy until her mauling pit bulls maul again.  According to local law, she won't lose the privilege of owning dogs until she allows two heinous attacks, and then only for 3 to 5 years.

COURTNEY DE LA CRUZ' horrific attitude, that she shared without fear or shame, has been cultured and nurtured by the pit bull propaganda machine.  The pit bull propaganda machine doesn't create narcissistic and sociopathic pit bull owners, they embolden narcissistic, sociopathic pit bull owners to publicly reveal their mental illness and "make a stand" for their narcissistic and sociopathic pit bull owning pursuits, in their turn inspiring the next mauling pit bull owner to follow suit.

The upside to this story - Hunter's family and friends and community came together and worked hard and supported this family in an unbelievable way.  Hunter's future surgeries and continuing care will be taken care of by Shriners Hospital

Benefits and fundraisers, Gifts and Support:
HS ball player Lucas Halstead and the Power Showcase
McGah's Pub & Piano Bar
Contra Costa Cinemas
Local Moose Lodge
Great Clips
Kinder's Meats Deli BBQ - all 7 locations
Origami Owl Custom Jewelry
Buffalo Wild Wings in Tracy, Stockton, Brentwood and Modesto
Baby Beau Foundation
Mountain Mikes Pizza in Martinez
Many friends & supporters
Inside Bay Area for covering Hunter's story
East County Today for covering Hunter's story
Contra Costa First Responders
Sarah Brewer
Rickey Lee of Diablo Ink
Oakland A's
Josh Reddick
San Francisco's 49ers
Lego corporation
San Jose Sharks
Kaylie's Candlelight Vigil
classmates & team mates

More details at Hunter Kilbourn's Recovery facebook page
First Pit Bull in Illinois to have dangerous dog designation overturned
Boy attacked by pit bulls faces multiple surgeries
Owner of pit bull that mauled Antioch boy speaks out


Miss Margo said...

Oh my GAAAWD, I'm going to barf, not being facetious!

I hate these fucking dogs and the tards that own them; why not just live with a wolverine, jesus

back in a few minutes after I barf and calm down

S.K.Y. said...

I second that, Miss Margo.

Snack, this was a very well-written post, and one that I'm going to send my friends to, so they understand what neighboring pit owners all do when their dogs maul somebody.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i remember this attack. i was outraged by this nutter, more than most nutters. and i had no idea how extensive his injuries were. we are overdue for a law that permanently bans people from ever owning another dog after a serious mauling or death.

Lynn, like the vast majority of pit-bull terrier owners, is a wife, mother, and a professional; a 56-year-old nurse, mother of one, happily married, homeowner, taxpayer, animal-shelter volunteer, educated, with not a speck of a criminal record. This is the real face of the pit-bull terrier owner, ladies and gentleman.

here's another little factoid for ledy. the real face of the psychopath is not always a crazed killer. they are law abiding and educated. they are doctors, lawyers, nurses, firemen, police officers, teachers, nurses, artists, actors, store managers, bankers, construction workers, priests, stay at home moms... they are PIT BULL OWNERS.

fantastic job deconstructing this clusterfuck snack. i think i will share this blog post with ledy.

Merritt Clifton said...

Wolverines have a reputation for ferocity because they dispatch and scavenge the remains of animals they find in traps, and when trapped themselves, they fight fiercely for their lives against the traps and trappers. Otherwise, they are shy & nocturnal critters who flee from humans. Except for trappers who have caught wolverines, very few people have ever seen one. Wolverines are also now so scarce over most of their range that they should be considered an endangered species. All of this is quite opposite to the behavior, distribution, and proliferation of pit bulls.

Miss Margo said...

Sorry dude, I didn't really mean to besmirch the reputation of wolverines. Please extend my apologies to the National Wolverine Defamation League.

KaD said...

How about: "I'm sorry, its all my fault. I hope Hunter will be OK. I feel terrible because, as I said, it's all my fault.")

How about "I learned from my mistake of choosing a fighting breed for a pet and had the dog PUT DOWN, and will get no more of them." I hope Hunter's family sues her into China.

Small Survivors said...

Thank you SKY and Dawn!

Margo - LOL! I don't think Merritt Clifton was suggesting that you defamed wolverines - especially as pets! I think the idea is that one of the most ferocious animals imaginable with a justifiable reputation as a vicious fighter when cornered is actually safer, when in its natural habitat, than pit bulls are in our neighborhoods. If a wolverine were to find itself near a populated area, it would slink away and seek to hide. When pit bulls are released into residential neighborhoods, they take us down and tear us apart like snared rabbits.

Ka D - yes! I could have gone on and on about what she should have said - like - "I am a responsible owner so I've planned for this and have enough money to pay for all of Hunter's surgeries, because, as I said, it's all my fault."

I, too, hope she is sued to China!

Small Survivors said...

And Margo, I love your image. I, too, would just as soon live with a wolverine as a pit bull.

Packhorse said...

For those who may have missed it, Animal People yet again had another spectacular editorial on pit bulls, called "Stop dogfighting by addressing supply side economics":

Of additional interest is a failure by Winograd and other pit pushers to make Delaware a no-kill state:

Finally, there's a letter from a reader and pit bull victim who has removed charities that promote pit bulls from her will:

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

or how about this, "i was a clueless dingbat but it is STILL my fault. you should not have to hire a lawyer to sue me, so here, take my house."

even that couldn't pay for hunter's medical bills. what a worthless disgusting piece of shit COURTNEY DE LA CRUZ is. i hope she loses a body part to her replacement pit. yes KAREN BATCHELOR, you can quote me on that.

packhorse, there is a very sad story behind that reader who removed nutter orgs from her will. i spent a lot of time on that story 2 years ago. she asked that i send her a copy for approval before publishing. as luck would have it, my printer broke and since she did not have access to the internet, it made it difficult to carry through on my promise. her story fell off of my radar, as stories often do due to the sheer volume of crazy nutters that i encounter or are sent to me by others. i will need to rethink this story. it's a good one. and by good, i mean sad and disturbing.

Small Survivors said...

I like this one best of all:

"i was a clueless dingbat but it is STILL my fault. you should not have to hire a lawyer to sue me, so here, take my house."

Alexandra said...

Let's hope that this De La Cruz POS and POS hubby are still being shunned and ridiculed and feeling unsafe where they live because they own pit bulls. If they move in the end, let's hope their new neighbors are informed and they end up shunned, ridiculed and unsafe no matter where they go.

Then there's this... Their own son went through the trauma of seeing the two pit bulls he lived with attack his friend Hunter. Their own son risked his life by intervening. This must have been traumatic for the boy. This child is now being forced to live again in a household with two pit bulls, now knowing they can turn and try to kill him of a sudden without cause or notice and knowing what that looks like.

These POS parents don't even care about their own child. In fact, they're exhibiting sadism towards their own son -- extreme emotional child abuse. It would be nice if Child Protective Services were called in at some point to take their child (or children?) out of the pit infested home they keep.

vintage said...

Hunter is one of America's 34 surviving Pit life-flight victims for 2013.

3 others did not make it.


Anonymous said...

Someone who would want to continue to own pit bulls after seeing their previous pit bulls viciously attack someone like that has to have psychological issues.

And since pits only ever attack because they have been mistreated and/or belong to terrible owners (according to pit apologists); why isn't the pit lobby screaming in rage about these "bad owners" acquiring more dogs?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant point. And why do not the numerous dogs of any other breeds not maul or even attack, due to bad ownership?

Anonymous said...

Sputnick - that's a very good point. Their child saw first hand what those dogs can do and still has to live with them. Plus, who would want such dangerous dogs around their child?! It's insane.

What also struck me about that "Best Friends" article posted above is that the pit bull owner expressed no remorse about the fact that her dog injured another dog. I don't get why a supposed 'dog lover' would promote a dog breed that was basically bred to kill other dogs.


Anonymous said...

The article on supply-side economics was interesting (and one of the few sensible things written about pit bulls on the web).

One thing to note is that dog fighters seem to be holding matches and keeping their dogs in Mexico to decrease their chances of being caught. One very prominent breeder of fighting dogs lists dogs for sale (and a kennel for sale) in Mexico on his website. (I'm referring to Tom Garner).

The pedigrees listed on the site show that the dogs being bred there are very highly inbred. The purpose of that is to produce near clones of champion fighting dogs (many of which are known man biters). Anyone who wants to can just order a game bred fighting dog from that site. It's fucked up.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"pit bull owner expressed no remorse about the fact that her dog injured another dog."


everything you need to know about pit bull owners is contained in that snippet. psychopaths are unfettered by empathy and remorse.

i check in on tom garner occasionally. a month ago, he boasted that he sent his first mutant to africa.

Dotti said...

Hunter is my first cousin's great-grandson! This tragedy has impacted the whole family! Hunter was terrorized so bad that he wakes up screaming at night. Not only is his road to recovery a long physical journey but is also a difficult journey emotionally. I feel helpless living across country from him and his family but have been lifting him up in prayer and getting him on a prayer chain at my church! It is a very sad situation and he needs as many prayers as people can lift up for him. I am so very grateful that the Shriners Hospital will be taking care of Hunter; they can perform miracles!

april 29 said...

Dotti, I had the pleasure of meeting Hunter in October. He is just a remarkable kid. My thoughts are with him and his family.

Shriners Hospitals are treating multiple pediatric pit bull victims, a VERY worthwhile charity deserving of any donations that come their way.


Unknown said...

I seen the stupidest bumper sticker today that gauls me as much as the owners of pit bulls. "Dogs are people too" No they r not! Idiots everywhere what are you going to do?!!!!

DubV said...

Well, it is quite a telling statement that to compare pit bulls to wolverines is to denigrate the good name of wolverines.

Merritt is correct of course. The mustelids are among the most ferocious mammals, pound for pound, in situations where natural selection would dictate that behavior (guarding a kill, defending their lives, etc.). Otters have been known to kill attacking dogs much larger than themselves.

They are quite remarkable as a family, little fireballs if need be. And I appreciate them for that.

What they do not do, in a sense, is "go looking for trouble" for reasons disconnected from survival within the environment that they occupy.

Although individual anomalies exist, a group of animals that routinely did this would be the "thugs" of the animal kingdom and quickly weeded out.

It takes humans to purposefully select for and support these things. Nature unfettered won't do it for logistical reasons.

Patricia said...

These pit shit owners are so full of shit! They turned around and got more pit bulls!!! I hope Hunter's parents sued these low lives. It was horrible looking at the pictures of Hunter. Not being mean, but the poor kid looked like Frakenstein after the attack. Normal dogs, dont do that! Were the parents home when the attack happened? Why the fuck did they let that happen?

Packhorse said...

A white trash young man informed my coworker today that his dog had urinated on his jacket (which he was still wearing.) Perhaps wanting to make a sale, he then informed her that his dog just had puppies.

I will give you one guess what breed it was.

Anne King said...

thank you Craven for once again so brilliantly, unabashedly and honestly exposing the under the scum of the earth phenom that is a pit bull owner. I'll never understand those that stand shoulder to shoulder with these assholes...pit propaganda is scourge, law makers are pussies for the most part and a chunk of society is truly f*cked up for perpetuating maulings by pits as a rite of passage for children.

Anonymous said...

Ledy VanKavage has done nothing but expand the breeding and it makes me wonder what dear old daddie was up to on the Missouri border.

Best Friends has become a psychopath pit of people who do everything they can to support animal abuse.

People? The only humans they care about are their fellows in cashing in. Nepotism runs wild there and they are draining the coffers paying people like Ledy to help the abusers rack up sales.

Anonymous said...

I have pet Tasmanian Devils.
I ain't afraid of no Wolverines. Not even rare ones. Pussies!!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the wolverine is a fascinating creature.

it took me forever but i finally remembered to get the link to Chasing the Phantom, an outstanding PBS documentary about wolverines.

Anonymous said...

After Hunter was attacked I went over and got his mother who was no where near the home, nor did she come running over to my house due to the fact she heard her child scream. I ran to her home in total shock and told her to call 911. I then came back to my home a preceded to call 911 and animal control. Melody Ralls didn't know of the incident tell I brought it to het attention.
Hunter was the first one up the stairs as my 2 children were in the kitchen.
Everything I said to the news wasn't aired a lot was cut, and that is why we chose not to speak again to the media because of that fact and the fact its not the worlds business. . But I can tell you what was said was from MY heart and I was truly shocked and didn't know what to say. we had already told the family we were sorry we were speaking to the father Billy Ralls. Yes I didn't want my face shown 1. due to my job and 2. Haters. I don't know this lady you compare me too and I'm no advocate but I'm human and I think animal cruelty is just wrong and it hurts my heart to see such a thing.
I wasn't and am not turning MY self into the victim, I think we all are victims in this horrifying incident. My family and I were in total shock and have never dealt with anything like this before, and at the time I spoke it was from ME/US.
Our doge were very loving but yes very protective when needed. we never trained our dogs to fight, we never cropped there ears or the tails we never hit them, we used words someone is always home with our dogs and our dogs were family and we do miss them very much.
They are irreplaceable but yes we have 2 new PUPPIES and yes I agree the timing is a bit off but fate is fate. My kids are not afraid and we believe to get over your fears you face your fears and as my children will tell you there is no fear.
I have known dogs to be protective over there family isn't that there job there instinct to protect you from people they may find un trusting?
If someone came up to you and hit you in the face what would you do? sit there and take it?

You want the story Ill give you the story. I have no problem telling you how the Ralls take advantage of there child's situation, or how the father would hop the back fence to come over after the incident or how he grown pot in the back yard or ask Rodrick for prescription medication everyday for a 1 1/2 or how he steals, or how the mother is always out for freebees, how the father sat in our back yard patting our male dog saying he doesn't think he was involved, or how Hunter broke his hand( came out later he didn't). how about the fact Hunter was asking about Rodrick and telling Rodrick they would be best friends after all this..
No one want you all to know that Hunter came to our home over and over and even spent the night in the house with the dogs in the house.
This mother has mom goggles on and in my option that's the worst you can do for your children, no child is perfect......
Are my children lying? I don't know is Hunter? no one knows. No one was in the house but the 3 children and unfairly 2 children were hurt and two dogs were put to there death.

Anonymous said...

or how we helped them out when they could not pay there water bill or how Rodrick was a father figure or how he was looked up to. we are good people involved in a messed up situation. we feel bad for Hunter and we are glad to know he will recover. This situation needs to come to an end. The only reason this is in the media for so long is the fact this happened to a child. The world doesn't know us. This is no ones fault or was it in any way intentional.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

interesting. lots here for me to digest. i'll be back.

stacey said...

Please tell me that the narcissist didn't just come on this page and bash Hunters family!? If so, this is really low, like core of the earth low.Why would anyone do that?

Even if his parents were the world's hugest lowlife, its irrelevant because DE LA CRUZS DOG SEVERELY MAULED HUNTER. period. Who cares what his parents were up too?

And blaming the victim, you have got to be kidding me. Even if he smacked the dog, which is probably a lie, there is no reason for a dog to fcking maul him. a normal dog might growl, even snap, if anything at all. Not try to rip his I mean, come on lady, you must know how nuts that is.
Then, you blame FATE for the new pit pups YOU got. is there anything.that's your fault. or a perpetual.victim?.

You deserve to be sued into homelessness to cover his bills. I cannot believe you had the.nerve to call yourself.a.victim in the same Hunter.

Truly disgusting. I feel bad for your kid, and anyone that has ti love near you.

Anonymous said...

Ms de la Cruz
You have demonstrated every facet of why pit bulls and their owners are equally despised.You have accurately hit every possible, predictable requirement following a pit bull attack--blame, trivialization, self pity, ludicrous rationales--followed by the obvious intention to continue as before. God help you.

Anonymous said...

I take blame for way more then I don't know me so shut the fk up...all you people are on this page bashing dare you! This is me and how I talk even when I didn't own dogs. I saw what I feel. All you people think too just blame and bash me because its easier for you to do that..and you probably go to church too....

Anonymous said...

This all could of been prevented if we had known the child was afraid of dogs. If you were letting your child go to a friends home that had dogs wouldn't you let them know? Why let your child go at all? And how are we to know when they them selves have 3 dogsone beeing an angry aggressive untrained German shepherd! This should of never happened I know this, but certain steps were missed to make sure the dogs were out side. I didn't even know the child was in my home, if I had knowen I my self would of walked in as I have always done befor with anyone who came over. You people don't know what happened, but you have no problem thinking I'm this horrible pitt bull loving person, I'm a You all are talking about someone you don't know only what you want to see and hear.
Don't you all have better things to do then get all up in someone else's life?
Eather your all a bunch of protesters, go to church or have a boaring life..well glad I can be of some amusement. ...stupid people..
I love my husbands puppies and I'm glad he is able to move on with his life.and not be held back because of a fked up situation. ..
Good day

Anonymous said...

So, you are unaffected by the tragedy because it befell such low-life, irresponsible people? How could you bear having them in your life? And you stated earlier that Hunter had stayed the night - in a home occupied by dogs - an animal he's afraid of? And he struck a dog? Seems strange behavior for a young kid afraid of them.
Your credibility has taken a mauling - by yourself. Enjoy your pittie whelps and your self-generated pity party. There will be fodder for much, much more in the future. So, yes, be glad and move on, you so deserve it.

Anonymous said...

That's what I was told at a later time he was afraid. .we didn't know..du..what part can't you comprehend???
And I do deserve to move on and that's what we have chosen todo..move on..
I think its so funny how you all can take half the story and past judgement on someone..who made you all judge and jury? ?

Anonymous said...

Dear whinny anon-

You do certainly *sound* like you might be the owher of the mauling waste of kibble. I mean, you've all the right attitudes. To name a few:

Blame the victim.
Blame the victim's family.
Poor misunderstood me.
Poor, poor misunderstood doggie.
Poor me (again and again).
It was the kid's fault.
Look at me, I WUV my DOGGIES..

and so on, without one bit of sympathy for the permanently mangled child, due to your irresponsible choices.

But, beings as it's "That Time Of Year" and all the kiddies are free of home work and kinda bored, I'm guessing you're not.

Either way, you've done a damned good job of presenting yourself as a total douche bag.


Anonymous said...

Douche at least I speak the truth..I'm not trying to make my self or family look like aww poor all are making it that way!
What part of I'm glad to know he will be ok don't you get?
Why are you people like this to someone you don't have a clue about? Bash bash bash..
Its like you all live off of other people's lifes. Dont you all have one your self? Have YOu ever been in a bad situation you can't change? O I'm sorry your all perfect (ly).....stupid..
Do YOU know what happened? Please share..because I wasn't in the house.. but see its not me your bashing your pretty much bashing my fk you!!!!
you all are worse then you make me to be!!!
Like I've said you don't know me or my family..its bad for everyone involved
Morons. .
Old new time to move on to your next bashing...

Small Survivors said...

Keep it coming Courtney. You made yourself into the victim.
"What part of I'm glad to know he will be ok don't you get?"
The part where you say you're responsible for Hunter's horrific mauling and you will pay for his complete recovery. Of course you're glad to know he'll be OK, otherwise you'd be responsible for far worse.

And where do you get off saying you don't know what's happening with your kids in your house therefore, you're not responsible? Hello, either you have a safe house where your school age kids can come and go with their friends or you have a pit bull and inform your children they can't let anyone in without your say so - at the very least. You are the one blaming your children. There are no depths you won't strive for, are there?

Anonymous said...

Ignorance such ignorance. .you speak of something when you really know nothing....

Small Survivors said...

ROFL! Good one, Courtney! No one will confuse what you said with - "I have no defense or excuse to respond with so I'll fall back on the nutter "ignorance" schtick.

Anonymous said...

Here, another psychopathic owner for sure - this is well written too.

There is something wrong with these people.

Dayna said...

Re-reading those previous comments... good gosh pit owners are total psychos.

I'm glad I did re-read, Shriner's Hospital IS indeed a worthy institution for a $ donation.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

De La Cruz really has a demonic look in her photos.

What a tragedy to wind up with something like that as a neighbor.

I do believe renters can break a lease if they have dangerous living conditions and these folks do.

No matter what they should leave immediately and not put themselves at risk.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

too bad cali is such a pansy ass state for gun rights.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

"dawn james" said...
too bad cali is such a pansy ass state for gun rights."

Other then the weather there is not anything good about California anymore.

From a legal standpoint-

Did the new renters know about the previous pit bull problem and what happened to Hunter, or was this something they found out after they signed their rental agreement?

If they found out after the fact would that be enough legally to get them out of the lease?

Small Survivors said...

And what about the landlord. the property is effectively unrentable if he's legally required to say, "by the way the neighbors next door had pits that severely mauled a child and when they were forced, unwillingly, to have those put down, they got two more that they now let run loose."

Anonymous said...

Courtney - you are a despicable human being and deserved to be sued into the ground for what your dogs did. You purposely chose to own a breed of dog bred to fight and kill and you allowed them to maul and nearly kill a child. And after that, you just go and get more fighting breed dogs. You have definitively proven that you cannot own pit bulls without a disaster occurring, yet you get more? That is awful.

Oh, and I see here that you actually appealed the decision to have the dogs put down despite the fact there was strong evidence BOTH had mauled a child:

That shows a horrible lack of concern for the safety of your own children. No good parent would want to keep dogs that nearly killed a child.

And please, learn how to read and write properly. Not only do you come off as being a bad dog owner and a shitty parent, but you are making yourself look about as intelligent as a bag of hammers.


Rumpelstiltskin said...

If it's true "It's all in how you raise them", why are the owners not in jail?

Pit nutters will never learn. The only option these days is to charge them criminally when their pit dog does attack. Why are the pit bull owners not in jail!

Alexandra said...

DE LA CRUZ and her POS husband constitute yet another piece of evidence that yes, there must be an IQ test you have to fail to own a pit bull.

Note: Exemptions are apparently occasionally provided for smarter people, on condition that they score high enough on the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised.

KillAllMaulers said...

Her utter lack of disregard is breathtaking.Not surprising at all. Hope she gets payback from her sweet pebbles. And I hope her kid hates her.

I found out a newly rescued, giant, hideous mauler lives right down the street. I learned this because it was loose and they were looking for it. NICE. I have HAD IT with freaking owners of these monsters. Why do they get more rights than I do? Why must I take the risk of their stupid killer? I have kids, I don't want them scalped or killed.

Thankfully, anyone can carry a gun around here, and any length of knife, even a machete. I hate to do this, but between the 2 homeless with pits that live on the street nearby, and the few grippers that have moved in recently (thanks no kill), I have no choice.

Sadly, THIS IS THE END GAME. Parents getting armed to take kids for walks, its insanity.
You nutters push your pits into our neighborhoods, we WILL deal with them.

tropical storms said...

Sugar free gum anyone?

45calGripperStopper said...

I don't need to know anything but that a kid got his face ripped off by your dog. Period.
Doesn't matter the breed, YOU are responsible for the bills, which I am sure you didn't pay- even if you deduct the water bill you so kindly paid, I am sure there are hundreds of thousands of dollars YOU owe.

And then you got new grippers? You are a total POS. I hope they maul YOU, and not another innocent child. You ought to have your kid removed, what kind of parent is all "well, your friend had his face torn off, but face your fears and live with these new killers".

Seriously, that is lower and more dangerous and negligent than even being an abusive junkie parent (and thats low).

I also hope your neighbors kill your stupid mutts once and for all, and any more you might buy. Then maybe you would learn to keep them in the house. Im sure they won't because unlike you, they aren't unfeeling heartless monsters.

Beware though, you may push someone too far with this pit bull worship.

(You deserve to be bashed. I cannot even think of another comment where I have been so mean, but you so richly deserve it)

Anonymous said...

No ones fault? WTF? If this home had a more docile breed, this wouldn't of happened. Pitbulls are protective.. OVERLY protective. They lack the sixth sense that other NORMAL dogs have that tell them what is a true threat and what is not. It is not the function of dogs to maul children and calling this protection is really sick. I can't believe this family tries to run down Hunter's family as if this justifys the mauling of Hunter. And the fact that Hunter had spent many nights in their home only proves the fact that these dogs are unpredictable.Biologists say they carry latent genes for neurological problems and even the "normal" ones suddenly go off on kids and others for no logical reason at all.
I can't believe this family would be so heartless as to get more pitbulls with the victim living across the street.. and after seeing the seriousness of the attack. Why put the dog with the worst safety record in the world in your home? Stupid, heartless, cruel.. I wonder how they are going to feel if their own family or children are mauled. And letting the pitbulls get loose after all that has happened? Truly classless and selfish people.

Anonymous said...

Evil bitch

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"If it's true "It's all in how you raise them", why are the owners not in jail?"

so true rumplestiltskin.

Anonymous said...

It is appalling that this woman shows no remorse. This is why lawmakers need to accept BSL as the only way to handle dangerous breeds. Why give someone like this piece of crap power over the rest of her neighbors. She's taunting everyone with her lack of concern, knowing that there are no direct repercussions to herself. Yet an innocent child has been scarred and traumatized for life, and that's okay. It's okay because the neighborhood in which this lowlife lives, is being set up for the same such occurrence. These attacks are preventable, so let's start making neighborhoods safe for everyone. Not just a select, deranged few.

Jerome davis said...

This is why pit bulls deserve to be shot! let's make the pit bull community feel completely uncomfortable!

Jerome davis said...

The "media conspiracy against pit bulls" that the pit bull community whines and complains about is well-deserved in my opinion!