Friday, May 2, 2014

things are hoppin at the montgomery county dog warden

be sure to check out scorched earth. they've got the dirt on the slumbering corpulent butterball.


Miss Margo said...

Generally I dislike body-shaming unless it's someone with excessive body-mods...but yeah, this pic and the writing say it all.

Very effective writing, too, IMO.

The Klonda case bothered me a great deal.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Generally I dislike body-shaming unless it's someone with excessive body-mods...but yeah, this pic and the writing say it all."

i am in 100% agreement with you miss margo. MARK KUMPF is the exception to the rule. as far as i'm concerned, this man got away with the murder of Klonda Richey. i'm frustrated with this case and there is nothing that i can do except lash out at him every chance i get.

ps, i wish i could take credit for that "very effective writing". i wish i could write like that!

Anonymous said...

in his case, the body and the dogs go together

Anonymous said...

That all happened in April?

Pit bulls are not vicious?

Ohio sucks.

On a side note...

This pit bull ran on the field of a softball game. It stole two mitts. There is a part where the beast does the pit shake with the mitt in its mouth. The comments are gag worthy. Let's all fawn over the silly, lovable, awesome, pit bull. NOT! WTF is a pit bull doing running loose?

Anonymous said...

kinda a conflict of interest when a dog catcher is a pit drooler as well .

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, now! Being a World of Warcraft Guild Leader is hard work- no wonder he's tired.

And fat and pale.

And worthless.

KaD said...

This POS should be in jail. At this point AC has become so utterly worthless in most of the country I'd favor defunding and eliminating them and going back to the medieval one bite rule where if someone's dog was running loose you could just SHOOT IT DEAD. After one or two examples people would realize there really are consequences and they can't behave any damn way they please and get away with...murder.

Dave said...

I live in Dayton, three blocks from where this happened, and am appalled. That dog was a menace before it killed someone. At least the owner's house "mysteriously" caught fire, I call it karma.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"This POS should be in jail. At this point AC has become so utterly worthless in most of the country I'd favor defunding and eliminating them and going back to the medieval one bite rule where if someone's dog was running loose you could just SHOOT IT DEAD"

Ka D, i share your sentiment! in iowa, the law states that it is the duty for people to shoot and kill free roaming dogs without collar and tags. that is a fantastic start! i would add shoot and kill all loose ugly mutant grippers, regardless of collar and tags.

Dave, i'm sorry that you live in such proximity to that clusterfuck. if i was MARK KUMPF, i would resign, change my name and go work in the peace corps or go off into my own world and reflect on the evil that i've done. i'd spend the rest of days lamenting the fact that i KILLED Klonda Richey. KUMPF is a worthless fucking piece of garbage who occupies space in county government and JANE BERKEY'S back pocket. that has to change.

i hate this fucker like no other. i will be on him until the day i die.

Miss Margo said...

Kumpf, how do you revolt me...? Let me count the ways!

Incompetence (failure to execute the mission of your agency) CHECK

Incompetence (failure to ensure that other staff fulfill their duties) CHECK

Breathtaking Insensitivity CHECK

Abuse of Power CHECK

Unmanly, unprofessional, and immature denial of personal responsibility CHECK

Unforgivable Rudeness CHECK

Cowardice CHECK

Intellectual Laziness CHECK


3rd-Rate Tyrant Mentality, aka "I have a paramilitary uniform and get to fuck with people's emotions and lives over their pets! I couldn't even get work in a privatized prison, but Dog Warden was next best thing (better paying, too!). It sure beats being a Mall security guard!


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Miss Margo √!

Mom in Eugene said...

This is the best description of this worthless waste of life I have ever read. He IS a fat ass butterball, and we KNOW he is lazy and stupid enough to get someone killed with his do nothing, nutter insanity.

Fuck him. He deserves to have his big, fat, santa belly, eaten while he is alive- by his beloved breed. Can we put him, the owners of the dogs, and 5 game pits and a cane corso in a tiny room, and wait for the dogs to do their thing? It would be real justice to see the room splattered with their entrails.

I am not mean. Anyone that isn't outraged by this is NOT paying attention. Or, they are as worthless as these wastes of life and ought to meet a similar fate. But let them live, disfigured, as an example to all.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"I am not mean. Anyone that isn't outraged by this is NOT paying attention."

or they are part of the problem.



YES!!! After reading so many stories where the dog that mauled/killed had a long history of aggression, this was just the last straw. If SHE could be failed, with her well documented, life threatening, case, there is no hope.

The day I read her story, I promised that I wouldn't wait for an attack. The risk is too high. If I get in trouble, so be it. I will not let MY loved ones be dog food, while waiting for AC/courts, to do their job. Better to act first, ask questions later.

Here are some helpful graphics, please feel free to make stickers and slap them all over. Maybe a nutter will take notice and cage their gripper.



Simple solution, just remove the collar and tags after you kill it. Then mail it to the owner.

Pit Dispatcher said...

Oops, pits don't wear tags! You cannot dine and dash with ID on your mauler.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Pit Dispatcher"

one of my favorite screen names :-)

Miss Margo said...

@ "Mom in Eugene," please don't take this the wrong way, cuz I'm a straight girl and not trying to hit on you, but WILL YOU MARRY ME?

Hero(ine) Crush Heroine Crush

please keep commenting! MOAR COMMENTZ PLEEZE!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

from the montgomery county ohio animal shelter page:

According to Ohio state law, we are mandated to enforce sections 955.01 to 955.27, 955.29 to 955.38, and 955.50 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Explanation of commonly enforced sections:

Control of Dogs
No owner, keeper and/or harborer of any dog shall fail to keep it either physically confined upon the premises by a leash, tether, adequate fence, or secure enclosure to prevent escape, or under reasonable control of some person. 955.22ORC

Dog Licensing
All dogs three months of age or older must be licensed. No dog shall be harbored, kept and/or owned without displaying a current valid dog registration tag from the county where the dog is kept. 955.21ORC. For more information.

Tags to Be Worn
A valid license tag must be worn by the dog(s) at all times. 955.10ORC

Abandoning Animals
No owner or keeper of a dog, cat, or other domestic animal , shall abandon such animal. 959.01ORC

Cruelty to Animals
No person shall torture an animal, deprive one of necessary sustenance, unnecessarily or cruelly beat needlessly mutilate, or confine an animal without providing a sufficient quantity of good wholesome food and water. No person shall confine an animal without providing access to shelter from wind, rain, snow, or excessive sunlight if it can reasonably be expected the animal would otherwise become sick or in some other way suffer. (959.13ORC)

Anonymous said...

It's a total mystery to me why this man still has a job.

Thanks for not letting us forget this total waste of skin.

Miss Margo said...

Indeed. Why the fuck DOES he still have a job? I know people who've been fired for a no-call/no-show. Or stealing a cheeseburger from the restaurant at which he worked. Neither is acceptable professional behavior, but it really, yo know, pales in comparison.

Public employees have more of a legal right to their jobs (which I suppot, full disclosure), but...REALLY? What DOES this guy have to do to get fired?

Mom in Eugene said...

Miss Margo,
The hero crush goes both directions, I think this site has some of the best commenters on the web. What a formidable pair we would be!

Have you seen "Unheeded Warnings: on FB? Please check it out.

Anonymous said...

This is true, every day people are fired from their jobs DESPITE good work performance for fairly minor transgressions. Maybe they were unprofessional behavior or going against company policy or just making a mistake. Then there are people fired for POOR work performance. Kumpf has major transgressions, minor transgressions, plus very poor work performance.

At this point, I'm surprised he wasn't fired long ago. When it came to light how he half-assed the case with the mutants next door to Klonda to the point where the loose dogs brutally killed her. THEN, the stupid dogs were shot by police (because they tried to attack the police). Now, I have no problem with those two grippers dying. But, as dog warden, should Kumpf not have intervened long before that day?

If he'd done his job he would have probably found evidence that the mutants weren't well cared for or contained. Klonda gave one a sandwich one day because it didn't have any food.

Then look at all of the cats she had that he supposedly rehomed. Or at least named some area where people can look at cats 'Klonda's Kitty Korner' which... wtf?

But, in case someone wants to think maaaaybe this situation was unusual or whatever... we're hearing of dog attacks out of Dayton all of the time now. Not only has pibble gone crazy, so have some other Dayton dogs.

He should be working himself to exhaustion trying to figure out what to do because people and dogs are having problems in Dayton. What are they paying him for? WHY aren't they tired of paying him?

They need to root out the pit bull advocates. It is good to have someone who knows how to handle the gripper dogs, but there are competent people who aren't mutant owners.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see this photo, I wonder what it would take for him to become useful to the people of Dayton.

Next time mutants get loose and start mayhem, people should call AC and report it as a few chihuahuas.

Then when Kumpf rolls up in his little dogcatcher uni and finds angry pit bulls in place of mischievous chihuahuas, people can just say "it's so hard to identify pit bulls"! And "does the breed even exist"? Or "is it imaginary?"

Nutters have crowned chihuahuas (a.k.a. bite mores) as far more dangerous than piiiibble. So, everyone took their best shot at visually identifying the snarling beasts... and oops, got the bread wrong! Too bad a stalwart vet tech wasn't around!

Then he can make himself useful and capture a few pibbles (I'm sure he'll become BFFs with them on the ride to pittie prison, but c'est la vie).

Anonymous said...

Big problem for Kumpf is that he's been taking money to go give speeches in Australia to work for the pit bull breeder lobby who fight against regulation, and some of those people are even dog fighters.

This was in total conflict of interest with his job. He was representing himself at these things as head of animal control and an official and expert of that city he works in.

He should have been fired just for that. He's working for private business when he has a public sector job, and he's been taking money for it. He's supposed to represent the citizens of his city.

Anonymous said...

There's a city leader protecting him who is working with the breeders. The city has to root out the rot or they'll kill more people.

Mom in Eugene said...

Anon says
"Every time I see this photo, I wonder what it would take for him to become useful to the people of Dayton."

The ONLY way this fucking waste of breath would be useful to the city if if you tied his fat, butterball ass to a spit, and had a nice pig roast. Think of how many people would be able to get a full meal; probably half of the city. And it would be very entertaining event, too.
Sure, the meat would be fatty, but once he is all crispy, just slather on some tasty sauce, and a ring of pineapples, and it won't matter.

I would let Klonda's cats have the first plates of food. At the end, I would save the bones, to shove up the asses of his nutter compadres, the ones that aided and abetted him in Klondas murder.

(This is NOT cannibalism . He is not human, but a mutant type of pig, maybe one that mated with a lemming!)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

whoa! lol.

Staceyjwsolar said...

I have no clue why he has a job. All I can come up with is rampant corruption, or funding issues. Maybe his dog fighting buddies (AFF) give funding the city thinks they cannot live without, so they feel they must keep him to be able to operate.
Pisses me off. He ought to be in prison.

Remember that fireman that was demoted over WORDS on FB, WORDS that people need to hear to survive this onslaught of pit mayhem? This is a man that ran into burning buildings, bravely saved victims and helped car crash survivors, but talking about killing an *attacking* pit is too much? GTFO.

But THIS incompetent jack ass totally ignores his responsibilities, for YEARS, even after the victim provided hours of footage, and went to court (which also failed her). Then, when she gets someone KILLED in the most brutal, violent, and FORSEEABLE way, nothing happens. No punishment, nothing. Only "poor me" BS on his FB. It is sick.

He is probably even lauded as a hero for adopting out her cats, which he probably just pawned off on a caring rescue, or some lowly staff. It is his goddamn job! How fucking lazy must you be to get a gold star for fulfilling the most basic of your duties?

In a tough, low wage, job market like Dayton, he could be replaced with 2 or 3 *quality* people, for even less than they pay his lazy ass. Hell, I would do his job for a year or two for FREE if it meant I could run the place the right way and stop the attacks.

What will it take to get rid of this guy before more people die? Or are they just collateral damage in the pibble loving dog fighting world? (I wonder just how much he makes off of dog fighters? )

RSM said...

SCALPED TO DEATH while playing fetch.

This is THE REASON I say shoot on site, and PTS any dog that attacks other dogs/people. Not to be mean, but to prevent this kind of stuff. No, these dogs weren't loose *this time*, but they have attacked many other neighborhood dogs, so that means they WERE loose, and killing, at some point.

This is horrific. I am still thankful it was someone that chose to be around them, instead of an innocent jogger, kid playing basketball, or a baby being pulled in a wagon. Sure wish it had been the owner, not a friend trying to help. It just isn't fair.

Dayna said...

Pit Dispatcher said:


I think the Klonda Richey murder was the turning point for me where I decided that if a pit gets onto my property or gets out of a neighbor's yard, and roams the neighborhood, I will do whatever it takes to make sure it doesn't make it back home alive.

Your quote above has become my mantra to owners of pits.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the maulers grabbed poor Klonda and she couldn't make it back to her house and they killed her right there.

Other reports have people killed EVEN CLOSER to their house than Klonda was and she was a few steps away!

And Mark Kumpf whines it was the 'worst day on the job'. Yeah, I bet it was awkward having all the police looking at you accusingly, MARK. Or was it just sad to see that the police shot piiiiiibbles? Did you even care that a woman who BEGGED for help and showed PROOF was dead?

We will never forget Klonda. Never.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

a couple of years ago, a little girl was killed by the neighbor's ugly rampaging mutant in her home while watching tv

Anonymous said...

Grand jury to review dog bite death in pitbull attack

OPELIKA, Ala. — An east Alabama sheriff says a grand jury will review the death of a woman who was attacked by pit bulldogs.

Anonymous said...

The Klonda story is why I carry protection getting my son to and from the bus. There's nothing being done about the AmBully down the street. After all he's inside or only allowed out on a leash. Never mind this gigantic dog snarls when people walk by, it doesn't matter if it's inside or outside. Truthfully I wish I could afford a gun, and I've always been against having one personally before. There's nothing stopping this dog if it wants to break through the window or the rotting wood front door. I keep complaining. I have a six year old, and I'm a widow. My husband was a Marine, he signed on the dotted line to protect our rights. Sure the guy has a right to own his dog, but he should not have a right to have it in town. I've been around pit and pit mixes for so long, and never feared them before. I do understand now, why people feel the way they do about some of them. I'm not scared of all of them, and I'm not bothered by truly responsible owners who's dogs are under control. I'm bothered by idiots with dangerous and easily potentially deadly dogs who don't care if they're dog is aggressive. People actually take their kids into this guy's apartment and "visit" him. Knowing he's a former gang member and looking at the people who go in, I'd bet they're buying drugs. I hope and pray it's not my son or myself who is mauled or killed by this dog. I hope none of the kids going in there pay that price, but I won't be surprised if it happens. Our AC is our local police force, they only come if the animal is loose, and even if it kills another animal, return it to the owner.

Anonymous said...

Other Anonymous,
Please get your CCL, and own a gun. Not just for protection, but for preventative measures.
My neighbors know I carry, and suddenly, they become MUCH more attentive to their dogs' behavior. I've never had to use my gun, or even draw it. Just the knowledge of it changes the hood.
I've seen a teen boy hit his head hard on the pavement while tackling his loose dog to keep it from getting into my front yard.
That alone was worth the price.

Anonymous said...

OMG. That is insane.

David Lynch said...

@anon 8:49 -

"I've seen a teen boy hit his head hard on the pavement while tackling his loose dog to keep it from getting into my front yard.
That alone was worth the price."

That is priceless. Normally they stand around grinning while their mutant tears apart the neighbor's little dog. I'd have paid admission to see a nutter actually exert himself to control his mutant.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous with the Ambully neighbor, please file a written complaint with aniMAL CONTROL, THE COPS, AND THE MAYOR OR WHOEVER YOUR GOVERNMENT LEADERS ARE. yOU CAN DO IT ANONYMOUSLY.

Describe all the vicious behavior you have described here that shows there is a problem and a mauling waiting to happen, and tell them they better do something because if that dog vaults the fence, or a gate blows open, or gets off the lead even for an instant someone will die. The post office should get notified too, and any delivery companies or utilities.

The dog is already indicating it is a problem.

You can also work on local government to institute dangeroud dog ordinances.

Make a video of the behavior too and keep it for future reference.

You can also get the name of the owner of the property from online, deeds are often online and send them the head's up that they have a lawsuit coming if they don't deal with this.

Documenting is the way to start preventing a disaster.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous with the Ambully, send the same thing to your state representative, and let them know that your local government and animal control is doing nothing and is going to let this dog kill someone, and it's going to hit the newspapers and online that they did nothing and they will have to answer to it and possiblt get sued. Sprtead the word

Also send some anonymous information to the state drug investigators, sheriff, whoever does drug investigations in your state. Give them all the details.

If any dogs kill another pet, that pet owner and anyone else should be going to the media so their story is heard

Keep at it. The reason these bums get away with these dogs killing and mauling is because people don't know what to do, but keep on reporting everything you can and go outside your local area. the more reports, the better. anonymous is fine, these lazy government employees need to get the ord that if they keep on avoiding facing their responsibility, the harder the crap will hit the fan when someone gets hurt or dies.

Anonymous said...

Craven, could you add "animal control" and "pit bull" to search terms at the end of any blogs that are about any ac departments and personnel? Also this one has Dayton but not Ohio.

NO more maulers! said...

Anon with the am bull issue:
CCW and guns are expensive, as are the classes and range time it takes to get skilled, and safe enough to use it. Not everyone can do this, or is careful enough to make it a good idea to have one.
There are other options.

I have a nice (short) machete, as well as a stout 6" Bowie knife, and a small 3.5" I wear on a cord around my neck. You can't tell what it is, but even a small knife is better than nothing. Wear a machete walking around, and well, people will stare. And avoid you. (cost for these 3? $65)

Based on your size, a smaller, one handed, machete is better than a long one, because you can lose your balance pretty easy if its too big or heavy. SOG makes a nice one thats 10", perfect for a woman's hand, and its like 19$ and still nice. A kurkuri is awesome, but good ones aren't cheap.

Its gory, and doesn't usually stop an attack quick enough to avoid any injury, but knives do work. Guns are better, but you use what you can. A bowie knife saved my life, so I swear by them.

Also- call narcotics and get them to come on out. Bug them until they do it. Drugs are one of the few things that cops will pursue aggressively, especially if you add that it may be gang related.
If all goes well, the cops may remove him, and even shoot the dog. They don't wait for attacks. Good for them.

Best luck.
If all else fails, buy some xylitol, bake tip some tasty treats, and drop some over the fence. Game over….

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anon 1:30, ohio is already included. i can add animal control but adding pit bull doesn't make sense since this blog is devoted to them.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

machetes are legal to carry?

Dave said...

In the news again Dayton!

Packhorse said...

When the victim’s cold
And the laws all fold
And the chains we leash
Are all made of gold

When your dreams all fail,
And the dogs we hail
Are the worst of all.
And the blood’s turned stale

I wanna hide the truth
I wanna shelter you
But with the beast inside
There’s nowhere we can hide

We say we love this breed
We still are made of greed
This is my pitbull run
This is my pitbull run

When I say they’re sweet,
Look into my eyes
It’s where my demons hide,
It’s where my demons hide.
Don’t get too close
The dog’s untied
It’s where my demons hide,
It’s where my demons hide.

At the curtain’s call
It's the last of all
When the lights fade out
All the grippers brawl

So they dug your grave
Kept the masquerade
And start hosing down
All the mess they made

Don't wanna let you down
But they are hell hounds
Pretend it’s all for you
Go on and hide the truth


We say it's how you raise
We say it's up to fate
Lies woven in my soul
We hope they let you go.

Your teeth, they shine so bright
I wanna save that light
I can't escape this growl
Toss me a break stick now!


Anonymous said...

No more maulers, I'm just waiting for the next town council meeting. They're about to expand a senior citizen apartment building across from me. I think it's going to become a family complex. I warn the seniors, most of them have ankle biters, but most of those dogs are sweet and friendly. I actually worry the Ambully is going to get out and attack one of them. I carry a butcher knife and pepper spray to and from the bus stop. Today some teen girl was walking the beast in the yard. She saw me go the other way and yelled something about being afraid, but I didn't say anything. Getting my son off the bus and taking the long way around was more important than arguing. There is no fence, this beast is kept indoors unless they bring him out to use the bathroom. The building looks old and in disrepair from the outside. The city should make the landlord make repairs. If they'd do that, meeting the dog would be enough to get rid of it. I've heard the owner is a C.I. He's a bit old to play the gang game now, in his mid 30's. I've been down this road before, pit bull attacks and kills several stray cats people fed, pit bull keeps doing it, pit bull keeps getting returned to owners. Finally the family sent the dog off somewhere else, but not before the cops threatened to arrest me. I called them after it had happened several times in a two week period. I cussed them out and told them if they couldn't do their job they should all be fired. Our police force consists of sons and grandsons of cops, and the former high school jocks. Good old boy types who are content to just let most things be. People who try to fight city hall usually get ran out of town, but we have a right to be safe from beasts like the one down the street. Wait and see doesn't work in this case, it can/could/probably will get an innocent person killed. I will not tolerate anything or anyone that threatens the safety of my son. I'll fight to the death to protect him, because after his dad died, he became my reason for living. You can't dwell in darkness when a two year old needs to play and be a kid, and for that I'll do anything for him. I'll buy the machete, it'll give me a longer range than the butcher knife, thank you for the suggestions.

KaD said...

I've reached the conclusion that Animal Control is useless and should just be defunded and shut down across the country. Bring back the medieval one bite rule-if your dog is loose people can kill it without repercussions. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the one bite rule with pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

If the following law is passed, won't it hurt police's ability to deal with pits? The proposal:

Departmental policies, backed by state law, should require police officers to use lethal force against companion animals only as a last resort. Officers should receive training in safe and non-lethal methods of animal control – and in dog behavior: “An approaching dog is almost always friendly,” according to the Justice Department; “a dog who feels threatened will usually try to keep his distance.”

scorched earth said...

The Justice Department is heavily influenced by Ledy Vankavage. She has involved herself in the issue of defending dogs from police shootings.

Anonymous said...

"An approaching dog is almost always friendly", except for the ones that want to kill you. I mean, that's how dogs attack, right? They have to get their mouths on you, meaning they can't exactly attack from a distance.


Approaching humans are almost always friendly, but if they're showing their weapons, waving knives or guns, instead of teeth, cops get to shoot them.

Anonymous said...

"An approaching dog is almost always friendly"...?????? Do we really need to get stupider and more simplistic by the day? I truly like dogs, but dog advocacy is quickly plumbing the depths of crass, condescending, ludicrous, and most unforgivable, profoundly dangerous, fablemaking. Luckily, most of us read dog signals more astutely than do the experts.And, oh yes, the blatherings of experts is even more transparent than is the posturings of dogs.

tropical storms said...

Most people approaching you with knives are friendly and mean you no harm. Then after ninety nine new friends you get O.J.'d. Oh well you did meet some friendly knife bearers before that, R.I.P.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

tropical storms, you crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Even a friendly approaching dog can be intimidating. I know someone with a very friendly rot who they're putting up a privacy fence to keep in. They live right at the entrance to a park and Harley loves to greet people, and honestly seems to love kids. The problem is most people (even me, though I know the dog) want him coming up to greet them and their kids or pets as they walk into the park. Rots can be dangerous, but like pits I don't believe all of them are. Like pits, they should all be contained for the safety of others and themselves. People aren't likely to shoot a dog who isn't running up to them. Harley likes to be outside, he loves to be with his family. They have every right to own him, they have the responsibility of keeping him safe from passersby, and keeping those people safe from him. I approve the fence and as sweet as he is, I won't miss him running up to greet my son and me as we enter the park.
My biggest complaint other than the Ambully is people failing to keep their dogs contained. My problem with small dogs isn't that I'm worried they'll hurt me. It's that they'll get hurt, hit by cars, kicked by some jerk, stolen and used as bait, poisoned, or anything else that can happen to them. A little past the park lives an older woman, she has a teacup chi, a pit, and a pit/boxer mix. I discovered this when walking to visit my niece, I almost stepped on the teacup, the pit was on a lead on the porch and the boxer mix came out of the open gate to greet me. The teacup and mix were very friendly, calm, well behaved dogs. Again the issue isn't my safety in that case, it's the animals I'm concerned for. If I would've accidentally stepped on that tiny dog I would've crushed it. If the mix ran just down the block he'd be at great risk of getting hit on a very busy street. Maybe the guidelines should read, no matter the size of the dog, ticket the owner, and make them attend a class on what happens to dogs who aren't contained.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

while i share your concern for the dangers posed to loose small dogs, i am not one of those people who doesn't care about the threat they pose to me. if a loose dog bites me, regardless of breed/size, i'm going to do my best to snuff out its little life.

Packhorse said...

A teacup breed and two pits, that scares me. They could run over him and squash him, even if they didn't eat him. My Lab/Golden cross loves other dogs but I hold him on short leash to greet these very tiny dogs, just to make sure he can't accidentally tread on them.

Dick Johnson said...

@anon 10:53 - I'm horrified at the thought of that poor chihuahua living with that sword hanging over it's little head. He's living under a death sentence of uncertain date.

Packhorse said...

Check out these interesting photos used to illustrate MSN's fluff piece on how pets improve our lives:

Pets relieve depression

Pets ease chronic pain


Pets ease depression is especially good. Those two bruisers could rip that petite young woman's arms off.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, my point is all dogs should be contained. Friendliness isn't the issue so much as any dog being loose. Do dogs sometimes get out despite the best efforts of the owners? Yes, but those owners don't let them run, those dogs are quickly reclaimed and brought right back under control. Any dog regardless of size running loose poses a potential problem. I like dogs, I've owned dogs and plan to own another one in the future. I don't like loose dogs, and won't let mine run loose. I'd also say, if you choose to own a big dangerous dog and take them on a leash, muzzle them and make sure you can control them.

Dick Johnson said...

@anon 2:53 -

It's such a shame what the promotion of pit bulls has done to our perception of dogs in general. We were just talking in another forum about how when we were growing up, neighborhood dogs all used to run loose, and all the kids would play with them. Those were the days when pit bulls were safely contained by the dog fighters, and were generally not seen in communities.

Now that the pit bulls are "pets", pit bull promoters have apparently normalized unpredictable violence by dogs. They are always careful to repeat the mantra "any dog" but we all know full well that this means pit bulls. We never had to worry about dogs back in the day, but now the pit freaks are always preaching "don't ever leave your child alone with any dog", hoping we won't notice that it's pit bulls doing all of the mauling and maiming.

Sure, there has always been the occasional dog bite, but never anything like the horrendous, all out, sustained attacks that pit bulls are committing.

At any rate, you made a comment about "big dangerous dogs" and I wanted to point out that big and dangerous are two orthogonal concepts. An Irish setter is a fairly good sized dog, but hasn't been involved in a disfiguring or fatal attack on a human in the 32 years that the animal people have been tracking these attacks. Great Pyrenees are a large livestock guardian, and over the past 32 years they have been involved in a single death. 1 death in 32 years is sort of in the category of freak accidents.

On the other hand, a 40-50 lb pit bull is deadly to toddlers, the elderly, baby seals, miniature ponies and other vulnerable creatures. An american is mauled to death by a pit bull every week on average; a pit bull commits a disfiguring attack on an American every few hours on average, and kills an innocent animal every few minutes on average.

Like I said, big does not equal dangerous. These 160 lb Livestock guardians haven't caused as much harm in 32 years as pit bulls cause in a day.

Anonymous said...

Point taken Dick,
All dogs, regardless of size should be under control at all times. The dangerous ones have made it unsafe for the friendly ones to run around the neighborhood. When I was a kid we had neighbors with St. Bernards. I and every other kid LOVED the dogs, all big friendly, goofy, sweet dogs. The little kids tried to ride Brutus, his response when he got tired of them climbing on him was to go back to his home. My mom had a chi named Tiny. If she happened to get out, she'd be at the neighbors playing with Brutus. Cats didn't worry about him either. We had some other neighbors who took in a stray golden retriever and named him Charlie. He visited kids and parents alike and was as loved by everybody. Dobermans and Shepherds were common and never feared. There was a very territorial Dalmatian, but she didn't come out of her yard and attack, she just barked when you went by. The yard wasn't fenced, she was simply guarding her territory and wasn't a threat. The first scary dog I met was a chow, but the people who got her only wanted a breeding dog, not a pet. I believe the lack of attention played a big part in her temperament. I'm not scared of the rot by the park, but he has startled me. The owners never let him out unattended he just thinks everybody should be his friend and that's not safe for him. I'm glad they're doing the right thing and fencing in their yard, for his sake. I've seen the statistics on rots, and know they can be deadly, but like pits, I don't believe all of them are. I don't think most dogs want to attack, I do think all dogs should be at least on a leash for safety. I think in a sense with the Ambully I'm lucky. I know he's a threat so I make preparations when walking by his building. You don't always get that warning with bully breeds.

Dick Johnson said...

@anon 9:35 -

Thoughts on your post -

I don't disagree that all dogs should be under control, but with most dogs the reason is that they need to be kept from harm.

The torturer breeds need to contained so that they don't harm others.

The Rottweilers I've met have been docile and friendly, but my sample population is small, and I'm aware that they can be lethal, but even in attacking they act more like normal dogs; I saw a police officer kick at a charging Rottweiler and it ran off.

I would agree with your idea that the majority of dogs don't want to attack; they go to great lengths sending messages to warn and bluff and threaten, all so that they can avoid actual violence.

But the torturer breeds are wired differently; after hundreds of years of breeding for sadistic bloodsport, the result was a type of dog that does not speak the normal canine language and does not respect the canine ettiquette; of what use are bluffs and warnings in the fighting pit?


Yep, a machete IS legal to carry! There is no limit on length of your blade here. If you are willing to carry it in the open (visible from a few angles), pretty much anything goes. I wear my mid sized knife, either around my neck, or hanging off my backpack. I only carry the machete in certain places, just mauler owners see it.

Mom VS Am Bull -
The reality is that fighting one off with a knife/ machete works, but pits fight to their death, and a lot of damage can be done in that time. If YOU are attacked you lose your motor skills quick, though you can still win. I think knives are good enough for dealing with random attacks, when guns are not feasible. Add bear spray and a break stick, you up your odds of success even more. (fire extinguishers work great to stop attacks, if you're at home)

However, when you KNOW there is a real threat to your life, that you must deal with daily, I say: dispatch it *before* you have to attempt defend yourself/child in a deadly conflict. AVOIDING threats is the best. But if you cannot avoid it, eliminate it.

Don't let anyone tell you that going on the offense is cruelty. Cruelty is endangering a neighborhood, having a face ripped off, a throat torn out, limbs ripped apart. This is NOT a normal dog, its is a deadly assassin. It will kill you if it can. A dose of xylitol, liquid nicotine, or antifreeze will end your trouble (for now, anyway)……

I hope you stay safe. Maybe cops will kill it tomorrow? Ya never know.

Anonymous said...

VanKavage only has access to the government through Jane Berkey Saul and her brother, Andrew Saul. VanKavage herself is just a powerless puppet.

Packhorse said...

When I was very young I was babysat by my grandparents while my parents worked.
My grandparents, neighbors had a foxhound named "Buster" who was free to lope around the neighborhood. I loved that dog, although I don't think my grandma appreciated it when he would drape his never-bathed self over their porch. So friendly and gentle.
It was truly a different world.

Anonymous said...

Dick, that's why I believe all dogs should be under control is for their own safety. The public safety would be more about a random attacking dog coming at a loose friendly dog. It seems there are countless stories of pit/mixes attacking children and the elderly while they're with another type of dog. It's not at all out of the realm of possibility that a pit would attack a child who was playing with a friendly loose dog in their yard. So keeping the good dogs under control is best for everyone. As for rots, I've even met a former police one and she was one of the neatest dogs I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. She had been shot in the line of duty, and yet the kids and grandkids of the family could do anything they wanted to her. She tolerated it all. I knew a breeder who only had one person bitten. His teenage nephew decided to tease a nursing mother by putting her food down then jerking it away when she got to the bowl. After the fifth time he did it, the dog bit him. I firmly believe it was the teen's fault. He didn't require a hospital visit, just home care. The owner didn't destroy the dog either, and she never bit again.

Pit Dispatcher, the dog is only out on a leash. The only way to get to it would be when it's coming at somebody. Having cats that were poisoned once I'm against that method. The town will get sick of hearing from me, and hopefully the senior citizens will stand with me in ridding the town of this menace before one of us gets maimed or killed. One summer with a pit that killed several feral cats was enough. This dog won't be going after feral cats, there aren't any in this neighborhood. This one will go after kids, joggers, and people of all ages walking big or small dogs. I was responsible for making the owners take action with the pit that attacked cats, I can do it again.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"VanKavage only has access to the government through Jane Berkey Saul and her brother, Andrew Saul. VanKavage herself is just a powerless puppet. "

i'm not so sure about that. the ASPCA and best friends have also helped in the creation of the oh so successfully sinister ledy vankavage.

"It was truly a different world."

i remember those days!!

Yep, a machete IS legal to carry! There is no limit on length of your blade here. If you are willing to carry it in the open (visible from a few angles), pretty much anything goes.


Anonymous said...

Yes that was 100% the teen's fault. I thought everyone knows not to tease a dog over its food. That dog was pretty patient with him (five times). Then she inhibited her bite. She could have easily have sent him to the hospital, if she was really a mean dog. Rottweilers have a hard bite when they choose to use their full strength.

Packhorse said...

P(i)ts relieve depression
When your two pit bulls maul your visiting nephew to death as you impotently kick and hit them, this will know doubt later cause deep depression and feelings of guilt. However--if you don't call 911 fast enough--your pitties might decide to continue the fun with YOU! When you're dead, you can't be depressed. Thus, pits relive depression.

P(i)ts ease chronic pain
When you're carrying your pit baby-style to your vehicle for a fun day at the park, he may suddenly spot the neighbor's dog being let out and go red zone on you, inflicting upon your arm deep lacerations and to-the-bone wounds that will be a source of chronic pain for the rest of your life. However! Pittie may but an artery and as you bleed out on the sidewalk and your life ebbs away, realize that your pit has spared you a life of chronic pain!

Anonymous said...

As a member of SCA (not much interested in fantasy medivaelese, but the feasts and disconerd dancing are great fun when in houppelande drag) I have seen many impressive swords, though clearly cardboard painted "metal" or covered in foil. I've never seen a pit bull at an SCA gathering.Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Oops! Sorry about the disastrous attempt to spell medevie???????. Too much mead, too little learning. Old story.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that animals know when they're being teased, and resent it strongly. I remember a 10 year-old girl offering her 1500 lb horse an ice-cream cone ,then snatching it away. The fourth pass, he slightly reared up with flattened ears and came down with stiff forelegs.Bam! He didn't attempt to bite or strike, he just harmlessly expressed his displeasure. The kid tried to make amends by offering the ice cream again, and he pointedly turned his head away! Very humanlike!

Anonymous said...

I read on Scorched Earth that a lawsuit has been brought in Klonda Richey's name. It is suing for a fairly small amount... $10,000.

But, no matter what happens in the suit, some of the particulars to do with Klonda's tragic case will be officially entered into court documents as sworn testimony.

I hope whomever it is gets the $10,000 not just for the money, but so that the case of Klonda Richey will influence the city of Dayton in a positive manner.

With the number of cases coming out of Dayton lately, it is clear that this Kumpf individual as well as some others absolutely do not care about the protection of the people who live there. Those people might as well flush the money supporting these agencies down the toilet.

Anything that can influence the city of Dayton to protect its citizens as should be done will be good in the long run.

I know there are good people involved perhaps only at the lowest levels of community activism. But, several people spoke on official record after Klonda was murdered.

I know a couple of stupid dogs ultimately killed her. But those dogs were not well cared for and they were allowed to roam. They also knew their owners hated Klonda. They would have been attracted to her home anyway due to the cats. And we really do not know what happened that morning. The only non-criminal on the scene was the murder victim.

Oh, but according to Kumpf's office all that was ever found in residence next door to Klonda was "two small boxer pups". I know Klonda was a small woman, but I really believe she could have gotten away from "two small boxer pups". Then, of course, there's the dead bodies of the attacking dogs that were shot by police which were neither boxers nor puppies.

This case just is beyond horrible. Klonda's blood spilled all over the snow in front of her house has called out for justice since that terrible day! If people cannot be sent to jail, they at least need to be held up to public scrutiny for their role in the death of a woman who just wanted to live her life peaceably and keep her pet cats safe from harm.

Anonymous said...

Today, May 11, Klonda Richey would be, should be celebrating her 58th birthday.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you anon. i shared it on the montgomery county AC facebook page, times two.