Tuesday, May 20, 2014

WINS are few and far between. ENJOY!!!

(update from a reader. enjoy in deed.)

Remember the 4 maulers that were "Service maulers"?  

1- GONE. Got it kicked out for attacking another dog. See ya fuck face! Hope your mauler eats you POS. 

2- MOVING. Management now knows his papers are fake, and will NOT be renewing his contract when it comes up in 2 months. They promise if there is one more incident, and he is outta here even sooner. 

3 & 4 (same house)- Either GONE or in HIDING- The owner said "I know they wanna evict me!", which is true. A few complaints (one on video) got her a lease violation. I haven't seen the maulers one time since this, in over a month, and I can see their yard all the time. I think they are GONE.

Keep in mind, before I stepped up the campaign to get them out, and worked hard to make this place hostile to them, ALL of these owners paraded their maulers around, so proud of them. They took them on the playground, even though they knew others did not want them there. They let them play unleashed, and pee unleashed, everyday many times. They pooped all over, and were basically, nuisances. I felt scared, harassed, and threatened by them, all day long.

Now, NO MORE! The hostility and constant surveillance worked - they quit their mauler parade, even before they moved… 

I figured I was already stressed and threatened, might as well turn the tables. Whats the worse they can do? Attack me? Shoot me? I decided to take my chances. So, I complained and did not let up, and made sure everyone knew I was gonna get them evicted. I made sure every single person here knew I would KILL it, if it was loose, and that if the mauler hurt my kids, THE OWNER would be gutted next. Showed off my knives to make them know I meant it.

********Best of all, I contacted the company that sold the asshole in my building his fake papers. I let them know what he did with them, and that if anything happens  because he moved in here with those papers, it would be THEIR ASSES. They were nice enough to send me a little letter that clearly stated that those papers are not legal documents, and do NOT make a dog a service dog. I said- Thanks!!! **********
I gave that letter to the manager, and also gave him a list of all the web sites that sell those papers, and now NO ONE will be able to use this scam. Now, mauler #2 will not have his contract renewed, nor will anyone else using this scam.

Management hated this scam, but didn't know what to do. I handed them a solution. They only have to offer "reasonable accommodation" and it is NOT reasonable to have a pit bull in apartments where big dogs are banned. 

Sorry so long, but its important to know that people DO WIN sometimes, and how they did it. 

Thanks for the inspiration! (Really)

FYI- Here is the later I got back from the "National Service Dog Registry" after I sent them a nice little note about how their product was being used. This letter helped the landlord prove these papers didn't mean a thing. and a letter from the National Service Animal Registry.

Hi _______,

Thanks for checking with us. Because registration isn’t required by federal or state law, certificates, ID cards, etc. carry absolutely no legal weight, nor do they make someone disabled or their dog a service dog. They are only designed to make life easier for someone who is truly impaired. Housing for this person isn’t covered under the ADA, by the way, but under the Fair Housing Amendments Act, but only if he is legally disabled. Posing as disabled is a federal crime punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.

Our suggestion is that you make a formal complaint to the property manager. They are allowed by law to require the person’s physician to verify he is disabled. Even if his is disabled and his dog is trained as a service dog, a person and/or their animal may be evicted if the animal is a danger in public. You are not without rights!

I hope this helps,

Client Care Representative
Helping Animals Help People

National Service Animal Registry


fake service dogs have been covered ad nauseam on craven and dogsbite.org and dogs in service.

Pit Bull Service Dogs: They're too sensitive but they still need prong collars 


Anonymous said...

YAY! So, so, so, so glad for you!!

I know this is making life difficult for these folks, but their maulers make life frightening to people because MAULERS KILL AND MAIM!!

If they want a pet, they can get a Bites More (a.k.a. Chihuahua). My brother has one of the larger sized ones (it is still very small, obviously). She's really a sweet dog. And her little teeth can barely even hold onto her tiny raw hide chew bone, so even if she bit someone (worse case scenario, I don't think she will, she's nice... not pushy or anything), chances are it wouldn't break the skin.

If pit bull's bites wouldn't even break the skin, NO ONE would care if they were fighting dogs or not. But, their bites BREAK BONES. And other horrible, horrible things... the grip and shake is an amazing skill. But, outside the pit, it is nothing but unnecessarily dangerous to animals and humans. Since I don't believe in dog fighting and blood sports, the grip and shake alone makes them a useless breed (or breeds, as it is several that do this) of dog.

There are more reliable breeds that are strong and can fight. In WWII, the USMC used Dobermans to good effect. This is because they could FUCKING SLEEP in front of their dogs without it losing its mind and trying to kill them! And if it did bite something and they told it to leave off, IT WOULD. Both male and female Dobermans were used.

Many of the military dogs that pit nutters like to pretend were maulers were NO such thing. I fucking hate nutters lying about this! If a Doberman saved someone or worked hard, be honest it was a DOBERMAN! This doesn't mean they all can do that, but still.

Dick "Bruiser" Johnson said...

Thank you for posting this!

News of this nature truly warms the cockles of me heart! And in times like these, who needs cold cockles?

Small Survivors said...

No one needs cold cockles. Unless they're served with fava beans and an nice chianti.

I added another fake service dog blog I did.

and this post ROCKS! It is like a "how to" for getting rid of fake service pits.

Can the letter from the fake service dog vest and papers company be shared? Because that is rich. They are putting themselves out of business, but for the greater good.

Huge and many kudos to the person who accomplished this and shared it on Craven Desires. Thank you!

Small Survivors said...

Nicely stated, anon 5:07

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks for adding that blog post link snack.

Anonymous said...

1. Great job on getting rid of the fake service dogs!

2. Looking over the links two questions. Why are attacks on legit service dogs tolerated? It's a double edged sword, the dogs actually trained to help people with real disabilities are taught to be calm. Maybe they should be taught to warn the people they're helping when a mauler is around. Damn, some people depend on those dogs to live a mostly normal life. We shouldn't allow them to be killed and give in to the nutters when they're monster is the one doing it.
What ever happened to pit nutter? The guy was lame, no doubt, but did his dogs eat him?

I'm sure most of you have seen the story of the woman attacked by her own dogs for starting the mower. I think she needs serious mental help, keeping those things around.

Anonymous said...

" the grip and shake alone make them a useless bread "

yes, who but a psycho-dirtbag needs a dog that does that ?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Snack Sized Dog.

Miss Margo said...

I love this!

Service fraud fighter said...

So, I saw owner of #3 and 4 yesterday with a new dog, and it was…an adult, black, LAB!!!
Guess they dumped the maulers (which were still puppies) and got a lab instead. They should have done this first, as they got the maulers for a 9yr old with severe anxiety. A mauler is the very worst choice, a lab, much better.
She still kept it off the playground ;-)

Mom in Eugene said...

We need to do a whole blog post on LEDY and her pushing service pits into places where NO ONE wants them. Her dirty, bloody paws are all over this issue.

She has commented all over the web where people are talking about this, trying to fix it. She flashes her ESQ and blathers about the bias towards these fabulous animals. WAY too many people involved with writing the laws are nutters, its amazing where they get themselves.

If AFF and NUTTERS spent just 1/10th of the time they do on propaganda and pushing pits in our faces, on making owners safer, think of the attacks that could be limited!!! But, NO, they don't care about the blood bath, only about making sure maulers can go wherever they want, whenever they want, the public be damned.

I won't even post the ignorant shit that followed this awesome piece of info:

"In an unpublished order from 2002 ( Zatopa v. Lowe), however, the district court for the Northern District of California allowed a landlord to exclude a pit bull mix because of the reputation of pit bulls, despite the fact that testimony regarding the specific dog suggested strongly that it was a gentle animal. The landlord had been willing to accept a “safe and gentle breed,” such as a Cocker Spaniel. "


Anonymous said...

Thank you!! This made my day. Craven really is the best.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"We need to do a whole blog post on LEDY and her pushing service pits into places where NO ONE wants them. Her dirty, bloody paws are all over this issue."

LEDY will have an entire blog post dedicated to her soon.

Anonymous said...

I have seen nutters complain that WE should push for education about safety with animals (specifically dogs, because do other animals exist? oh, and by dogs, actually... PIBBLE... because do other breeds exist beside GENTLE PIBBLE and the nefarious BitesMore?*) *chihuahua, toy size

Why in the fuckity fuck would they want US to educate people?

O.k., here is my education packet

Don't get an American Pit Bull Terrier, an American Staffordshire Terrier, a Staffordshire Terrier, (continue list of stupid names for these dogs). Just don't get one, don't be around one, whatever.

The number of people who can actually deal with these animals versus the number of people who have them is astonishing. DOG FIGHTERS from back in the day thought the general public was too stupid to handle pit bulls..and these are people involved in blood sport! But, they saw what the dogs could do. They were in reality about the things.

Now, we have Ledy begging people with babies (BABIES) to get them to be a nanny... HAVE PEOPLE LOST THEIR MINDS? I mean, really. If Ledy told them arsenic was a yummy addition to any beverage would they believe her?

Anonymous said...

It is nice to read that there is hope in what seems like a hopeless situation. Living in an apartment setting is difficult to begin with. I grew up in apartments, and I couldn't even have a dog, let alone a fake service dog.

I was a dog lover from a very young age, and I would bring home stray dogs often. I never got to keep any of them for more than a couple of days, if I was lucky. I wanted nothing more than to have a dog. It infuriates me that grown adults are acting like selfish children that don't know how to follow the rules, or that rules don't apply to them.

Most people understand the obvious reasons why dogs are not allowed in apartment buildings. They are destructive, messy, noisy, and basically a nuisance. So when these arrogant jerks bring in pit bulls, they are blatantly flaunting their disregard for everyone else's well being. Like their fake disabilities outweigh anyone else's right to feel safe IN THEIR OWN HOMES!

So this particular victory strikes a chord with me, and I am thrilled with the outcome. Anyone that goes up against nutters is very brave in my book. That's why I love this website too!

tropical storms said...

Congratulations! This is truly stellar and I hope it goes viral. If you're on Facebook you should post it there and keep repeating it to drive the message home. You have in all likelyhood spared many animals and humans great pain and suffering. You're a hero!

Anonymous said...

Now, if you really want to gag, check out this site!! As if these kids werent abused enough!!

Dayna said...

Congratulations on getting rid of your frankenmaulers! That is inspirational!
AND, you've taught your landlord a valuable lesson, doubtful the nutters learned anything, but they're a lost cause anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well done! I love a happy ending.

scorched earth said...

Regarding Ledy and the pushing of pit bulls as faux "service dogs."

Ledy appeared at an Ohio Senate hearing in December 2011 where a state breed specific advocate (who has a long association with Ledy) brought a "service dog in training" by the name of Wendy. Wendy's best features and qualifications were listed at length, she was said to be the perfect service dog in training.

While the breed specific advocate was speaking Wendy wandered from hand to hand on the pit bull supporter side of the hearing room, they all appeared to have food to feed her, Ledy included. After Wendy was done with her snacks she wandered about, or stood, staring vacantly with her back to the speaker paying absolutely no attention to the advocate holding the leash. When the advocate was finished speaking Wendy proved to be such a distraction that the advocate took her out into the hall, where Wendy killed time by barking.

Doing a bit of research (Toledo Blade article to be exact)we find that Wendy also appeared in the same capacity in an Ohio House hearing in the spring of 2011 as well. At that time the advocate complained that Wendy had to go out of state for training because of Ohio's laws.

Here is my question, exactly what training did Wendy receive between spring and December? Real service dogs do not mooch food, or bring attention to themselves, or bark, or ignore their handler.

Months later the Blade, forgetting what had been said about Wendy the wonder dog in previous articles printed a photograph of the breed specific advocate with her personal pit bulls. Yep, there was Wendy. Fraud from beginning to end.


Here is a link to the photo. http://www.toledoblade.com/local/2013/08/05/Sylvania-asked-to-revise-dog-restrictions.html

Anonymous said...

I worry about my baby all the time. I feel like people who are so obsessed with this breed always want to shove it down your throat how wonderful this breed is. I don't want anything I know that can kill so quickly near my baby.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:26, your post brought tears to my eyes.

Mom in Eugene, I agree that dogs should just be kept away from playgrounds. Ideally, there should be no pets on the playground.

I just never go to playgrounds so I was thinking "park" instead of "playground". I can see bringing a dog to a park, but the playground is a different matter entirely.

Anonymous said...

Scorched Earth, I cannot even believe they got away that garbage with Wendy. Has everyone lost their mind? Every person had to reward Wendy... how can any adult person not understand this is not how a service dog behaves.

And why are nutters deliberately teaching mutants that all humans carry wonderful treats for them? They're training the mutants to shake people down for food! And bulldogs are willing to shake for however long it takes.

Mom in Eugene said...

I just hate the whole service dog crap. It was never an issue when they were few. Now that this is used for all kinds of stuff, its basically a free for all, dogs all over where they are not wanted. Gripper owners are the worst abusers of this, but lots of people do it. Laws need to change, but they are getting loser, not stricter!

What I want to know is this-
Why is their disability (real OR fake) MORE important than MY psychological health?

I was attacked, and mauled. I don't want to live near big dogs, EVER again. I chose apartments that banned them because then I could have a safe place, in a world full of big dogs (and maulers). I think this is fair, I don't move into apartment that welcome big dogs and ask that they leave!

But say you are depressed, and now you can bring in a mauler? And there is nothing we can do about it? (its harder if they are "legit" but not impossible)
Why is their depression more important them my anxiety (and my kids SAFETY), just because they got a dog, and I did not?

What about those with allergies? They cannot all affords houses, in this area houses are costly (compared to wages), so lots of people rent.

I am sorry. Just because you are disabled in some way, does not mean that we should all be stuck with your dogs. Live where dogs are allowed! We deserve places free of them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this! As someone who owns rental properties this is valuable information to have. So far we have not encountered the fake service dog/mauler. But if it ever happens I'm glad that there is something we can do.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't think dogs should be in a dog-free apartment.

What I mean about a legit service dog is one that is heavily trained. Not one for depression since that is a pet, IMO.

I don't have a dog. I don't like having a bunch of big dogs at an apartment. They're just too large for the area (with very rare exceptions).

i think service dogs for the types of things that require them (as well as heavy training) are rare. So rare that most people rarely see one.

Unless there is only one apartment building in town, I don't see why they would live in a dog free one though.

Anonymous said...


Another victory, this one for people with REAL service dogs. A law that needs to be adopted nationwide, right now. Then extend it to pets who may not serve a big purpose, but their owners enjoy them. I have to say, I love this story. Politicians doing what's right.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i remember Dusty. i blogged him in the frankenmauler roundup

"Under Dusty’s Law, anyone who allows an animal to kill a guide dog can face up to 18 months in prison and $10,000 in fines. Allowing an animal to injure or interfere with a guide dog can bring six months in jail.

Restitution also may be imposed. It costs about $50,000 to train a Seeing Eye dog."

i have some concerns about the language "ALLOW". nutters always claim it was an accident. i fear this is a loop hole.

Anonymous said...

I was just watching a news clip from a 2013 fight bust where hundreds of dogs were confiscated. They mention SOME of the dogs were on 'very heavy chains'. O.k., have people gone completely stupid. I do not condone dog fighting, but if the dog fighter feels a few dogs warrant a significantly heavy chain then he probably has a good reason for it. Like, say, it broke the chain that was sufficient to hold other dogs.

Needless to say, they were already yakking about giving the dogs good home. But, wait, isn't it 'how they were raised'? Isn't putting a dog on a chain supposed to make it mean according to one of the Spokesnutters? Don't spokesnutters also claim the dogs must be 'taught' to fight and abused in order to make the mean as part of this teaching. These dogs, all of them, were kept on chain and fought. They were raised about as wrong as they can be.

Some seemed kind of friendly because, duh, bulldogs don't snarl 24/7. But, the fact they didn't immediately attack their rescuers proves it's not about their 'raising'. Again, I don't condone dog fighting OR animal abuse. But, I don't condone logical fallacies either.

Some of the dogs looked to be in decent health... no obvious wounds. And they looked well fed. Their fur was shiny and they were jumping around. So, they weren't behaving themselves due to ill health.

The video I watched was very annoying. But it was the fight bust that caught dog fighters in Texas, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

I wonder where these dogs were sent off to? Could they be why pibble went insane 4th quarter of 2013 and so far in 2014?

I feel sorry for the dogs in a way. It is not their fault they were born. But, letting them snack on humans is NOT anything I think is fair.

They say a half million dollars was confiscated. Why can't they use that to build a doggy play pen until these maulers all die of old age? They'll have to be kept separated from each other which should be enough to make people understand these dogs are dangerous. Just because they're wagging their tail doesn't mean anything except for that second, they're feeling playful. Next second, they might feel like attacking.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

letting them snack on our dogs is not fair either.

Anonymous said...

If it was all in how they're raised, NONE of the dogs taken from Michael Vick's property would be successful. The ones who have been adopted They'd be killing machines. Perhaps their bloodlust was actually satisfied while they were fought, who really knows? Some are still scared of everything and some are fine with pretty much everything. There's a post on here about Denzel and Tug getting another dog and killing it, otherwise, the dogs seem to be pretty settled in their lives. I think it's hard not to feel sorry for the scarred up, underfed, dogs. They didn't ask for us to create them, if you want to control the pit bull problem, you have to make the human owners responsible in each and every single situation. Besides anyone who condones such a vile sport is a waste of humanity, and always will be.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I am sorry I didn't put that. I do not think they should be allowed any food other than commercially available dog food that any dog can eat.

I do not think maulers should eat any type of pets, livestock, or wild animals. They should stay in their owner's yard. I don't care if they're chained. Better that they letting them free to kill and maim.

Anonymous said...

Good point about Michael Vick's dogs. His dogs were in particularly bad shape IIRC (I missed some news for that) even for a dog fighter's dogs.

I have wondered as well if the fighting calms them down. But, then I remember the story of Zebo.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why the former Vick dogs don't attack, maybe since they're not part of that lifestyle anymore, there's no need (for lack of a better word) for them to do it. Didn't Zebo always fight?
Why don't those dogs do something useful and kill the scum who fight them? Those attacks I really wouldn't mind. It would be like karmic justice. Who would mourn a scumbag dogfighter? If they have family who condones it, I'd have no sympathy for them.

Anonymous said...

WIN: http://www.vvdailypress.com/articles/kills-46991-pit-valley.html

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 404: Holy crap! Two maulers with one filet knife!

Anonymous 355: IDK if Zebo fought until he died or not. I really don't know what eventually happened to him. I was just thinking if ANY dog should have used up its aggression quota it was him. But, I have no idea how these creatures think or why they do anything.

A few of them have killed dog fighters.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:04, good for her!
Anon4:44, I don't either, I just know with the dogs Vick owned, they're easy to keep track of and don't have a bad track record overall since being taken from him. I wish all of them would kill dogfighters. Wouldn't that be a great news story? Pit bulls go on rampage and kill and maul owners and audience at dog fight?
Sorry, I just hate animal abuse, even when it comes to pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

The fucking assholes and their ploys.

First, a "companion animal" is another term for "pet". I could get a rock and call it my "pet", oh, but no one in the entire world would care if I insisted on carrying a rock around with me. They might think it was weird, if they even noticed. But, it would not in any shape form or fashion affect them personally. In fact, a lot of people (mostly Elizabeth Taylor) do this, though they call them "diamonds".

Any pet can potentially provide "emotional support". But, only dogs and miniature horses are registered by the ADA as "service animals".

NOW, here is the thing we can affect, maybe say that it must be a type of service animal that has been STERILIZED. ANY dog that is not sterilized will be considered a FRAUD and the same people that these folks are trying to scam could report them.

Since we know that nutters rarely get pibble sterilized (since how else would they endlessly breed them?), that might eliminate a lot of them.

Also, only one serviced animal per person. So, the liar in those quotes pictured who claims its four "pups" are all "emotional support" will have to pick one, get it sterilized, then send it away for training.

Wait.. how does one train for "emotional support for depression"? I mean, other than be a pet.. what can a dog even do?

Also, a lot of people are depressed. I think the person should have to prove they are so depressed they can't be alone at all, ever. Which, mean, they have to claim they are SUICIDAL. Now, I'm sure they won't have any problem doing that, but this may cause a lot more interference in their lives as well as consequences down the road than perhaps they are anticipating. But, hey, as long as they got to scam a hotel once.

Finally, they should have to take out extra liability insurance. Pets do not go all of the places that service animals can and do. REAL service animals probably will never cause any trouble. But, pit bulls.. endless drama.

Someone needs to start compiling a database of these foul mutants' DNA so that DNA testing does work for them and does prove that they are PIT BULLS and no more labs than their lying owner.

I am SICK AND TIRED of these people's selfishness and sense of entitlement.

Also, it needs to be brought to light that they refuse to call their STUPID MAULERS what they really are. They can play the name game til the cows come home, the bite pattern outs their foul mutants every single time.

Mom in Eugene said...

Those screen shots make my blood boil. I think we need to make a big collection, and write up a little story, then get some signatures and hound every damn person that makes those laws with it. Something needs to change.

"They didn't ask for us to create them, if you want to control the pit bull problem, you have to make the human owners responsible in each and every single situation."

I disagree. Making owners responsible doesn't do jack shit, unless maybe its very severe (which won't happen). BSL is the ONLY thing that works.

Stoping pits by sterilizing service animals isn't a good plan, because legit service dogs that are excellent are often bred for temperament. My neighbor has an excellent dog, and its brother is equally awesome. If they can increase the odds of making dogs like this, they will try. Hoping some random mating will produce an appropriate dog, or hoping to find one at a shelter, is just inefficient.

We need to have BSL. If not, we need to limits the breeds that can be service, emotional dogs. It's only fair. If not, they need to be strictly regulated, and not allowed in places they are banned (no more maulers in apartments that ban them, dogs in no pet apartments.)

Anonymous said...

I thought service animals were neutered or spayed already. Someone posted a 'service' (fake) mauler in an apartment building and someone said you could tell he wasn't a real service animal because 1. unaltered and 2. wandering alone. If there not, then never mind about that.

We need BSL, yes. But, somehow we're not getting it. We need to think of ways to deal with the specific problem of people dragging pit bulls places they have NO business being. A person could be recovering from surgery and, if they were in the room with a nutter's friend, the nutter would prance right in with a mauler.

Nutters never think of anyone else, ever. Everyone else should just move aside for them and their mauler(s). They think of their maulers as long as the dogs are an extension of themselves. As soon as that cease to be they'll abandon the mauler, pawn it off on some unsuspecting person (often their parent), or dump it at a shelter.

We need to think around them until we come to the happy day when we have BSL. We need to think of things we can do now to make any progress we can.

Anonymous said...

Were is the proof that dogs can replace ritalin? Last time I looked there was no proof that dogs have medicinal properties. It's all a hoax from beginning to end imo.

And why do we think it's okay for a dog to have to spend his time with a loony or a depressed person?

Emotional support? You know who needs it? Three year olds that go to kindergarten for the first time. Can they all take their dogs with them now?

Mom in Eugene said...

My kids play on the sidewalk that abuts our front door. I keep the door open, and they run in and out with their little friends.

About 30 minutes ago, I hear my son scream as he runs in the front door. I thought, WTH??? I look over, and the neighbors "service" mauler (#2 on list) is trying to attack the other neighbors awesome (legit) service dog! The owner could barely restrain him, it was so scary. Good thing the mauler isn't full grown, or it would have gotten away from that guy, and attacked (and would have gotten himself stabbed…)

My son LOVES that sweet service dog, and was worried for him. He screamed "BAD DOG" to let me know the mauler was out there. He said "Mommy that is a bad mauler!", right to the owner.
LOL, kids.

So far, the 2 LEGIT service animals- both with years of training- have been nearly mauled by 2 of the "service pits"…… It was lucky that the very large owners were holding the leashes instead of their kids, even though #1 still got the service dog.

Lets compare the two, eh?
Legit service dog- Plays fetch with my small son, but will not bring the ball to him, only an adult. Has his canine teeth filed so it doesn't scare someone. Took 2 years to train him. Knows an amazing amount of commands, and is a real lifesaver for the woman (she is a homebound epileptic).

Service Fraud Mauler- Tries to attack everything it sees. Cannot be let loose even for an instant. Will probably kill anything that gets near enough.

Something must change

Anonymous said...

I don't know if a dog can replace any drug. I think some INDIVIDUAL people might enjoy a PET (whatever it is, within reason.. I'm just saying there are pets other than dogs). If someone enjoys watching an aquarium full of fish, that provides some happiness to them (assume they bought the fish, aquarium, etc. and can afford to maintain it.. whatever) that's great.

However, PETS cannot go anywhere and everywhere. My pet stays at home with me. He makes me feel better just because he's so cute and sweet.

HOWEVER, he is no "service animal". He's just a pet. That works for everyone.

If a person is depressed or nervous enough that they NEED an animal with them always, they probably need something more than ANY pet can give them. And these "emotional support animals" seem to be exactly the same as a "pet".

A friend of mine was offered the possibility of a seizure dog (she lived in a house; not in an apartment.. she could afford to buy a trained dog and maintain it). After they described what the dog could actually do, she decided not to get it. She already had a cat and she decided she enjoyed her cat as a pet more than to try to bring in a dog, trained or not. This is because the dog really couldn't do that much for seizures. And, mind you, this would be a TRAINED dog... not just some random canine wearing a vest. This was some years back... She had grand mal seizures and had to be hospitalized several times. So, after that, any of these "seizure dogs", I'm not too sure about.

Anonymous said...

Mom in Eugene, OMG! So, the little dog is all right? Thank goodness your son knew to alert you!

Anonymous said...

Want another facepalm moment? http://www.dogster.com/forums/Service_and_Therapy_Dogs/thread/822418

"My Landlord is a lil shaky about her cause he really did not want to have animals in his apartment complex. He is very understanding that I need her and the laws. He is being reasonably about my needs and accomodations. I am trying to be as honest as I can about Sadie's nature, and want to make sure he understands I don't allow strangers near Sadie with out me close by. Sadie is unpredicdable
and the move is going to make her a lil out of sorts. I don't want her to be exsposed to, too much all at once. I am good at reading her body language and I know her tollerance levels I am not planing to even have her near too many people at first that she already knows. I just want to cover myself if he starts to have issues."

For more of the same, go to the main service and therapy dogs forum there on dogster and read all the posts by "Crazy Sadie Lady" and the guest poster. :/

And this one is off topic for service dogs, but fits in this blog:

"The Real Victim of Tara the Hero Cat's Story Is the Dog.
When a neighbor's dog attacked a four-year-old boy, Tara the cat came to his rescue. Both are fine, but the dog faces euthanasia."

At least the majority of the people in the comments are crying foul with that stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Pit bull owners really are a lowlife bunch. Have a doctor prescribe a mauler, so legally they can live where they shouldn't? I didn't realize all of the training that goes into a service dog boils down to writing on a piece of paper?

Anonymous said...

That delusional person who think being 'close by' Sadie, the unpredictable.. even in its owners eyes.. pitbull, OMG. Delusional person needs to watch a 26 pound pit bull pull 500 pounds of bricks. These. dogs. are. extremely. strong.

But, bricks are one thing. If a pitbull goes red zone, NO ONE can stop it. Dog fighters have numerous tales of injured dogs doing all sorts of things they (the d.f.) didn't think were possible. A quick google search will bring this up because that is how I found out.

Then there is the heartbreaking case (a couple years back) of a woman who was babysitting a little boy that she knew and loved. He was outside playing with her kids and her pit. The pit attacked him. She ran outside, but she couldn't do anything to keep the pit from KILLING this poor little boy. She just kept saying, "I couldn't stop it. I couldn't stop it." And that she wished she could've died instead... yes, a rare person with a conscience who owned a pit bull that seemed nice and sweet until it killed a little boy.

IDK if delusional person is a man or woman, it writes like a woman. I've never heard of a woman being able to stop a pit that has gone into attack mode. Men can sometimes do it, but not always.

Someone needs to kill Sadie. Sorry, but I believe Sadie WILL maul and maybe even kill someone at that apartment complex.

I can see letting in a quiet, gentle dog ... if the landlord was so inclined. But, it would need to have minimal impact on the other residents. A pit bull is not such a dog. Such a dog would be a smaller breed.. and a dog that has PROVEN not to be yappy (so very little to no barking to disturb other people).

Dick M Johnson said...

@anon 7:01 -

A small dog may simply not be up to the task in many service dog scenarios. There's a reason labs are the most popular service dogs. Calm and sweet tempered, and non-reactive. Large service dogs ought to be allowed, but not maulers. There's far too much risk in using an obviously unsuitable breed just to make some sort of defiant anti-social statement.

Anonymous said...

Dick Johnson, but those labs are real service dogs. I think the pit bull in question is an Emotional Support Dog.. so this is the scenario I was thinking maybe an exception might be made (If the owner of the apartment building wanted).

For REAL service animals, usually it is pretty obvious that 1. the dog is trained and 2. the person with the dog actually does need some help.

Since real service dogs are seldom any trouble, despite their size, then i can see an exception being made for them as well. Although, those types of dogs are comparatively rare, they should get first crack at the exception to the rule if someone will make it.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. I've decided..

Service Dogs (the real ones) are not pets. They are dogs with a job for which they have been trained. They OBVIOUSLY are trained.

Emotional Support Dogs are PETS.
The dog in question should not pose a threat to the other residents who have chosen, for reasons of their own, to live in a dog-free (or pet-free) building.

I'm afraid of some dogs due to something that happened to me.. I'm sure a lot of people here have similar problems. Of course, there are people with allergies and some people's allergies ARE very severe.

The landlord who makes an exception, needs to monitor the situation to make sure the person with the ESD hasn't brought in a few friends for it or swapped it for some other dog.

He/she should make sure it is not bothering other residents by barking or jumping up on them (this goes even for small dogs, too).

And that the tenant is picking up after the dog when it goes to the bathroom. The owner should never tie the dog up outside his/her apartment or in the courtyard.

I suppose this would go for regular service dogs as well although the person who has them might be impaired and that might make it a little more difficult to follow all of that perfectly. But, since the dog is carefully trained, that should help.

Bottom line, there aren't that many pet-free (or just dog-free) apartments. There also aren't that many who restrict pets under 15 pounds (as opposed to 25 or 35 pounds), so people who have a dog for ANY reason should try to find an apartment in one of the buildings that allow them.

Of course, a nutter will never be considerate. Their mutant will run wild while the nutter watches everyone else shrink from it. The nutter will alternately yell and offer false assurances that the mutant "wouldn't hurt a fly".

Meanwhile, there have been numerous fight busts within the past year. ALL THOSE DOGS, thanks to the pit bull lobby, have probably been pawned off on naive people, rescue angels, and who knows who else. Some fight dogs look and act like any other pit bull.. they're not ALL beat up looking or in bad condition.

I don't know if these dogs are any better or worse than regular maulers, but I do think it is possible that they believe humans WANT them to attack other dogs. So, in this way, I could see they are more dangerous.

Also, I am not sure about this, but I think dogmen get rid of the dogs that are not inclined to fight since those dogs are no use to them. If a dog is still around and good health, that dog is game.

Does anyone know if dog fighters teach their dogs any obedience commands? If they do, this means a fight bust dog might seem like a much nicer dog than it really is because it will sit or stay on command.

So, even among pit bulls.. they might show a better side of themselves at the pound and get taken home over a dog that really has never fought.

This is what worries me about idiots INSISTING on bringing their mutants places where even nice, sweet dogs aren't allowed to go.

Anonymous said...


Tara the Hero Cat's foe has been pts. The dog continued to be aggressive during its 10 day quarantine.

Some people are whining that it should have been rehabilitated. Yeah, and there are dogs at that same shelter that need NO rehabilitation. They are good to go RIGHT NOW and could make someone a lovely pet.

Not to mention they surely have cats and maybe even other animals. All of which would make better pets than some stupid dog that attacks a little boy riding a bike.

tropical storms said...

This conversation was on LinkedIn regarding "the puppy". A few people seemed appalled at putting down an eight months old dog for aggressive behavior. I asked if the dog's that dangerously aggressive and out of control at eight months what the thought it would be like at eighteen months. I also questioned the ethics of those who would invest so much time, energy, effort and money on one dog while allowing thousands of non problematic dogs to be put down for want of those same resources. So far the only response was in agreement.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Tara the Hero Cat's foe has been pts. The dog continued to be aggressive during its 10 day quarantine."


"I also questioned the ethics of those who would invest so much time, energy, effort and money on one dog while allowing thousands of non problematic dogs to be put down for want of those same resources."

i'd have to question their intellectual ability or mental stability. there is seriously something very very wrong with these people.

Anonymous said...

I think a pit is a horrible choice for an emotional support dog or a service dog but I know alot of war veterand with bad PTSD who didn't necissarily want a service dog but went for an emotional support dog insread. These tend to be small dogs or labs or golden retrievers and are especially calm. They help that person get through day to day life and are only given to people who need them who are actually disabled and are only allowed in certain places (not in grocery stored ect.) These dogs are theraputic sometimes just taking them for a daily walk or sitting with them helps alot. So I would not be so quick to judge but this mauler service dog bullshit really needs to stop we had a dude on base once who had a legit one and lets just say it was a disaster and that is part of the reason they have been banned from base for a long time. They are too unpredictable to be emotional support or service dogs. An emotional support dog is more than a pet too these people, they are theraputic and can help manage anxiety and deppression I know of a guy who has one (a small dog) who even helps him with flashbacks. But these are NOT out of control, untrained dogs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information.

Some dogs were specifically bred to be pets. So, they don't mind hanging around with their owners for hours on end.

Then hunting dogs (like labs, golden retrievers, beagles, etc.) are always used to looking up to their master. Well, beagles might be a little barky for PTSD, but ...

What sort of training do they receive?

The thing is, people with legit ESD are not necessarily going to try to drag them all over including places they shouldn't be. People who got a fake ESD because they want to bring their mauler everywhere are another story.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:02, this is where the pit nutters find loop holes and use it there advantage. The dogs don't need any specialty training becaise they don't need to provide the tasks service dogs do and they are not technically service dogs either. They must be trained though and are not allowed to be nuicincess or threatening or dangerouse in any way. This means no barking, jumping or chasing people ect. they must be fully house trained and you are not allowed to leave behind there messes. The only places a ESD is allowed that dogs usually are not is aeroplanes and housing that does not usually allow dogs. Bit they are not supposed to cause problems to the community.

These dogs are also only supposed to be allowed to people who are actually disabled and when a docter thinks this will greatly improve peoples quality of life. Thses are people who jave anxiety and deppression so bad they hardly ever leave there houses unless necessary and there disability gets in the way of every day activities. For someone with PTSD who has really bad anxiety just going out and walking there dog is very theraputoc or having the dog sit on a plane with them keeps them from having an anxiety attack or even just sitting on the couch with them after a particulary bad day can make all the difference. ESD dogs are not service dogs, they are basically therapy dogs wich these people do need. But these pit nutters are completely abusing the system and giving a bad name to them. Also on a side note most of the people I know with them who didn't get there dogs through an orginization have taken them all the way through obediance classes and there dogs do not jump or bark or lunge at people or want to attack anything they are harmless and cause no problems and are not in places they are not supposed to be. And of course none of them are maulers. I think if they made a specific class ESD dogs had to go through to get that qualification would help weed out alot of these fakes though too.

And again I completely agree with you anon I was just throwing some info out there about real ESD dogs after reading some of the comments. Pit nutters love to ruin things and don't care who or what they hurt.

Anonymous said...

Tropical Storms, I just can't understand why these people can never see past the "poor puppy" (a.k.a., some crazy bulldog that has mauled someone and is rightfully on doggy death row) to the MANY other animals who need homes.

I can't imagine how many sweet little animals die because of some ridiculously misguided attempts to help an out of control mauler. I saw someone trying to explain that maybe this "poor puppy" had something wrong with it, thus it needed to be pts. Oh, people railed against that idea.

Anonymous said...

These frauds think they can break the law and get away with it, and they do until someone GETS REAL and complains, investigates, puts owners on notice and follows through. And VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO

Congratulations! You saved a life or lives!

PLEASE consider starting a blog to be a resource for information about this fraud and how to deal with it. Also a resource that documents the fraudulent companies and organizations colluding with this.

Have you sent this to dogsbite?

People are suffering and they don't know what to do.

Anonymous said...

Agree that Ledy Van Kavage needs to be documented in full so she can be held accountable for victims of the service dog fraud she is perpetuating. Her history needs to be out there because she is getting people and pets killed.

Best friends hires her- they are colluding with her to kill people and pets and break the law.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as an emotional support service dog. They are just pets that offer the same companionship to EVERYBODY when they are worried, anxious, depressed, etc

Mental health service dogs are the biggest fruad in this whole service dog scam and any psychologists and psychiatrists renabling this fraud need to bew documented and lose their licenses. Because they are killing people. Just so breeders can sell dogs and make a ton of money.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Best friends hires her- they are colluding with her to kill people and pets and break the law."

this comment is either a) really out there or b) poorly crafted. as much as i hate this bitch and trust me, i really hate this bitch, she is not deliberately colluding to kill people and pets. she just views the rest of us as collateral damage.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:02, that is where pit nutters abuse the system. ESD are more there for theraputic reasons. They must be non threatening and cannot be a nuicense to the community. In other words a very well behaved dog the only publoc place they are allowed that I know of are planes and again, they cannot be bugging people or anything they are just supposed to sit woth there owners
These pit bulls are frauds, anyone who wants a mauler service dog needs to take an IQ test and spend some time in the nut house. And ESDs are not actual service dogs they are only protected thrpugh the housing act amd can go on planes, thats it really. People are just abusing the system and giving ESDs a bad name especially the damn nutters they are the biggest problem.

Anonymous said...

I agree, nutters are the biggest problem.

Also, I can easily see that anyone with PTSD absolutely would not want to deal with the endless drama caused by pit bulls.

I am thinking of different veterans I know and none of them has a dog anything like a pit bull. I don't think any of them are receiving any type of treatment for PTSD, these are just pets they chose.

However, I have read where some people's PTSD is so severe, they wind up cowering in the closet. I could see that it might be helpful to have a dog that would go in and sit with them as sort of a tie to the current reality.

But, most people do not really mind smallish, calm, well-behaved dogs that sit quietly with their owner. In fact, if everyone who owned a dog had a calm, quiet, well behaved dog then almost all of the dog-related issues would magically disappear.

Nutters, for the most part, aren't really planning on their mutant attacking someone. They have supreme confidence that their assessment of the mauler is right and it 'wouldn't hurt a fly' and/or it will always obey them. They also think they can handle any situation with their dog because, for one thing, they don't think they'll ever really have to step up and try to get their mutant under control. A few actually try, but many of them stand on the sidelines crying or screaming or staring as people battle their mauler which has just attacked an innocent person or animal.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:07, have been there and done that with my own golden. The just stand there then get mad when you kick there dpg in its ugly face. The people I am talking about are mostly vietnam vets who never got treatment till it was too late and have really severe PTSD. I was pointing out that the dogs are not all frauds and that for them people they are more than a pet because they make a wprld of difference because on top of that alot of these guys live alone. Of course pit nutters cannot understand what a real disbility is they just want to push there dogs on everyone kinda funny the only dogs my dog wants nothing to do with are pit bulls and its amazing he has not gotten aggressive after being attacked several times.

RSM said...

Anon 7:01
Now you can say you know a woman that stopped a fighting dog in attack mode- by killing it, with a chihuahuas collar and my bare hands.

BUT- I couldn't do it quickly enough to save the little dog it had attacked, but I did save people. Had it been someones kid it was latched on to, I think the odds of saving them would be very low.

There IS a scary as fuck a method that most people in good health can do, if no weapons are available. You use the maulers focus on whatever its killing to your advantage. You have to get on its back, clamp your legs around it tightly, ride like a rodeo bull, and choke away. IF all goes well, you will be carried 100" or more, but the dog will eventually die.
HOLY SHIT is this terrifying.

Here is a video that shows the same exact technique, but obviously not to death. Don't be fooled by this guys strength- it doesn't take as much effort as you would think to cut off an airway.


Mom in Eugene said...

I am considering writing up the info for others to use. I sent a short guide to getting rid of non service maulers, its on 17 Barks right now. I did send the info to Dogsbite too. It's not comprehensive, but I do have one.
I would also like to offer landlords the info, and may ask that dog bite lawyer if he can help.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes I do remember this account. Unfortunately, most pit bull owners aren't willing to kill their own dog. Thank you for this information. It goes hand and hand with some other advice which is to control the pit from above and behind... never the front.

Anonymous said...

RSM, I don't mean my comment back to you to be rude. I am impressed with what you did. Truly.

I think when you saw the true nature of your dog, you were done with it. So, you were able to save yourself and your brother by any means necessary.

Too many pit bull owners can't make this mental shift quickly enough or will never make it because they don't really care. It is kind of amazing you came up with such a good plan so fast, especially one that allowed you to operate from the most powerful position a human can have vs. a pit bull (behind it, using your height, using the strength in your legs).

What I meant about men, was sometimes they could stop a dog that really, truly is attacking before it latches on and drag it out of there. Some are in reality about what they just saw and kill the dog, knowing how near a thing it was. Some, disbelieve what they saw, especially when the dog decides to be sweet again. So, it lives to maul another day.

Maybe this happens with women, too. But, I've read men talking about it. One managed to stop his dog from grabbed his friend's little girl. So. He took the dog away from everyone else, and killed it. He didn't let the dog see it coming, because he still did like the dog. He was looking right at the girl and she was doing NOTHING to the dog. People, who weren't there, tried to convince him she did. He kept saying, no she really did nothing.

Pit bull advocates, I guess, will never manage their dogs. Now and then, a decent person... man or woman... sees the truth of the dog and stops it however it has to happen.

Anonymous said...

Mom in Eugene, I believe putting the information out for other people to use would benefit a lot of people and even save lives.

The people who attempt to pass off their UNTRAINED PIT BULLS as service dogs (so, two problems with them being any shape or form of a service dog.. 1. untrained, 2. pit bull) are the absolute worst type of nutter.

This is the type of nutter that has no sense of reality of their own dog. They think because their dog minds them on a a normal day that it will somehow still mind them if it ever goes red zone (spoiler: it will not, or at least not until it's finished).

They are also dangerous because they want to bring the dog into places people aren't expecting to confront any dog... such as schools, hospitals, etc.

Real service dogs can very quietly go places and rarely attract any attention to themselves. Even when people try to distract the dog, they will remain on task and by their owner's side, continuing to do their job.

Hair-trigger pit bulls have attacked people for getting eye level with them when that person had a legit reason for doing so (reaching down to pick up a purse that was sitting on the floor or reaching for a tennis ball). It is speculated that sometimes they attack children mainly due to the child's height... eye level with the dog.

In the first case (purse) I mentioned, this was on dogsbite. The owner of the stupid dog claimed the woman got on all fours and crawled toward his dog. Someone in comments on an old article about it said, 'people think they can challenge a dog shouldn't get all offended when the dog answers the challenge'. Yes,this is how insane nutters and mutants are! First, I believe the woman just bent down to get her purse, I think the nutter made up a stupid story to blame her (as nutters tend to do). However, NORMAL dogs do not consider a human crawling toward them to be anything other than a human trying to play with them. My friend and I used to do with with her little dog all of the time, the dog would run between us and wag her tail. It was pretty cute. Of course, she was so small, we weren't on eye level with her, but still. NORMAL DOGS do not attack humans.

So, these are the dogs that the nutters want to slap a vest on and take anywhere and everywhere. They'll cite GSDs that are "vicious" (because they can be trained for police work, yes, this is how they consider "vicious") to counter any concerns. Well, GSDs that are used for police work are NOT THE SAME DOGS as the GSDs that are trained as service dogs. So, not only are the dogs trained in completely different ways, there are important differences in their breeding... they're the same breed, but different bloodlines.

But, whether the GSDs are with the police or guiding a blind person, they tend to stick to their training. Pit bulls have shown they will go off script in a split second. ONLY someone who is extremely good at reading pit bull signals (a.k.a. almost no one) who is also looking right at the dog will even see the change in demeanor as it happens. But, even then, unless they are READY for a disaster to happen, they may see what happened but still have no time to change anything that occurs.

There have been cases of maulings when people could tell what the dog was about to do, but just could not stop it. Or, if they could, it was an imperfect victory... someone or some animal was harmed before they could regain control of the situation.

Meanwhile, the owners of FAKE service pit bulls, they don't care. None of this applies to them. They ONLY care about scamming their mutant into their hotel room.

If they feel bad about the innocent person or animal their mauler kills/maims (a big 'if'), that doesn't help. The damage is done. Of course, given this is a particularly selfish breed of nutter, chances are they'll only feel sorry for themselves because they'll lose their mauler for the 10-day quarantine.

Anonymous said...

I think it's important for people to be presented with the information of how to deal with fake service maulers (FAKE being a very important word).

It is also important for people to understand that nutters are organized and trying always to help each other sneak their dog in under the radar. So, this is a growing problem.

Also, people need to be aware of the fact that nutters will call their dog something else if they can get away with it.. up to and including "lab" (even though the foul things DON'T LOOK LIKE LABS!).

Until I started reading here, I had no idea some of the vile things people were doing.

I also didn't know how many pit bulls puppies you can find for sale at cheap prices even in places where pit bulls aren't as big of a problem as other places.

I didn't know that there is a huge lobby giving people insane advice like dressing the dog up in a tutu or having it drape over a defenseless infant.

I don't know how to make this all concise, but to really understand the problem, people need to see what it happening.

However, for people who already know of the problem because service maulers are already terrorizing their building/workplace/wherever... the step-by-step guide offers excellent advice. A lot of people might despair and feel their only hope is to move away (which may not be feasible).

Nutters will make anyone who protests out to be a "dog hater" or "animal hater" and act like they are the only person with a complaint. So, it's important to let people know that's not true.

Also, it is not to hate dogs or animals to say there are some places NO animals need to be. It's just a fact.

Anonymous said...

Can some of you watch this video:


and tell me if I am reading that dog's body language wrong, because I think that reporter is incredibly lucky to still have her face.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

he seems to quickly shift between alert and dozy and at times seems uncomfortable with the reporter's petting. i've seen worse body language but yeah, i wouldn't be comfortable sitting next to it.

Anonymous said...

I watched the video. It liked when the woman who found it talked, when she stopped talking.. it didn't like that as well. Otherwise, IDK. But, I'm hardly any expert.. Oh, and I think it wanted down from the couch or something.

I believe the reporter thought petting it would be a good idea. LOL, I'm not sure it matters either way.

I watched with the sound off. Did the reporter have an annoying voice or something? Every time she'd start talking the dog would give her the side eye or yawn.

Anonymous said...

Craven, that is it exactly.. sometimes it'd be alertly listening. Then it'd yawn. I don't think that's a good sign.

Anonymous said...

Lots of yawning, lip-licking, and whale-eye. I can hear Sue Sternberg pronouncing it dangerous....yet it's in a story about the heartwarming "rescue" of a "sweet" pibble. A sweet pibble that gets aggressive with certain words and sounds, and can't be trusted around other dogs, of course. I hate to say it but I always kind of hope the dog will go off during one of those pibble feelgoods...

Anonymous said...

The service dog fraud for veterans is one of the biggest frauds around. These dogs do NOTHING more than be a regular, affectionate pet just as the dog would be for anyone with or without a mental condition.

They don't need special training, special breeding, and they don't need the big price tag that comes with all this, or the donation dollars that get scammed out of people using veterans as the bait.

It was cooked up out of thin air and for the purposes of greed, and using veterans to hide behind.

The breeders and trainers realized they could cheat the taxpayer (and a gullible public getting conned by media stories) by pushing this fraud and using a very manipulative way to do it, but fraud it is, and the veteran's administration cracked down on it.

Sputnik said...

Here's another way the 'Emotional Support' or 'service' gripper is fake.

Most people who need an emotional support or service dog want their problem to be assuaged and the symptoms decreased.

Those who get a gripping bulldog don't. The mere fact of choosing a gripper is (IMO) enough to diagnose them as mentally ill, suffering from either Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Antisocial Personality Disorder, or both. They don't want or use the gripper to assuage their disorders and reduce the impact on their surroundings. Rather, they want grippers so as to flaunt and increase their symptoms, and so they can inflict these symptoms on the maximum number of people.



So the 'service' part is fake, but the disorders are most certainly real. The emotional support is also real, because there's nothing that makes a pathological narcissistic or a psychopath feel better than being able to torment and harm other people.

Anonymous said...

Sputnik, excellent points about the personality disorders of someone who'd deliberately chose a mauler as an ESD.

I do know quite a few veterans. None of them is claiming any kind of ESD AFAIK, however, some DO have pets. They seem to like pets that won't cause a lot of trouble... not too loud, not dangerous. The type of dogs described by another poster fit pretty well with what I've seen... Low drama dogs.

Packhorse said...

Amtrak has the right idea!

Only Service Animals Permitted
Generally, animals are not allowed on Amtrak. However, service animals are permitted in all areas where passengers are allowed. Service animals are animals that are trained to perform a specific task for the benefit of a person with a disability. Amtrak personnel may ask what task(s) the service animal performs.

Animals Not Allowed
The following types of animals are not permitted:

Comfort Animals: Animals not trained to perform a specific task, but which are said to provide emotional support or to relieve anxiety simply by their presence (for example, by the passenger holding or stroking the animal).


Unknown said...

mom in EUgene ,if you don't mind me asking what happened with you n pit? the only bites I ever experienced was with. two German shepherds first one was my cousins. nipped me n but when I was ten no stitches reason he. was ill week later tended biting my cousin in face she ended up needing plastic surgery n then they put him down...6 months later my best pals Shepard bear nipped me in the same spot but that was my fault I stepped back not knowing he was behind me n stepped on his paw hard!! after that dogs made me nervous took me twenty years to have a dog! I'm glad I. got over it cause they bring absolute joy to me!! though if I ever suffered a serious attack maybe not!

Mom in Eugene said...

The last one was sold 2 days ago. Also, the family that had 2, got rid of them, and got a black lab for their anxious daughter instead (And yes, it's a real lab.).
They were all told keep the maulers and get out, or no more maulers and you can stay. All got rid of the maulers.

Nancy- Obviously you are new here. Pits maul someone bad enough to put them in critical condition at least once a day, with many "lesser" attacks too. Every 9 days this year a pit has killed. If this isn't reason enough not to want to live by them, well, you are clueless. Read more of this blog.

Anonymous said...

yay, I'm so happy for you. and for the girl who got a lab instead of a pit.

KaD said...

IMO the law should be that the ONLY real service dogs are guide dogs for the blind, anything else should be handled and approved on a case by case basis only and only for physical disabilities since we have drugs and therapies for mental and emotional conditions. In summary:

1) A dog which as an individual has a history of aggression, including but not limited to killing, mauling, biting, nipping, lunging, growling, food aggression, dog aggression or other animal aggression shall NOT be eligible for use as a service dog.
2) A dog which according to its BREED STANDARD has been BRED for aggression, including but not limited to the American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American bulldog, preso canario, Dogo Argentino, Cuban bloodhound, and any other pure bred or mixed breed dog that is a combination of these dogs; shall NOT be eligible for use as a service dog.
3) A dog which according to its BREED STANDARD has been BRED to be disliking or distrustful of strangers, including but not limited to the Akita, Chow, Caucasian Mountain Dog, Cane Corso, and any other pure bred or mixed breed dog that is a combination of these dogs; shall NOT be eligible for use as a service dog.
4) A dog which as an individual has a history of disliking, distrusting, or being aggressive towards strangers shall NOT be eligible for use as a service dog.
5) Any dog which is in current use as a service dog which exhibits ANY of the above behaviors shall NOT be eligible to continue as a service dog.
6) Any dog which is not spayed or neutered shall not be eligible for use as a service dog.
7) The MINIMUM penalty for the death of a human by a service dog shall be not be LESS than half a million dollar fine and not LESS than five years in jail. The dog shall be euthanized.
8) The MINIMUM penalty for the severe injury of a human by a service dog shall not be LESS than half a million dollar fine and three years in jail. The dog shall be euthanized.
9) The MINIMUM penalty for the death of another animal by a service dog shall not be LESS than one hundred thousand dollar fine and a year in jail. The dog shall be euthanized.
10) The MINIMUM penalty for the severe injury of another animal by a service dog shall not be LESS than a fine of one hundred thousand dollars. The dog shall be euthanized.