Thursday, May 20, 2010

famous pit bull owners: the thomas alva edison edition

Mina and Theodore Edison with spaniel

why the pit nutters would want to claim edison as one of their own is a head scratcher. i'll admit, thomas alva edison SHOULD have been a pit bull owner. after all, he is the most famous inventer/thief of all time (bill gates is a very close second). there are similarities between edison and the personality profile of a pit nutter (sadistic, liar, thief), but as usual, i find no evidence that edison owned a pit bull. i did find that he killed many dogs, maybe one of them was a pit bull? maybe edison inspired the dogmen to cull their curs with electricity? thomas edison electrocuted many animals; dogs, horses, calves and even an elephant in both an effort to discredit nikola tesla's superior invention of alternating current and to test out electrocution as a form of capital punishment to replace hanging. edison later hired tesla to redesign (ie fix) his own inefficient motors and generators and then cheated tesla of the $50K promised.

The experiments to decide the merits of electrocution over hanging took place on March 2, 1889, in the large wooden building which Edison had had fitted up with every electrical appliance necessary for the purpose. The victims chosen were several dogs, four calves, and a horse. The dogs claimed the attention of the experimenters first, and a big black Newfoundland quietly submitted to being weighed he turned the scale at close on ninety pounds and then with the same docility allowed a small plate of brass, covered with felt and soaked in a solution of salt, to be tied to his head, while a bandage moistened with the same lotion was fixed to his right leg with a piece of copper wire. Lest he might show a desire to run away, the animal was made to stand in a box, but flight seemed far from his intention. He seemed as interested in the experiments as any one present. The dog's "resistance" was next computed by means of two fine wires connected with the electrodes, to which was attached a registering instrument. A slight shock was then sent through the animal so slight that he scarcely winced but of sufficient strength to correctly record his power to withstand the electric current. Heavy wires then took the place of the fine ones, the current was turned on, and the animal immediately stiffened. There was a slight tendency to leap forward, but it was momentary, and the animal remained perfectly still. The current was kept up for ten seconds, and when turned off the dog dropped in a heap perfectly dead.

i thought the pit nutters were trying to distance themselves from people like Michael Vick and the rest of the pit rabble that pops up in the news on a daily basis?


google "thomas edison famous pit bull owner" there are over 7 million hits. let's make this blog post the number one hit.

thanks again cking!


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I found this blog by googling the term "wiggle butt" because I got sick of reading it over and over again on pet forums. True story.

P.S: Who came up with the term "nanny dog" and why would they think anyone with half a brain cell would associate it with a pit bull?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

researching the origins of the "nanny dog" is on my list.

4truth said...

I don't understand why any animal lover would look up to Edison. I found out about how he tortured animals when I was in the 10th grade, when I had to do a research paper on him. I was surprised at what I found out, and it didn't take a lot of research either.

So, where exactly is the proof that he was a pit bull owner? Even if he was, he probably used it in one of his many sick experiments.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the "proof" that edison owned a pit bull is the same "proof" that mark twain and humphrey bogart and helen keller and president roosevelt owned pit bulls. it is the 7 million idiots who have repeated the lie.

i've never gone out of my way to read about thomas edison but i knew that edison screwed tesla, what i didn't know was that's typical behavior for edison. and i'v known about the elephant for some time but i only just learned about the dogs, horses and cows while researching the myth of his being a pit bull owner. thomas alva edison sounds a bit like a psychopath.

obtw, pit nutters are not animal lovers.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to point something out to you stupid blog owner.
Did you know that Animal people, you know the ones that you have a picture link to down at the bottom of your blog, are against cruel Pit Bull fights and advocate for Pitties? Maybe you should read up on what all they have written about the breed and learn something from it!
Kim Bartlett, who is with Animal people owns 3 Pit Bulls.
Maybe you should ask her to let you meet her sweet Pit Bulls so you can get your head out of your ass.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

animal people is an excellent source of animal news, regardless of their official position on pit bulls or the personal views of their employees. but please do explain how whatever kind of dog kim bartlett owns affects this blog post about pit nutter propaganda. or are you just lashing out at me because you are frustrated with my successful muckraking?

i can't say that i disagree with the following statement made by kim bartlett in feb 2005:

"I see the Pit Bull controversy from an animal rights perspective. While agreeing with Pit Bull enthusiasts that these dogs have a more negative reputation than most members of the breed deserve, and not endorsing any arbitrary killing of dogs simply because they are of a particular breed, I favor a ban on breeding of all pit-bull-type dogs."

maybe i will look into this further if i have the time.

Anonymous said...

Lmbo. Define your definition of successful.
Yes, please do go ahead and do a blog post about this..
It will be very interesting for your followers to know that a group you are trying to get your readers to stumble upon by clicking the pic, loves Pit Bulls and advocates for them regularly.
God you are about as dumb as your shit eating dog (if it is not a Pit, I know it is dumb.)

CKing said...

With regards to heads in asses, has the pit nutter read the report from Merritt Clifton, editor-in-chief of Animal People, "Dog attack deaths and maimings, U.S. & Canada, September 1982 to December 22, 2009?"

Since he allows that Animal People is pro pit bull, he must accept Clifton's stats as correct and agree with his assessments.
Clifton states,"Any law strong enough and directed enough to prevent the majority of life-threatening dog attacks must discriminate heavily against pit bulls, Rottweilers, wolf hybrids, and perhaps Akitas and Chows..."

Craven, I love how these posts are drawing the nutters. They must be doing searches to find items to confirm their lies! This is good!

Anonymous said...

Pits come in mid pack for intelligence in dog trainer surveys ranking intelligence. That's why we don't see them being used as military working and police dogs...except for a few PR stunt dogs.

Even LAWDOGS USA is shut down for lack of funding and interest, despite giving the dogs away for free!....Yet Police departments continue to pay top dollar for Belgian Malinois...ranked among the smartest breeds.

Maybe breeding a smarter Pit Bull is the solution...a dog that can reason that a bunch of kids at a bus stop don't need a Level 5 mauling....

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

re pits and police work and lawdogs, there is a huge difference between a sniffer dog and a police dog. there is not, never has been, never will be a pit bull serving as a canine officer. pits, like labs and beagles are only used as drug or bomb detection dogs. they are never used for tracking/apprehending suspects.

but speaking of dumb shit eating dogs...

CONGRATULATIONS ASHES THE PIT BULL!!! she is 7 yrs old and FINALLY house trained.

gee, my cowardly shit eating cur gsd mix only took a month to house train at the age of 4 months. i guess extended house breaking is one of those unique pit bull qualities that we haters miss out on.

Anonymous said...

Evidently in all of your research, you failed to read the book titled The Man Who Lit Up the World...
It clearly states that Thomas Edison owned an American Pit Bull Terrier.
Please read the book and stop spreading your lies and hate.
Going by the book, Thomas Edison owned a Pit Bull, and gave the dog credit for saving his life on one occasion, and said that he owed that dog forever for that.
Also says that the Pit Bull was the smartest animal he had ever saw.
Go on now, don't go leaving out that part of the book Craven desires.
If your going to write atleast make it be the truth.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

is this the same pit nutter who said that proof of humphrey bogart owning pit bulls was in "Bogie: A Celebration of the Life and Films of Humphrey Bogart"?
i checked that book out from the library and guess what? there is absolutely nothing in there about dogs he has owned.
i'll tell you what, if you send me the page from this edison biography so that i can check this for myself or better yet, scan the page and send it to me. i will do a retraction. i am not really in the mood to read a book about edison, so the burden of proof lies with you.

Anonymous said...

Pit nutter, People have written books about ancient space aliens landing on earth, and constructing giant cities.

What is "some book" supposed to prove?

(Maybe they were giant kennels for nanny dog alien space pit bulls?)

Celebrities and "famous people" also are perverts, Nazis, child molesters, thieves, murderers, animal abusers, dog fighters, etc.

What does it prove that some hapless celebrities happen to be deviant enough to own pit bulls?

There's a reason that "average America" thinks you pit nutters and dog fighters are nuts. You act nuts, sound nuts, lie like nuts, you ARE nuts.

Friends Administrator said...

The nutters try to justify their selection of dogs by naming famous people who have pits. What that says about the nutters is they have no confidence in their own opinions. They think because someone is "famous" that it makes them all knowing. These are the types that follow cult leaders, in this case, the dogmen and pit bull breeders. They are the ones jerking these nutters' chains and they jump. Does anyone actually think that famous people are any smarter than the rest of us when it comes to the selection of a dog? Just shows that famous people are just as dumb as any other pit nutter.

Anonymous said...

go crawl back under your hole and jerk off p.

lol said...

getting spammed are ya c.d.?
theres plenty more where that came from you just wait and watch.

Friends Administrator said...

Anon, there's no room in that hole, your fucking ass takes up all of it. At least I'm not being jerked around by a puppetmaster called the dogmen and the pit breeders like you are. How many pits have you jerked off before they go to the rape rack? Bet you just love the feel of the pit in your hands and that's the only reason you defend them so you can get your jollies.

Anonymous said...

Going into Edison's office, he (Tesla) reminded him of the $50,000 he had been promised for improving the design of the generators. Edison's reply upset Tesla so much that he quoted it many times afterwards. Edison said, 'Tesla, you don't understand our American humour.'
Once again, Tesla had been taken for a sucker by a hard-nosed Edison company.

From The Man who Invented the Twentieth Century,
by Robert Lomas

Anonymous said...

Did't Diane Jessup flat out admit that the pit bulls she tried to use for LAWDOGS USA were SO AGGRESSIVE it was a no go?

They can't use pit bulls as police dogs because pit bulls would not only get distracted and try to kill some bystander kid or pet when they were supposed to be working, they would rip the arm off or kill the suspect.

The lawsuits that a community would be hit with would be mountain high.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i do keep tabs on the most gifted and educated pit nutter of all, diane jessup but i don't believe i have read or heard her say anything like that. that might involve some honesty on her part and she is as big a liar as any of them.

Anonymous said...

LawDogs is shut down.

She did admit to at least one being too aggressive.

I thought I read elsewhere that she admitted to other ones that couldn't be "rehabilitated", too aggressive.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oooh another famous pit nutter scratched off of the list. ...and then there were none.

Thanks Cking, I so enjoy the famous pit nutter/pit bull editions.

SadFalada said...

My poodle puppy became house trained after I (accidentally) dropped a watermelon; the crash and my yell happened as he was peeing in the other room, he never had an accident again! (probably don't recommend it, though)

Rogue said...

Off topic, but Poodles deserve to be banned. Ugly looking, ugly natured dogs. Scared of puppies bigger than they are.

Rogue said...

My mastiff was toilet trained at three months. This is in reply to the GSD owner. She also learned to sit and come at seven weeks.