Sunday, July 25, 2010

look daddy, teacher says every time a pit nutter opens their mouth a rescue angel gets their wings

a pit nutter's mouth is moving and you know what that means...

DONNA REYNOLDS, bay area brazen liar

on friday july 23, 2010 @ 9:08 am donna blogged about the tragic death of jacob bisbee. to drive home the point that her persecuted frankenmaulers are the victims of a biased media, she wrote:

surrounded by her pit bulls and loyal toadies, one intrepid commenter dared to ask donna the question:

donna replied:

she couldn't find the report, because it doesn't exist. lists no december attack by 2 labs lists no attack fitting this description lists no such fatal attack (and this guy is a pit nutter!) lists no such fatal attack (attack data includes the full original news reports saved as pdfs)

aaah there it is. i finally found it at karen delise's website, better known as the new and not improved property of jane berkey. (karen or jane broke the link. here it is.)
here is what berkey's minion posted: "An Arizona woman was killed by one or two dogs identified by authorities to be Labrador retrievers."

don't you just love how no one can properly id a pit dog, yet no one questions the labeling of a lab?

2005 an 87 yr old in indiana was killed by a lab & a dobie
2006 a 3 yr old in texas was killed by a pit/lab mix
2007 no labs involved in fatal attacks
2008 a month old child was killed by a lab puppy *
2009 no labs involved in fatal attacks

basset/lab x took one life
labs took 3 lives
pit bull/lab x killed 3 people
and a pit bull and a gsd/lab x were named in one death but it is unclear whether both dogs were actually involved in the attack

karen delise's book fatal dog attacks (11 attacks involving labs)
1965 lab
1967 wolf hybrid/lab x
1975 lab/gsd x
1985 pit/lab x
1988 lab
1991 2 rotts and a lab
1994 gsd and a lab x
1996 dobie/lab x
1997 3 rotts and a lab
1997 lab x
2000 lab/husky

i would count up the pit bull attacks for comparison but there are not enough hours left in the day.


CKing said...

AHHHHH Thank you! Donna is a liar or using the tried and true pit nutter research method of cutting and pasting from a nutter liar.

Other nutters cut and paste with confidence because they can now find it in 2 places (that's called confirmation) and pretty soon the internet is like a giant pit nutting echo chamber of vicious fictitious labs.

She says, "If we felt that pit bulls were different in their ability to cause harm, we would not be adopting them out to the public. But we DO adopt them out, because our experience has shown us that well socialized, well managed dogs make trustworthy pets -- no matter what breed they are. This isn't a "pit bull issue" .. even though some people will want to make it one."

NO DIFFERENT????? Why does she need to marshal the expertise of a Risk Manager with loss mitigation and litigation prevention expertise, a legal affairs director,and a trainer who does intensive training before adoption AND ongoing training with their adopted dogs in order to adopt out a few safe dogs? To accomplish the same thing when you adopt a lab, all you need a library card and some obedience classes at the YMCA! NO DIFFERENT???

She is barely a rescue. I think she's adopted out one dog since I first saw her site a couple months ago, and only taken in 1 dog with its puppies.

Those adopting people are so tightly screened, intensively trained, and closely monitored, I'm sure they've been told the right way to take a crap so it won't trigger the pit.

She's raising tremendous resources just so she can pretend her fantasy that a pit is just like any dog is true.
Dammit she's infuriating.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

my dogs were hurrying me out the door for their evening walk and i forgot to include a notation for the actual 2008 lab fatal attack! i added it.

i agree with you about donna reynolds. she is public enemy number one in my eyes. infuriating doesn't even begin to describe my feelings towards her.

Anonymous said... you mean these types of labs?

This took five minutes searching Petfinder....funny, how these "labs" and "lab mixes" look 100% like pit bulls! You see, I could go to a breeders website and find ADBA and UKC registered pit bulls that look IDENTICAL to these dogs.

Hey Craven, maybe we should make our own version of the "Can you find the real pit bull" game! We could take pictures of breeders pit bulls, and put them next to pics of "labs". The challenge would be to find which pit bull is the "lab". Sounds like fun to me!

Anonymous said...
Are we sure this is a lab?

Anonymous said...

"Yessir, there are oodles of poodles popped by cops all the time, and the press does not report it. And attacks by psychotic shih tzus? Covered up. Muzzled, so to speak. Children savaged by Scottish terriers? Quashed. Hushed puppies, if you will. Oh yes, the conspiracy runs deep indeed."12

Anonymous said...

I find Donna's inability to look at the person that she is talking to interesting. Looking up and off to the side is often an indication that someone is lying. Or it could just be a symptom of her arrogance. She feels superior to whoever it is she is talking to.

Anonymous said...

I'd imagine most pit nutters learn to avoid eye contact fairly early on....

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that's weird, my comment didn't go through!

i like your find the pit bull game idea. it is long over due.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"pretty soon the internet is like a giant pit nutting echo chamber of vicious fictitious labs."

btw cking, that statement really sums up the problem nicely. i do believe that many pit nutters learn the talking points, accept them as truth and pass them on with out ever exploring further for the truth. i don't think all pit nutters are liars, some are just gullible idiots. all of the myths, nanny dogs, president roosevelt etc are repeated ad nauseam. then when some greenhorn comes along and see 172,000 hits on google for pres roosevelt owner of a pit bull, they think it must be true. there are the nutters who are create the myths, nutters who spread the myths knowing they are false but they don't care (must save wiggle butts) and then there are the gullible idiots who never bother to question the myths. i think donna falls into the second category. dan meagher falls into the third category.

Anonymous said...

"i don't think all pit nutters are liars, some are just gullible idiots."

And they are so idiotic and gullible they don't even realize that it is DOG FIGHTERS and PIT BULL BREEDERS that serve dog fighters who are feeding them these lies and using them so these idiots can help get more pit bulls tortured and killed.

It's like getting information on child care from SEX OFFENDERS and CHILD RAPISTS, and then passing it on.

Anonymous said...

It's come to the point that people like Karen Delise and Jane Berkey are going to be held legally responsible for the lies and false information, and warranteeing pit bulls.

This Hayashi guy whose pit bulls killed his step grandchild basically said that the Jane Berkeys out there told him that pit bulls were just like other dogs, ok with children, needed no special treatment, and were good pets.

That MISINFORMATION AND LYING from pit bull advocates directly led to the death of that child.

We have consumer laws in this country. Berkey's pit bull breeder fellows say that dogs are property.

Berkey and company want to MISINFORM the consumer, lie to the consumer, give them FALSE CONSUMER INFORMATION, false statistics, they will be held legally liable.

And they better believe that lawyers are collecting information on them and their consumer fraud.

Anonymous said...

So the Bad Rappers and the like already freely state that there are certain "triggers" that can instigate a pit bull to get upset and maul, like SHOUTING and ARGUING.

So what are they doing when they, the Bad Rap group members, bring their pit bulls right up physically to confront an innocent group of people and start SHOUTING AND THREATENING AND SCREAMING AND AGITATING at that innocent group of people?

The result must be that the Bad Rappers are trying to trigger their pit bulls to ATTACK AND MAUL the people they, the Bad Rap group members, are attacking.

There is a pattern of behavior here on the part of Bad Rap, and it's now being documented.

When the inevitable happens, and a Bad Rap dog or member hurts or kills someone, the LEADERS of the Bad Rap group are not going to hide behind any llc.
They will be held liable.

ANY instances of this kind of behavior by Bad Rap members need to be officially reported and documented.

PLUS how did they know that a member of this vegetarian group was a Peta member?

Can we spell STALKING? This is something the breeders have been doing for some time.

Anonymous said...

4 California children have been killed by Pits since last October...The media needs to be asking the Governor about his take on this!

She couldn't find the info about the lab attack?1?...Yeahh that's the ticket!

I wonder how much longer these other breed communities are going to take being thrown under the bus?

Anonymous said...

I make it a habit NOT to support any alleged breed rescue organization without checking their financials...I want to make sure the money I donate goes to the animals. If you look at the Guidstar website, Bad Raps financials are eyeopening.

The most recent return on file is 2008. In that year, BadRap's total revenue was $357,496. Out of that total revenue, $150,534 was spent on salaries and employee benefits. That means that 42% of the money sent to this non-profit went for their administrative fees, and only 58% went to the groups core mission. Consumer groups which evaluate charities all agree that an efficient charity should spend 75% of donated funds on its core mission/programs. Bad Rap would be rated as "C-" by these groups.

Where is all this money going? Tim Racer pays himself $64,999 a year, and Donna Reynolds pays herself $74,266.00 a year to "advocate" for pit bulls.( They also give themselves over 11K worth of benefits.) Its a lot more money than either would have made with their failed "art" careers.

What is also apparent....the Vick dogs were a cash cow for this organization. Here is their income for the past few years..

2004... 63,653
2005... 110,764
2006... 83,504
2007... 116,341
2008... 312,495

The Vick bust happened in the summer of can see the increased donations starting to happen. By 2008 the organization tripled its donations, as a direct result of the Vick dog campaign. As another poster stated, very few dogs are actually placed by BadRap, they have little overhead as they are not a shelter, but used volunteer fosters.

By all objective measures, this organization's primary purpose seems to be to promote pit bulls as pets. Two artists with a knack for self-promotion figured out a way to make a living doing this. If your goal is to help animals, there are far better ways to spend your charitable dollars than BadRap.

formerAKCmember said...

"One local newspaper published an article following the discovery of her body."

The National Canine Research Council cites a "local" paper but can't even name the newspaper! What paper? What part of Arizona? Did this lady have a name or even an age? The National Canine Research Council is citing baseless rumors as facts with absolutely nothing to back up the claim. Jane Berkey, the owner of The National Canine Research Council, donates thousands annually to Donna's group -- this is public information and can easily be found in tax reports. Donna's mouth is moving on behalf of Jane Berkey as it should be. When entities fall out of grace with Jane Berkey, doors close. How can anyone forget the closure of Diane Jessup's Law Dog group? Jessup was formerly under the cash wing of Jane Berkey, but then something "happened" (the tears are flowing).

The Alexis Hennessy death -- September 2008 death by a Husky -- was a no brainer. The husky snatched the child from a crib (never heard of that before). The Nevada Cenedia Kia Carey story was sadly far more newsworthy: two pit bulls busted through a screen door to kill a child who was in a stroller. The grandmother grabbed the child and ran into a bedroom. She tried to close the door, but one pit bull forced its way through followed by the other! The dogs began attacking the child again until she was dead!

"This is about as severe an attack as I've seen in my 18 years in North Las Vegas," North Las Vegas Animal Control officer Dale Smock said.

The attack was so severe that officers and medical personnel who responded to the incident are being offered counseling, Forti and North Las Vegas Fire Department Capt. Cedric Williams said.

Donna Reynolds does not care that Jacob Bisbee's face was entirely ripped off prior to being killed by the pit bulls. She's using the opportunity of a known -- without a doubt -- gruesome fatal pit bull attack to suggest that this was not a pit bull attack. The media is wrong; Concord police are wrong; Contra Costa Animal Control is wrong and the dog owner is wrong. For proof of this wrongness, Reynolds cites outright lies from her primary donor, which she does not mention as a donor.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks for bringing up the money connection. tens of thousands is actually more accurate. i plan to blog about that soon.

Trigger said...

It also might have been an error of the Lorain May case of 2008 that was documented by the media this way: The relative said the 11-year-old female golden-retriever mix is named Sammy, and the 6-year-old male Australian-shepherd mix is called Seth.

And this way: "A final determination on the cause could take up to 12 weeks. The two dogs suspected by police in the attack, a golden lab mix and an Australian Shepherd mix"

Anonymous said...

Looking up and off to the side is often an indication that someone is lying.

LOL! THAT'S what I was thinking!!!

Judge Judy always says, "Don't look over there, look right here!"

Trigger said...

This is where it came from alright (See Retriever Owner):

Here's a tidbit, Rebel and Thor, Tina Canterbury's pit bulls that killed her were neutered!

Tina Marie Canterbury's pit bulls, Rebel and Thor, killed her in the back yard of her home. The 2-year-old dogs had no history of violence. Both had been neutered and lived indoors. Canterbury, 42, had raised the dogs from puppies. Her son told police they slept in bed with her. No one saw the attack. The dogs were shot by deputies. Canterbury's son declined to comment for this story.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the tina canterbury attack blows up the nutter delies theory that neutered FAMILY pits don't kill people.

the pits slept in her bed NOT on a chain, so obviously the pits are FAMILY dogs.

btw, the name was misspelled purposely :)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

re: the topix link you provided, this statement by the so called retriever owner says it all:
The media as a reliable source re Breed identification?
I don`t think so.
It`s hard to take it back once it`s put out there.

that's EXACTLY what the pit nutters are thinking when they spew thees rumors.

Anonymous said...

"They also give themselves over 11K worth of benefits"

This does NOT usually include the extra perks that are paid for them out of the donation money

Cars, rent, supplies in their personal life, basically getting their bills paid for in addition to the salaries and benefits

Bad Rap is a BUSINESS for these people personally, and personally they are reaping the majority if not all of the reward and profit

I thought there were rules about the lobbying an organization could do as a percentage of their income? They just aren't directly helping pit bulls. They aren't even indirectly helping pit bulls. They are helping pit bull BREEDERS.

And that is lobbying, business lobbying.

I also wonder about lobbying money (a la Rick Berman and that kind) that goes directly to the lobbyist outside of the "organization."

(And what kind of foster homes are stupid enough not to DEMAND that Bad Rap give them some of this money to pay for their expenses. People go broke so these two artists can profit?)

DepthCharge said...

Bagheera - Love your observation about avoiding eye contact. Your are right - she is probably both lying and arrogant!

Anonymous said...

She looks stoned to me

Anonymous said...

Yes, stoned, lying, and arrogant. All the qualities you need to feel superier to everyone around you.

Anonymous said...

She is a great cheer leader and propagandist who is responsible for many miles of stitches...One day justice will be served

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post, but I found a picture of Loraine May's dogs. One is clearly 1/2 pit. I want to post it, how do I do it (or can I)?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

do you want to post it here?

either include the link in the comments or send it to me.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks anon, got the link. i have seen those photos before. i thought those were the dogs you were referring to. if i remember correctly, the one on the right is the mother and the one on the left is her male offspring. it is difficult to say with absolute certainty what those dogs are. i see golden retriever in the male, could be pit too.

also, i appreciate your concern but i revealed my identity for a few reasons:

i would rather out myself, then have someone else do it.

i think it is important to stand next to people that i admire like colleen, skeldon, kory nelson, alexandra and merritt.

also, i am working on a book :)