Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jim Crosby aka Whitewash Jimmy resigns in disgrace

JAMES CROSBY, bay county AC director, former cop, canine aggression expert and professional whitewasher

whitewash jimmy is unemployed after 2.5 yrs as the head of the bay county animal control. one of jimmy's employees helped himself to a pet pig that was surrendered to the shelter last week, took it home and ate it. jimmy has been on paid administration leave since monday and when he saw the termination writing on the wall, decided it was best to go willingly. friday will be his last day.

don't worry jimmy, you can always follow your mentor karen north. there's plenty of room for you on jane'$ funny farm. and maybe she can breathe some life into your defunct blog too. or you can always try to patch things up with glen bui.

be sure to check out one of my all time favorite blog posts: The Anatomy of a Whitewash, James Crosby.


Anonymous said...

One of the best blog posts ever from

Jimmy whitewash and Taz

Anonymous said...

So a pet pig became his downfall, justice at last!

Anonymous said...

"County officials say Rogers has been reprimanded, but is still working at the animal shelter."

Say what? Hey, Bay County taxpayers, that's your money they're wasting on this low life trash. You gonna sit back and take it, or demand they fire this idiot and bring him up on animal cruelty charges?

Trigger said...

The dogs were "scrapping" !!! This will be part of the Maul Talk Manual to be sure.

Anonymous said...

So when are we the American people going to decide that our animal control should not be getting subverted by pit bull breeders, dog fighters, and their No Kill friends?

There are more Crosbys out there doing a lot of harm to people and the animals. And they are doing it at taxpayer expense.

Colleen Lynn said...

Oh yes, back in the 'good old days' Craven, prior to having the many pieces stitched together like we have now. Back then, Jimmy's "appraisal" of the brutal attack by "Taz" who ripped the woman's entire scalp off killing her shocked and sickened us. But that was just the beginning of our understanding of the "whitewash."

Thank you for remembering this blog post.

CKing said...

It's little wonder that Jim Crosby allowed a staff member to eat one of his charges, and it was noted that the big error was that they didn't check the adoption list first.

I'm glad he was fired, but seeing his allies, I doubt he'll have trouble finding some other job.'s blog post was powerful. So many nutters' comments are infuriatingly stupid in and of themselves, but the fact that they are appended to tragic losses makes them CRAVEN.

Also, I feel pigs are for eating, and maybe finding truffles if you're French. I know they can be affable and relate to people, and when I read that this pig smiled at people and related to them because it was raised as a companion animal but also had "behavior problems," I could't help but think that the problem was IT'S A PIG.

It's another instance of an animal that people bring into their houses that is not suited to being in a house.

The poor thing was raised thinking people are its companions, and then one of those "companions" ate it. Disgusting.

CKing said...

Trigger, "scrapping" has been submitted to the Maul Talk Manual, and at the time I did not know why. After reading this post again, I realize there are many terms in the manual that stem from this story. It is like a touchstone of depravity.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Thank you for remembering this blog post."

actually, it is impossible to forget.

Anonymous said...

Think of all the innocent pets that died because of Jim Crosby's lobbying for fighting breeds and fighting breed breeders who brag about how their pit bulls attack and maul other animals, and should be allowed to, and used Jim Crosby as a mouthpiece.

The pig was only one of Crosby's animal victims.

And didn't all this fighting breed lobbying get hidden inside the big, fat scam of No Kill?

He was lobbying with and for for-profit pit bull breeders while he was collecting a taxpayer-funded salary, wasn't he?

Anonymous said...

This bum is now going to be collecting a pension, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

This guy is a retired Law Enforcement Officer and what gets me is his disloyalty. LEO's are facing and shooting Pits in record numbers at attack scenes domestic dispute calls and in the drug raids...Many LEO's are getting bitten...Yet, this guy sold his fellow LEOs and their families down the river for a chance Pit Bull Stardom...

It's clear that Pit Nutters in a public safety function does not work.

Jere Alexander, the Toronto HSUS and Doug Rae being the other epic failures.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, pit bulls don't "fight" they are just "scrapping" when they kill another dog?

That's almost as good as Donna Reynolds from Bad Rap...according to her, pit bulls aren't "dog aggressive"; they are "spicy" or "sassy"!!!!

Thats sounds a lot cuter!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

PLEASE send me links to "spicy" and "sassy"

anonymouse said...

Wasn't Fluffy the name of Cartman's pot bellied pig?

Apparently they don't make for good house pets. They're highly intelligent heard animals with a really low threshold for boredom. Because of this, they are also known for aggression, territoriality, and a strong drive for dominance.

In other words they pretty much go beserk when they hit maturity and can weigh over 125 lbs when fully grown. Sound familiar?

I agree entirely with CKing's statement that it being another instance of an animal that people bring into their houses that is not suited to being in a house.

They ain't pets, people.

Spicy & sassy link to more info

anonymouse said...

I couldn't find anything with spicy and sassy Donna Reynolds, but I found a link to breeder site with a dog named "Sweet N Spicy Sassafrass."

Google also pulled up a link to the following book, "When Dogs Bark" by Charles W. Harvey.

According to the synopsis: When Dogs Bark is a collection of stories and poems that personifies the gay black world. It's juicy, spicy, sassy, sad, happy, butch, and fem.

Coicidence? I think not.

Anonymous said...

From the HuffPo:

County Commissioner George Gainer went so far as to say that "the pig didn't cause Mr. Crosby's untimely resignation," but was just the last straw in a series of institutional disagreements with Mark Bowen, the director of Bay County's Emergency Services

Rogers, who wrote in a written statement that he "failed to practice proper procedure" and "deeply regret(s)" the slaughter, received only a "very, very strong" reprimand.

More from the WaltonSun:

But Mark Bowen, who oversees BCAC, said the fault lies with Rogers’ boss, Jim Crosby.

“Adoption log or not, an officer never, ever does this,” Bowen said. “The supervisor and manager didn’t hammer that home. (Crosby) created a culture that was completely unacceptable.”

Anonymous said...

More Pre Pit Grifter payroll comments from Whitewash Jimmy regarding a Pit named Brutus who killed Arianna Fleeman back in 2005

Crosby said Brutus’ pups will bear close watching throughout their lives.

"To me, it would be reasonable to assume that if the sire of the litter has aggression problems, the pups should be closely managed," he said. "I can’t say (the pups) would be aggressive or killers, but I do think those dogs should be managed throughout their lives and closely supervised to avoid any potential problems."

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

On Wednesday, Bowen told Crosby, the Animal Control director, he thought Crosby’s response to the situation had been “completely inadequate and unacceptable.”

i wonder if whitewash jimmy shared the meal with his employee?

“There was a lack of sensitivity on the part of (Crosby),” Bowen said.

WE ALL KNEW THAT! well, except for the pit nutters and game-doggers who share that insensitivity towards PETS.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the person who turned in the pig will sue. I'm sure they signed away their rights to the pig, but they did so with a reasonable expectation their pet would not be slaughtered for consumption by shelter personnel. Nobody should have to go to bed wondering if their relinquished pet was clubbed with a bat, beaten with a hammer, or had its throat repeatedly slashed by someone with no experience in humane slaughter. The pets at this shelter should be evacuated and the operation shut down until an investigation is completed. In the mean time, other communities should pay attention to this and understand the hazard of having a pit nutter in their organization, never mind a management position.

Anonymous said...

More Pre Pit Grifter payroll writings from WWJ:

"Enter now the Pit Bull, and other breeds specifically selected by Man to fight each other. These animals have several concerning behavioral difference from most other canines. When they fight, human intervention has selected for animals that do not turn off, and do not stop fighting until one, or both, are dead. There is no surrender for these animals. A fully submissive body posture is no more than another opportunity for them to disembowel their adversary.

As a corollary to this, these dogs seem to have a shorter negotiation sequence. Many times we hear of a Pit Bull or similar dog that “…just went off…” The expected precursors to a full fight seem to be lacking, much like the quick interactions we see with some teens and young adults these days; one insults another, and the first response is to “…pop a cap…” into the offender. Even popular Pit Bull sites on the Internet admit that fights between Pit Bulls can occur with little or no warning."

anonymouse said...

In the mean time, other communities should pay attention to this and understand the hazard of having a pit nutter in their organization, never mind a management position.

Unfortunately it seems like far too many shelters have pit nutters in their organizations. I don't know what the national average is, but in the ones where I live at least 40% of all the dogs at the shelters are pits or "lab mixes". Where the pits go, nutters will follow.

I'm probably going to get it for this, but I just can't muster much sympathy for the original owner of the pig. (I have absolutely none for the AC director & staff.) I just don't understand how anyone can own a pet--any pet, much less an "exotic" one like a pot bellied pig--without doing ANY research beforehand. Unlike the nanny dog sites the pit nutters operate, the information on the pig owners sites tend to be more straightforward about what to expect. Just by doing a very basic google search pretty much tells you whether your lifestyle would mesh with a pig's. It ain't rocket science.

Then again, the shelters are filled with regular domestic pets surrendered through no fault of their own either. And that definitely ain't rocket science to know whether you have the ability to take care of a dog or a cat. I understand that sometimes owners are in a bad situation where they have to give up their pets, but I doubt shelters are overflowing because of those situations.

Anonymous said...

I have very little doubt that Whitewash Jimmy secured a position with the Animal Farm Freaks before tending his resignation. Jane Berkey has probably been courting him for a year.

Anonymous said...

Jim Crosby was an amazing asset to Bay County and his only fault was doing his job too well. He dramatically increased adoption rate, greatly reducing the number of aminals that had to be killed and started a free pet vaccination and microchip tagging program for residents. He got better press than Bowen and made the mistake of pointing out accounting irregularities to the county. This instance was an excuse, not a reason to force him out.

vintage said...

Oh Well...Back to "Investigating" DBRFs...And Business is BOOMING!

Only in Nutterland does a fired Dog Catcher have any credibility.