Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the wacky adventures of pitbullforum

sarah writes:

just a fluke you say?

cashisking chimes in:

let's not forget the westie that was killed while being boarded at the vet when the ugly frankenmauler housed next to it chewed through the kennel fence to get it.

meanwhile capp whines about continental refusing pit bulls and badrap continues to blather on about how pit bulls are JUST dogs. there is a reason why some airline carriers ban pit dogs. there is no good reason why they all don't!


Trigger said...

But not even BEARS do this!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


Friends Administrator said...

There is an episode on the Pimping for Pits Channel, Animal Cops, of a pit that tore up the inside of the AC truck, steel bars and the kennel. The ACO's were amazed, you could tell, as they were showing the camera. The pit was bloody but still wagging that tail. It took the destruction of the steel bars in the truck, the steel bars of the kennel to convince them to euthanize this pit without the usual temperament testing, etc. Any breed of dog that can do that, well, you can just imagine what they do to a body. Again, who in their right mind would want a dog that could do that?

As a teenager, I knew a man with a bulldog that actually ate windshields. He was a mechanic and would feed windshields to this dog. Dog lived a long life, never had a problem, but the owner would warn you not to step in the dog poop. Not because of the usual reasons but because it would cut you. I saw it, folks, that is not an old wives tale.

CKing said...

Trigger that is too funny.

Dammit P., I've been watching one of the pits next door chow down on branches for weeks now hoping that it will eventually get a blockage or fatal splinters or something.

You've dashed my dreams. How could I be so naive?

Yeah, they're just like other dogs.

Anonymous said...

The next time I'm on expedition in bear country, I'll definitely keep an eye out for bear forts built from tuna cans! :-)))

I'm not surprised about the pit tearing open and chewing up cans. Pits are turned in for destructiveness nearly as much as aggression. I've even heard of one shredding a big screen TV. (I bet that POS pit was “provoked” by another dog or small child in a tv show or ad.) I've also know of one going through dry wall to destroy a neighbor’s apt. That's what happens if you have to turn their crate opening towards a common wall because they've already destroyed the door.