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How to kill a pit bull (Staffordshire) terrier

My Grenade has never hurt Anybody

My kids play with it all the time. (Photo: USA public domain.)

This article is about how to prevent an attack from a pit bull dog, and how to behave in the event of an attack.

Predictably, it has become a debate platform for criminals who endorse this defect breed.

It is certainly not any individual dog’s fault that he was born with genetics designed via artificial selection to fight and kill. It is the fault of the blood-lust gladiator-type people who bred them in the first place, and the similarly wicked people who press a politically-correct agenda to promote these animals, who were not bred to herd sheep, to an often naive public.

However, that does not change the reality of the breed’s characteristic tendency to unexpectedly attack and kill even after years of good behavior, any more than a duck-loving retriever might change the reality that retrievers have a tendency to fetch.

Discussion of whether this is only a case of media hysteria, and discussion of why these loving and playful (but occasionally unpredictable and deceitful) bully dogs are the dog of choice for cruel and/or cognitively impaired owners, and the flagrantly correlated deaths of children, are discussed in the section titled “My Pit Bull has Never Hurt Anybody” after this more practical section.


Considering probabilities, you should not waste too much time on this topic unless you have mastered defensive driving, healthy eating, and first aid!

However, that does not weaken the observations that:

  • pit bulls are dangerous, especially the sweet ones who earn the trust of their owners;
  • it is lunacy that these beasts are legal — a machine gun would not be tolerated on a side walk, even if it were muzzled and leashed;
  • you can reasonably expect your children and yourself to be emotionally terrorized by a pit bull at least once in your lifetime.

I have never seen my kids disappear so fast (into moving traffic) as when we were walking in a parking lot and a muzzled pit bull suddenly gnashed and barked through an open window inside a truck. If a man wearing a muzzle hid in a truck and suddenly gnashed and screamed at a passing child, that man could expect to find himself in handcuffs fairly quickly. How is it somehow less frightening or abusive to a child if the face behind the muzzle is more hairy, more ugly, and has larger fangs?

I do not let my kids watch horror movies, but these dogs, especially when wearing the cage-type muzzle, are more frightening than Hannibal Lecter. The foamy muzzles, however, are quite a comedy! They deflate the macho image of the dog. They look like brown diapers with legs.

  • Anybody’s advice should never trump a strategy that keeps the professionals at the front of emergencies. Somebody (within shouting distance) should phone 911! If a dog is running at you, and you have your cell phone in hand, dial 911 and set the phone on the ground before you face the hostility;
  • This article is not about first aid; it is not about treating dog bite wounds. If you want to have knowledge and awareness, you should consider a comprehensive strategy, including first aid; and
  • Though I have contacted many, I am not a dog handler, a zoologist, a criminal, a pit bull owner, or a police officer — discern everything I say — your safety and the safety of our children is of utmost importance. This HubPage is intended to provoke all of us to think about this situation, including some of the ethical concerns, but more-so the practical realities for people like me who live in cities where dogs are worshiped and children are despised.
About me

I have two children; like most people, I have experienced and witnessed dog hostility, prompting this research:
  • a Scottie dog untied my shoelace, the little booger!
  • I watched a pit bull terrorize two boys with skateboards, and spent some unfortunate time with the residents of that neighborhood afterward, all of them crippled by fear of the dog owners, living like slaves in subjection to Nazis;
  • a pit bull attacked me while I was walking in a park with my camera.
I hope you enjoy some of my research — some from papers, and some from experience.

Visual Recognition

Regardless of various titles and confusing names, if a dog looks like a block-headed turtlenecked broad-chested beady-eyed prostrate Hershey kiss, then it’s a pit bull or a pit bull mix. It has the stance of its father, the English bulldog, and the tenacity of its mother, the terrier. They have thick skulls and tapered wiggle-butts. (Credits to for the “wiggle-butt”, “pit-nutter”, and “frankenmauler” terminology.) Some have cropped/trimmed ears, but some don’t. Their short fur is not always brindle.

Look at photos; you will be able to spot them: click to view some of the male deformities on the American Bully Idol show website. If you experience nausea, simply look away from your display.

Some of the photos on the Bully Idol website may have been stretched horizontally.

There is no practical reason to trust anything that resembles a pit bull. The pit bull mixes can be just as unpredictable.

Look at photos of bull dogs — they look different.

Look at photos of boxers — they look different.

Unneutered male pit bulls are the most likely to attack.

Prevention and readiness

Talk to your children about dogs — tell them that they should to try their best not to run away from any dog, whether it is attacking or not. Explain that if they run, a dog is more likely to chase them.

Tell your kids that if a dog attacks, they should stand behind you, facing the dog. Whenever possible, they should dial 9-1-1. Forget “stranger danger” hype mythology — in cases of emergency, your child must run to a stranger’s car or house and knock on the door.

Practice the behaviors, at least in your head. Remind yourself of the possibilities, and the behaviors you must engage if these things happen. (More below.)

A can of mace or bear spray is a wise investment, though it is often not effective against pit bulls. If you do purchase one, do not neglect to prepare for the worst anyway.

Avoid interaction of any sort with any pit bull

We should not make friends with any unknown dogs; they may be frightened, and they may be territorial. Also, some owners may not like it.

That said, if you have a sense of people and dogs, you might discern that an owner is fine with your approach, and a dog is indeed not frightened, but rather eager to interact. You can trust the signals of dogs — who has regretted approaching a pug, hound, or retriever that is signaling comfort with the approach? Just go slow, do not surprise him, and keep your hands lower than his mouth. Build some trust — let that kind of initial interaction happen before petting or hugging. If you aren’t experienced with reading dogs signals, then just leave them alone, for their sake and yours.

But no matter how much you know about dogs, do not attempt any sort of interaction with a pit bull. Though it would almost always not be a problem, do not bend down or try to be friendly. Do not trust their friendly signals. Pit bulls have a track record of responding to a person’s cues of submission with a friendly head-nodding reply, wagging their tail… and then possibly attempting to spill that person’s intestines and blood, while swallowing their tissues.

Many pit bulls are super friendly, but do not let this fact tempt you to become another statistic where everybody was surprised that such a “friendly” dog with such a “great” owner suddenly became a killer.

Do not listen to the propaganda spewing out the owner’s mouth. If a Muslim is peaceful, then he does not need to keep insisting that he is peaceful. If a pit bull is harmless, then the incessant defense provided by their owner is nothing but a reason to be suspicious.

The lie always makes something more dangerous. A seedy, unshaven, and dirty fellow is not trusted from the start; however, a gentle, kind, and clean man is more likely to be trusted, which makes him much more dangerous if he happens to have evil motivations that are not tattooed to his forehead. Look up “psychopath” — they are the most charming and flattering people.

Do not assume it will attack, but do not assume it won’t

If there is a pit bull near you, continue what you were doing, but:
  • have your cell phone in your hand, and fingers ready to dial 9-1-1 — even if the 911 operator is talking to the sidewalk and listening to screams and growls, that is much better than no call placed at all;
  • steady your mind, recalling your knowledge, and bring your children closer — preferably holding their hands to prevent them from bolting — pit bulls are primarily child-killers;
  • Do not look directly at the dog or the owner, but keep watch with your peripheral vision.
Do not run away

If the beast starts heading your way at any speed, you must not run away. Stand still, arms down. Do not crouch. Do not let your children run; direct them behind you.

Do not look it in the eyes, but pay keen attention.

Prepare to be bitten ; you must expect this so that you do not become a dysfunctional mess when this does happen.

If you have time, drape a coat or blanket over your un-preferred forearm; (i.e., your left arm, if you are right-handed).

Prepare your mind regarding that particular arm; do this whether you have mace or not. You might well require the techniques outlined below even after spraying the dog with mace.

Do not kick or punch

These animals are very good at taking a beating without being discouraged. Pit bulls are noted for their lack of reaction to pain, and their outstanding tenacity, particularly with those strong jaws that pride themselves in “hanging in there.” Obviously, these are beneficial traits for dogs bred to win a fight.

The practical human advantages over this dog are:
  1. most adults are heavier than a pit bull — think about how this might apply to falling on the animal instead of dancing around and punching while it removes pieces of your flesh;
  2. human beings have nifty little fingers that can poke, grasp, and pull — with regards to a pit bull, think about how this might apply to their eyes and to the collar around their throat, if they have a collar.
Do not play the dog’s game; do not fight the dog’s fight; you will lose.

Bring the match into your arena, where your skills are beneficial. The pit bull is a killing machine, but it has limitations, not the least of which are its:
  • stupidity;
  • squat posture;
  • collapsible chest cavity; and
  • soft little eyeballs that can be plucked out.
If the pit bull is jogging toward you

(When attacking, a pit bull will often approach you in a leisurely fashion.)

Place your children, and possibly yourself, in a higher position — stand on a bench, a car, or any sort of higher ground.

Holler at people, “somebody phone 911.” Hopefully only one person will take on this task while any others come to help. The 911 caller can join the scuffle after the call, if the operator somehow lets him go, or he hangs up anyway.

As mentioned before: stand still, do not look at the animal, and do not run away. If your children run, place yourself directly between the dog and your children, facing the dog, not your kids.

Never attack a dog, but…

… if the attacking dog is within lunging distance, consider yourself engaged — you should already be emotionally and physically prepared.

Some experts assert that at this point, you should lay down and curl up in a ball. This is excellent theory, but it is impossible. Have you ever met a human being that is drenched in adrenaline and has a heart rate of 190 bpm who has the composure to lay down and find a comfortable fetal position when a monster is attacking? We are not turtles! Our instincts will not allow this behavior. We have learned about the “fight or flight” instinct. We have never heard of “fight, flight, or turn into a baby and suck your thumb” instinct.

To overcome your urge to run away will be marvel enough — focus on achieving that. If you are a Zen master, then use your skills to curl up and have a nap. But if you are a human being, work now to protect yourself. You will need every bit of energy you have, so do not waste it swatting or kicking at the dog, or jumping around. Don’t waste your energy trying to avoid a bite. Focus your energy instead on disabling the dog.

If there happens to be a javelin nearby, then grab it to distract the dog; otherwise, ignore this “expert” advice to look around for large poles and boulders! I didn’t notice any nearby when the pit bull attacked me.

Your children should be behind you. Your knees should be flexed and your (less desirable!) forearm in front of you, as if a shield. If you happen to have a coat or baby blankie on that arm, that’s super, but do not lose your focus trying to achieve this! You can can get through this with a naked arm! Just remind yourself that you will experience pain and you will see blood and you will hear crunching and ripping, but this will NOT kill you. Your inattention and undue concern about that particular arm might contribute to a very special hospital bed in the intensive care unit.

If a pit bull attacks your dog

This advice is rather difficult to consider, and I do not wish to upset anybody here — I am motivated primarily by the preservation of human life.

If a pit bull is having his way with your pet, then let him have his way, and use that time to get any persons to safety and to phone 911.

It is prudent to love and protect our pets; however, there are too many stories about owners being hurt while trying to save their pet. If the pit bull is the size of a rabbit, then stomp on it to save your dog; otherwise, I beg you to exit the situation and call for help.

The ultimate undesired event

I do pray that you never reach this point, but if you do, you must perform as boldly and swiftly as possible. Emotions work against you — you must not be shy about violence, guts, or killing now. Do not run away now!

Make sure the forearm is the most available part of your body for the dog. If you’re thinking of it as a shield, prioritize guarding your throat and face.

As the terrier sinks into your forearm, use your other (preferred) hand to grab the dog’s opposite leg. If you are right-handed, offer your your left forearm, and use your right hand to grab the dog’s own right front leg — that’s the leg to your left as you are looking at him! Picture it, and run this through your mind a few times.

If you are left handed, offer your right forearm for the bite, and grab the dog’s left front arm (which is to your right as you face the dog!) with your good left hand.

Let’s pause to remind ourselves that everything we are doing is intended to convert this into a human battle instead of a dog battle — that is, a fight where you will have the advantages. This means that instead of just the dog holding you and being free to release and re-attach, ripping more and more pieces out of you:
  1. you must pin/hold/lock the dog — you do not have jaws like he does, but you have a hand that can grasp his leg and hold on tight;
  2. the dog must be brought down to the ground — pinned and unable to jump — preferably crushed / having difficulty breathing — if the dog is on the ground upside-down , all the better; and
  3. you need to take advantage of those adept fingers of yours — but you cannot use them until your good hand is free to let go without the dog escaping.
If the dog bit you somewhere than the expected forearm, or is biting repeatedly rather than holding a particular bite, maintain the general strategy of (1) grabbing the dog and twisting its body so that you can (2) crush it and rip its eyes out.

Flip, crush, strangle, and gouge

Recall — the dog has a grip on your forearm; you have a grip on his front leg opposite your good arm.

Now crank the steering wheel. Using the leverage between both of your arms, ROTATE/flip the dog upside-down. If he’s too heavy, do not pause to cry — continue with the next step.

[Supposedly, the flipping job may cause his ribs to pierce his heart, but I would not count on it, even if it is likely. It is certainly preferable to make the mistake of over-doing the job, turning the dog into hamburger, than to leave him half-capable of doing more harm.]

Get on top of him with all your weight. If you manage to heave yourself on him, focusing the weight on his chest, that’s even better. Sit on him, kneel on him, lay on him, bounce on him… and when he weasels away, get back on him. Flip him again. Hold his arms. Don’t let go. When you lose your grip, grab another leg — don’t worry about which of the four legs; keep holding, flipping, and sitting on him. Do not give up — he won’t!

Whenever the opportunity presents, grab his collar and persist in pulling and twisting it to strangle him — if this is working, continue the strategy. Otherwise, work also to stab fingers and/or a thumb into his eyes. Do not just poke here and there — we are not playing marbles today. Utterly gouge his eyes out — dig, stab, rip, and do not stop until strings are hanging out and blood is welling up in both eye sockets.

If he is blind and he has no more grip on your arm, get away from him and get help. Don’t let your emotions keep you in the fight — you need medical attention. Somebody else can stave the blind dog off.

If you have blinded him but he still has a bite hold on you, continue using your weight to crush him, and also think about cutting off his breath: press your arm into his windpipe — yes, even that chewed up bare-bone arm, if it’s handy. When the dog goes still, do not release. Maintain the pressure until the dog is beyond consciousness — at least half a minute. Then get up and get help.

If he’s still latched onto one forearm, you may also “hug” him by putting the other arm around his neck and giving him a really tight *choke* hug.

Hopefully somebody else is around and might relieve you of your dog-disabling duties sooner than this point while you get help.

My Pit Bull has Never Hurt Anybody

The mutilation of children is nothing to pretend away in some quest to protect the delicate egos of men who use weapons to prove their masculinity, or of women who wish they weren’t.

“Breed-specific-legislation does not work”? But breed-specific-behavior certainly works! Indeed, banning the use of hand grenades on city streets does not eradicate the killers who desire to use them, but it does separate the criminal from that particular weapon.

BSL is not enough… pit bull “rescue” agencies should also be banned.

The ultimate solution might be to require a skill-testing question of those who wish to adopt an “American Staffordshire Terrier”. Not many pit bulls would be adopted anymore. See links to scientific studies of the stupidity of pit bull owners, as well as some excellent links provided by “Twice Sly” in the comments section.

There is no justification for the existence of the pit bull weapon, unless we neglect to expose the lies of those who preach the “nanny dog” religion.

Parents are very sensitive; everybody is! We all need to be so careful not to upset somebody’s child… but somehow these wild beasts are entitled to give our children nightmares to last a lifetime, even when they are tucked behind fences or muzzles.

We would not take our kids to visit a psychopathic serial killer, although they are typically very polite. They don’t have frothing fangs either. I am incensed by the hateful people who retain these animals after having gained any knowledge beyond the culture-driven lies they once believed.

Is it really a pit bull?

Like Amway salespeople, pit bull owners sometimes hide behind various names/titles.

For example, at, I found pit bulls listed as “American Staffordshire terrier,” “pit bull terrier,” and “Staffordshire bull terrier.” Some pit bulls were also listed with “American bulldog.” Mixes were found under “pit bull/mix,” “pit bull/retriever,” “terrier, pit bull/mix,” “terrier, pit bull/retriever, labrador.” No other breed was given so many “mix” category privileges. (I did not search for hidden pit bulls under any other dog category, but expect you might find some there as well. Many other breed names have been defiled by being applied to a pit bull.)

Staffordshire terriers simply branched off the pit bull genetic line. Years have passed, but their are no fundamental differences in the genetics. Other than keeping track of lineage, I don’t suppose a genetic engineer with an electron microscope could reliably discern between a Staffy and a pit by looking at the DNA.

There is no good reason to trust anything that resembles a pit bull, whether it is a mixed breed or whether the owner makes special claims about this particular dog’s heritage.

Pit bull “experts” have no problem admitting that the genetics of the pit bull include tenacity, inclination to make friends with strangers, and disposition to behave motherly with human children, but they will deny as prejudice even the remote possibility that the breed can be unpredictable (does not give the typical warning signals before attacking). It is obvious that a good fighter dog will not give warning signals. Dogs that did well at fighting because of this, among other reasons, were selectively bred because of success afforded by these treacherous traits. Amazingly, pit bulls often deceitfully give a welcoming signal before attacking.

Other aggressive and/or powerful dogs will always overwhelmingly announce their aggression with barking, gnashing, and bearing their fangs when they have aggressive motivations. They demonstrate fear when they are afraid. They signal joyful expectation only when they want to engage friendship and/or playfulness. This includes strong breeds like rottweilers.

Many years of good behavior combined with a lack of warning signals make the pit bull more dangerous. When you hear “my pit bull has never attacked any person or animal,” you may reply: “Of course not; otherwise, it would have been euthanized or locked away, unless you are an overt murderer and you are lying about the dog’s track record.” Almost every pit bull that commits a serious attack has never done so before; that is fairly obvious.

You may also mention that since the pit bull has built such trust only makes it more dangerous to everybody — especially to the owner and her family/friends.

Unsuspecting animal lovers can be tricked into adopting a cute and friendly pit bull. Pit bulls are sometimes available to adoption for the very reason that the owner had one or more bad experiences. However, the adoption documentation provided by the rescue-angel-people will not disclose these incidents. Even if the dog gave no previous trouble, it is still capable of such. Already duped into adopting the animal, the unlearned owner will become increasingly endangered by the trust fostered by the dog.

This should not about splitting hairs about breeds — this is fundamentally about safety. But if it is about breeds, then talk to a scientist, not a dog officer, handler, or agency worker who might be biased with an agenda. Granted, scientists can also be biased, but at least are obliged to work toward a professional ethic, and are subject to peer review.

Is it the breed?

Even the most well trained and loved pit bulls can pull wild surprises — this is one of the most important reasons why they are so successful in their murder statistics.

Breeding / artificial selection is not complicated. The genetic composition of an animal kind (dog) can change within just a few generations. And for what purpose were pit bulls bred? Certainly not to be fluffy bundles of joy, to herd sheep, or to retrieve ducks. They were bred to entertain sick people who like to watch animals tear each other apart.

Pit bulls were bred to kill other dogs, not humans — some owners will claim that the ones who attacked humans were ‘culled’ to remove this genetic deficiency. The statistics prove otherwise, but if it really matters, the so-called “[human] meat eater” fighting dogs were coveted as the best, and most successful, fighters.

Men who are unsure of their masculinity find extra comfort and pride in owning a man-eating dog. If an owner’s dog is winning the fights, and has a bad-ass reputation, why would he ‘cull’ it?! That kind of dog is precisely what the fighter owner desires, and is precisely what dangerous and hateful people have always desired.

Any dog breed can be aggressive. Consider them — if, say, a German Shepard is going to attack, you will know about it by his growling and barking indications of fear or aggression. A pit bull might be playful and kissing somebody when it attacks. Also, if a German Shepard attacks you, you will almost certainly leave the incident with your face still attached to your skull.

Pit apologists love to criticize golden retrievers, that most majestic breed, by citing aggression statistics. Golden retrievers are aggressive when slimy stupid people (who love pit bulls) come skulking around their territory. Yet even still, the golden retriever will (1) warn the idiot first, in an attempt to avoid a fight, (2) back off when strongly resisted or overwhelmed, and (3) leave the person with most of his organs intact after disabling him or convincing him to leave the territory.

What about Rottweilers?

Pit bulls are certainly not the only dog breed capable of a lot of damage. However, dangerous rottweilers, Danes, Doberman’s and Shepherds do not pretend to be angels. A “good owner” really can have a good rottweiler. You really can talk about deed/breed with rottweilers. Furthermore, there really is a possibility that a rottweiler owner is an intelligent and responsible person who values human life. Do not confuse people who buy rottweilers with people who buy pit bulls, while yet keeping your distance from any dog who is a guard dog or who is expressing aggression.

The rottweiler who might rip you up is the one behind the chain link fence who is gnashing and frothing. You would not go up to that dog for some love. Rottweilers who demonstrate a track record of gentleness around children really are worthy of trust. Just think twice before punching their owner or kidnapping their owner’s children!

Furthermore, if the fence around a rottweiler is a proper fence, you don’t need to worry about the rottweiler eating the fence — they aren’t so stupid. However, if your neighbor has a good fence around her pit bull, know that if the pit bull has settled on some reason to escape the fence, he will not give up chewing and smashing the fence. Think about that when your puppy or your child is playing in your backyard.

Nah! It’s about the owner, not the breed!

Alright, if it’s about the owners, check some research about the moron criminals who own these beasts:
For those who do not understand the pro-life precept, it goes like this: if any amount of labor, no matter the cost, might save the life of a single child or a single senior citizen or a single handicapped person, then no argument stands against my immediate support of this activity.
Would we defend the public freedom of men and women with a demonstrated capacity to abuse or kill children simply because this sort of atrocity is not very common, or because the “real problem” is simply that the caretakers of dangerous offenders keep messing up in their duties to train and restrain these criminals?
Who wittingly takes the side of the bullies in this debate? Mark these people, and understand that their hearts are wastebaskets of hatred. Until God’s mercy descends upon them, do not grant your pinkie in trust — consider them as those already guilty of the crimes that their pets may not yet have committed.
While the probability of being maimed to death by a pit bull is relatively unlikely compared to other ways for your children to die, this debate is apparently not about probabilities or about your children; rather, it has exposed a certain extremity of immorality in our population and is a hotspot for noticing wicked people. Wage on the proper side in this debate to oppose the artifices of the demons of hell, so readily embraced by a depraved population.
We are expected to tip-toe around these owners so we don’t hurt their feelings. What irony! My kids (who are terriers themselves) have been subject to the chilling “elevator eyes” of these hell-nightmares.

This is not rocket-science: pit bulls represent some 5% of the dog population in America, but almost 60% of the fatalities, not mentioning statistics of all the faces ripped off, legs, thighs, and abdomens of children with giant holes and tears in them; limbs sawn down to tendons and bones. I won’t post images here; use your imagination. If humans are victims of pit bulls, then so much more are other dogs, cats, horses, pigs, sheep, and goats. The zealously hysterical media certainly cannot keep up with the pit maulings of these other creatures.

As a parent, I am not happy with pit bull owners. Reckless dog owners who let their dogs pee-pee on my lawn are gentle angels in comparison to pit bull owners.

But my pit bull is a “lick you to death” babysitting sweetie-pie!

I have no doubt about that; this is precisely the reason pit bulls have so much success in maiming our species — they can truly be kind and sweet — “nanny dogs,” as their human defenders so often remind us. When they mutilate their owner, the owner and friends all repeat the very same pre-attack assertion: “he was such a sweet pit bull! he has never done this before! we left him alone with our baby all the time!” Pit-idiots flock to news articles and flood them with boring clich├ęs about “deed not breed,” and even blame-the-victim type claims.

“Pit bulls only attack when provoked” — err…

Indeed; that is, if you count “sitting on your porch,” “being a gardener,” and “looking at a horse” as provocative behaviors. See the comprehensive list here: PIT BULL TRIGGERS.

Often, pit bull owners have a “blame the victim” mindset. It helps them cope with their guilt, and fits their generally hostile disposition. People who own Golden Retrievers and St. Bernard dogs rarely have this mental defect.

One sighting of a neighbor’s cockapoo can be a trigger that the pit bull cannot escape until he has attacked the cockapoo. Pit bulls “escape” from fences because they chew through them. They have been known to chew through exterior house walls, car doors, and to heave themselves at windows in an attempt to perform their genetic duty to finish the job they have begun.

Dogs chase cars. Pit bulls try to eat cars.

Yes, pit bull aggression is often blamed on “provoking” from the victim. Chances are, your baby did something provocative — the dog misunderstood the baby as launching an attack. Babies and children are typically understood as having initiated the conflict with the pit bull, and therefore only get what they deserve. (“She kept riding her bike past our driveway. She was probably teasing the dog too!”)

Read more — you can even follow them on twitter to listen to worldwide play-by-play pit bull violence. (That is, in nations where this weapon is still legal.)
the truth about pit bulls blog
craven desires blog
Yes, pit bulls are the victims of some nasty prejudice and bad press — but I wouldn’t be defending this genetic mistake in front of parents whose children are missing skin or buried in coffins. We are pressured to avoid “hurting the feelings” of pit bull owners. Their ‘feelings’ are demons of hell — this is about protecting human life, not about protecting the dainty egos of men and women who require pet monsters to confirm their validity as members of our species.

If pit defenders want to put their money where their mouths are, they should know about an excellent business opportunity — there is a conspicuous gap in the niche market of providing liability insurance for people who own pit bull dogs. Insurance companies are interested in making money, so they do their homework and do not base their decisions on media hysteria.

cross posted with permission from paul at looseassociations


Unknown said...

I'm really glad to see this cross-posted. The idiot pit nutters thought they could censor this info and keep it off the web. Instead, it's just getting spread wider. Life saving info!

april 29 said...

Here is the thing... pit bull owners do not seem to be able to get their acts together, are not able to control their beasts, make no attempt to deal with the violence caused by the dogs that are presented as "nanny dogs" and "wigglebutts". Every mauling creates another victim, every victim has family and friends who are impacted by the attack. The numbers of victims increase every single day. As this blog clearly indicates... WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Word to the wise pit nutters, your irresponsibility causes suffering and death. Until things change, you may expect more blogs like this one. Expect restrictive laws. Expect to get sued. If you can't fix this problem, the victims will.

P.S. denial is not corrective action.

Anonymous said...

WTF? PSYCHO essay! If a dog tries 2 attack U, KICK it with your LEGS (DUH!), & if or when it comes back, kick it AGAIN. If, by contrast, U have a sharp object like a pointy umbrella (always a good idea when walking, as I get attacked CONSTANTLY @ night) try 2 IMMEDIATELY spear the thing. Don't fuk around. When they know U mean business, they get out of the way. I've TRIED 2 impale many a dog attacking me this way, but they R like freaking fish in a pond, INSANELY fast when U R after them. The closest I've been able 2 get impaling them is jamming the thing into their barking mouths, which sends them running away whimpering liek the pieces of krap they R =) Probably hurts really bad ! I dunno!

Anonymous said...

WTF? PSYCHO essay! If a dog tries 2 attack U, KICK it with your LEGS (DUH!), & if or when it comes back, kick it AGAIN. If, by contrast, U have a sharp object like a pointy umbrella (always a good idea when walking, as I get attacked CONSTANTLY @ night) try 2 IMMEDIATELY spear the thing. Don't fuk around. When they know U mean business, they get out of the way. I've TRIED 2 impale many a dog attacking me this way, but they R like freaking fish in a pond, INSANELY fast when U R after them. The closest I've been able 2 get impaling them is jamming the thing into their barking mouths, which sends them running away whimpering liek the pieces of krap they R =) Probably hurts really bad ! I dunno!

Anonymous said...

WTF? PSYCHO essay! If a dog tries 2 attack U, KICK it with your LEGS (DUH!), & if or when it comes back, kick it AGAIN. If, by contrast, U have a sharp object like a pointy umbrella (always a good idea when walking, as I get attacked CONSTANTLY @ night) try 2 IMMEDIATELY spear the thing. Don't fuk around. When they know U mean business, they get out of the way. I've TRIED 2 impale many a dog attacking me this way, but they R like freaking fish in a pond, INSANELY fast when U R after them. The closest I've been able 2 get impaling them is jamming the thing into their barking mouths, which sends them running away whimpering liek the pieces of krap they R =) Probably hurts really bad ! I dunno!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you are correct anon, they are freakishly fast. most people are unprepared for the lightening speed with which these attacks occur. even when you are armed with lethal weapons it is easy to lose the upper hand. you must be hyper aware of your surroundings and ready to engage in battle like a minute man. except in the case of mutant grippers, a split second man.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that this article provides is "pitbulls" are the only dogs that will ever attack. Very stereotypical and unprofessional which makes the rest of the article seem inaccurate as well. Thanks but no thanks.

More people have been bitten by a chihauhau than the whole "pitbull" classification of many different breeds. Strong dogs do more damage if an attack occurs therefore it gets reported. unlike a bite from other smaller breeds of dogs who show a lot of aggressiveness. Besides who want to receive medical attention saying a little chihauhau bit them.

Heres food for thought. I have owned 6 "pitbulls" and never gotten attacked. Wake up get out of the box the media has trapped you in. Open your eyes stop using your ears. Not everything you see on tv or the internet is real. If they can make movies with digital special effects whos to say its not being done on "live" tv.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

nutter, sure smaller breeds are aggressive. sure they bite but i think a former cage fighter/bouncer would be able to call off their dachshunds if they decided to go berserk and attack one of the former cage fighter/bouncer's visiting friend. don't you?

listen up stupid. we don't need advice about how to defend ourselves against beagles and dachshunds.

Anonymous said...

Horrible.. you are evil... any dog can attack.. this is ridiculous

Unknown said...

Your a fucking idiot

Unknown said...

Your a fucking idiot

KaD said...

I don't leave my house, even to put the garbage out, without my folding knife IN MY HAND. You never know when one of the maulomatics is running loose. If one attacks me I'll go for its eyes first. I might not kill it but the owner won't get it back in the shape it left the yard in. THAT is the only way pit owners become 'responsible'-when their crap breed gets it. They don't care who or what these shit dogs maul or kill.

Anonymous said...

I now live in fear as my boyfriend adopted a pit bull. She is a rescue, We both treat her with so much love but despite our efforts she becoming extremely aggressive. I have trained many dogs successfully but I cannot get this dogs trust. She lunged at me twice to cause me harm. Thankfully I was not bitten yet. I cannot go near my boyfriend anymore, If I touch him in any way she whines and goes into a tantrum especially if we are showing affection towards each other. She will run and jump to separate us. I can no longer sit on the couch as she bullies me off of it every time. Outside of the house she lunges at every passing citizen, cyclists men women children dogs cats basically everything that has a heartbeat, snapping her jaws at them with her crazy eyes fixated at them . I am absolutely terrified. I have to pull with all my might to stop her from harming someone. I now refuse to walk her. She even tries to lure people by wagging her tail and then suddenly agressavely lunging at them like mentioned in the article. She bit a mans hand and drew blood, she lunged and nearly sank her teeth in to a few peoples thoughts. I desperately pleading on giving her up but he insists that she is just a poor misunderstood puppy. I am overreacting and I must be jelous and a cruel person for even talking about it. She is 85 pounds and still growing. There is no reasoning with him. He will keep the dog no matter what. He does not train the dog at all and insists that she can do whatever she wants any time. I am literally living in fear for my life and everybody's well being. I cannot sleep anymore as I feel her eyes staring at me. I feel trapped in my own home always feel like I am walking on egg shells. The stress is taking its toll on me. I know what I need to do but I cannot betray my boyfriend and yet I do not want somebody getting hurt either. Do I just disappear. My life has now became a nightmare. Please anyone please give me the strength to get through this difficult time.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this dog needs a dirt nap asap.

assuming that you are alone with her at times, the first chance that you get, take her to a vet and have her euthanized.

if you are unable to do what's necessary, leave.

i copied your comment and made it, its own blog post so others can provide advice.

Unknown said...

Read a book, you're ignorant and I pity your children. I'd rather have a Muslim next door than an ignorant sanctimonious imbecile such as yourself, spreading idiotic notions. Please culture yourself, you're making the world a worse experience.

Unknown said...

Trinidad Colorado willow Street caught neighbors stealing electricity. Went to investigate. They sic the pitbull on me
I called police they did nothing owners hid. 4 days ago called 911 dog at large no one came so now taking law into my own hands

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

unfortunately, that is reality. for everyone.

please familiarize yourself with the laws in your state. here is a starter: