Tuesday, September 28, 2010

loyal people pleasers

I first came across this video on liveleak about 3 years ago. The youtube title is called "pitbull attacks stupid owner (i think)". But this loyal pit bull who is about to die trying to please his master is actually hanging off the arm of his owner's friend.

It has taken me a long time to get this translated.

Reporter: "Mr. Sondermans was visiting a friend and the friend's American Stafford, a kind of pit bull. The living room turned into a coliseum when the pit bull Bronco suddenly attacked his owner. Sondermans tried to help, but then was attacked himself. He fought the crazed beast with his bare hands for a full half hour."

Sondermans: "I got the dog leashed, but then..."

Police: "Come outside, come outside! Come outside!"

Sondermans: "It's murder plain and simple." (Appears to be talking about what the dog is doing to him, not about shooting the dog.)

Reporter: "The police don't dare shoot the animal indoors in case the bullets ricochet. Sondermans can understand that, but he's baffled and indignant that no one else tried to help him. According to Sondermans, the pit bull attacked because the owner gave the pit bull too many commands."

Add "too many commands" to the list of pit triggers.

watch on liveleak


Colleen Lynn said...

Thank you. We can finally link to a story to this video on the Dangerous Dog Attack Video page.

Anonymous said...

Crazy man crazy....

Btw, new article that supports your Sharpei and Mastiff meme!

Hope you enjoy the read!

Anonymous said...

It had been shot twice and it was still trying to regain its hold. These kind of videos are worth 10,000 words.

Anonymous said...

Well, you know a picture says a thousand words. Too bad video wasn't also taken of Parrot, the new, dead fundraising darling of the nutter world, or we'd have seen a picture more like this instead of just a police officer trying to get control of an out of control animal by putting a knee in its back.

Anonymous said...


thanks for getting that translated.

that helps explain why the "owner" didn't seem to know what to do about a pit bull hanging off his hand/arm.

by the way, HubPages finally allowed this back up:

but i've completely changed it.

the "hubscore" went down every day that it was unpublished. :(

take care,

Anonymous said...

Hey Craven,

Since there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what the FB page is about I've added an FAQ for people to access.

I can't reach each person on an indivdual level, and would appreciate it if this were plugged in somewhere.

People seem to be confused as to what a truth site is. Most truth sites are normally not pro or anti anything, but more or less an honest database as to what something inherently is.

Hope the FAQ will clear any misunderstandings!

Anonymous said...

I have many, many times seen mutants attack other dogs and the mutant-owner just stand by watching. Sometimes they seemed interested to see what their mutant would do to another dog. Sometimes they seemed afraid of their own mutant.

The lesson of this story is IN ANY CASE:

When a mutant attacks its owner, don't try to help. If you do, the owner will then stand by and watch either with interest or with fear how his very own mutant kills YOU because you tried to save HIS life.

Let the mental-retards take the consequences of their own breed choice. DO NOT be tempted to let these consequences fall upon yourself. Rather welcome the police to the scene where the mutant-owner is maimed than to a scene where you have been while the coward watched.

At this point, owning a pit bull is equivalent having 'small penis and cowardice alert' tattoed on your forehead.

Anonymous said...

Heya, Paul, we'll get the score back up. No worries. Glad they put it back up again, but it's really stupid they tried to insist that it's commercial. If that's the case, then they need to take down all those pro-pit hubs linking to AKC/UKC info. Those ARE businesses.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

excellent FAQ.

i need to point out that my sarcasm can be a bit confusing sometimes. a lot of people have a hard time recognizing it. sarcasm is one of the ways i manage my rage. on the jane berkey theater presents, i was spoofing karen delise and ledy vankavage as writer and producer. berkey, delise, vankavage are equally to blame for the lies. i didn't mean to literally attribute that all on to delise.

Small Survivors said...

Excellent work with the translation!

This is an great illustration of the high pain tolerance these things have. Also a great illustration of the term "dead game." That dog was intent on the attack after it was mortally wounded, and only let go when it was near dead.

Very important that this is available!

Anonymous said...

Another link to this vid on liveLeak

just in case ;)