Friday, October 1, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 10/01/10

9.24.10 pittsburgh, pennsylvania this miniature collie nearly died when these two losers' frankenmauler SOMEHOW escaped their home, ran into the street and attacked him. John Rock, Alistair's owner lost his balance and fell. a neighbor saw this and helped fight off the mutant but not before leaving Alistair with significant injuries and Rock with a $2400 vet bill. TERRANCE JONES and RYUANNAH HALL face multiple charges. JONES called Rock and offered to help him pay for the vet bill. gee, what a swell guy!
the pit perps

9.24.10 irvine, california the owner of 2 swiss mountain dogs punched out a pit nutter whose mutant was being aggressive towards his dogs.

mugshot 32 yr old TOBY VIRGINIA BEUTE
9.24.10 port orange, florida police went to the home of TOBY BEUTE to follow up on a missing child case. BEUTE opened the door holding onto one of her 2 ugly dogs. ugly broke away from her SOMEHOW and charged the officers, they shot it. it died. shortly after, BEUTE told officers she "felt some pain in her right leg and noticed bleeding below her knee." she was apparently hit by a bullet fragment. the pit nutter required NO SURGERY, not a single stitch. a bactine spritz and she'on her way. BEUTE is surely working on the typical excuses, "Boomer just wanted to say hi". "Boomer barks but he has never been aggressive to anyone." i bet there are protests, vigils, and a facebook petition in the works and possibly the threat of a lawsuit. but the police say they have a history with the nutter and the dog. in december of 2008, the frankenmauler broke out of its collar and attacked a dog. in november of 2009, the cops responded to a shots fired call and used a fire extinguisher on TOBY'S loyal little wiggle butt. in february of 2010 the ugly mutant bit a kid in the face. just this last month, the cops responded when people complained that BOOMER was running around with a neighbor's dead cat in its mouth. too bad the cop used a fire extinguisher instead of a glock. another link
a quick check into VIRGINIA TOBY BEUTE brings up an arrest in july 2010 for oxy and benzos.

rip Big Al
9.27.10 santa ana, california Big Al was attacked by a mutant while out on a walk. his back was broken and his lungs were punctured when the "scuffle broke out". the pit nutter was tracked down and cited for violating the leash law and not licensing his frankenmauler. neighbors say the dog is a menace and has attacked other dogs. AC would like to give it a dirt nap but since the other attacks were not reported they have no choice but to release the ugly dog back to its owner. people, you MUST report all instances of dog aggression!

rip Loki
9.27.10 UK 11 week old Loki was killed by a staffy bull during a walk in the park. police are looking for the pit nutters described as two men in their 20's. they believe this attack is related to another dog attack. call 08452 777444 quote log number EC/10/9929.

9.27.10 UK when police executed a search warrant in search of a pit nutter's son, they found a pit bull "smashing his way" through a bathroom door and attack a staffy bull. the mutant was seized and his owner appealed. her attorney argued “Chico doesn’t pose a risk to other dogs or to society in general. He doesn’t need to be destroyed.” if the pit nutter wants CHICO back, she must FIRST have him neutered, microchipped, insured, tattooed, registered as a dangerous dog, pay the legal fees and kennel fees. she has 2 months to comply. i like those hoops.

9.27.10 columbus, indiana 13 yr old service dog Kinsey, was attacked by a pit bull last month.

9.27.10 canada a pit nutter lost control of his two mutants when they got sight of two small dogs being carried by another man. the man and two little dogs were all injured. the mutants are in custody and the pit nutter has been charged. SHAWANA RANDOLPH of the edmonton human society came to their defense. she blames the owner and promotes the society's breed specific 6 week course which aims to train owners how to better understand them. the course is called PIT BULL SPECIFICS.

9.28.19 oshawa, canada in the last month, Marley has been bitten twice at the off leash park. one of the offenders was identified as a pit bull, the other's breed was not mentioned. pit nutters will point this out as another example of media bias. i will point out that oshawa is in ontario and pit bulls that have been legally GRANDFATHERED in MUST be MUZZLED in public, so mentioning the pit bull is critical to the story.

9.28.10 australia Marina Grafton was walking with her daughter and 14 yr old dog when a light colored dog broke away from its owner and attacked immediately followed by a dark colored dog. Grafton failed to mention the breed of the attackers. i wonder if that has anything to do with her dog's breed: staffordshire terrier. Gafton said the female dog owner (pit nutter) apologized but refused to give her name. let's see, 2 dogs break away from the owner and attack another dog, leaving it with life threatening injuries, a $1500 vet bill and refused to then give her name. any guesses as to what breed of dog was involved?

9.28.10 australia a cat wandered onto a neighbor's property where it was promptly killed by 2 pit mixes.

rip Noah
9.29.10 albuquerque, new mexico on 9.13, an ugly frankenmauler killed this little dog. SOMEHOW, the shelter employees didn't see that info in mutant's file and accidentally adopted it out. the new owner, LILLIANA TELLEZ said she knows what he did but won't give him back and the shelter can't take him back. "I just want to give him a chance because I know I can do it," said Tellez. "The animal behaves real good around me and my family." i hope her family is next on the chopping block. the shelter worker is getting disciplined and all staf are undergoing more training. update the city will take this issue to a judge and try to force this pit nutter to turn over the dog.
(outside of this newspaper report, i found NO record of LILLIANA TELLEZ. i wonder if she is legal)

9.29.10 tacoma, washington a mutant named CHICA killed a neighbor's dog and was impounded at the humane society. this story takes an interesting twist. 21 yr old BRADLEY JAMES BRANT expressed an interest in the dog but staff said no, the dog belonged to another. BRANT brandished a knife, the staff handed him a leash and he walked out with the dog. he was caught that day driving with a suspended license and his bronco was impounded. BRANT has been charged with first degree robbery and drug possession (meth, pot and prescription drugs).

“My dogs are good dogs, but people just don’t like pit bulls.” KRYSTLE DUBOIS giving the pit nutter salute
gee, i can't imagine why!
9.29.10 jensen beach, florida mutants BITTY and CHIEF escaped through an open window, chased a man and his dog and then invaded a Ward Woodruff's home and killed his cat. the pit nutter is described as the girlfriend of the owner and the owner of the dogs in the article. KRYSTLE DUBOIS' frankenmaulers have "gotten out 2 or 3 times before and people told her they were friendly". JOHN DUBOIS said “They’ve never caused no problems before.” DUBOIS has been cited for failing to vaccinate, failing to license, dog at large and the attack. she must pay $880 per dog. the self absorbed narcissistic bimbo says it is unfortunate and she feels terrible. she has tried to contact Woodruff but he won't speak to her. “It’s a huge setback having to pay these fines,” said Dubois, a single mother of an 8-month old. “I haven’t shied away from this responsibility. I have offered to pay for the screen that was ripped and even to help him adopt a new cat. ... I’m a caring person, trying to start a business and get on my feet and now I’m getting calls from people who want to kill my dogs.” you know what's an even bigger setback? witnessing 2 strange dogs (INSIDE YOUR HOME) play tug of war with your cat! KRYSTLE KLEAN is the second cleaning business she's has tried to start in the last 2 years. click here to see more images of KRYSTLE the party girl.

9.30.10 shrewsbury, massachusetts 8 yr old leashed Beau was critically injured when a frankenmauler escaped its yard and attacked it. Beau received multiple puncture wounds, his abdomen was ripped open and his intestines and colon were damaged. the vet bill is at $6000 and Beau still might not survive. Lisa and Christopher O'Connor of 19 Knowlton Ave, the proud owners of the ever loyal DUGG, said their gate is usually secured but SOMEHOW the gate came open and DUGG got out. the o'connors feel just horrible but they don't allow their dog, so they shouldn't be to blame. in an attempt to deflect some blame onto the victim and gain sympathy, LISA O'CONNOR said she heard the commotion and ran outside to help but for her trouble, she was rewarded by Beau biting her finger and severing the top third. not sure i believe it was the poodle but even it was, she deserved it and more. too bad they were able to reattach it. CHRIS O'CONNOR said that he would “have to check my (insurance) policy. I have to see what my resources are. I'd love to take care of it. I don't know if I can afford it. I have to check my finances.” THAT'S PIT NUTTER SPEAK FOR SCREW YOU AND YOUR LITTLE DOG, YOUR'E ON YOUR OWN, I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO WITH MY FINANCES.
DUGG was adopted from the MILTON ANIMAL RESCUE LEAGUE (current available dogs: 5 pits and 1 lab, er i mean 4 pits, 1 lab and this rott mix.)

9.30.10 australia an ugly mutant broke away from his pit nutter and chased a kangaroo onto a beach. it mauled the kangaroo and drown it. the owner whistled for her loyal wiggle butt and it returned. a loose dog comes with a $1000 fine and an attack comes with a $10,000 fine and/or 12 months in prison.

9.30.10 grants, new mexico angry victims of frankenmaulers packed a special animal services board meeting to discuss vicious dogs, specifically vicious pit bulls. there have been 4 pit bull incidents in the last 6 months, including a fatal mutant home invasion. 2 ugly dogs entered Pete
Baca's home and killed his pets.


Rocky still has difficulty eating
9.26.10 indiana GERALK BARNES of 1908 Perdieu Rd attended a rummage sale with his frankenmauler in august 2009. the mutant was overcome with a desire to please his owner, so he flexed his loyalty muscle and attacked the horse on property. Rocky's owners Bill and Tami Courtney have filed a lawsuit against the pit nutter.

rip Corky
9.26.10 fort smith, arkansas last february Tammy Trouillon was walking her 2 dogs when she encountered a loyal to a fault people pleaser bred for mauling other dogs mutant. Tammy's now trying to get the city to pass an ordinance that requires owners of certain ugly breeds of dogs to be contained within a 6 ft fence. Tammy's other dog Daisy, was attacked by a pit bull in 2009. the little chihuahua's jaw was in a brace for 6 weeks.


Small Survivors said...

"In any type of situation like this, it is always the person who owns the dog that's responsible (for situations like this)," said Shawna Randolph, a spokeswoman with the Edmonton Humane Society.

Some breeds, like pit bulls, are always misunderstood because aggressiveness comes down to responsible pet ownership."

Shawna is showing typical nutter logic and eloquence.

Small Survivors said...

The story about Corky in Fort Smith, Arkansas is infuriating. The woman has had 2 dogs attacked and Corky died.

Though, I do not know why she would walk her dogs past a presumably unrestrained pit bull for 7 months after already having been attacked once.

But, all she's asking for now is that a 6 foot fence be required and the mayor is annoyed by her repeated requests because it would be too much of a burdensome gov't intrusion.

Killing her dog was a horrific pit bull intrusion.

She's asking for too little, and the mayor is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Lilliana Tellez is a "single mother of five living in an apartment complex". WTF? I will guarantee she is on public assistance. Is everyone here a moron? Contact the damn landlord and tell him "Congratulations! You are now legally liable for your deadbeat tenant's aggressive pit bull with a documented bite history!"

april 29 said...

It breaks my heart to see the sweet faces of the beloved, and dead, victims of pit maulings. This parade of misery needs to end.


Anonymous said...

Might want to take a look at this petition that's being signed in Parrot's Name.

Anonymous said...

Found that Parrot's poisoning the facebook site as well!

Anonymous said...

Hey Craven!

Tried to do my best in <a href=">dissecting the factual and logical reasons</a> as to why what the officers did was right in the Parrot situation.

I'm pretty sure this will get flack due to some of the material within it. But like I said, it's a truth site, and hopefully people will agree on the main points I'm trying to get across.

Also linked on my wall page are two awesome videos showcasing the tenacious nature of the pitbull.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

great job dissecting the parrot fiasco.

here are more videos you might find useful:

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I wrote a short on the benefits of regulating pitbulls:

Hopefully by listing the benefits of BSL to the pitbull (the creature most nutters love over humans) will heavily decrease the attacks on people (who are obviously more important) if implemented seriously and heavily.

I also tried to call out their hypocrisy. ;)

Anonymous said...

That first dog in the lineup looks so much like my first dog when he was a puppy that it brought tears to my eyes. The arrogance of offering to "help" pay a bill that is 100% the pit owner's fault is breathtaking.

The Oompa Loompa just doesn't get it. Cats aren't replaceable. Offering to get him a "new cat" after her dogs invaded his home and killed the first one is unbelievably naive and idiotic.

"I haven't shied away from this responsibility." You're not having your two mutants put down, so yes, actually you have. You have no way of guaranteeing they won't escape again. You have an 8-month old in a house with two killers. Has it ever occurred to you that people want your dogs dead for HUMAN safety reasons?

Tell you what, you orange freak. Why don't we REPLACE your dogs with toy poodles? Then you won't be a menace to anyone, and I can fucking GUARANTEE you that you'll never have to pay dual $880 fines again. Sound fair? I thought so.

Anonymous said...

Tried to tackle "morality in dogs" and I'm not sure how I feel about the results.

After doing a lot of research on basic and abstract morality vs. altruism it got kind of boggling after a while trying to differentiate human and canine morality and how they do or don't apply it.

Problem is that dogs are selfless beings to an extent and have sacrificed themselves for the well being of people, but whether or not they understand their being selfless is a real question.

Either way, you can take a look at my jab at it here:

The reason I wrote of canine morality was because I want to factor it in later for a bigger debate on if dogs bred to fight are capable of being truly rehabilitated.

Anonymous said...

Update on poor little Beau in Shrewsbury...he died from his injuries. The pit bull owner claimed that the tip of her finger was bitten off by Beau when she tried to get her dog off him; experts at Tufts say that is not possible, as little Beau did not have the jaw strength. It was her OWN dog, the pit bull, that bit her during the melee....she tried to deflect blame and cause trouble for the poodle owner by lying.