Sunday, September 5, 2010

an open letter to wayne pacelle

dear wayne,

on august 28, reported the following:
"Pit bulls are not bred to fight and their natural instinct is loyalty to their owner, according to HSUS. If a dog is trained as a fight or guard dog, and if they are then neglected by their owners, problems can occur, according to HSUS."
this sounds like a regurgitation of the disinformation created by jane berkey of animal farm foundation. so, have you adopted berkey's foolish pit bull philosophy? rumor has it that her "bloodhound propaganda" has also made its way into the HSUS. if true, i encourage you to rethink this flawed strategy and dump Berkey & Co. as fast as possible. as you are well aware, pit bulls are different and should be treated as such. only pit bulls require breaking sticks, only pit bulls maul cars, only pit bulls bust through windows and chew through chain link fences to fulfill their genetic destiny. the adoption of a "berkey policy" betrays this beagle and all of the victims that came before him and all of the victims yet to come. the adoption of such a policy even betrays your own conscience.

dawn james


april 29 said...

In the rush to defend and protect the pit bull interests, the HSUS and Mr. Pacelle forget that innocent and blameless animals suffer and die after maulings by pit bulls. Don't the lives and the pain of the beloved pet dogs, cats, horses, ponies count? The HSUS is ferocious in their efforts to protect farm livestock, but what about the horses, ponies, donkeys, goats, sheep, cattle, pigs, llama, alpaca, and farm raised deer that are mauled and killed by pit bulls? The HSUS forgets about the many, in their efforts to protect the well funded ...

Anonymous said...

You mean in their efforts to court the well funded. It's disgusting. I don't see how they sleep at night.

CKing said...

The HSUS has to know that their big voice is going to have immediate and disastrous consequences as innocent families are induced to adopt a pit bull and then suffer loss and horror when they treat it like adopting a lab knowing nothing of the necessary, isolation techniques, crating, proper breaking stick use, etc.

Anonymous said...

Great post about the bloodhound on 'the truth about pitbulls'!

DepthCharge said...

CD - you know how I feel about Pacelle, and the HSUS.... Please keep up the good work!

I believe they are about a step away from PETA (if that). And they are extremely deceptive in their advertising. They would like us all to think that your $20 per month is actually going to help a dog or cat in a shelter- WRONG!! Check out their tax returns. They love the media and step in a throw their name around as necessary, and then leave the mess for someone else to clean up. They are nothing but lobbyists who want us all to become vegans. I'd like to see them prove me wrong. They even have VEGAN dog food - and that is just wrong on so many different levels.

And to get to the point - they are anti BSL, but will silently push it when they can get a politician in their pocket. No consistency at all in their actions.


Anonymous said...

Last 11 months worth of US Piticides:

Mattie Daugherty
86 years old/McMinn County TN
September 3, 2010
Killed by daughter’s Pit bull

Jerry Yates
69 years old/Mountain Ranch CA
August 22, 2010
Viet Nam Veteran killed by tenant’s Pit Bulls

Tracey Payne
46 years old/S. Macon GA
August 19, 2010
Pack of abandoned pit bulls as she cut through the property where the dogs had been kept.

Jason Walter
7 years old/La Salle IL
August 2, 2010
Mother’s boyfriends Pit Bulls

Jacob Brisbee
2 years old/Concord CA
July 22, 2010
Grandfather’s breeding business

William Parker
71 years old/Memphis TN
July 20, 2010
Convicted sex offender’s pit bulls left with 19 year old girlfriend by police

Michael Winters
30 years old/Lorain County OH
June 15, 2010
Killed by Pit bulls and mixed breed dogs at “rescue operation”

Savannah Gregg
9 years old/ Kokomo IN
June 3, 2010
Family pit bull

Nathan Aguirre
2 years old/San Bernardino CA
May 27, 2010
Family pit bull

Thomas James Carter Jr.
7 days old/Port Richey FL
April 14, 2010
Family pit bull

Jane Doe
5 days old/Conyers GA
February 23, 2010
Family pit bull

Ethel Horton
65 years old/Lucknow SC
March 4, 2010
Died of heart attack while being mauled by Nephew’s Pit Bull

Christine Staab
37 years old/Philadelphia PA
February 20, 2010
Mother’s breeding operation

Anastasia Bingham
5 years old/Terry MS
February 12, 2010
Neighbor’s breeding/dog fighting operation

Johnny Wilson
56 years old/Chicago IL
January 17, 2010
Daughter’s breeding business

Omar Martinez
3 years old/Apple Valley CA
January 9, 2010
Family pit bull

Lowell Edison Bowden
70 years old/Lindside WV
Attacked November 27, 2009, died December 4, 2009
Neighbor’s drug dealing/Pit Breeding operation, Manslaughter conviction

Rosie Humphries
85 years old/Flora IL
November 30, 2009
Killed trying to save her dog from neighbor’s pit bull that had broken chain. Owner received $150 ticket under “Anna’s Law”

Destiny Marie Knox
16 months old/Union County MS
November 5, 2009
Baby sitter’s pit bull

Matthew Clayton Hurt
2 years old/Prescott AR
October 28, 2009
Neighbor’s breeding business

Colten Smith
19 months old/Delhi CA
October 23, 2009
Baby sitter’s pit bulls

Jasmine Deane
23 months old/Orange County VA
September 27, 2009
Family pit bull

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you'd heard about this one:

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yes i have but thanks, it will be in my next frankenmauler roundup, which is late.

DubV said...

"Pit bulls are not bred to fight and their natural instinct is loyalty to their owner, according to HSUS. If a dog is trained as a fight or guard dog, and if they are then neglected by their owners, problems can occur, according to HSUS."

Any organization claiming that pit bulls were not bred to fight should lose all credibility. It's interesting to ponder why they feel it necessary to lie.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

because donations were down and they were tired of being beat up by the pit nutters. wayne pacelle sold out to the very wealthy jane berkey and her pit org AFF.