Friday, January 14, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 01/14/11

01.07.11 davidson county, north carolina soft hearted and dim witted SHERRI HERALD couldn't bare the thought of poor little pibbles getting a dirt nap, so she took them in. and in exchange for her ignorant generosity, the hyenas attacked one of her horses and ate it alive. when animal control arrived, he fired a warning shot and four pits "swarmed" him. he shot and killed all four. the pit nutter came to her senses and gave up the other three. DIRT NAPS!

looks like a dogo to me
01.07.11 miami springs, florida a woman was walking her labrador when a pit bull type charged from a house and attacked for no reason (other than genetics). a good samaritan armed with a gun came to her defense. second time in 2 weeks. good job!

rip Mya (she's the pug with the red bow)
01.08.11 dearborn heights, michigan when the Jeff and Tiffany Holcomb family went on vacation, one of their pugs was killed by the neighbor's pit bulls. Tiffany's father let the dogs in the backyard and found the pit bulls tearing Mya apart. he took Mya to the vet but it was too late, she suffered a pierced heart, collapsed lung and several broken ribs. the pit nutters THOMAS and LORA CERNUTO were taking steps to prevent their mutants from escaping, unfortunately their measures were inadequate. the Holcombs say their children haven't been able to play on the basketball court or the trampoline in their backyard because the pit bulls had gotten into their yard so many times. the CERNUTOS came over with an apology and an offer to pay for cremation and the original purchase price of Mya. the Holcombs asked the CERNUTOS to euthanize their pit bulls. i'm guessing that LORA is NOT loving her neighbors at the moment. when the reporter knocked on the CERNUTO'S door, LORA answered and said “Their story is not going to be the truth, I’ll tell you that right now.” the CERNUTOS are probably going through the pit nutter rolodex excuse guide as i write this. my money is on "the pugs were always provoking our wiggle butts."
meet the TOM and LORA CERNUTO and their most lovingest, loyalest, lickingest, people pleasingest, bestest dogs ever.

01.07.11 internet chatter Neighbors 11 year old Lab Killed by neighbors pit bulls
My good friend informed me that 2 pit bulldogs attacked their dog this morning. These dogs have already were responsible for another death of a dog in the neighborhood. Not to mention chasing children when riding their bikes and go-carts. My neighbor could not even get close to the dog for fear that the pits would attack him. He said the bulldogs stood over him until the cops arrived, the tranqued one and the other ran off but was later caught by the dogie warden. What irks me is the fact that these dogs were returned to the owners on the first offense. The dogs are tethered and often break loose regularly.

01.08.11 more internet chatter a young mother took her young children with her to the dog park. her boxer looking dog was attacked by a pit within moments of entering the park and although he suffered some nasty injuries, the boxer apparently gave as good as he got. maybe better.

01.10.11 and more What would u do if a older dog 2 yrs kills a 16 week old puppy?
i have a 2year old pit lab mix and i had a 16 week old yorkie and the older dog grabbed him by his neck and broke it should i get rid of older dog . it was not over food or toys i think it was a u r in my turf thing and i am really torn between keeping him and putting him down he has never been aggressive towards people . what should i do

01.09.11 and still more internet chatter What responsibilities do I have if I know a dog killed another dog? My friends pit bull killed his other dog which is an American Eskimo and there is another dog in the house. The owner who is his dad refuses to do anything so what do I have to legally do?

01.08.11 UK 50 yr old Susan Wallis was hospitalized with a collapsed lung after she was thrown from her horse during a pit bull attack. she and a friend were riding along with 2 golden retrievers when the dog appeared from no where, approached in a non-threatening manner and silently launched into "a frenzied attack". her horse Tina, suffered bites to her throat and legs. Wallis and John Parker said the pit nutter was about 150 yards away when the dog attacked. they described the man, 30s dark hair, wearing a hi-visibiity jacket and tight, black, sporty trousers. he disappeared chasing after his mutant.

01.11.11 UK ten year old rescued greyhound, Billy, was attacked by a white pit bull during a walk. Janice Hassan said two teenage boys were throwing a ball for the mutant. when it spied its genetically programmed prey, it abandoned the unchallenging ball.

01.11.11 internet grumblings A PITBULL MURDERED MY DOG
please do not leave dogs chained outside!

01.11.11 internet advice column I have a 6 year old American Pitbull Terrier and he is very friendly to humans. But he hates cats and small animals. One day, he chewed on my brother's toy poodle, which died. My pitbull has never undergone studding and I want to make sure that he won't kill his mate when the opportunity comes. How can I make sure he doesn't? and what other preparations should I do to make sure he looks great for studding? How do I know if he looks awful? I love him dearly but I want to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone. I've seen him kill cats and small animals and I find myself in a situation where I can't pull him away when he's killing something, he's extra strong that way. Whenever that happens, I fear for my life as well but on ordinary days he's just so friendly that I hug him and play with him and I can touch my nose with his nose and I don't feel any fear.

01.11.11 hamden connecticut hamden citizens are upset with roaming pit bulls and are considering packing a little heat in order to protect themselves. while they have a constitutional right to do so, the police are recommending they call 911 instead. the most recent incident occurred on december 18th. a woman was walking her dog when a mutant attacked. four people were needed to get the dog off and restrain and still the police had to shoot it four times.
police capt ronald smith admits there is a pit bull epidemic in hamden but thinks 911 is a better option. when seconds matter, the police can be minutes away.

01.12.11 katy, texas a man found three dogs in his yard, one of them had his cat. he was bitten trying to save the cat but the cat died. a mutant pit bull is in quarantine.

gentle Razz taking a cookie from the driver's mouth
01.12.11 williams, arizona another carriage horse was attacked by another mutant pit bull. (i think that makes three in about 6 months) Razz took off with the mutant in pursuit, crashing into a restaurant where the mutant pit bull continued it attack. the owner received a citation and went home with her frankenmauler.

01.13.11 new zealand a scuffle broke out at the masterton SPCA. Ollie was injured and 2 other dogs received dirt naps. a male mastiff x and a female staffy mix attacked poor Ollie. the shelter staff had to deploy the hose but that didn't work RINALIA. they had to physically pry the dogs apart. apparently the aggressors had shown some kind of undesirable behavior previously. shelter manager VAL BALL said "there wasn't dry eye in the place" after providing humane deaths to the 2 aggressors. the staff had been working on socializing the aggressors. one dog had been there for 3 months, the other for 6 weeks. there were plenty of dry eyes for the dog who suffered a violent attack though. 7 yr old Ollie nearly died of shock. he is on the mend now. Ollie suffered severe tears and muscle damage to his legs and untold psychological damage.
Mrs Ball suggested the long-term effects of dog overcrowding at the shelter may also have contributed to the attack, saying some of the dogs "may have been kept too long". oops looks like the no-kill approach ain't working!

01.13.11 mayhem in elgin, illinois LOCO the pit bull was shot and killed by police. wednesday afternoon, LOCO attacked her 6 day old puppies. when the pit nutters tried to intervene, she charged them. when the police arrived, LOCO went loco on them and she was given a much needed dirt nap. two puppies were injured and one killed by their mommy.
this makes approximately 6 dog shootings in the last week and miraculously, NO ONE was injured!

Gizmo, an amazing little dog
01.13.11 conway, south carolina Lenore Leteller and her corgi Gizmo were on a walk when two pit bulls charged them and knocked down Lenore. the courageous and loyal little corgi did his best to defend his mistress. Gizmo was mauled. the police are investigating. the pit nutters are looking at a fine between $225 and $465. they voluntarily surrendered the mutants to animal control. that is usually code for "i still have the puppies".

Megan and Ginger
01.13.11 new smyrna beach, florida 17 yr old Megan Hall was exercising Ginger when a 30 lb pit bull charged out of the woods and attacked Ginger. two courageous bystanders, Tom Smith and Jena Singleton jumped in and prevented Ginger from receiving more serious injuries. the frankenamuler ran between Ginger's legs and then grabbed hold of her lip. Ginger received stitches inside and out. the mutant named REESE is owned by GALEN BROCK but was borrowed by JEFFREY LINEBARIER to hunt hogs. LINEBARIER paid the $401 vet bill and was cited for failing to restrain the dog. AC said there will be no dangerous dog label because this is the first strike, although they encouraged BROCK to euthanize a 30 lb mutant that would attack an 1,100 lb horse.


Craig Jones
mount vernon, new york last august some junk yard dogs (pit/rott) got loose and savagely killed a little yorkie named Biggie. a judge returned the dogs to the owner cuz you know, animal aggression and human aggression are two completely different things. well, those same two dogs savaged 38 yr old Craig Jones. a third dog was also involved, a wheaten terrier mix. when police responded, they shot one, captured another and a third got away. Jones is on a regimen of painkillers, anti-biotics and rabies shots.

the dog attacks that the media NEVER reports

concord, california two loose dobermans attacked a dachshund during a leashed walk. a neighbor came to the rescue. the owner of dachshund called 911. before the police could respond, the dobermans chased 2 girls and bit a man on the arm. one of the dogs lunged at police when they responded. it was tased. the cops should have gave it dirt nap.

UK two huskies (looks more like wolf hybrids which SHOULD be illegal everywhere) "tunneled into a secure garden" and broke into a rabbit hutch and killed a pair of rabbits.
rip Rabbits

01.13.11 elgin, illinois a man was walking his pit bull when a "medium sized tan colored long haired dog" attacked. musta been one of those wicked golden retrievers or more likely a complete fabrication.


. said...

I see you've cross-posted the story of the man and his cat. :) As for the little pug, this has to be the second nutter out of many who's attempted to re-compensate the victims. Wouldn't be surprised if this were pulled back though now that the news has its hands on the story.

As for the other stories with human attacks. I'll be sure to log those.

Anonymous said...


Yvonne Bell let's her cancer stricken father get consumed by starving Pit-puppies...just makin' a little money.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

DubV said...

Thanks again Craven for bringing these stories to light.

From the comments section of the article about Gizmo, I really like this one...

" If someone wants to own a pit bull, then they should be prepared to live alone with it in a protective cage."

scratch said...

"I have a 6 year old American Pitbull Terrier and he is very friendly to humans. But he hates cats and small animals. One day, he chewed on my brother's toy poodle, which died. My pitbull has never undergone studding and I want to make sure that he won't kill his mate when the opportunity comes. How can I make sure he doesn't? and what other preparations should I do to make sure he looks great for studding? How do I know if he looks awful? I love him dearly but I want to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone. I've seen him kill cats and small animals and I find myself in a situation where I can't pull him away when he's killing something, he's extra strong that way. Whenever that happens, I fear for my life as well but on ordinary days he's just so friendly that I hug him and play with him and I can touch my nose with his nose and I don't feel any fear"

Can anyone REALLY be this stone stupid? Please tell me that this is a joke.

Sad said...

All these attacks and we are just two weeks into a new year! By year's end, the attacks will be numbering in the hundreds!

Do other animals and other people's pets not matter to these retarded dog owners who allow their attack dogs to go on rampage with the excuse of "oh, just dogs being dogs"?

DubV said...

Is is just many Americans or is it common for humans to have the following affliction? Often people not only love their own dogs a whole bunch (I'm guily there), but many people love dogs and animals in concept more than people. I think it is because of the innocence of something that usually has no conceit, hidden motives, complex bad behavior that we can call evil, etc. If you watch movies, a few hundred people can die and people cry more when the dog gets shot. I'm not saying that this isn't understand, I'm saying it is irrational. This "thing" about many of us is why people cannot admit that maybe a dog can be born bad. We don't blame Jeffrey Dahmer's parents (not much, at least we don't think to put them in prison with him), but people often feel confident placing everything negative a dog does squarely at the feet of the owner. This is absurd. The loving of animals more than people is often more about not liking people, being misanthropic. You can often pick this up from people. So, when a dog attacks, it can't be about the dog, the owner (because human) is more likely to be the one to blame.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Pit breeders are the villian here...You can't cull millions of losers for two centuries and not have genetic baggage.

Now we have mankillers being bred, just like the operation that killed the girl in NC a few days ago. We won't see any positive breed stewardship from the Pit Community, except maybe a Pit Celebration March.


Anonymous said...

Missed one!

Elgin IL police have to respond and shoot beserking Pit Bull "Loco" when she goes beserk and starts killing her own puppies.

Hopefully, this was Loco's first litter...

Anonymous said...

Kurt A. said...

At least "Loco" has the decency to realize she made a mistake by having spawns,
which is more than can be said for the scumbag humans who deliberately breed pit bulls!

Anonymous said...

Very insightful, DubV, and the majority of people who gravitate toward Animal Control jobs are exactly those misanthropes. When you have truly decent AC officers who place people before animals, like Tom Skeldon, they wind up crucified by the misanthropic nutters and driven out of their jobs. Then maulings go up and people try to sweep it all under the rug. It's sickening.

Anonymous said...

You people are frightening. Yes animals, like people are subject to their own personalities, however to generalize an entire breed based solely upon extremely prejudiced examples is pathetic. Pit bulls and similar breeds do have high pain tolerance, as such they are commonly selected and trained for blood sports, such as dog fighting. High pain tolerance also subjects them to being one of the most commonly abused and maligned dog breeds in the world.

There are many aggressive dogs out there that have no pit bull in them whatsoever. How many of you have encountered nasty little chihuahuas? I'll bet lots of you, but because they're small, nobody pays them any mind. Standard bred poodles can be as vicious as any pit bull, their remarkable intelligence makes them prone to anxiety and possible aggression towards strangers. Golden retrievers are the most commonly bred dogs in America, as such they are remarkably inbred and plenty of them can snap at any moment. The meanest dog I ever met was a Jack Russell Terrier. I have several large scars from when he attacked me. My sister was bitten horribly by a retriever. My father-in-law was mauled by a standard poodle. In fact, according to the American Temper Test Society, pit bulls rank significantly better in temperament than most other dogs. Pit bulls are bred to be tolerant, affectionate,gentle, and extremely loyal creatures. They're called "nanny dogs" for a reason.

According to statistics, the vast majority of the prison population is black. Does this mean we should start banning black people from living in certain areas, driving cars, exercising their right to own guns, vote, or have children? Should we round them up and kill them all? Because according to statistics, black people are criminals. Most of you will say "no," because that would be appallingly racist. The vast majority of black people, just like the vast majority of pit bulls and other such breeds, are not violent felons.

As far as your man Tom Skeldon goes, public safety in Toledo has improved since he's been gone. Shocking, I know. In fact, despite his prediction that the city would soon be awash with pit bull-induced violence, streets running with the blood of the innocent, packs of roving pitties tearing the very fabric of civilization in the city apart, there are fewer attacks, fewer dogs being murdered in dog pounds, and an increase in adoptions. See for yourself:

Most people join Animal Control because they genuinely want to ensure the welfare of the animals in their cities, not because the torture of animals turns them on.

You people are monsters.