Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Count me in as a "Hater"

Count me in as a "Hater"...

I hate when a kid is laying on the coroner's table.

I hate it when someone's Grandmother is poured into the lifeflight helicopter.

I hate it that dogfighters kill 250,000 pits a year engineering a better killer.

I hate it that the dog lobby is behaving as corruptly as the tobacco lobby in the 50's and 60's.

I hate it that Pit breeders pump out one Million excess dogs that the taxpayer has to top it off they don't pay taxes.

I hate it that only convicted felons seem to be able to properly identify Pit Bulls.

I hate the grotesque breed stewardship exerted by the Pit Bull community.

I hate when family members of Officers in state Pit Bull clubs are busted trafficking fighting dogs.

I hate it that Law Enforcement is continually having to shoot these animals.

I hate it when radicalized Humane orgs like the Toronto Humane Society spend in excess of $400,000 saving a a Pit that attacked on 4 separate occasions, yet this woman can't get plastic surgery:

Marie-Helene Tokar

Yep I'm hater!...


Lindsey said...

You'll never see nutters holding fundraisers for the victims. These misanthropes like when their dogs follow their genetic heritage and do these sorts of things. It's why they choose the dogs in the first place.

Come here spouting "all pit owners aren't like this" or "think of the poor dog raised by mean people" without ever addressing the picture and what this woman goes through daily, and you're scum just like the rest of them, no matter how "responsible" you think you are.

Jake said...

This is hard hitting. it ought to be on 60 minutes.

Pete O'Nair said...

I completely agree with all of the above.
I hate it, too.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Count me as a "hater" because of what I love!

I love when communities make public safety a priority. I love the freedom to move about without being menaced by pit bulls. I love when children can play in their own front yards, without the risk of pit bulls in their neighborhoods. I love when a grandmother can go to the mailbox, or garden around her home without being mauled.

I am not a hater for hates sake, but for the love of security and freedom for those least able to defend themselves. I’m a hater of willful ignorance. I’m a hater of lies and deception. I’m a hater of cowards. I’m a hater of depraved indifference. I’m a hater of evil creations. If we lived in a world without depravity and evil, pit bulls would have never come to exist!

I’m a hater out of love and respect for the victims of pit bulls – those who endure the scars without fairness or justice, and those who rest in peace. I’m a hater out of love and respect for all those who will become victims of pit bulls: children, mothers, grandmothers, war heros, and thousand upon thousands of innocent pets.

So long as evil exist, selfishness, cowardice, depravity – everything that constitutes the perverse infatuation and advocacy for dogs created by the scum of the earth, I will steadfastly remain a hater. I am a “hater” out of love - my love for the innocent and my desire to keep them safe.

Jake said...

Dude, I couldn't have said it better myself. Well done.

Jake said...

OBTW - a former pit bull owner sees the light: "My advice to anybody who's got a pitbull, get rid of it."

Link to story here

DubV said...

Great comment Dude.

DubV said...

Sorry, off topic but I need to rant.

I'm a little anxious about the security of my parent's dogs after an incident today.

A pack of 10 to 13 year old kids that live in the recentlyndegentrified area (bought by slum lords a few years back) a block down the road were walking by my parent's driveway today while I was visiting. They had a seemingly friendly boxer with them off lead and the boxer ran into my parent's property. The conversation went like this:

Me: Is that your dog?
Group of kids: Yeah but he won't bother anything.
Me: It's against the law to have a dog off leash.
Group of kids: ~incoherent bitchy kid rumbling~
Me: Don't be stupid.
Group of kids: ~more inoherency with middle fingers~

The kids move onto the public basketball court that borders my parent's property. The dog is still off lead.

Me: I'm serious. If you don't get that dog on a leash I'm calling the police and animal control.
Group of kids: Go ahead and call them. ~incoherent insults with middle fingers~
Me: You are all idiots.
Group of kids: ~they are now in a frenzy~ My uncle is in jail I'm not afraid of the police. (another kid commiserates that his dad is in jail too)
Me: ~a series of smart ass comments about how proud I'm sure they are of those family members~

My dad goes over and makes nice (because he knows what they could do) with them and one of their white trash mothers shows up. My dad ends up shaking their hands. I'm now afraid they'll throw rat poison over my parent's security fence where their dogs go out. LEO shows up and talks to the trash mom.

I'm starting to feel anxious over these kids who do not have normal reactions to things, so I decide I should make nice too.

Me: I'm sorry kids. I shouldn't have yelled but I've had accidents with off leash dogs.
One kid: I got upset because you called me retarded and I have two retarded cousins.
Me: I didn't call you retarded, but I said something else that wasn't nice. We were all getting mouthy with each other and I'm sorry.
Group of kids: ~incoherent grumblings of accepting apology~

I'm at the point in my life where I can't even stand children that are trash. I'm upset with myself for reacting in a way that I now would feel responsible if anything happened to my parent's property or animals.

These kids will likely all have pit bulls by age 18. I'm most afraid that they'll go tell their older drunk/oxycontin-abusing 2nd cousins I called them retards.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

I think you're ready for the country, DubV. I don’t spend a minute missing juvenile shit heads '-)

I predict they won't do jack squat, especially since LE recorded the incident. But a visible security cam is a great way to discourage thoughts of reprisal.

"One kid: I got upset because you called me retarded and I have two retarded cousins."

Bwaaaaaa-hahahaha! You should have said, "I could tell that runs in your family from a block away." ;-) Genetics strikes again!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

vintage, i made the addition/corrections.

dude, wow, great comment.

dubv, i agree with dude, they probably won't do anything but when in doubt, it is best to say nothing and just call the police and let them deal with the booger eaters.

DubV said...

I'm thinking I've been wrong. I mean, wikipedia doesn't say anything bad about the APBT. It seems it is not dog-aggressive and isn't in the news much. Also, it scores really well on some fancy thing called the ATTS. Wow, thanks pit bull fanciers of wikipedia!

Anonymous said...

DubV, I understand your anger but you can see how the borderline criminal element can turn the tables on YOU, the victim of their lawbreaking, with the false complaints about "namecalling."

Like their criminal fathers, they know how to "work the system" and get the police to fail to act.

Never engage with ANYONE who is irresponsible enough to let a pit bull roam loose.

Let a camera or video camera or phone do the describing- RECORD THE ACTIVITY.

Determine the owners, in other words the PARENTS. Note their names and addresses.

Then call law enforcement and file a formal complaint. Indicate to the police that someone is going to die, and it may be one of the "children" whose parents are letting them roam around with a fighting breed. Indicate the TRESPASS issue as well. It is TRESPASSING when someone's loose dog is on your property.

This is also potentially an issue for Child Services, if these kids are roaming around on other people's property, unattended and unsupervised, harassing and threatening people. Complaints to Child Services can be made anonymously.

Then FOLLOW UP. File formal, written complaints detailing this behavior to every authority in your district- police chief, mayor, city council members, county council, board of health (roaming dogs spread disease and can transmit rabies) even your state rep. Whoever is responsible for public safety laws, they need to have it in writing.

An email or informal telephone or personal complaint to law enforcement or animal control is useless, because they can and often will later lie to protect their failure and say they "never got a complaint" after the dog kills someone.

With all of these formal complaints, it is far better if possible to hire an attorney to send these letters for you. It is relatively cheap to have a lawyer send a few letters on his letterhead, and it works magic with lazy animal control or city or town government that "can't be bothered" to uphold laws and protect the public.

The key is PAPER TRAIL. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

If someone is willing to document this activity, authorities take it far more seriously because they will be SUED and held accountable if something bad happens. There's a paper trail they can't deny!

In most cases, that will be enough. Law enforcement will tell the offenders they are on notice- no more loose dogs.

If the behavior continues, document with video. Keep a log with times, dates, names.


Also contact the landlord of the property. Many of these landlords have no idea their tenants have pit bulls on the property, putting them ar risk of lawsuits as well as trashing the place.

That may be enough.

If it still is a problem, there are many ways to escalate, but usually just filing formal written complaints and notifying all parties possible about the issue works wonders.

These murdering and mauling-enabling pit bull owners (working class, middle class, etc) have gotten by so far because too many nice people won't push the issue. But the victims and future victims MUST push the issue and get on it right away, BEFORE there is a death.

ZERO TOLERANCE for loose pit bulls!

A loose pit bull is a death waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

Anyone out there with pit bull neighbors, or criminal neighbors in general, security cams are now cheap and easy to install. Hook it up to a digital recorder.

Let the silent eye be the witness.

Don't let any situation turn into a "he said, she said."

DON'T ENGAGE! Be invisible.

Particularly when dealing with the criminal pit bull community, as evidenced by their leaders such as Best Friends who lie and advise others to lie, and help enable attacks

Get cameras on them and document their activities.

Then use authorities for what they are there for.

As for the rat poison fears, a fence is a wonderful investment as is being very careful and keeping a low profile for a while. These deviants will be on to other things soon enough if they don't see you and can't make you a target. More than likely, jail, along with their fathers and mothers.

Your biggest worry is that the pit bull will attack you or your pets.

The ones who need to worry about poison are the ones who are letting their pit bulls roam around loose, and the pit bull "advocacy" community has been reprehensibly irresponsible about not warning their criminal followers that loose pit bulls are often dead pit bulls, thanks to car accidents, perfectly LEGAL gunshots from farmers or hunters, getting into toxic substances, and any one of a number of other incidents.

No one who really "loves" their pit bull EVER lets it roam loose, leaves it outside chained or unattended, or lets it off lead.

Anonymous said...

As for the slumlords, a call from a lawyer indicating their liability is usually enough.

Landlords get sued and LOSE when there are incidents with their tenant's dogs, particularly pit bulls because the deaths are higher and damage is so much worse and more costly to treat and more disabling.

One lawsuit wipes out profits from a lot of slum lord rent and raises their insurance costs!

You can also obtain a list of insurance companies licensed to sell homeowner's insurance in your state, and send a copied form letter to each and every one with details about the dogs and the address and inquiring as to whether the dogs have been indicated on the insurance policy.

If they haven't been declared on the insurance policy, that is INSURANCE FRAUD, and companies take that VERY seriously.

You can do this anonymously.

For a few hundred dollars, a private investigator can usually easily obtain the name of the insurance company that holds the policy on a residence or property.

As for loose dogs illegally on city or town property (like that basketball court, where the dogs are potentially also spreading disease to children where they play), notify the city or town attorney and the insurance company that holds the city or town policy.

Anonymous said...

“Half Of Animal Control Calls About Pit Bulls”

* said...

Count me a "hater" because I,

Hate seeing pit bulls exploited. I hate seeing them being bred with poor temperaments and I hate seeing them placed in homes of incompetent owners.

Call me a hater because I hate thousands of other pets being mauled by poorly breed pits, and I hate seeing parents who believed the bull loosing a child to said pet.

Call me a hater because I dislike the idiots who want no regulation, despite the benefits it would bring for everyone.

Tegenpitjes said...

count me in!

Meals on Wheels said...

This is pure poetry, it should be viral. It reminds me of Andy Rooney, I can see him saying this, with his great big fuzzy caterpillars of eyebrows going up and down.

Can we put it on the Poetry Blog too?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

of course. please credit vintage and link occupy maul street.

Elle said...

You are SO right ! It ought to be on 60 minutes.

Unknown said...

You are exactly right.

Unknown said...

Me to!

Unknown said...

I understand exactly what you are saying.

Unknown said...

Maybe we should straighten it up with a few facts!

Unknown said...

Great advice!