Monday, May 9, 2011

Vintage Words of Wisdom


Lindsey said...

They constantly contradict themselves with this issue, often in the same argument. How many times have you heard:

"Pits are just like any other dog."

Followed by:

"I bet you've never had a pit bull. If you've never had one of these dogs, then you don't know what you're talking about!"


"They're not for anybody. They need an experienced owner to handle them right."

Um, if I've had dogs, and pits are just like any other dog, I shouldn't need to have a pit bull to know what it's like, should I? Either they're just like any other dog, and I therefore don't need special pit experience to know what I'm talking about, or they're different from other dogs. Most dogs don't need experienced owners or handlers. Working breeds are notable exceptions to this, because they have a purpose that comes from...wait for it...wait for it...breeding and genetics.

Double speak talking point two:

"It's all in how you raise them. I've raised my pit from a puppy, and he's the sweetest dog ever. He'd lick you to death. It's my JRT/minpin/dachshund/chi you have to worry about. He'll tear you up as soon as look at you."

If it's all in how you raise them, why are you giving your pit bull special treatment and abusing your JRT/minpin/dachshund/chi? What kind of horrible person are you that you'd make your little dogs so vicious? "It's all in how you raise them, but the little dogs are inherently more vicious." Very self-contradictory and rooted in breed and genetics.

And one of my favorites:

"Pit bulls are no more dangerous than any other dog. All dogs bite!"

"If my pit had wanted to hurt you, you'd be dead. He was just playing."

Clearly, they recognize that they have a potentially lethal dog, and they're perfectly OK with this. Not only are they OK with it, they like it that way. It's the entire reason they choose these dogs, for their genetic propensities toward aggression and doing maximum damage.

Nutters. If their mouths are moving, they're lying.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Excellent observations about the contradictions of pitiots. In the past I’ve wondered if they have mental partitions permanently separating them from sequential, connected thought, but ultimately I don’t think it’s that complicated. Some pit advocates are willing to do this because they’re dishonest, but most do it because they’re stupid.

Small Survivors said...

Excellent comment turned post, Vintage!

Thanks for pointing out the so very many arguments that rest on genetics!

And I think Dude hit it on the head about the advocacy leaders being absolute liars, but most of the followers being pitiots plain and simple.

The leadership is craven in their foul deception.

The post is not linking back to vintage's original comment, but to another comment vintage made...don't know if that's intentional...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that wasn't intentional. thanks i fixed the link.

Friends Administrator said...

Once again, Craven nails the nutters to the wall.

Anonymous said...


March 2010...After a string of attacks in the Baton Rouge area, reporter Emily Turner does an "Advocacy Op" with a family who claims their Pit is different....


Disclaimer** I am not making this up!!

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Priceless links, Vintage!

For pit bull advocates, failure is not an option, but a high probability.

In a moment of misguided trust, this reporter acquiesced to the common advocate invitation to meet a "friendly pit bull." It never growled, barked, menaced or warned, but appeared friendly right up to the moment of the bite. That kind of thing is classic pit bull!

DubV said...

The pit nutter comments linked to the youtube version of this video are priceless. They just know there is more to this story dagnabbit!

Lindsey said...

There is more to the story than they're willing to acknowledge. It's called genetic predisposition to explosive, unpredictable aggression. Put it right in their faces, and they still miss the point.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

"Shit Bull", " Ugly Fucking Mutants", " Nutter", tattooed pit nutter", "mutant DNA". This is the most absurd, offensive, backwards-thinking, close minded, ill informed, irrational and down right shameful blogs i have ever encountered. I hope that some day you will all have the courage to stop name calling and think for yourself and open your mind and stop letting Fox news and Glen Beck shove their bigoted opinions down your throat. I feel sorry for all of you.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

@ Aaron

What does Fox news or Glen Beck have to do with this? Are they reporting the attacks by your pit bulls now, also?



Unknown said...

Nope! I don't own any pit bulls. I guess you must have "bagged" all of them, eh?

"Idiot!" <----( I like that little bit thrown in there adds a nice touch, thanks for that)

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

So, you're just a disinterested party out for a little web trolling action, eh?

You bring nothing more to the conversation than a stupid, unrelated assertion. You serve up condemnation without substantiation. And you imply close mindedness without experience or basis. Of course you're going to get insulted, moron.

There. Done. A good day. I've fed my own critters and the odd troll.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Shit Bull", " Ugly Fucking Mutants", " Nutter", tattooed pit nutter", "mutant DNA", that's called rage. i have lots of it and i have been working to get it under control.

fox news?

aaron's inability to follow *complex* ideas is also demonstrated here.

he completely the misses the point of the blog.

the lack of sophisticated intelligence among the army of nutters is a perfect fit for the machiavellian nutter elite of berkey and vankavage.

i don't know how some of these nutters tie their shoes.

Unknown said...

To be honest, I'm not a "troll" this is actually the first "comment" of any sort that I have made. I just came across this blog after a google "Fighting Dog Rescue" search and was surprised that I ended up here.

My feelers aren't hurt. So, no need to get excited. Just because I don't currently own a pit bull doesn't meant I've never had one or had experience with the breed.

I was just taken back and the pure hatred towards this animal and was surprised and overwhelmed with the anger that I felt i need to comment.

Good day. I shall leave you to continue your hatred and your so called "Pit Bagging"

animalcop said...

LOL, I received the following message in my Facebook mail. Mid-Florida APBT ASSoc. sent her pit bull friend to take a bite. Here's what she wrote:

"Hello , I have reveiwed you facebook account and it seems to be a phoney account , and that you have an agenda to slander people who are do not fit into you one side views of our beloved breed . who the heck are you and what makes you a qualified expert on this breed or anything else if you where a person of substance you would give your true name and not have to use facebook do your dirty work"!

By the way not only is this woman illiterate, but she must think I am so special that I can't be for real! These people really don't like being watched! LMAO

Jake said...

What's this Aaron is saying? Glenn Beck, as well as Fox news, favor restrictions on pit bulls? Wow. If so, good for them, but this is the first I've ever heard of it.

As for me, the weekly parade of gory and horrific pit bull attacks is all the evidence I need to want these frankenmaulers restricted.

Aaron, if you'd like to actually discuss something of substance instead of lobbing misdirected insults over the wall and running away, feel free to hit me up. I'm always happy to discuss these matters.

Anonymous said...

Aaron, my dear sweet hippie boy.

Did you know that the pit bull breeders you slavishly propagandize for include the KKK and Aryan Brotherhood who have been breeding, selling, and fighting pit bulls for years and are some of the biggest "pit bull advocates," writing web sites that YOU visit and giving you propaganda to repeat so you can help them brutalize and exploit pit bulls?

All these these people had to do was mutter a little "racism" and "holocaust" talk, and the Aarons of the world fell over and prostituted themselves to actual racists that want the Aarons of the world decimated.

In the meantime, Aaron, they are happy to use you and other "progressives" who are too stupid to breathe.

Just because Jane Saul Berkey and Best Friends and BadRap tries to sanitize all this background or outright hide it doesn't make it ok for you to be a gullible fool, and to help hurt these dogs, people (mostly minorities and the poor) and innocent pets.

Anonymous said...

And Aaron, an employee of Best Friends was on the deed with Tia Torres' 19 year old daughter to buy Torres and her ARYAN BROTHERHOOD husband a "place they could grow old together" and exploit pit bulls at.

Best Friends knows about Torres' Aryan Brotherhood family connections.

Why were they willing to get involved with this, never mind promote it, which they did.

You've been suckered, Aaron, by greedy capitalists posing as "dog lovers" who will hook up with anyone, even the Aryan Brotherhood, to make money exploiting these dogs and getting people and pets killed.

The pit bulls lose in all this too.

Anonymous said...

Mid Florida American Pit Bull Association.

Perhaps the IRS needs to review each member's income and its lack of reportage to proper authorities, as well as engage in criminal checks on its members.

Anonymous said...

"Hello , I have reveiwed you facebook account and it seems to be a phoney account"

And pit bull breeders posing as Facebook employees and threatening Facebook account holders!

Maybe they should let the founder of Facebook know all about the KKK and Aryan Brotherhood business and propaganda interests in their "favorite breed," the pit bull

(which Ledy VanKavage of Jane Berkey Saul alliance claims you can't tell apart from other dogs, so how is it their "beloved breed?" How can they tell? Ha! All the lies implode on each other, Ledy and Jane.)

I'm sure Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook would be delighted that the "beloved breed" of the KKK and Aryan Brotherhood is being represented by people posing as Facebook employees!

Even Jane Berkey Saul can't hide that past and present piece of pit bull history with the money!

Lindsey said...

Aaron, when you come close to losing your life to a pit bull attack, come back and chastise me about hatred of a breed and the ignorant scum that own them and never have the money to pay for the medical bills and need for therapy they inflict. Until then you can STFU and stop making assumptions about my political leanings. I hope the pit you rescue scalps you.

Lindsey said...

It wouldn't take more than five to ten minutes of reading of this blog to see that people are fed up with having their pets, relatives, and themselves menaced, injured, and killed by these dogs or take a glance at the kill stats to understand WHY this blog exists. If a bleeding heart rescue angel wants to get a mad on at somebody, direct it where it belongs, at the breeders, pit lobbyists, and asshole owners who are driving the breed into the ground and allowing them to do enough damage that communities see legislation as the only answer, NOT at the victims and people advocating for them. For every victim's advocacy and education site, there are a hundred nutter sites about the poor wiggle butts, so no. Fuck them and the high horse they rode in on if this offends them. Their desire to own aggressive, lethal dogs offends me. They CHOSE that. I did NOT choose to be a pit victim.

Anonymous said...

Count me in as a "Hater"...

I hate when a kid is laying on the coroner's table.

I hate it when somone's Grandmother is poured into the lifeflight helicopter.

I hate it that dogfighters kill 250,000 pits a year engineering a better killer.

I hate it that the dog lobby is behaving as corruptly as the tobacco lobby in the 50's and 60's.

I hate it that Pit breeders pump out one Million excess dogs that the taxpayer has to top it off the don't pay taxes.

I hate it that only convicted felons seem to be able to properly identify Pit Bulls.

I hate the grotesque breed stewardship exerted by the Pit Bull community.

I hate when family members of Officers in state Pit Bull clubs are busted trafficking fighting dogs.

I hate it that Law Enforcement is continually having to shoot these animals.

I hate it when radicalized Humane orgs like the Toronto Humane Society spend in excess of $400,000 saving a a Pit that attacked on 4 seperate occasions, yet this woman can't get plastic surgery:

Yep I'm hater!...

Anonymous said...


May 2007: When dog trainer Spense Shepherd enters Pit Owner Samantha Gaylord's apartment for "Leo's" training appointment, Leo triggers and suddenly Samantha's apartment turns into the Serengeti....

"Gaylord poured peroxide over her wounds and used a tank top as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding in her leg. Her arm, buttocks and abdomen also were injured and the bathroom floor was a pool of blood, she said.

Meanwhile, Leo tried biting through the bathroom door to get to her, leaving parts of the door frame chipped away by his teeth."

Later, Samantha ordered an autopsy of Leo and vowed to find the neurological condition that caused Leo to go "Tiger"... Similiar to OJ promising to find Nicole's killer, internet search reveals no follow up.

Disclaimer** I am not making this up!

Jake said...

@vintage -

Count on it, in all reports of these horrific pit bull attacks, a corrupt pit bull activist masquerading as some sort of dog behavior expert is given a soap box to spew the standard maul talk propaganda including such profound gems of wisdom as "all dogs bite", "pit bulls are no more likely to attack than other breeds", etc, ad nauseum. In my opinion these pathological liars are a threat to public safety and ought to be held accountable.

Jake said...

@lee t -

Nicole Simpson had an Akita, Kato, apparently named after Kato Kaelin.

The link below recounts the night of the murders. The Akita was agitated and led neighbors to the bodies. Poor doggie - I wonder what happened to him in the aftermath...

Simpson murder article

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: In the ineterest of accuracy and fairness I must make a correction.

Since 1980, the US has sustained nearly 250 Deaths from Pits and another 86 from Rottweilers....Why? Spay Neuter status!

This is inaccurate, change to:

Since 1980, the US has sustained nearly 272 Deaths from Pits and another 101 from Rottweilers....Why? Spay Neuter status

Time flies when you are brying victims.

Hug a Dog Lobbiest Today!

*Disclaimer: I wish I was making this up!