Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prince the Blood-Covered Pit Bull

Two year old Prince the pit bull, along with his mother, Sugar (7 yrs) just moved into 9,500 sq. ft home last November along with their owners. The home is owned by Michael T and Jennifer Holliman . They moved into a nice neighborhood in Waukesha, Wisconsin which, in 2006, Money magazine ranked 36th on its list of the "100 Best Places to Live", in the United States. The yard is enclosed by a 3.5 foot picket fence. Prince could easily scale it.

Both pit bulls were loved family pets according to family members. Prince and Sugar were evidently pretty quiet because some neighbors weren't aware dogs were living there. However, there was one incident on June 12 in which one of the dogs got loose and chased a child.

On Tuesday, while fur mommy was putting Sugar in her kennel, Prince began to attack Sugar and then redirected onto his fur mommy. And didn't stop.

This is natural and normal:

This is unnatural and abnormal:
Prince covered in his owner's blood. (click to enlarge)

A neighbor with a baseball bat came to the owner's rescue, probably saved her life, and got bitten and needed hospital care himself. The owner's injuries required a flight for life helicopter.

One of the officer reports states that chunks of the victim/owner's flesh were found on the ground and the dogs were described as being in a frenzy.

When Prince looked like he was going to redirect a second time, police shot him as he was scaling the picket fence and a sedated Sugar was taken to the shelter.

Semi Sedated Sugar

The neighbors do not want Sugar to come back to the neighborhood. The neighbors are extremely lucky that when this well cared for family pet "turned on" at that magic age of two years old, he flexed his genetic muscle in a big way, and attacked his owner rather than some innocent neighbors.

Some neighborhoods are not so lucky. The pit bull can hold a neighborhood hostage while the owner does nothing to protect them before insisting the dog be killed for injuring them or their own as happened with the pit bull named Zion who ended up not attacking the owner, but his 91 year old great grandmother who lost both her arms.

Even well cared for pit bulls attack their owners far more frequently than any other kind of dog.

Burden was shouting, “Help me, shoot him,” while being attacked by his own pit bull.

The officers heard Montague yell: “My dog attacked me, shoot it, kill it,”

Nutter Mark Hess of the Humane Animal Welfare Society wants everyone to know "that attacking humans is not breed specific and can happen to anyone." I'd like to see him work up a list like this one from or provide some pictures of dogs as bloody as Prince for non-fighting breeds.

And the nutters are out in force saying the same old thing in comments sections below photos of a blood soaked dog.

Do you remember that fortune cookie game where you read the fortune and add "in bed." to the end? Fun times.

The nutter game goes like this: into any nutter statement, you insert "blood-covered" right before "pit bull" or "pibble" or "pittie" or "breed." You can try it with the comments for this story. It makes reading them a little easier.

Blood-covered pit bulls are sweet...

I AM SICK of hearing people that are media educated with zero experience
with the blood-covered breed, claiming they are vicious.



Jake said...

it's all in how you raise 'em, right?

Mary Ann Williamson said...

This story is horrific, like all the pit bull attack stories. I can see how someone can become a "fur mommie" though, pit bulls are presented nationally in the media as the ultimate misunderstood dog and so in need of love. It is a very enticing line. I have a rescue dog because of wanting to "do good", she's not a pit and completely harmless, but the desire to give a homeless animal a better life was pretty strong and I can see how people get sucked into the pit bull propaganda. Most dog owners I meet will rattle off the "it's how you raise them" line no matter what kind of dog they have. I see so many pit bulls and pit bull mixes now that it is obvious their popularity is sky-rocketing.

It's terrible what happened to this poor woman. The story said the male dog attacked his mother, who was seven, was there any indication if the couple had bred the male or if they just adopted both dogs together? I notice that a much larger number of pit bulls seem to be left intact than other breeds.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am fascinated by the manner in which the two frankenamaulers just appear to be standing and waiting patiently at the door to be let in by their furmommy as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.

all in day's genetic work i guess.

love the photos.

Small Survivors said...

OT, none of the sources I saw explained whether they got both dogs at the same time or had the mother and bred her.

I don't understand people wanting to take this kind of chance. No one can possibly be unaware of at least the controversy surrounding pit bulls. Even if I was unsure whether there really is a nefarious media conspiracy nd the dangers were being exaggerated, I still would not want to take a completely needless chance with my family's safety.

Also, can't these people think two steps ahead? If I thought, well, I'm not sure maybe I'll take a chance. My next thought would be, what if it turns out they are dangerous and after I've gotten attached to this dog and begin seeing signs of aggression, I'll then have to go through the heartbreak of putting the dog down.

I just don't see it.

your observations about the growing number of pit bulls in general and intact pit bulls specifically matches what I'm seeing around me as well.

Even with that photo as evidence of how severe the mauling was, I still can not imagine how that pit's entire head became covered in blood.

Craven is right, without all that blood, it just looks like any dog looks that's asking to be let in. CREEPY

Lindsey said...

I honestly don't think it's that pit bulls are growing in popularity. If they were growing in popularity, they wouldn't be the main dogs clogging every animal shelter from Oswego down to Miami or New York to Los Angeles with the shelters begging people to adopt them and offering all sorts of breed specific benefits as incentives. I think they're the dogs that are being the most irresponsibly kept and bred. I saw an appalling statistic that stated that the average pit bull rarely lives past the age of 18 months. I don't think it's any coincidence that this is also the average age of sexual maturity for these animals. It's when their true natures assert past the puppy stage.

Excellent post, Snack Sized Dog. I particularly liked the links to other owner attacks, showing that when their own necks are on the line, pit nutters scream, "Kill the dog," just as loudly as any other pit victim. Pity these Narcissists can't extend that understanding when they're not on the biting end of their dogs.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

me thinks the rescues and shelters realized that free food, leashes, s/n, micro chipping, fencing and obedience classes weren't enticing enough for people to adopt a gripping dog. but when you add free testicles...well that changes everything.

Small Survivors said...

Thank you Lindsey!

Thanks to Colleen who showed me those attacks from the DBO page with a list of pit bulls attacking their owners.

They surely do scream to high heaven, "kill my dog" when it's attacking them.

Lindsey, I think you're right about them not growing in popularity and about the 18 months bye bye pittie thing. I meant to say that within the last couple years in my neighborhood, I'm seeing more pit bulls. But, each spring I see a new influx of puppies and young dogs most of which do not come back the next year. (except my neighbors' dammit). This spring has been the same. Lots of new pit pull puppies. Just a couple weeks ago, I heard a huge racket and thought one of the pit bulls finally got another dog. But, it was just 2 kids with 2 grey pit bull puppies meeting a man with 2 somewhat older pit bulls having a meet n' greet which the owners could barely control.

As i'm writing this I'm watching a 120 lb woman walk a young ambull, a dalmatian and a large fawn w/mask mixed breed dog all of which got a little excited as they passed my neighbor's pit bulls and almost pulled her down! Damn. Never seen them before. There's a new lion tamer in town.

"but when you add free testicles...well that changes everything."
nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk. Ain't it the truth!

Mary said...

I also noticed that the dog with all the blood on it looks pretty damn relaxed. That makes the photo all the more creepy.

I also honestly doubt that the owners abused the dogs here. Pit bulls that maul or kill are not always owned by inner city gangsters or dog fighters like the ignorant pit bull promoters think. The dogs here really were doing what they were bred to do - grab other living things, grip tightly and shake. The blood all over that one dog suggests that it did the bite-grip-shake thing that a lot of pit bulls will do. In most dog fights, there's a lot of noise and snapping, but many pit bulls can be driven to keep attacking until their opponent dies (and sometimes go on even after that).

These dogs were bred to display a very nasty behavior and there's no need at all to keep breeding fighting dogs. The breeder of these animals should be tracked down and forced to take on some responsibility for this.

SRUV said...

I'm undecided on whether they're growing in popularity. Maybe they are. We go out on walks and see far more pits than other dogs. It's eerie; sometimes I see a pit the moment I walk out the door and keep seeing pits and see nothing else. Maybe all the other dogs are staying home. I do think pit owners are on a mission to make a public statement by parading. As far as the average pit being 18months old: the fact that so many pits are euthanized throws the averages way off.
Incredible post.

Miss Margo said...

I checked this blog while getting ready for bed (always a big mistake, if you know what I mean) and those photos--especially the one of bloody Prince and Sugar--gave me a case of the flaming heebie-jeebies. Actually, "heebie-jeebies" doesn't quite capture my emotional reaction. HORROR is a more accurate description.

I mean, real horror. Like that feeling you get when you're reading a very clear, effective passage from a true-crime book or a horror novel, or a scene in a truly frightening film? Where the feeling or sight is so awful that you can't grasp it at first? That bloody pit bull, tail wagging!, at the sliding door, AS IF NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH THE PICTURE! That is what gets me! As if I went to seminar tomorrow, and my professor nonchalantly took some handouts from his briefcase and put them on the desk FOLLOWED BY A SEVERED HUMAN FOOT.
THAT is the weird horror I felt when I saw that photo. Wow.

At least it only ate its owner. Which is awful enough, know what I mean.

Tonight I was walking home to my apartment and came across a man with a tiny pit bull puppy on a leash. I am crazy for dogs; I usually admire and pet them any chance I get. I no longer consider pit bulls to be dogs, however--much like I don't consider serial killers to be people.

Anyway, this pit bull puppy was really tiny. It was white and had a gray spot on its face. It was cute, actually. Aesthetically, I find pit bulls to be the ugliest canines, hands-down, no competition. I thought they were ugly way before I hated them for being terrorizing maulers. I mean, the fucking JAWS on them, and the squinting eyes! Advocates always coo over the pit bull "smile," but I don't think the "smile" is warm or appealing in the slightest--it looks like the mouth is big enough to grab and crush a fucking volleyball (or a human head)! A golden retriever--now, that is a smiling dog. A pit bull "smile" makes me think of the Joker in batman. Or a hyena. Hyenas are scary as hell too, but I honestly think I would rather be dispatched by hyenas than pitties--when I see them in National Geographic specials, hyenas seem to go for the throat, like every other predatory mammal on God's green earth (except for pit bulls & peeps! Bloody Prince sez: "Mouthfuls of the face and extremities mean the festivities last a LOT longer!")

But I digress...the pit bull puppy was so young that it was cute. I actually felt sorry for it--the same way you feel sorry when you see a baby being raised in an utterly abusive, fucked-up family: "Poor thing, you have no idea what you're in for!"

I blurted to the guy: "They're really cute until they grow up and eat the baby's face!" Then I kept walking.

I think that is the first time in at least five years--and probably more like ten or even fifteen--that I have intentionally been a jerk to someone (fights over intellectual or political issues, such as classroom debate or internet forums, don't count).

But looking at that picture of bloody Prince, I don't feel any guilt. I don't feel any guilt at all.

Lindsey said...

Really good analogy, Lee T. It is exactly like hiring a psychopath as a body guard. You never know who he'll turn on first, you or someone else.

Anonymous said...

Pit disloyalty phenomenon (PDP) has been known by the Dog Lobby for almost 25 years...The HSUS published an article analyzing Pit attacks in 1987.

"Out of 143 Pit Bull attacks, 19 (13.3%) involved attacks on the owners; out of 135 attacks by other breeds' only 3 (2.2%) involved the owner."


CAVEAT EMPTOR NUTTERS! You should be billed for the first responder costs.

** I am not making this up!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Craven,
Sorry this is off-topic for this particular blog post, but I didn't know where to find your email and wanted to share this with you in case you haven't heard about it yet.

BSL working its fair and just magic. Why don'tchya blog about it?

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the link to why idiots don't understand or support BSL. Did you know that two dogs from the very same litter CAN in fact have two different fathers? The very fact that no one on that site, including supposed animal experts, realized this casts the entire thing into the realm of shoddy research and emotional thinking.

ALL breeds are recognized by appearance. That's part of what makes an animal a specific breed type. Body and head conformation, sometimes coloring, sometimes coat texture and length. It's what entire dog shows are based around. How idiotic for anybody to say no one should determine a dog breed by how it looks! When is the last time you mistook an Irish Setter for a Cocker Spaniel? A Laborador Retriever for a Saint Bernard?

As soon as the so-called animal expert compared dogs' appearances to human beings', he lost all credibility. Again, dogs are bred to exhibit certain traits, both behaviorally and physically. People are not. This isn't rocket science. It's not that hard to understand. If aggression has never been tied to breed, why do people use terriers to hunt? GSD's and Rottweilers to guard? Pit bulls to fight...oh, wait.

Thanks for the laugh. The site was very amusing. It was fun to see that maul talk is an international phenomenon, and that even across the Atlantic they use the same tired fuzzy logic, emotional reasoning, and excuses you hear over here. Creativity truly is dead.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i did blog about ugly lennox and his creepy owner, you must have missed it. i rarely blog about BSL. i blog about the kind of things inspire BSL.

frankenmauler roundup 4/1/11

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

lindsey, thank you for visiting the nutter site and providing a synopsis. your sacrifice has been noted.

Mary said...

Wait, have they not euthanized "Sugar?" Someone better do that before she somehow ends up in the hands of morons who want to "rehabilitate" her.

From the look of Prince, I'm surprised that the victim is still alive. That dog looks like it just disembowled a cow or something.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Lennox:
I see, thank you for the link. However, if you have the time could you tell me your source where you got the information about his aggression towards the dog wardens, etc? (Not trying to hijack the thread, sorry).

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you are free to hijack any thread you like. this blog is not tightly regulated. i include links in all of the stories i blog about.

Anonymous said...

"i am fascinated by the manner in which the two frankenamaulers just appear to be standing and waiting patiently at the door to be let in by their furmommy as if nothing out of the ordinary happened."

No kidding! It is a real stunner! Good thing you got the image; Fox has blurred it now. Fanofvans left a good comment at JS Online:

"And NO, she did not deserve to be bitten. NO ONE is really saying that. But if anyone did deserve it, would it be the owner, or some INNOCENT bystander?"

shar pei mix said...


Judge awards $700,000 in dog attack on Douglasville child

A Douglas County [Metro Atlanta] judge has ordered the owner of a pit bull named Rambo to pay $700,000 in damages two years after the dog attacked a neighbor’s child, leaving him disfigured and with emotional problems.

april 29 said...

Justice? Not so much. The article on this award states
"Despite the $700,000 judgement, neither Holt or the family's attorneys on the case believe they will receive any of the damages. The defendant was a renter and was not required to have renter's insurance, which would have paid much of the damages, attorney Evan Kaine said."

Another judgement proof pit bull owner. The pit owner moved away after the attack and did not appear for court hearings.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the UK can't unload their gripping dogs either. Maybe they need to start leaving them intact.

Anonymous said...


The Onion pokes fun at Pit Disloyalty Phenomenon (PDP) with this piece:,8761/

Must see!...I'm surprised this didn't result in a letter writing campaign from as far away as Bangladesh and a Nutter Tu Tu march outside the Onion publishing office.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

here's another funny and one more

Lindsey said...

In at least one article about the Prince attack, it was mentioned that the dogs had menaced and nearly attacked a child a few weeks prior. These owners knew damned well their dogs were aggressive, and they didn't care because they dogs had never been aggressive with THEM. Yes, she did deserve exactly what she got if she knew her dog had tried to attack someone else before this and did nothing about it. Not all pit scum live in trailers.

* said...

@ craven desires

Notice how the nutters threaten with poster and every else with death, torture, and get overly sensitive?

(in response to ""You all don't hafta get ugly.") "Well, I dunno. RR's latest cartoon is pretty much a piece of hate speech aimed at those with different political opinions, so I'd have to say that he leaves himself open to ugliness from those who are similarly inclined. You know... things that come and go around, and all of that." - panachronic

"i own a pitbull, and if i catch anyone trying to hurt him, that person is getting their legs broken with an iron rod. no hate speech here. just facts." - Super S.perm

"This may be satire but it is completely irresponsible. And throwing barbs at people upset by this is bullshit too. I rescue animals and foster to adoption. I have a pitbull rescue who is the best dog I ever had, no thanks to the motherfuckers who burned him down his back and chained him up in a vacant lot. This is like making jokes about molesting kids. ASS!" -luvmypittie

This is just to name of a few, of course.

* said...

@ Lindsey

The pit bull that tried to grab onto my lower body was eventually caught by its owner who lived in a very nice neighborhood. The pit bull was a puppy and there for a few more months, I haven't seen it since then.

So the myth that all pit bulls who turn are owned by incompetent owners is false.

Lindsey said...

@ Digger

That's something I will never understand about the pit nutter mentality. I have two dogs, and I love both of them dearly. If either of them ever once aggressively went after a person who wasn't actively menacing us or trying to break into the house, as much as it would hurt me to do it, I'd have the aggressor euthanized. They're not physically capable of doing the kind of damage a pit bull could do, but I will not own a human aggressive dog or pass the problem on to anyone else. Human lives are more important. Period, end of story.

april 29 said...

Yes Lee, you have discovered a powerful truth "it is impossible to make a man understand something when his livelihood depends on not understanding it." These are not my words and I would credit the author but do not remember where I read it.

Anonymous said...

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it."

Upton Sinclair

april 29 said...

Thank you Bagheera Kiplingi!!!!

Anonymous said...


Here the HSUS reveals a startling nugget....

"The United Kennel Club was founded in 1898 to register Pit Bull Terriers and standardize the rules of dogfighting."

Only in America, where almost 300 Humans have been killed by Pit Bulls!


Anonymous said...

DINGBAT PITTER says: my two pitbulls are so sweet. they play SO NICELY with my kids and even the neighbours vicious chihuahua. i have video footage of this on YOUTUBE to prove it.

Anonymous said...

HEY DUDE. DONTYAKNO..... DERES NO BAD DOGS JUST BAD OWNERS. ya but coulddnt it also be "SHIT PEOPLE MATCHED UP WITH SHIT DOGS" . ever felt a need to own a "shithound" ? JUST WONDERING EH DUDE?

Anonymous said...

DINGBAT says re RED NOSED SHITHOUND......he just wants to be a regular dog now...... yea hes taken up religion and wants to become a CERTIFIED THERAPY DOG..!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

BTW: a snoggy dog is dog thats full of kisses for its well informed and very broadminded owner who is also probably a PIT RESCUE worker and/or an ABORIGINAL YOUTH GANG LIAISON WORKER and has tatoos on her face to prove it.

Blackpanther said...

I'm amazed how ignorant you are. Your mother must be very proud... I'm also amazed poor Sugar didn't do anything and still went to hell (for dogs). Sometimes I'm ashamed to be a human as you are (not to say disgusted).

SadFalada said...

Mystified...why would a panicked 911 call include the phrase "two full-blooded red-nosed pits"...nothing about sweetness, licking or wigglebutting? It's like these people are so rote, they must follow a script wherever their dogs are involved