Sunday, June 5, 2011

update: Officer Marcia Kratzenberg

last october, a duquesne, pennsylvania police officer was out with her dogs when she crossed paths with a family and their dogs. a "scuffle" broke out, yadda yadda yadda ms. pit nutter fled. well, that's according to the biased media. a week ago, a friend of kratzenberg showed up to set the record straight.


my response:

well, after days of NO response (what a surprise), i decided to do a little research. while i didn't find any updates regarding the NINE charges against the duqusenecop, i did find other interesting info, like the fact that she was a student at DR SCOT E DOWD'S Pit Bull University.

i am guessing that MARCIA did not graduate.

a year and half later, she joined the cane corso forum to research the breed in hopes of getting one and making it her K9 partner. a year later MARCIA acquired her first cane corso, from none other than.... BELLA ROSA CANE CORSOS a.k.a VIRGINIA DUNN. another year later, i found her introducing herself and her dogs (cane corsos, ambulls, pit bull and amstaff) on pitbull-chat.

according to her facebook page, she is a fan of pit nutter DAN MEAGHER'S show, pit bull positive.

here is MARCIA and some of her dogs, ambull, pit bull, staffy bull. you can see her with cane corsos on her myspace page (bred by none other than virginia dunn!).

you can see more of MARCIA and her dogs and her tattoos here.

i decided that i should look into VIRGINIA DUNN, a breeder of cane corsos in portland oregon.

lion tamer VIRGINIA posing with fila brasileiro

i found this interesting interview with a cane corso breeder on

the first question, "How long have you been working with the breed?"

DUNN'S answer, "Well, I rescued dogs for years, my boys and I. Mostly Pit Bulls. We truly love Pit Bulls! But knowing that only 1 in every 600 Pits that need homes will ever get one, and looking at the reality of the Pit situation really started getting me down. Don’t get me wrong. I will ALWAYS help the pits. But sometimes it just gets so overwhelming. I guess I just needed a break from rescue. That’s when the Cane Corso came into my life. It’s been a blessing to me."

i would never trust a breeder who answers questions about their breed with ramblings about another breed!

on VIRGINIA DUNN'S breeder website Bella Rosa, she devotes a section to CORSO COPS, with none other than MARCIA KRAZTENBERG posing in uniform with an adult and a cane corso puppy. "This beautiful girl is a K-9 in Pennsylvania. Hannah loves being on patrol, doing drug searches, helping frightened children fee safe." i can not imagine that a police department would have this K-9 on their staff that did not go through the proper police dog training. in fact, i am officially calling shenanigans on these two nutters. i googled 'cane corso police dogs' and i found some interesting links and they don't exactly help the nutters.

first up, K-9 Selene. "She's just the third of her breed to serve as a police dog outside of Italy. One is currently working in Beechdown, Ohio; the other, in Hoopeston, Ill." there's some other interesting b.s. in the link, i'll let you find it while i stay on task. although i'd really like to know why the police chief INSISTED that Selene be spayed and that resulted in the termination of her K-9 handler. i am under the impression that ALL K-9s are intact.

second up, K-9 Guido, the first corso cop in the U.S. check out these first three photos as the decoy shows how Guido has bruised his arm through the bite sleeve.

third, one more site that mentions there are only 3 cane corso police dogs outside of italy.

okay, where is all of this going....

the use of cane corsos in police work is extremely rare and NONE OF THESE 3 DOGS ARE IN PENNSYLVANIA!

taking a dog's photo in or near a police cruiser does not make it a police dog, unless of course you are a pit nutter and photos are absolute PROOF of police dogs, nanny dogs and the man in the moon.

liars, the whole lot of them.


Alexandra said...

I thought police did psych tests on applicants -- to be sure they weren't hiring sociopaths and psychopaths.

Apparently this process failed in this case?

DubV said...

Why do people feel the need to get creative with breed choice when it comes to service and law enforcement animals? We know what breeds work and for what reasons.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Excellent ferreting, Craven. I feel bad for the department that would be associated with this trash - someone whose lack of integrity, demonstrated immaturity and criminal culpability would reflect poorly on a street gang, never mind a police department.

It is extremely fortunate that a good samaritan obtained a license number from Kratzenberg's vehicle as she fled the scene. Duquesne Police Lieutenant Korczyk remarked, "We would have no idea who owned the dogs, and the woman and her children would be undergoing rabies shots." (Despicably criminal – goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway.)

I can easily speculate defense attorneys could line up to challenge prior convictions where Kratzenberg's testimony was involved. Once an officer is imputed, it opens the door to review of their entire case history and should make them worthless going forward.

It’s also ironic that Kratzenberg’s Facebook page, under ‘Employers’ says, “I am the human grabage collector im coming your way soon” (sic) Transposed letter typo? Or do they not teach the spelling of garbage at “The School Of Hard Knocks?” ... Clearly, Kratzenberg is the one that needs to be hauled to the dumpster.

Duquesne is “a stark post-industrial landscape,” population 5,479, with “the worst performing schools in the state of Pennsylvania.” And to add to their misfortune, they have to tolerate a moron that likes to pretend she is a “K-9 unit” in pictures?

As Vintage says, you can’t make this stuff up. There really is a “police officer” pushing old ideas about "creepy and sleazy" to a new level of repugnance.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i've been sitting on this blog post for a week. i struggled hard to publish it. i like cops. i hate to bash them, their job is hard enough but i finally just said, i can't play favorites.
kratzenberg (and dunn) earned her 10 minutes of craven fame.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

lee, I think "K-9" in the sense of real working police dogs would be a massive stretch in this case. Pretenders for photo ops would be the shoe that fits.

And if you think about the police, or for that matter, firefighters or other public service types you've known with pit bulls, you also know these are the odd balls that make everybody else ask, "How the fuck did they get here?" When that isn't the obvious case, just give it time. The same character flaws and poor decision making that lead to pit bull ownership will always emerge, eventually. You can only hope your department isn't dragged down by something too spectacular.

Colleen Lynn said...

A genetic mutant, just like her dogs. This is really a disturbing post.

Anonymous said...

There's a resson they are called NUTTERS!!

A police officer dine and dashing?!?


Anonymous said...

GREAT PIT BULL MYTHS IN HISTORY: "Pit Bulls once served nobly with the US Military!"

History of the Military Working Dog:

Pg 6

War Dog Breeds. By late 1942, the Army had set many standards for the training of dogs and handlers. They had also set the list of acceptable breeds:
Airedale Terriers
Belgian Sheep dogs
Bouviers de Flandre
German Short Haired Pointers
Flat Coated Retrievers
Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
Curly Coated Retrievers
Norwegian Elkhounds
Wire Haired Pointing Griffons
Bull Mastiffs
Giant Schnauzers
Irish Water Spaniels
Labrador Retrievers
Standard Poodles
Doberman Pinschers
German Shepherds
Any cross breeds of these types

Page 18:
As of 1999, the German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois and the Dutch Shepherd were the preferred breed for certain types of training. Retrievers such as Labrador, Golden and Chesapeake Bay make up the class of preferred breeds for those that will not be trained to go on patrol duty.

AKC Dog Trainer Study: AmStaffs break out mid pack for intelligence, no telling how a recklessly bred APBT breaks out:

Disclaimer**I am not making this up!

Tegenpitjes said...

find the pit bull:,0&sms_ss=twitter&at_xt=4dea92e2eb6033e6,0

* said...


Craven should do a truth blog on the army dogs I myself have found Labradors and GSD to be the common breeds found in photos predating the 1950's. Few if any images of the pit bull.

Gotta love how they assert that they were the army dog of choice when there's only a few photos of this and no names other than Stubby.

Small Survivors said...

This is great muckraking! Stupendous work! And to think if Virginia hadn't opened her big lying mouth the original story would have just lain there.

I find this incredibly frightening that this woman is a police officer. I think she is THE POSTER CHILD FOR NUTTERS EVERYWHERE.

I imagine that some police officers would be happy you called her out. Can you imagine working with her and possibly having to depend on her for your life at some point? No, I think police officers anywhere near her would be happy for more people to know what a nut she is.

Jake said...

I suppose I should count myself fortunate not to have run afoul of Officer Kratzenberg. IMHO cops ought to be moral and upright, resistant to corruption and temptation. (A nice thought, I know, but a man can dream can't he?)

lee t, are you actually looking to Bobby Peru as a role model? You know what happened to him in the end right?

Anonymous said...

Gotta love how the breeders are think of themselves as "Authorities"...I can't think of another occupation requiring less qualification or regulation. Just get a couple of dogs and start "raising" litters.

RAISING: Selling dogs without taxation or liability. Kill a kid?!? An owner problem!

Frank M said...

Amazing that no one here knows Officer Kratzenberg. I do she a good person and most people here are attacking her because they don't like pit bulls.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the real reason people are attacking her can be found at this link:

and just in case the link is killed:

Duquesne officer to face dog charges
Eric Slagle | Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010

A Duquesne police officer whose three pit bulls allegedly attacked and injured a mother, her two children and their three pet dogs as they walked along the rail trail in that city is being charged by Allegheny County police.

Officer Marcia Kratzenberg, who also is a part-time police officer in Whitaker, is accused of putting her dogs into her vehicle after the attack occurred last Thursday between 8:30 and 9 p.m. and leaving the scene.

A bystander who arrived after the incident along the Steel Valley Trail took Kratzenberg's license plate number and reported it to Duquesne police.

According to county police, the mother, children and dogs were treated for minor injuries and all are recovering at their home.

Duquesne police said last week that one of the victims was bitten in the left hand and left leg and another was bit on the right hand and rear. He said they were transported to a local hospital and one of the dogs was taken to the veterinarian.

Kratzenberg is being charged with three counts each of not having proper documentation of vaccination, no documentation of county registration and failure to register and restrain the dogs.

The charges are being filed by summons.

Kratzenberg's three dogs have been quarantined at her residence in Duquesne, according to police.

(screenshot and pdf have been saved of this article_

Duquesne police Chief Richard Adams said Wednesday he cannot comment on the matter until he receives a full copy of the investigation from the county.